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Which Celeb Mom Would You Let Babysit?

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Thanks to the wonderful world of social media and oversharing, we know a lot about celebrity moms and their parenting styles. So,…

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Would You Cry To Get What You Want?

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A few months ago, I was trying to negotiate a better deal on my phone plan. You see, I constantly go over my data limit and end up…

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5 Canadian Designers Perfect For The Summer

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Summer is here and I'm looking forward to giving my wardrobe a bit of a season refresh. Over the past few months I've been drooling…

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Book Review: “Pieces Of My Mother: A Memoir” By Melissa Cistaro

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I was a tad annoyed last month when my husband gave me a Fitbit for our anniversary. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate the…

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Woman’s “Ultimate Sacrifice” For Dream Home Is Absurd

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If ever there was a tale of ‘woe is me’ this is definitely it. Sarah Scott’s gut wrenching, tragic story of loss, of…

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Including Dad In Parenting Classes Helps The Whole Family

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A lot of the time, parenting classes, courses, books and products are aimed towards mothers. For whatever reason, marketing teams…

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How To Explain Divorce To Your Children

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I explained divorce to my children two years ago when the concept was new and am constantly reinforcing the same messages: 1.…

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Coffee Stains Are No Match For Resolve Gold

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Single mom is a nice way of saying “amateur juggler”. Juggling flaming torches is flashy and glamorous at a circus. Juggling…