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6 Great End Of Summer Reads

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It's true that the days are getting shorter, and the nights a little cooler, but there are still 33 days of summer left. That's…

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Our Ten Favourite Celeb Ice Bucket Challenges

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Is there anything better than celebrities getting behind a good cause? Only when that cause means they are pouring buckets of ice…

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What Is Your Biggest Fear?

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Are you afraid of the dark? public speaking? crowds? bugs? maybe FOMO (fear of missing out)? Whatever your fear, you're invited to…

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Five Movies About High School Every Parent Must See

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School eventually ends after a certain time, but the experiences it leaves us with stay on for the rest of our lives. School has a…

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Man With ALS Gives Tearful Response To Critics Of The #IceBucketChallenge

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By now you've seen it everywhere. On your Facebook feed, Instagram and Twitter. Heck, you've probably even poured a bucket of ice…

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Celebrities “Stand Up To Cancer” And Canada Joins In!

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Mark your calendars and get ready for a spectacular event! On Friday, September 5th, Hollywood stars will join together to support…

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Mom Creates “Ignore No More” App To Force Kids To Return Your Missed Calls

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You may or may not be rushing to download this app onto your child’s phone by the time you finish this article... That flashy…

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How Canadian Families Can Get Creative For Charity!

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This looks like a great way to kick-off the back-to-school season while raising awareness for the nutritional needs of families…