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How We Are Becoming A Biking Family

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The weather is finally warming up and I was excited to take the boys for a bike ride. This was the first year I'd have attempted…

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The Best Apps For Family Fun

Written by Kait Fowlie

Without fail, it tends to be the apps of the day that lull-proof family events. Folks of all ages are often quickly brought…

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Your Kids Are Going To Love The LEGO® Imagine Nation Tour

Written by Marianne Litman

As parents we’ve known one thing to be true—everything is awesome, especially when you’re part of a team! This insight came…

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Why Counselling Made My Marriage Better Than Ever

Written by Brianna Bell

Before I was married I thought that couples counselling was for marriages on the brink of divorce. In television and movies,…

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Gifts For The Urban Dad This Father’s Day

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All dad wants is a relaxing day hanging out in the backyard or maybe hitting up a golf game or watching a bit of baseball, right?…

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Parenting with Hope, Amidst the Worry

Written by Julie Nowell

I think fear and worry come with the territory as soon as you become a parent. From that first moment where you see the blue line…

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The Urban Mom: Global News’ Carolyn MacKenzie

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This month’s Urban Mom is Carolyn MacKenzie, local news anchor for The Morning Show and mother of two. Occupation: Anchor…

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Don’t Let Perfection Kill Your Parenting Vibe

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We’ve all got some doubts about how we’ll do as parents, and this usually comes from a place of love and a desire to give our…