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Cheryl Hickey And How She Juggles It All

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We all recognize Cheryl Hickey as the nation's host on Entertainment Tonight Canada (ET Canada). She greets over half a million…

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What Impact Has The New Sex Ed Curriculum Had On Ontario Families?

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The announcement last year of a new sex ed curriculum in Ontario resulted in some serious outcry and protest from parents who…

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Does Your Child Wet The Bed? Don’t Sweat It.

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The start of summer is an exciting time, but if your child is stressed about new routines, a new baby, divorce, or experiences…

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The Charm Bracelet By Viola Shipman

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I fell in love on my thirteenth wedding anniversary, and not with my husband. The wonderful man I married (whom I’ve already…

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Are “Please” And “Thank You” Really That Important?

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“You’re stupid.” “Tell you’re brother you’re sorry.” “I’m sorry you’re stupid.” It’s a classic; in…

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Do You Know Where Your Pork Comes From?

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I recently had the chance to spend a day on a farm just north of the city. I admit that many feelings went through my mind at…

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Running on Empty

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My brow furrowed with irritation as the "please refuel" ding sounded in my car. I was halfway to my destination, running behind…

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Skincare Hacks For Oily, Greasy Skin

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Warmer weather means changes in our skin for both us and our little ones, but it doesn't necessarily mean submitting completely to…