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Is My Child Ready For A Smartphone?

Written by Hilary Smith

Nowadays, parents are starting to give smartphones to their children at a very young age. In fact, 56% of children between the…

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Gilmore Girls Revival Announce Return Date With First Teaser Trailer

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At the beginning of the year, they delighted us by announcing the return of Gilmore Girls. This time last month, they teased us…

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Actress Kristin Booth Chats About Lost Letters, Ethel Kennedy, And Juggling Family Life

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Genie and Gemini award-winning Canadian actress Kristin Booth, known for her work in film, television, and stage, shares her…

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Make Naptime Great Again: If My Son Were President

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We have been watching a lot of American election coverage, mostly because we don't live under a rock and it's pretty much…

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Book Review: At The Edge Of The Orchard By Tracy Chevalier

Written by

My aunt and I were reminiscing last week about some of the vacations that we took together when I was a child. My family didn’t…

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Chatting About Stranger Things With Actor Finn Wolfhard

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The latest binge-worthy series landed on Netflix Canada recently and it's definitely creating a lot of buzz, particularly for the…


Popsicles Are A Must-Have Summer Treat

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Homemade popsicles are a summer must have. I remember when my mom used popsicle moulds to make popsicles for us when we were kids.…

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Could Improv Help Teens With Autism?

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Families with kids on the Autism Spectrum are some of the most inspiring ones that I know. They're constantly discovering ways to…