Hockey season is in full swing and I’ve been looking for new ways to keep the two younger kids occupied while Cam takes to the ice and Sean stands behind the bench.

I think I have found just the thing.  We put 2 of their favourite things together: 
Treehouse TV and the iPad

and voila!  Mama gets to watch hockey!

We downloaded the Treehouse Video app from iTunes now we have Treehouse to go! 

Besides the hockey arena, it is perfect for day trips, family vacations and long waits at Sick Kids. Oh! and in hotel rooms that don’t carry Treehouse:

hotelapp.JPGWe can instantly stream over 200+ half hour episodes and Treehouse programs including Eva’s faves – Dora The Explorer, Olivia, Max and Ruby and Wonder Pets!

maxruby.JPGAlthough the app is designed for preschoolers Cuyler really enjoys Franklin and Friends, The Cat In the hat Knows A Lot About That!, and Guess With Jess.

GuessJess.JPGThe app is also available on the iTouch and iPhone.
The easy-to-use and intuitive interface along with the familiarity of the Treehouse icons and characters make this one of our most used apps. 

treehouse-app.pngEva was also able to navigate her way around and easily found the iPad colouring tool – that was a neat surprise!

If they had their druthers they’d be on it all the time – but I do limit screen time. If they were on it all the time, they’ be happy to see that the app is updated with top shows and episodes regularly.

Ok.  Now here’s THE BEST part – the contest you do not want to miss out on!!! 

UrbanMoms and our partners at Treehouse are giving away 3 – yes THREE – fantastic prize packs!

Simply share your child’s favourite Treehouse program and you will be entered to win one of three 8gb iPod Touch(s) PLUS a years subscription Treehouse Mobile App!

Thumbnail image for i-touch-apps.jpg

This Blog post is sponsored by Watch More TV Interactive Inc., and Corus Entertainment Inc. All content is true, based on Christine’s personal experience.

Contest closes December 7, 2011.

Click here for Contest Rules and Regulations. members are eligible to win so don’t forget to sign-in.  Not a member yet?  Click here to join.

  • Melody

    Team Umizoomie and Bubbleguppies is my soon to be three year old’s FAVORITE SHOWS, luckily we have those two onDemand for her to watch over and over and over and over….It would be really great to win an iPad, so mommy can watch something for once :)

  • nicoleisaac

    I know I shouldn’t let my 20 mth old watch tv but she loves 4square!

  • foxxter

    Both kids love Fresh Beat Band. We PVR it and have 9 saved for “emergencies”…

  • funkymom

    Oh, I don’t know that there is a day without treehouse at our home. With 3 that are under 7 they are always watching it or playing on the website.
    The show that they all like to watch together is Bubble Guppies :)

  • bumlingerkid

    I love to sit and watch the Berenstein Bears, reminds me of when I was young. I like Dora because the show peaks interest in other languages, which I think is really important. It’s good we can watch some shows together.

  • apera

    I have four children, 12, 9, 6 and 3, and Treehouse has been a part of my life since my first was born. The programming is wonderful and I never have to worry about my kids not liking a program, they loved them all. My 3 year old daughter is obsessed with Dora – she just loves her. When my son was younger, the Backyardigans ruled! I love that show too – I often found myself singing along! You just can’t go wrong with Treehouse! Thanks and good luck everyone!

  • Tasha

    Hope I can still get in on the contest! Where I am it is only 11:30 on Dec 7 still! :)

  • Tasha

    Max and Ruby… That Ruby is one good big sister!

  • jodi

    Max and ruby of course lol

  • LaurieMom

    Max and Ruby. Even I like it…well sometimes. LOL

  • Sweets33

    The Backyardigans!!! Max and Ruby was a close runner up… :o )

  • alanna

    My kids love Toopy and Binoo as well as Bubble Guppies

  • lily

    hii my 21month old son is in love with Go Deigo go show i wish if they put it more on treehouse we love tree house and the funny part is my husband enjoys Toppe and Benno hahahahha

  • daisylaines

    the cat in the hat is a big favourite in our house!

  • sewcraftygirl

    Cat in the hat is a favorite here.

  • dixiedoodles

    My grandson really likes “Max and Ruby” and” In The Night Garden” I get a kick out of Max in Max and Ruby myself.

