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Back To School and Smartphone Giveaway!

I don’t know about you but I remember my tween BEGGING me for a mobile phone last year. He was ready. He was about to head off to grade 7 and was walking to school with his buddies. We had many discussions about what type of smartphone was suited for his needs.

There are so many options out there but if you’re looking for a phone for your kid you may not want to invest in something major if you know what I mean. After all, they may get dropped, lost, or stolen right?

So, you want to get a decent smartphone for your kid.

Where do you start? I went through the checklist with my kid and it was pretty simple.

ME: I WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOU ARE.   If you’re going to be late or your going to a friend’s house after school or if you get, ahem…detention. Let me know.

KID: I want to text my friends.

KID: I want to take pics.

Huawei NEW Ascend Y300NOW here’s some great news! The HUAWEI ASCEND Y300 smartphone is the latest entry into the market and it’s a perfect starter phone for anyone. Here’s what you want to know. The device leverages all the capabilities of 4G networks and runs on Android 4.1. It has a vibrant 4.0 inch screen and a 5.0 megapixel camera with video recording capabilities. It has voice command capabilities which allow the user to make calls and compose text messages hands-free.

The Huawei Ascend Y300 is a smartphone at a smart price. For less than $100, the Y300 is available at Bell Mobility retail partners Best Buy and Future Shop. Virgin Mobile retail locations also carry the smartphone, along with retail partners Loblaws, The Source and Walmart.

Visit www.huaweidevice.ca for more information.


Our friends at HUAWEI have provided us with THREE Ascend Y300 smartphones to giveaway. (suggested retail value of each device is $100 – does NOT include contract or plan)

To enter, simply tell us why you (or someone in your family) needs a new smartphone! Be sure to answer in the comment section below! Winner’s will be selected at random! GOOD LUCK!

Contest closes on August 23rd, 2013

Three lucky entrant’s will be selected at random to win one phone each!

Click here for Contest Rules and Regulations


  • Eleanor

    My phone is old & some apps do work because there are no updates for older operating systems.

  • jonnieh

    My son is turning 12 in September and has been asking for a phone. This sounds like it would be ideal for him!

  • SeanM

    My wife’s phone is 6 years old and it’s time for her to get a smartphone

  • K. Quan

    I would love to win this phone for my daughter – she’s been earning her way to her first phone with excellent grades and responsible behaviour – what a reward this would be for her!

  • fossie55

    I don’t own a cell phone This would be an awesome win
    Florence C

  • jamie burton

    My little sis has wanned a phone but i cnt afford one for her

  • Jen Nudd

    My daughter needs her first phone because she has started babysitting a lot and I would feel better knowing she always has access to a phone.

  • Bill Cockburn

    I would like to win this smartphone for myself and get with the times as my kids say.

  • martin4722

    I need a new smartphone as the current one is mot working since my coworker spilled water on itwater

  • John Coburn

    I would love to win this for my son. My wife and I have been contemplating if he should or shouldn’t have a phone because they aren’t cheap. Winning this would answer our question.

  • http://twitter.com/loribaz Lori Bazan

    I need organization and a smart phone would save me…carpooling, after school activities, …would be such a blessing!

  • falconer68

    I don’t have a smart phone…my dumb phone won’t speak to me

    • falconer68

      Thanks for picking me as a winner, can’t wait to get my new Huawei Ascend Y300 Smartphone.!!!!

      • falconer68

        I love it…thanks Urban Moms & HUAWEI it is really a good Phone and does so much…it’s awesome

  • Nina Cockburn

    My granddaughter is starting at a new high school and she will be getting there on her own. I would like to win this phone and give it to her.

  • Laurie Nelson

    I would like to win a smartphone for myself to keep me busy on my daily bus ride

  • James

    Thank you Urban moms

  • janice

    My mom needs a new smartphone. Her’s keeps shutting off randomly, loosing contacts and other weird things.

  • crackedmum

    I need a new smart phone because I’m starting a business and need access to the internet while working from swanky coffee shops.

