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Life Lessons From An 8 Year Old

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I know I'm supposed to be the one teaching my son everything about life, but there's so much he teaches me. Even just over the…

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Here Are All The Moms Taking Part In This Season’s Dancing With The Stars

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Grab your spandex, fake tan yourself beyond recognition, and get ready to see (minor) celebrities bend themselves in half…or just…

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The Argos Junior Cheer Team Are The Thrill Of The Summer

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I hadn’t been to a Toronto Argos football game in years. Since I was a kid, probably. But when the chance came to take my kids, I…

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The Dog Didn’t Eat Our Homework—We Just Didn’t Feel Like Doing It

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My daughter just completed her first year of French Immersion, with a grade 1 start. From what I understand, French Immersion is…

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Watch: This First Year Teacher’s Video Will Banish Your Back-To-School Blues

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If September's rapid approach sends you cowering under the covers in denial, we've got a little something that might put some pep…

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Book Review: All Is Not Forgotten By Wendy Walker

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My love for my husband has grown exponentially over the last two hours. It’s yet another stifling day here in Toronto and I’m…

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Your Mileage May Vary

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We went on a road trip this weekend to visit my son. He's away at his grandma's for a three-week visit and we are popping up to see…

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Can A Backpack Be Bad For A Child’s Back?

Written by Aliya Visram

September is quickly approaching and that means back to school is just around the corner. While parents rejoice and the kid's moan…