  • pattonfamily

    My daughters (and secretly mine) is Backyardigans:-) We love the colours and the imagination and the music!! She dances to it all the time…

  • Nicole

    My girls LOVE Max and Ruby. Its their all time favourite!

  • Elsama

    My son loves Max & Ruby!!

  • SharleenN

    Definitely Max and Ruby for my daughter and Franklin for my son. My son at 13 has not yet learned to drive a bike and his friends, knowing he was a fan of the show for years, picked up a copy of Franklin Rides a Bike and munipulated the “Franklin” to perfection and had his name added in and then added training wheels to his gift. It was the funniest moment of the party and he loved that his friends (although tried to embarass him a bit) put the effort into the gift. He has the Franklin book framed :-)

  • lkbrdb

    My son loves Franklin, and my daughter loves Max and Ruby :)

  • aimeep

    my kids loved dora and max and ruby

  • ennsee

    Dora the Explorer is the most popular choice around here. Thanks!

  • Jana

    The Backyardigans ! Hands down – they love the music…and I don’t mind it either !!

  • patty4

    Max and Ruby!

  • tinker

    The Wonder Pets is the favourite

  • fibijeebi

    My daughter is a huge fan of Max and Ruby.

  • JMP

    My kids are huge fans of Thomas and Friends and The Backyardigans!

  • Cindy H

    Cat in the Hat knows A LOT about That is a lifesaver in our house. Especially first thing in the morning when we are trying to get ready for work!

  • Sandra D

    Toopy and Binoo and Max and Ruby are our faves!

  • SLs Mom

    We have to pick just one?? In that case, I think Dora wins as both my girls loved watching Dora and though we are now down to just one Pre-Schooler, Dora in still on Treehouse for us.

  • Miranda Jane

    max and ruby

  • Buckyy

    My boys favourite is the cat in the hat and my daughters is Ni Hao Kai-Lan.

  • PoignantTuna


  • nancy2880

    Max and Ruby.

  • Megan

    My son loves Max and Ruby or Cailiou

  • dljwinter

    Max and Ruby is our favorite!

  • Deeds30

    Max and Ruby is a favourite in our household…

  • ConnieD

    Franklin is the favourite here…….. great lessons taught!

  • Shannon

    Max and ruby and dora and Diego are huge hits here!

  • sdalgleish

    Diego and cat in the hat are raves around our house. Also fans of toopy and binoo.

  • drjess

    My children love Dora the Explorer. She is also my favorite.

  • Dart23

    My son enjoys Diego and Dora the Explorer.

  • Diane52

    Dora The Explorer, of course.

  • tlee351

    favorite show would have to be Max and Ruby

  • jchandler

    Max and Ruby is their fav and mine, too.

  • JJ

    Max and Ruby is the top rated show in our house.

  • AK

    Dora is my grandsons, favorite Tree house program, my other kids watched it too, my one son still will with my grand son, thanks

  • JoannaCrowe

    Thomas The Tank engine, Barney ;-( not my fav. Great Station. Child friendly.

  • Nico

    Max and Ruby is still my son’s favourite

  • janetm

    This month it has been Dora the Explorer. They love Treehouse.

  • wilfred

    All of my children have loved Max and Ruby. Treehouse is their favorite station!!!!

  • zingara

    My daughter Olivia absolutely LOVES Olivia the Pig!!! We were so thrilled when Treehouse started to air episodes of the adorable little pig. She giggles when she hears the introduction song as she thinks its all about her!! We have all the plush, books, dvds, cds, costume, Olivia in the box, jewellery box and Christmas ornaments. She is a true fan!

  • Patty B

    Max and Ruby

  • murphy

    Toopy and Binoo is still our favourite

  • sparky

    My 10 year old still loves Max and Ruby.

  • jen s.

    lots of great shows – but i think dora is the overall fave

  • ek03yr

    Max and Ruby are popular with the entire family!

  • sisax

    We both love Toopy and Binoo, with daddy sometimes joining in.

  • Xing Z

    Max and Ruby are popular with the kids. I like the positive lessons in the show. It is a great show to help kids learn empathy and understanding others’ feeling. I want my kids to learn to be more understanding to other people and I think Max and Ruby is a good show for that.