  • Nancy

    My phone is ancient and really need to be upated. I would love a new smartphone

  • Kathy Sasonow

    My son feels that he is responsible enough to get a phone now that he is entering middle school. I would like to win it for him

  • Robb Nelson

    I would like to win a smartphone because I don’t have one

  • Robb Nelson

    I would like a smartphone because I don’t have one

  • disqus_wylzDxaKPs

    I am a low income single mom with only mobile phone trying to figure out how to replace me phone that is on its last legs.

  • Michelle Hachey Clark

    Would be great to be able to have a “smarter” phone than my teenager (although, being a mom he may get it) especially to check emails for my Tupperware business. Plus then my younger son could have my basic phone to send texts rather than use mine and change the settings on me!!

  • Stacey

    My son is also entering Gr. 7 and desperately wants a phone this year. This would be great!

  • babylove818

    My husband needs a smart phone as he has an old phonne that is not dumb but not smart and me and the kids have been giving him lessons with our phones on how to use hime to get him out of the ice age. I think he is ready. It would be a wonderful surprise for him.

  • Idas Levato

    My daughter put her phone down in the Apple store for 3 seconds to look at a new device and her phone was stolen. I used it to text her reminders before and after school and during lunch so she doesn’t forget her gym shoes, lunch bag, or permission forms and most importantly for her homework assignments. She is attention deficit and the text reminders make all the difference. She can also ask in advance for permission to do things after school.

  • Paula (lilpeej)

    I have never had a Smartphone. My mobile phone is about as basic as you can get. So, I would love to win this phone and get ahead a bit, tech-wise. Then, I can give my current phone to my senior mother. I think it will be easy enough for her to use (for emergency purposes only, of course).

  • peeleeemom

    I would give this to my mother who has never owned a cell before!

  • Jody111

    I would love to give this to my sister! She doesn’t have a smartphone.

  • Tracey11

    I would love to upgrade to a smartphone as I am still using a cell phone.

  • selbys

    My husband could really use this. Everything gets dirty and lost when they are with him, but this sounds perfect.

  • http://twitter.com/benjaminwil benjamin will

    My current phone is halfway through its contract, with no upgrade for another year. The battery has been acting wonky, and on the way back from taking it to my provider to get checked out, I shattered the screen on my front porch. All because I’d taken it out of its protective shell to get checked out! I am in desperate need of a replacement. I can’t afford $200 to get a replacement or a new phone.

  • Thomas Murphy

    My mom needs a new smartphone because she does not have one. She has a old flip phone.

    rounder9834 @yahoo.com

  • rose

    ME! As a high school teacher who teaches computer studies, I feel a little awkward when all my students can teach me more about smartphones than I can!

  • David

    We don’t have smartphones and would like to have them

  • Erin Fro

    I have never had a smartphone and it’s time to get on board.

  • Irene101

    Because my kids have better phones than I do – mine is a flip phone and I still need to know where they are, how long they will be, who they are with and why are they in detention!

  • Sue Pitcher

    I just got a “new” old phone. My kids laugh because it’s a flip phone but it’s new to me. They tell me to get with the times it’s not 2010 anymore.

  • Laurie Cockburn

    I would like to win this for my daughter who is starting Middle School. She insists that she needs one because she will now be getting to school on her own

  • Laura Keating

    well I need a smart phone but if I won I know my son would want it as he does not have one working right now and a smart phone would be awesome , maybe would enhance our lifestyle thanks

  • Jay M

    Neither my wife nor I own a smartphone so this would help us keep up with the times!

  • Sarah Bakken

    My son is going into college and his current phone is on its way out with not receiving texts anymore and randomly calling people. He’s an exceptional kid, worked very hard to get where he is and definitely deserves a new phone for his new start into adulthood. Thank you so very much for the opportunity and good luck to everyone!!

