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Despite What The Internet Says, The Kids Are All Right

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Perhaps it's just what gets aggregated in my feeds, but the interwebs seem to be spending a great deal of time metaphorically…

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Rock Out At The Ontario Science Centre!

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Get ready to rock out at The Science of Rock ā€™Nā€™ Roll, the latest feature exhibit now at the Ontario Science Centre. This is…

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Look What I Made! Free Summer Camp Experience With Apple

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When we started planning out our summer, the kids started thinking about what they enjoy doing and what camps they'd like to try…

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Insert Canning Pun Here

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This morning I tucked my too-long bangs into a lovely Sister-Wife swoop, tied up my apron and set about canning a whole bunch…

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Book Review: The Secret Language of Doctors

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In my family, there have been times that we've rushed over to the hospital in some sort of emergency. We all know the routine. We…

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Who Is Your Favourite Child? This App Will Tell You!

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No parent wants to admit it, and every child believes it to be them. The favourite child. Do they actually exist? Well according…

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Remembering You

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Today marks the fifth anniversary of my mother's death. And while I suppose it's true that time eventually heals all wounds, my…

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Jerk Beef Salad With Grilled Peppers

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Add a little spice to your next salad with a bit of jerk seasoning on your flank steak. With less than ten ingredients, this salad…