  • Eileen

    There are multiple shows that my kids love to watch, but the ones that really grab their attention are Bubble Guppies, Mike the Knight, and Team Umizoomi.
    Thanks for the chance to win an iPod touch! What a great way to divert the boredom when there is nothing else to occupy their minds.

  • A. Smith

    My daughter is a big Backyardigans fan, actually so am I.

  • Erin

    The Backyardigans without a doubt!

  • CJ

    My 3 and half likes ‘Mike the Knight’ and my 6 years old likes ‘Cat in the hat’

  • newnormal

    My two year-old LOVES Backyardigans!

  • Goldman

    Dora is a big fave for my boy. He thinks she’s his friend!

  • sherocks2004

    My kids LOVE Franklin and Friends as well as Max and Ruby.
    (Thanks for getting the contest link working, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to enter.)

  • etkavanagh


  • Jennifer M.

    My girl loves Max and Ruby and the Backyardigans!

  • teos

    max and ruby

  • Canokie

    Love Franklin!

  • bigj

    Franklin and Friends! Such a sweet Canadian show!

  • m_roz

    Cat in the Hat

  • sam

    Bubble guppies is the newest favorite for my son!!!

  • aisha

    my 2 year old son loves toopy and bino…while my daughter loves dora, max and ruby

  • ErlindaP

    My daughter loves 4-Square because of the singing and dancing and sh likes The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that.

  • Miranda Jane

    my son loved cat in teh hat

  • susantroy

    My son loves to go on adventures with Cat in the Hat.

  • momof2

    Max and Ruby. Max always reminds me to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life!

  • kenaimom

    Max and Ruby!! And, Max always makes me smile (reminds me of my son when he was little)

  • Dawn

    I have 3 daughters and they all have their favourites. Taylor (almost 2) loves Dora & 4 Squares; Nicole (3) loves Dora & Max & Ruby; Victoria loves Dora. At least they all like Dora and there is no fighting.

  • Christine

    Yo Gabba Gabba definitely is our families favourite!

  • sojeles

    What’s gonna work ? teamwork! the wonder pets is a favourite here.

  • chrissy182

    My 2 daughters (Sara(6), Katie(3)) favourite shows are Dora, Max & Ruby and Mike the Knight!

  • dphumphrey

    The kids all love Toopy & Binoo and the Backyardigans

  • nutritionbites

    Toopy & Binoo are my daughters’ favourites (Emily, 8 and Mary, 5). They like Binoo better as they think that Toopy is sometimes too bossy. Hilarious!

  • Nick&Jaicyn’s Momma

    Toopy and Binoo & Max & Ruby are my lil Jaicyn’s FAV’s!!!! He loves them so much we are having both of them the theme of his bday party this year!

  • Mike Gore

    My daughter loves Max and Ruby. She has for such a long time! She is getting older and still loves watching it…

  • vilmark

    my girls love TOOPY and Binoo

  • Carsmummy

    My son LOVES Toopy and Binoo!! He saw them live and now loves it even more :)

  • vanessa

    my kids love to watch max and ruby. I have 4 kids that are 10, 7, 2, and 8 months and it is something they all can enjoy

  • LG78

    My 2 yr old Grandson has too many favorites on Treehouse. Toss up between Max & Ruby, Cat in the Hat and Toopy & Binoo. If I had to pick only one it would be Toopy & Binoo. The Treehouse programing is excellent. We both spend a good portion of our time watching Treehouse which also inspires imagination time, colouring, chatting and outdoor fun!

  • Kim

    Curious George all the way!

  • momoffvie

    the cat in the hat – loved the message. Lots of fun for the four year old.

  • hross0821

    Dora The Explorer is a big favourite!

  • Anu

    Both my sons love Max and Ruby!

  • april

    …..we like Toopy and Binoo the best….

  • april

    My daughter enjoys treehouse programs so much that she draws the different characters in her book and makes her own stories. I often find myself humming some othe the theme songs! we enjoy treehouse as a family with its variety of shows that are educational as well as entertaining!

  • LisaMomOfTwo

    My five year old son has LOVED Max & Ruby since he was a year old! My one year old daughter LOVES Toopy & Binoo! Treehouse is the ONLY channel they watch…it has all their favorite shows, and it makes me feel good knowing they are watching kid friendly programming.