  • Tammy D

    My hubby needs a smartphone, its an upgrade from his old flip phone he has. He would love a new cellphone on his birthday!
    Tammy Dalley

  • wwcd23

    Hubby dropped his so this would be great

  • mike

    My wife needs a new phone because she dropped hers in the water!

  • Marlene

    Grandaughter needs one, taking the bus to a school further away.

  • Hardtool

    My cell phone is one of the very first ones ….it has a pull out antenna…I only keep it for emergency calls on pay as you go…there’s nothing smart about this one. I’d love to be one of the cool parents and have a phone that’s as smart as or smarter than me!

  • gayle b

    I’d love to win this phone as my current phone is a really old flip phone without a texting keyboard, yet I have two son’s who love to text me. I actually won a phone last year, right after my youngest teenager dropped his in the toilet, it is really important to me that they be able to contact us immediately if needed so I gave him the new phone with all the bells and whistles (new phone was not in either of our budgets). This phone sounds ideal for me, I love the fact that you can text hands free, this is what I need! I’d really love to win this easy to use Ascend Y300 smartphone!

  • Craig R Gage

    My wife keeps washing phones. Please donate to the machine gods!!!!!

  • christel

    my son is going into college and doesn’t have a phone and this would be a great gift.

  • Audrey Skinner

    I would love to win one of these phones for myself as my old regular cell phone is about to die.

  • blessedta

    To replace my flip phone.

  • Karry Knisley

    My daughter needs a new phone. Her phone just stopped working on Thursday. It will not turn on. She needs a phone as she has type 1 diabetes and has a 2 kilometer walk to school so I want her to have one in case of emergencies.

  • Sylvia

    My daughter has been asking for a cellphone for a while since her friends have one. This would be a greater starter for her. Also I would be able to get a hold of her if she’s hanin around with her friends after school.

  • rosehaven

    actually it is Grandpa that needs a smart phone so he an keep in touch with the kids and grandkids who don’t seem to know how to talk on a landline phone anymore. Also he would like to be able to text and take pictures

  • Vanessa Hinds

    I gave up using a cell phone in 2007 and I think it’s time to be back “in the loop”

  • Mike

    This looks like a great starter phone. Great for keep in touch.

  • iluvmusic1

    I need a new smartphone as I have never owned one, but have always wanted one! I need to replace my current cell phone as it is old and seems to work only when it wants too!

  • Michelle

    I have been using an older Nokia phone but the memory card keeps popping out and I need to replace this phone. This looks like a great phone at a great price point. I hope that I get chosen to win this prize.

  • Deidra Hooper

    My daughter is entering grade nine and it would be great to be able to give her a phone for back-to-school!

  • Anne Derkat

    I’d like this for my grandson who is now old enough to have a smartphone

  • kmoroziuk

    It would be great for my daughters first phone

  • Jenny

    I am been living off an oldie cell phone ever since my blackberry bailed on me for no apparent reason! It’s hard to go from having a smartphone to not having one… there’s a lot of things that you can’t do on the go anymore!

  • Shannon Shoemaker

    I’ve never had a smartphone. I simply need to get with the times!

  • mommakoala

    I need to come out of the dark ages and learn how to connect with the rest of the world. I think I am the only person on earth that doesn’t have a Smartphone.

  • elizamatt

    what a great contest. I feel that this could be the ideal phone for me, I’m not very up to date with all these new phones but this looks like it would be just the thing for me.

  • hoozat

    I still have a dumbphone

  • Sarah Robertson

    In my family I am the only one without a smartphone, please help me even the odds.

  • angela mitchell

    I could really use this phone. I’ve actually never had a smartphone before and my basic phone right now is starting to act funny ever since my 8 month old got a hold of it:)

  • ducky

    I don’t have a smart phone (yes there are dinosaurs out here!) and I would love one.

  • shannon heitt

    my mom needs a new smartphone. she has my old 3gs and it barely works!

  • marlibu

    My mom in law needs a new smart phone. Nothing to complicated. She is going to learn to text. This would be great for her

  • Sunshine g

    It looks like it’s easy to use!

