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Ice Water Shower Brings Out The Sailor In This Toddler

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Toddlers are a lot like parrots in their ability to repeat the words they hear without knowing what they actually mean. Sometimes…

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Dad Wins The Internet By Filming Daughter Taking Silly Selfies

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We've all been guilty of taking a selfie or two. But teens these days take the cake for being downright obsessed with snapping…

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What To Consider When Shopping For Back To School Tech

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The countdown is on and this coming week will be full of back to school shopping. If you've got kids that are heading off to high…

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The CNE Is EX-actly What Your Family Needs This Summer!

Written by Kathy Buckworth

For many Toronto-area families, the start of The CNE has always signalled that the end of summer is near, and school days are on…

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“Netflix For Lego” May Be The Solution To Your Cluttered Home

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Kids are very passionate about Lego: when they love it, they really, really love it. And while this often means hundreds of tiny,…

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The Perfect Caesar Is in The Mix

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Canadians love a good Caesar, but What’s in a Caesar? Clam juice, tomatoes, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and…

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Confessions of a Co-Sleeper

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When you become a mom, everyone has those statements that they lay on you.  You know the ones that you nod politely at, smile and…

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Melissa Joan Hart Releases Clothing Line Just For Boys

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Are you finding it hard to find clothing for your little boy? Are you looking for alternatives that are unique and interesting, and…