  • ceilidhf

    My daughter loves Toopy and Binoo and Bubble Guppies!

  • AutumnC

    My 4 yr old loveeessss Max and Ruby but we havn’t had cable T.V in 3 yrs so he watches the same 3 DVD’s over and over!

  • Tampa77

    The Favorite program here is definitely Bubble Guppies..but yet there are many that are watched! This is a great channel for kids! Love it!

  • stef20-00

    My girls LOVE Mr. Maker and so much more. Thanks

  • caminard5

    Max and Ruby are still the favorite!

  • Tsunami28

    My daughters favorite show is “The Cat In The Hat Knows Alot about That”

  • licoricelegs

    My grandson loves Max and Ruby (I like it too!)

  • pinnymom

    My son loves Max and Ruby!

  • Betty

    Backyardigans are a hit at my house

  • Sieko

    My Son loves Franklin and Friends

  • subs

    Both my girls love Max and Ruby and My Little Pony.

  • Kimbert

    How can you not love Max and Ruby? Though Wonder Pets is pretty cool too!

  • jennyr

    Backyardigans all day, every day!!!

  • MaggieG

    My sons are IN LOVE with Dora. My oldest is 4 & he actually cried when I had to tell him they don’t make “Dora” boy underwear :0(

  • Ladybug

    Backyardigans are probably the ‘fave’ for my daughter.

  • twinmommy3

    Caillou and Max and Ruby, are the faves of my 4 year old twins!

  • lyndseyjm

    Max and Ruby was a fun one, I took my niece to a live show, it was a lot of fun!!

  • prairiebelle

    Our favorite show for years has been Max & Ruby. But we love so many others!

  • Monica

    my son loves to watch “the Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That” he will watch them over and over again!

  • Michelle

    My son still loves Max and Ruby as well he enjoys watching Franklin. I enjoy watching these shows with him too..
    Winning an iPod touch with the subscription to theTreehouse Mobile app would be a dream come true.

  • Skwd

    My daughters Abby and Emma are addicted to Max and Ruby! It’s the one show they both like and don’t fight over. Otherwise it’s Emma wanting Elmo and Abby wanting Dora.

  • jonandjules

    My older son’s favorite is The Cat in the Hat Knows Alot About That and my younger’s favorite is In the Night Garden

  • cuddlebug333

    I have 2 small children, my daughter (5) loves Dora and my son (6) loves 4 square!

  • juliegyatso

    Backyardigans all the way!

  • Shan1700

    My daughters favorite show is the backyardigans.


    The Wiggles is the Favourite

  • Tania

    My son’s favourite show, hands down, is Cat in the Hat. He also loves Max and Ruby, Toopy and Binoo and Caillou. Treehouse has always been a staple in our household. My daughter used to watch Max and Ruby religiously. Dora was a big one with her as well … she knew more Spanish than English LOL

  • dplavins

    always was, always will be – Mighty Machines

  • tamerisk

    Dora, my grand daughter’s favourite

  • mamadrama10

    Dora is my daughters absolute favorite! and she likes Max and Ruby, Toopy and Binoo, and others


    Our favourite will definitely have to be Toopy and Binoo!

  • Mel

    My children love cat in the hat and thomas and friends.

  • Bee L

    My daughter loves Franklin!

  • Lyn

    My Grand daughter loves to snuggle and watch Dora while I explain it to her.

  • Deborah

    My daughter is older now, but she always loved The Big Comfy Couch and still watches it every now and then.

  • marlibu

    Oh my . . . My little princess loves treehouse her favourite programs are: my little pony, toopy and binoo, max and ruby, Dora, Diego, mike the night, fish guppies, yo gabba gabba, the fresh beat band, Olivia, Angelina ballerina, Thomas … Looks like I named the whole line up. She loves treehouse. If we win I hope she shares with her sister. Lol

  • Mom2Michael

    My guy loves Toopy & Binoo and Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

  • missbobloblaw

    My son loves Max and Ruby (Ruby and Max!)

  • MistyRios

    My 2y old twins love Dora!

  • melkitty

    My son LOVES “4 Square”!