  • fallgirl

    I would so love a phone for my middle child. Oldest bought his own, and youngest is my daughter, and I really thought see needed one. But my middle son could sure use one to keep in touch while he is walking to school.

  • Suzi

    I need a smartphone (new or otherwise!) because I don’t have one! I’ve always been hesitant to get one due to the cost but this sounds like a great option!

  • Ladybug_Vic

    I need a new smartphone because my husband is still using an old flip-phone that only works when it wants to! I don’t know who it bothers more… me or him! LOL

  • travelluna

    To keep in touch with my friends and family and use all the new features that mine does not have

  • Patrick Miller

    If I am going to get a cell phone, it should be a smartphone!

  • Sally

    My family and I have a hard time meeting up with each other.

  • Sari

    Never owned a smartphone before. Would like to find out what all the fuss is about.

  • Sarah J Jackson

    My son is off to college , moving away from home at 17 , he has done everything you can imagine including finding his own lodging , paying his first and last months rent , buying whatever he needs to get himself set , he now needs a better phone as he is using an older Huawei phone , a smart phone would give him the ability to get around his new city and school a little easier …and of course call his mom lol

  • Susan Ovington

    My son is 15, and I would like to know where he is. This would be great for him!

  • Ray

    My wife works in Childcare and her phone is a Dinosaur Nokia, she needs the camera to record and document events.

  • Orange23

    It not easy texting on the old cellphone and I would love a new smartphone because I would love the convenience of the apps, internet, text and camera features.

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I could really use one to organize my work and home schdeules

  • LadyJaye

    I would love to upgrade my mobile phone with one that has more social sharing capabilities to stay connected with family + friends. I’m also going to be a new mom soon and it would nice to easily capture all the special moments with the great camera feature. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Audrey Martin

    For once, I’m the one who needs a new phone. Mine is the oldest in the house and the ringer doesn’t work anymore. Sometimes, that’s nice to be quiet, but it’s scary when your family needs to reach you and you can’t hear it. I’ve developed the habit of constantly checking it, just to be sure! Would love to win a new phone and know when my sons and hubby are needing me.

  • Susan Graydon

    My son had a blackberry that his siter had given to him, but he dropped it in the bathtub. after 3 days of trying to dry it out we knew there was no hoe. so a new smartphone would be great!

  • Burcu Acar

    I need a new smartphone because my current phone’s battery always needs charging.

  • wayne

    I am happy with my current phone but we need a 2nd phone for my wife. She would be thrilled to finally have her own phone.

  • dewinner

    I have never owned a smart phone so I would love one!

  • Penny

    I’m sure everyone knows that cell phones don’t do well when accidentally dropped in water, especially if they are on at the time. Tried burying it in rice but that didn’t work. The poor thing has gone to electronic heaven and I’m without a phone. Would love to win this.
    Great contest, good luck everyone

  • Victor Goguen

    My 13 year old keeps on asking for a cell phone, but I can’t afford to get one.

  • Steph BKN

    I would give this to my mom, shes stuck in the dinosaur ages with the massive cell phone she has now. It looks extremely user friendly with the touch features and I’m sure its finally a cell phone she could easily text from & learn to use quickly! Perfect We love Grandma gift from my kiddies!

  • Sean Pynaert

    Both my son and daughter need a new smartphone as both of their iPhone screens are cracked. My daughters phones audio is hit and miss as well.

  • Leah Leitch

    I have two teens and still doing “pay as you go”. Please make me get with the times!

  • Tim

    I would love this phone because my girlfriend has a larger phone than mine. Lol please let me win *fingers crossed* thank you!

  • Christina

    I would love to have a smartphone because I need to replace my old flip flop phone from 20 years ago!

  • Shawna Sanderson

    I would like to be able to win this phone for my daughter who had her phone stolen at school…she is only 14 so I need to be able to keep in contact with her and this would certainly help!

  • susanhanley

    I need a Smartphone to help organize my life and help run my errands and shopping more efficiently.

