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Enter To Win A Pet Friendly Prize Pack & Support The OSPCA

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On September 20th and 21st, the Ontario SPCA is celebrating its third annual Friends for Life!™ Walk, presented by Nutrience.…

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Must Have Looks from the Altuzarra x Target Collection

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We're just days away from the launch of the next designer collaboration with Target. Designer Joseph Altuzarra's limited-edition…

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Ten Cool Things Celebrities Get at TIFF

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We're trying to keep it cool here in the office but every so often someone comes in and tells us about their latest celebrity…

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Little Girl Meets Obama, Disappointed Surprise Guest Wasn’t Beyonce

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Kids just aren't all that impressed with President Barak Obama these days. First we had that boy do a full on face-plant into his…

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This Dad Has Been Labeled A Child Pornographer

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Social media, it can be a real b***h. You post something to the web, it is sent out into the world and you have no way to know how…

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Want To Look Like Jennifer Aniston? Steal Her Look!

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Ever wanted to look like a celebrity? With TIFF happening in Toronto this week, star gazers have had a lot of opportunities to…

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What Do You Get In Return? Besides A Nice Pair Of Shoes

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I have a friend who is highly organized with everything in her life. She keeps close tabs on coupons, bonus points and has several…

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Woman Uses Photoshop To Fake Vacation To East Asia

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Dutch student Zilla van den Born takes the motto, "Fake it till you make it," a little too literally. With the help of Photoshop…