  • msclaw

    Max and Ruby wins out for my son!

  • CherJK

    My son’s favourite show is The Wiggles. Max & Ruby come close!!

  • korwinner

    Both of my children love/loved Max & Ruby. Then my son saw Thomas and Friends…. he was hooked! I love watching the children enjoy both shows, and enjoy Treehouse because I am never scared that the shows are inappropriate!!

  • pk5050

    No question – Max and Ruby time is the favourite. Any Treehouse show is an overall preference.

  • memeflowers

    “We’re wonder pet’s and we’ll help you” Any show that teaches sharing and caring is all right by me. Besides, the song is just so darn cute.

  • slp

    MAX AND RUBY fan here

  • schmoopie

    Definitely, the favourite around our house is Max and Ruby!

  • avaughans

    Oh there are sooo many, I remember my 10 year old enjoying Treehouse and now we get to enjoy it again with our 4 year old. Definitely Max & Ruby and I love Toopy & Binoo.

  • karlamia723

    My little guy loooooves Thomas and Friends and Mike the Knight!

  • neicey

    My kids love Berenstein Bears; you can even catch me watching it as well.

  • sarahandjm

    My daughter loves Max and Ruby and my son loves Thomas, but we’ll watch almost anything on Treehouse!

  • joanne

    It’s hard to pick a favorite, my daughter always askes for toopy and binoo or max and ruby.

  • akeli

    My daughter loves caillou.

  • tobyhir

    Berenstain Bears…I have to admit, I love them, too!! :D

  • sjd_family

    Max & Ruby is a big hit in our house!

  • dmhaen

    Caillou is one of our favourites!

  • megnate

    My sons favorite treehouse show is toopy and binoo

  • erin2470

    Backyardigans all the way

  • melly100

    We all love Max and Ruby!

  • babylove818

    My son is 6 years old and we (his brothers also) love Toopy and Binoo. The best “use your imagination” show. Love it

  • cathy

    It would have to be Max and Ruby. Love it!

  • dida

    My son LOVES Max and Ruby and the Backyardigans. Great shows for kids!

  • BillyJack

    Our child’s favourite Treehouse program is definitely “Toopy and Binoo”
    He just can’t get enough!

  • Sarah

    My little guy (3) LOVES Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That :) And his 3 big brothers would love to watch something else but treehouse on th TV… I think an Ipad may be the solution?

  • mickeyskate75

    My daughters favorites would have to be Backyardigans and Dora when she was younger. My favorite was always Toy Castle


    my kids enjoy max and ruby but for some reason our dog likes the tune from Dora the Explorer!

  • bcgirll

    We like Caillou in our house!

  • Silkki

    My 3 year old son LOVES Toopie and Binou & Mike the Knight because we love his horse “Galahad” (that’s daddy’s name too), and of course we can’t forget The Yo Gabba Gabba gang.
    My girls all love Dora, but who doesn’t?! Max and Ruby is another favorite.
    We love all the shows (yes even mommy). I think Caillou is another great favorite, my daughter always sang along with it saying it was her because she was “just a kid who’s four each day I learn some more, but I’m not Caillou, I’m ME!” lol…. All four of my children love to watch Treehouse TV. I’m pretty sure my youngest three always have it on :) But that’s okay, it has great programming.

  • WestCoastMom

    currently it’s Franklin as we recently went to see the author and illustrator at a writers festival event.

  • shaunahepner

    My oldest was a BIG COMFY COUCH for nearly 3 years!!!
    My youngest is a toss up between Max & Ruby and Toopy & Bino

  • divingtigger

    My 1.5 year old loves Backyardigans, my 5 year old loves Cat in the hat knows alot about that and max and ruby, my 7 year old is content with watching anything on treehouse…..not sure why we pay for the other optional channels, the TV is on Tree house 90% of the time it is on

  • SoberJulie

    My 7 yr old it’s Cat in the Hat (yup still lol ) and my 5 yr old it’s Max & Ruby but she wants to know where Mom is ;)

  • linspin

    Both of my girls love Backyardigans! They are 5 and 8. I enjoy Max and Ruby, but I do wonder where their parents are?????

  • Kimberley3

    My youngest loves Max & Ruby!