  • debH

    I need a new Smartphone (or any phone!) because I don’t have a phone, the last one I bought was in 2006, and it died, I have never been able to replace it 🙁

  • lucky phil

    I need a new Ascend Y300 smartphone so I can take awesome pics of my new 3 month old son!

  • donkeykong

    my daughter who goes to high school just simply need a mobile phone and a Smartphone will go a long way!
    Thanks for this great contest

  • moosegirl

    Huawei please help us ! We are a family of five originally from northern BC and now living in Burnaby.Having one mobile phone at the time was fine to use here and there but now we could, well our 10 year old daughter could use the phone to get to school with our 6 year old twins together. Before this Grandma or Dad would walk them and when living up north we could watch our daughter walk to and get on the bus.Having the Huawei smartphone would allow more time for the errands at home and more family time after school.Also she could get into taking photos and maybe if she’s good a game or two wouldn’t hurt.Thank you.

  • Bella69

    My mom takes my kids to school in the morning so the phone would be a great way to keep in touch with my kids in the morning.w

  • Marilyn Legault

    I need a smart phone to keep in touch with the kids.

  • Dorothy Pyefinch

    … I would love to pass over a NEW SMARTPHONE to my oldest grandson! How he wants one soooo bad, that he can practically taste it (lol)! It would be a nice win and a nice SURPRISE ….

  • Diana Corlett

    A new smart phone, one that is not too much smarter than me, would be great, as I do not have a cell phone, but really should!

  • writeanu

    I currently have a basic phone and would love to have an smartphone to download apps to help me organize my kids activities!

  • sambows

    I am 54 and do not have a phone.I will need one so I can check on my daughter after school when I get a job.

  • May

    I new a new smartphone because my current phone is 8 years old!

  • yojoho

    We moved over the summer,and our daughter will soon be able to walk the 600 meters to school on her own (or bike/scooter), having this will ease some of MY anxieties and allow me to reach her to reassure me that all is OK!


    I need a smartphone for my daughter because I am not always able to get off work on time and she has found herself home alone one time to many. If she had a smartphone we would be able to keep in touch so I know she is safe

  • danielle

    I have been told to get with the times and my old flip open phone will just not do anymore…With 3 girls, I suppose it’s time to get technologically initiated.

  • tinatchick

    It looks like it would be a great phone for my daughter, who has been bothering me to get one!

  • Kristen

    My Dad needs a new smartphone because he has a weak heart and needs 1 for emergency.

  • Violet Smith

    My husband could use a smartphone because he doesn’t even own a cell phone, and I can never get a hold of him if I am out

  • Anna

    I would love one for my kids as all their friends have phones and I know they feel as if they are out of the loop without one

  • truhud

    My youngest son needs a phone because his older brother never charges his – this means youngest can’t play games or watch videos when away from his computer.

  • Erin

    My mom needs a new phone, because her’s in about 10 years old!

  • Sherry F

    I would really like to get a new smart phone for my sister….her’s is dying.

  • dplavins

    My 13 year old NEEDS a smartphone (or so she tells me) so she can text, chat, instagram, facebook and tweet about how cool her mother is!

  • Maegan Morin

    I need a new phone because mine is getting old and slow. This phone looks great I thnk it would work amazingly well too.

  • lp

    I’m the only one in the family without any kind of cell phone and am being encouraged to purchase one. I know it would be good to have it as a safety measure, when I go out. thanks

  • sheila selluski

    Good for emergencies – we don’t have one and it is probobly time we did.

  • Laura Stone

    My daughter is entering her first year of high school! She loves texting,twitter,facebook and I think it is awesome that she can connect and make social plans .She has just worn through her last phone and I have heard the HUAWEI Ascend 300 is a durable and really FUN smart phone! I would love to be mom of the year by giving the Ascend Y300 to my daughter!

  • Gemma

    I need to update my current flip phone so a smartphone would be wonderful!

  • Michelle R

    I need a new phone for my daughter so that I can stay in touch with her when she is out with her friends or she can call me if she’s in trouble.

