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Shreddies’ “Search For Goodness” Highlights Canada’s Best

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One of the things we cherish about being Canadian is our reputation for being polite. It’s great to raise our families in a…

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Raising Boys & Single Mommy Guilt

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I recently attended a fundraising event for my boyfriend's daughter's school. It was a great night out for parents. We were all…

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10 Songs To Get You Motivated & Active

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Getting yourself motivated to exercise can be more than half the battle sometimes. For me a new pair of Nikes or a fresh New…

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Blind Women Describe Their Ideas Of Beauty In Powerful Video

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's subjective and usually based off of societal standards, created and perpetuated…

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Enter To Win A $300 Maple Harbour Gift Card

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Because you can always use some new bedding, towels, curtains and dish towels! We are giving one lucky reader a $300 online gift…

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Why I’m Not Trying To Get My Pre-Baby Body Back

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"You know those things where you squish them and they are gushy and the stuff squeezes out through the other side of your hand? It…

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Should Your Family Get A Pet? Science Says Maybe Not

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There is stacks and stacks of research that talks about the many benefits of having a family pet. Even from a very young age,…

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Today Is A Gift

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Today I am 46. For months this number has bothered me. Closer to 50 than 40. Old. Middle-aged. How fortunate I would be if 46…