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Can An App Make Healthy Eating at Restaurants Easier?

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Eating healthy is hard. Eating healthy while out is even harder. Throw hungry, picky kids into the mix and you’ve got yourself a…

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UrbanKitchen: Refreshing Iced Coffee Summer Recipes

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Iced Teas and blender coffee drinks are popular especially during the summer months but here are a few great new iced coffee brews…

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Kinky Boots Musical Has Us Hot On Our Heels!

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If you think it's hot outside, darling, then you should check out the off-the-charts sizzle on stage at Kinky Boots! The musical…

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You’ll Be GLAD You Donated To Your Local Goodwill

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I try to teach my boys about being kind to others. I want them to know the value of being generous and caring and I want them to…

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TOMS Launches Backpacks To Support Anti-Bullying

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Lately it seems like bullying is an epidemic. We here about it all the time, and while people are well aware of the extremely…

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When Our Parenting Expectations Meet The Reality Of Parenting

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I’m not a parent but like many other people, I already have an idea of how I’ll be as a mom. I’ll raise my children to be…

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Road Trip! How To Bring Your Family Pet Along For The Ride

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Are you hitting the road with your family pet in tow?  It's a really big undertaking but can be a lot of fun for the whole family…

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Book Review: “Pretty Is” By Maggie Mitchell

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My family doesn’t watch a lot of television, which is why I became a tad bit suspicious not long ago when my daughter told me…