  • tammy ta

    I need one because I don’t have one.

  • daysgoby


  • NFawcett

    My teens all have fancy smart phones – which is the reason I don’t have one – I can’t afford to get into another crazy contract but there are occasions where it would be so great to have one – therefore this phone would be perfect!

  • Amber

    It would be great to have a second phone, my son is getting older and it would be a great way to keep track of him

  • Kay

    I need to keep up with volunteer roles and be able to be contacted easily!

  • Kelly Krol

    I just had to send my Blackberry in to be looked at, it’s gonna be $125 to fix:( I’m definitely disappointed in Blackberry and desperately want to switch to iPhone or Android.

  • michele

    I need a new smartphone because my old phone is over 6 years old and the battery life is very short

  • Marijo

    I need a new smartphone because I don’t have one. My cell is old school and an embarrassment to my kids. lol

  • Tanya Taylor

    I have three boys, my oldest is heading to grade 7 this year and the other two are still in elementary…good to have in case of an emergency!

  • srellok

    My story is like yours, my son will be going into grade 7 and has been begging me for a phone. He will be walking to and from school by himself and I want him to be able to contact me if he needs to.

  • Maria O.

    I have never owned a smartphone and I could use one now. It would be used to keep in touch with my family at home when I take my elderly parents to their many hospital appointments.

  • Elaine R

    I have never had a smartphone before and the Huawei Ascend Y300 is described as a great starter phone.

  • Monique Shuell

    My baby slobbered all over my phone while she was chewing on it, so it no longer works properly. So, yes, it is time for a new phone (one she won’t be playing with, by the way).

  • Amy Kidman

    My daughter is going into Gr.7 and she has discovered the world of texting with her friends! We would love for her to have this opportunity to win a new smart phone so that she will stop trying to take her Dad’s phone.

  • SPowell

    The Huawei Ascend Y300 look like a cool, easy to use smart phone. I have always had a hard time using new technology, perhaps this phone may change me! Not to mention all my students would stop teasing me about my ancient phone! lol Thanks =)

  • WestCoastMom

    My current phone is not so current…. It belongs in a museum!

  • Kacie

    I need a new smart phone because I was bringing home ice cream to my family and it all melted into the ear piece of my phone. The person on the other end now sounds like they are 1000 miles away 🙁

  • lpappas

    It would be my first smart phone!

  • Erin Danforth

    I gave my son my old iPhone last year as he started grade 7…I expected it to last a month…tops (he’s cute, but a bit of an airhead). The good news is; he surprised me and kept the phone in great shape all year. The bad news; the phone is wearing out. The home button has lost it’s magical powers, the ringer volume control is stuck in the “on” position and, worse still, since its an old 3GS model we can’t find a case for it and he’s forced to use my old case with flowers on it. Not cool for a 13-year old hockey player. Please pick me 🙂

  • Helen

    My son needs a phone for safety reasons as he will be walking to/from school on his own this year.

  • Guest

    My mom at age 70+ is trying to get up to speed with all of this new technology! She uses email as if she is texting (one or two word emails!) so it is time that she have something that she can actually text with!

  • Angie Wright

    Our family could use a New Smart Phone to keep track of all our appointments. With 5 Teen Boys and one Girl it can be a brutal task. A smart Phone would be an amazing prize to win since going out to buy a cool cell phone is never in the budget.

  • Lise

    It would be great for my mother who is 72 and lives alone. This way when she goes out with her car, which she still drives, if anything was to happen she could contact someone for assistance.

  • Tanya

    My daughter is also going into grade 7 this would be an awesome option for me to give her

  • jonnieh

    My son just cracked the screen on his phone so this would be perfect for him

  • gloria_konelsky

    Since I have an OLDER cell phone, I’d like to learn the New system.

  • Angela Massis

    My twins are starting grade 8 this year and my son is responsible for his twin that has special needs getting her off the bus and into the house. He will be able to text me and reassure me that they are safe and sound at home until we arrive home from work.

