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The Most Romantic Hotels In Canada For Valentine’s Day

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I admit that staying in a hotel can be one of the most romantic things to do. I would actually trade in almost any shiny…

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How To Celebrate Family Day Across Canada

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When Family Day approaches, it’s tempting to want it as a day off of work to set yourself on the couch and finish that latest…

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Drew Barrymore Makes Her Family A Priority

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It’s no secret that we love Drew Barrymore here in the UrbanMoms office. And her latest interview with Harper’s Bazaar has done…

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The Business Of Blending: When Two Families Come Together

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I must say that this blending families business is hard work. Have I mentioned this theme before? Because it's still true. My…

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Father’s Touching Photography Series Shines A Light On Living With Autism

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Welsh photographer and father, Glenn Gameson-Burrows, has enjoyed taking photos of his two daughters as a pastime—especially…

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Thinking Positively On World Cancer Day

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Today is World Cancer Day. It seems an odd day to mark because those of us effected by cancer (are there any people who aren't?)…

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Why You Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A Family

Written by Alexandria Durrell

Recently, I learned the hard way that even when we think we’re clearly expressing our love, messages aren’t always received…

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How Being A Mom Is Like Being In A Ke$ha Song

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I have a confession to make. I love bubble gum pop. My boyfriend's tween daughters and I share the same taste in music and I'm not…