  • geocey5

    My 4 year old love to watch Backyardigans! I often find my 12, 10 and 8 year old children curling up to watch some of their ‘old’ shows with him. I personally still love Max and Ruby!

  • MblueM

    My children’s favorite show is Toopy and Binou; such silly characters!

  • Alina_R

    My son’s favourite show is Max and Ruby, and he reminds me of Max!

  • snowstorm1948

    I have Six daughters, 8 Grandchildren, and 6 Greatgrandchildren. My Grandchildren just love Treehouse with so many great shows to choose from.
    One of my daughters created her own version of a Max and Ruby story when she was only 3 yrs. old! She made a book about foods Max could eat….I still have that book “laminated in layers of scotch tape”

  • Allison Taylor

    My son loves max and ruby!

  • Brenda

    For one of my babes it Toopy and Binoo and Max and Ruby. If the TV is on and she’s in another room, and either of their music starts, she drops everything and runs! The youngest babe is entranced with In the night garden.

  • cristinam31

    If we had to list just one show it would be Caillou however Max & Ruby, Mister Maker, Cat in The Hat and Toopy and Binoo all come into play. She loves to play the games and watch all videos on Thank God for sometimes it’s the only way i can get stuff done.

  • Thandie

    My kids favourite program is Max & Ruby! I would love to win this

  • Anna

    My daughter loves Toopy & Binoo. No matter where she is in the house, once the intro song starts for Toopy & Binoo she comes running!

  • paddywhack89

    My Son loves Diego…

  • jonnieh

    We love Max and Ruby!

  • Melody

    Treehouse TV is the ONLY channel that’s “allowed” to be on at my house or any house my daughter goes to. Thus far her favorite shows are Bubbleguppies, Team Umizoomi, Max and Ruby, Toopy and Binoo, and Backyardigans. She loves them all!

  • pskov

    My daughter’s favourite shows are Backyardigans, Max and Ruby and Wonderpets. The oldest one gtow up on these shows too. Some kind of tradition.. :)

  • myawall

    My oldest always had Backyardigans on (which I love too!), but with my youngest it is all about choo-choo (Chuggington!!). He will hear the moment it starts no matter where he is in the house, and come running.. “choo-choo, choo-choo”.

  • mountie9

    both my boys love the Backyardigans & quite frankly hubby and I enjoy watching it too.

  • Calalla

    My kiddo is all about the backyardigans, Cat in the hat and Max and Ruby!!!! Thank you Treehouse for a way to keep my lil one busy while we are waiting for her big sis at dance class. Can’t wait to download app.

  • westwood05

    My daughter loves Max & Ruby!

  • tjfarthing

    My youngest loves Treehouse! Max and Ruby, wonder pets and the cat in the hat knows a lot about that are her favs!

  • becky.mcconnell

    whats gonna work? TEAMWORK …when we work together we got the RIGHT STUFF. TreeHouse + IpodTouch = the RIGHT STUFF!! go WonderPets! goooo IPOD TOUCH!! :)

  • ebayfinatic

    Max & Ruby

  • dtsorensen

    All the world stops when Mighty Machines comes on, this is my son’s favorite show.

  • snorth1

    My darling son loves all the shows, but to narrow it down to just one, it would have to be Max & Ruby. :) Thanks UrbanMoms and Treehouse!

  • Lorie S

    My daughter loves Max and Ruby!! It is a cute show!

  • freddybob

    Dora the explorer is their favorite show from Tree House!

  • LauraKal

    My daughter loves The Backyardigans! Would love to win this contest!

  • SnowCake

    Bernstein Bears was my kids favorites! and MINE still! I watch them even when my boys are sleeping LOL SHHHH

  • karen_b

    My kids love to watch The Wiggles and The Backyardigans

  • pamr

    We love watching The Cat in the Hat on Treehouse

  • snikks

    Hoping my comments stay this time….
    My daughter’s favourites are Dora & Diego. I truly think she has a crush on Diego!! LOL!!

  • Zookeeper

    My daughter has gone crazy over The Big Comfy Couch!

  • torooo

    Cat In the Hat

  • CC

    We love Olivia and anything that has to do with the Cat in the Hat.

  • dreamer

    Dora The Explorer seems to be my little one’s favorite.