  • Gerald Johnson

    Need a new phone to replace my $5. garage sale deal.

  • hopebc53

    this would be a great phone for my son, so he can keep in touch with me and i can know where he is after school & at his friend’s house. it would be a cool way for him to also keep in touch with his buddies and as he loves to take photos, another excellent feature for him to enjoy too!

  • lizzyoday

    I don’t have one so I need one

  • Irene Eichler

    My mom doesn’t have a cell-phone and I worry about her when she is out and about and I can ‘t contact her

  • irish_iis

    i need a new phone as my current phone is a sad flip phone.

  • heatherswanson

    I need a phone for safety on the road

  • Pooh

    I need a new smartphone to replace an old flip phone I use.

  • Silvana

    Believe it or not our household does not have a cell phone and we are looking to get one for each member of the household

  • Jess

    I need a smartphone because I have an ancient 10 year old phone and my kids are embarrassed to be around me.

  • Andrew Pham

    My mom doesn’t own a cell phone, so would love to win this and surprise her with this!

  • Ahmed Ahmed

    My phone is so old its making Zach Morris look fly. I need to get into this new era.

  • maple_65

    I need a new phone because the glass is cracked on mine and it cost more to fix it then it is worth

  • Tara

    I don’t have any type of cell phone at all and I run my own business from home. I’ve put off buying one forever. This would be great when i’m lost, need to call a client, look up weather for a shoot i’ll be doing or just to update facebook 😉

  • JOHansen

    My husband needs a new smart phone because his phone isn’t smart at all.

  • catherine brown

    I need a new smartphone because I would like to update my old flip phone that everyone laughs at.

  • Brenda Penton

    My son needs a smartphone. He is at the age now where he is going out more now and I’d like to be able to keep tabs on him or have an easy way for us to get ahold of us if needed.

  • margaretimecs

    My son really needs a new phone, the screen on his phone is completely cracked and he is a University student at Ryerson,

  • alan

    my son broke his phone and needs a new one

  • Jeannie

    My nephew needs a new smartphone because he’s starting high school in the next few weeks and my sister needs a way to keep in touch with him so she’s knows what he is up to. I also want to be the cool aunt who gives him his first smartphone!

  • Doris

    I need a smartphone so I can keep in constant contact through texting with my elderly mom. Long distance calling is costly.

  • Judy Barker

    I would like a smartphone because I am a grandmother raising teenagers, who can be tracked down quickly. I am constantly being told by the kids that I need to get a smartphone. Who knows I could win one!

  • J. Simpson

    A phone this strong would be amazing to own.

  • bcgirll

    It sounds like an easy-to-use and up-to-date phone, which is exactly what I need!

  • teeslee

    I need a smartphone because my current phone is really old and it’s not even a smartphone. I got constant suggestions to get a smartphone.

  • Cathy Canton

    My son is a skater too and I am always worried about breaking an expensive cell phone when he is skateboarding or snowboarding. This would be perfect for him!

  • ek03yr

    My dad is in the dark ages. He has yet to ever send a text message. He needs an upgrade!

  • Lee S

    Have never owned a cell phone and even 8 yr olds are making fun of me!

  • billiondollarprincesss

    I need a new phone because my phone is so old and it’s not even a smartphone

  • blessedta

    To replace my broken one.

  • cheri452

    I so need one to kill time while on the bus for work!

  • Grace F

    I would be thrilled to own a smart phone….mine is so antiquated…imagine picking up your desk and placing it to your ear….that’s about the size of mine…lol

  • Dominique Piot-Swat

    Whoo! That would be a huge step in technology for us! Would love to have this

  • Therese

    My 16 year old son would LOVE a smart phone, and I would love to know where he is all the time.

  • Mitch Fralic

    I need this smartphone cause my current iphone sucks, while this one looks awesome

  • Brenda Lacourciere

    I need a new smartphone for me and my child. At 15, shes going out on her own for the first time.

