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Photos Of Babies Underwater Are As Stunning As They Sound

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There are few things in life cuter than photographer Seth Casteel’s Underwater Dogs series—I mean his Underwater Puppies for…

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UrbanKitchen: Beet, Fennel And Apple Salad

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We spent a very fun evening with Barton & Guestier, a French wine label. With almost three centuries in the wine business,…

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Baby’s Reaction To His First Dandelion Is Hilarious

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What did we do with our kids before smartphones and the internet? And what did we do with our free time before babies, smartphones…

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Family Friendly Summer Music Festivals

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Planning your summer vacation? Don't look further than our own backyard for some of the most amazing outdoor music festivals. Most…

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When 900 Guitarists Come Together All At Once

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When I had heard that Mirvish Productions made a call out for hundreds of guitarists to gather in the city to connect and play the…

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Girl Told To Stop Reading On School Bus Because It’s Too “Dangerous”

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Unlike most children her age, eight-year-old Sarah Auger loves to read. And on her 20 minute commute home on the school bus, the…

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When The World Puts You Down, Get Back Up

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In addition to writing and blogging, I’ve also been teaching writing to postgraduate students at a local college. Apparently…

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Chris Pratt Takes On The “Apparently” Kid In Dinosaur Trivia

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Funny man Chris Pratt is starring in this summer’s most anticipated sequel Jurassic World. So he is, of course, making the rounds…