  • am

    My daughters favourite show is Backyardigans. I watch it so often its growing on me…

  • Laura

    My daughters love Toopy and Binoo.

  • Bumblebee

    3rd & Bird is a fave for us !

  • Alysha

    My 5 year old daughter is in LOVE with Cat and the hat!!!!!

  • Paula C.

    My daughter’s favourite is Max and Ruby!

  • bushcampcafe

    my granddaughter loves loves loves Max and Ruby!

  • Clare

    My little guys favourite “Right Now” is Team UmiZoumi. But.. Caillou is definitely the tried and true for us.

  • smhanley

    There are so many they love to watch but Max and Ruby has to be their favourite.

  • angelmom3

    Our favourite Treehouse program is Caillou. My children just enjoy watching what Caillou’s adventure is going to be everyday!

  • Natasha keys

    Both my children Sofia(5years) and Kianna(19mth) both enjoy watching “The Backyardigans”. They love the music and the imagination. Sofia always tries to guess what Uniqua really is! haha!

  • Selmada

    Corwyn LOVES The Wiggles.
    Nathan is a huge fan of The Cat in The Hat
    Both insist on watching In the Night Garden daily.
    We limit TV time and almost all of it is spent on Treehouse.

  • lvnn

    My children loved the Backyard agains. My daughter loves to watch Wow Wow Wubbzy! I kinda get into them every once in awhile lol.

  • Red Tracy

    Dora, Dora, Dora the Explorer is a huge hit in our house!!

  • jcm

    Max and Ruby of course :)

  • rismit

    My grandaughter loves Max and Ruby

  • Carla

    Max and Ruby. Every since my daughter saw them live they are the best. To her.

  • RealtorMom

    Definitely Max and Ruby – there’s something about that show that captures the attention of my kids :)

  • stellti

    My kis love Rollie (my son has a Rollie stuffie that my sister bought for him) and they also love Dora.

  • Terry

    It’s Toopy & Binoo at our place!

  • Denise B

    I love Max and Ruby.

  • jordanj

    Dora the Explorer is my childs favorite!

  • kimd

    savanna loves max and ruby

  • starsong

    Toopy and Binoo always at our house….lol

  • becca650

    It has got to be Max and Ruby.

  • caroneko

    The Wonder Pets!

  • Dan

    My daughter likes the Berenstain Bears, The Big, Comfy Couch, and Dora.

  • Susan

    My daughters love Backyardigans.

  • melbrown

    My daughter loves Max & Ruby!

  • tinad

    The Backyardigans are definitely a big hit in our house!!


    Hi, hope that the comments are fixed now! Max and Ruby are our favourite still!


    We love Max and Ruby around our home! Glad the comments got fixed, it was pretty frustrating to see this over the weekend!

  • Elexis

    My son just found Dora…however, 4 Square and Yo Gabba Gabba also rank up there when he gets to watch it :)

  • truhud


  • doda


  • alexandradoss

    Max and Ruby rocks in our house!!!

  • krystal0121

    My son’s favorite treehouse show is Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs! I also find my 6 year old daughter watching Olivia every chance she gets!

  • jalmgiven

    Barney and Friends

  • moosegrumpy

    Toopy and Binoo have always been a fav here. Dora, Diego, Backyardigans. Anything bright, colourful and lots of music. I personally love 3rd and bird :-)

  • Snodove

    For my four year old it’s Toopie and Binou, Rolie Polie Olie and Mike the Knight. My one year old LOVES the Four Tones and Captain Hupette from 4Square!

  • Nancy T

    We are totally a Treehouse TV family – with a 2 & 5 year old it’s a fight to see which show they will watch.
    The 2 year olds favourites right now are In the Night Garden & Barney.
    The 5 year old – it’s all about Cat In the Hat or Max & Ruby.

  • Gingermommy

    Dora is my 3 year olds favourite

  • Lori

    We all love Max & Ruby!

  • toughtred

    My daughters favourite would have to be The Cat in the Hat or Guess With Jess.

  • Silvana

    Dora the Explorer is number 1 for sure in our household. Good fun and adding alittle adventure must be good.

  • freeshopper

    My daughter loves Max and Ruby as well.

  • Amanda Bond

    My Daughters favorite show is Max and Ruby.

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