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Mother’s Day

Handmade cards and gifts, Eggs Benny by the lake, smiling children.

photo 1-3


There was also whining, a missing kid at the restaurant for a few panicked minutes, a black eye and the Virus That Does Not End that had me and Steve and half the kids still feeling wiped out and coughing every ten seconds.

Mother’s Day: where Reality supersedes the Ideal but you realize that Reality is still pretty amazing and beautiful, despite the imperfections.

photo 2-4


I love these girls.

  • Sara Lanthier

    god they are SO adorable!

  • Jen Wilson

    Kudos for getting all four of you to look at the camera at the same time. That in itself deserves a medal.

    ps. Y’all are adorable.

    • Amanda Olsen Brown

      Thanks, Jen!

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