  • ana s.

    my mom lives far from her kids and always on the go so we need to get her on to new technology such as this terrific smartphone so we can be sure she is ok, send her photos and help her manoeuvre the new options in communication.

  • Nate

    I need a new smartphone because I have never owned one and this looks like a good phone to own

  • Julie

    i’m about to enter the “can i have a phone” phase with my almost ‘tween. maybe i won’t give it to her yet but i could use it as leverage! insert evil laugh here >:)

  • Kristen Macgregor

    I could use a new smartphone, as I just got a major crack in mine – but realistically we’d love to give one to my parents, so we could send them photos & texts easily!

  • christina07

    I would love to win one for my mom because she currently does not own a phone and this was she could get in contact with us much easier!

  • vjhill

    My upstairs neighbours like to toss water over the balcony and one doused my phone. Some features work and some don’t. Sometimes the phone calling works sometimes not. I need a new phone so badly!

  • Tasha

    I need a new smartphone, because my brand new iPhone fell into in the toilet, as it was flushing, while I was helping my 3 yr old off the toilet 🙁 after just spending a fortune on the phone (and water damage is not covered in the warranty) I really can’t afford to bya another smartphone 🙁

  • Josie

    I need a new smartphone….well….I need a smartphone! HA! I don’t have one. I just have a basic phone that makes phone calls. That’s it. Time for this momma to upgrade!

  • Christinekidd

    I would love to win for my husband! His last phone was destroyed by him taking it swimming, silly Husband!

  • Theresa Knapik

    I would so love to win this phone. I need something that can keep me awake on my GO train rides everyday

  • sandra

    I definately need a new one…….mine is out of date and my contract isn’t up yet. Technology is hard to keep up with!!

  • Deborah Hart

    *** Well I tried to enter a comment with my iPod but I don’t see it 🙁 Sorry if two entries are up! ***
    I really need a Smartphone because last week my old iPhone 3 broke. I had it on my table and my puppy reached up and knocked it to the ground. Now it has a white screen with lines on it 🙁
    I used to use this phone for everything, address book, taking pictures, calendar, playing games, staying in contact with people, answering my apartment buzzer code, alarm clock, reading emails and more!
    I really need a new phone so I can continue life as it was.
    Who would have thought that we would be so depended on a little device 😉
    Thank so much!
    *crosses fingers*

  • Aimée Robison

    I have never owned a smartphone before, I still have just your basic old cell phone, lol. So I would love to have one, to be able to keep in contact with my family and friends. Thank you for the chance.

  • Molly

    Our family is phonely challenged!! I have a fancy email & text machine (phone doesn’t work as a phone) and my husband’s phone is a flip model circa 1992.

  • Jessica J

    I’m going to do this a little backwards. My MOM needs a phone because when I started college she helped to get me a iphone. and there she is with no phone. yet my dad and I both have phones. Also it would have come in handy when I was “stranded” at the store last night for 2 hours waiting for her to show up. She was running late but had no way of telling me. Parents are hard to keep track of! 😉

  • Cindy Babcock

    I’d love to get rid of our home phone by using a pre paid mobile as an alternative so that our jr high girl can tech us if we are out. This sounds like it would be perfect!

  • Lisa Martin

    My daughter is going into grade 8 and would love if she could win something. I haven’t been able to provide her with things she really wants and always has to go without, because I can’t afford them like other moms or dads can. She always says its ok, but I know deep down its not.

  • Karen Finley Kelly

    We currently have a mobile number we pay to keep alive but have no handset for. As my daughter gets more involved in competitive swimming with practices into the dark hours of the evening and my son has more and more extracurriculars, I’d like to be able to let them have the “family phone”. That way I can let them know when I’m late, or that the car pool driver has changed. Or they can let me know that practice ran long. I’m not ready to let them have a phone of their own, but a family device that can be used with permission for specific times is what I’m thinking we need.

  • jemrah

    My daughter is going in to grade 7 – does she need one? I’m not sure – but it would be nice to be able to contact her at any time, and to know where she is.

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