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“Netflix For Lego” May Be The Solution To Your Cluttered Home

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Kids are very passionate about Lego: when they love it, they really, really love it. And while this often means hundreds of tiny,…

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The Perfect Caesar Is in The Mix

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Canadians love a good Caesar, but What’s in a Caesar? Clam juice, tomatoes, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and…

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Confessions of a Co-Sleeper

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When you become a mom, everyone has those statements that they lay on you.  You know the ones that you nod politely at, smile and…

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Melissa Joan Hart Releases Clothing Line Just For Boys

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Are you finding it hard to find clothing for your little boy? Are you looking for alternatives that are unique and interesting, and…

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Artist Alex Colville Exhibition Unveiled At The AGO

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An impressive collection of nearly 100 works by iconic Canadian artist Alex Colville will open for public viewing at the Art…

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Tooth Fairy Favours Atlantic Canada, Quebec Kids Miss Out

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I have a sister who is two years older than me. For me, that meant spending a lot of time wishing I could do what my big sis was…

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Pamela Anderson Declines Ice Bucket Challenge Because Of Animal Testing

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Don’t expect this former “Baywatch” babe to be pouring a bucket of ice water over herself anytime soon… or ever. Unlike…

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Getting Ready For Kindergarten With A Little Help From Hi Opie!

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Is your little one is starting Kindergarten this fall? I can remember vividly the first days of school for my kids. It was exciting…