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Gisele Bundchen Offers Motherhood Advice You Might Agree With

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Okay, moms. Gisele Bunchen has some advice for you, advice you might hesitate to agree with at first, but let's hear her…

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Classy Mom Costumes You Can DIY

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Written by Kait Fowlie Dressing up for Halloween is fun that shouldn’t be reserved for kids, we say. But that doesn’t mean…

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New Hope For Eczema Sufferers

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The cold winter months are coming and we often find the change of season triggers patches of eczema on my younger son. The rough…

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Country Star Victoria Banks Drops A New Album

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Award-winning Country singer-songwriter, Victoria Banks has just released her third studio album Indigo on October 7. The album…

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Hidden Gems: The Orlando You Never Knew

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You can feel it can’t you? The breezy mornings and chilly nights. Winter is indeed coming to Canada and it seems to be coming…

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Little Girls Drop F-Bombs For Feminism

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Several potty-mouthed little princesses make it clear that gender inequality needs to f*cking end in advocacy T-shirt company…

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Value Village Pulls ‘Sexy’ Children’s Halloween Costumes From The Shelves

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Value Village has agreed to pull some "sexy" girls' costumes from their shelves after a mom's blog post went viral. Raina Delisle…

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Awesome Halloween Costumes Inspired By Netflix

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Guys, did you hear? Halloween is on a Friday this year! Awesome! Which means the kids can stay up a little later and adults may…