Hockey season is in full swing and I’ve been looking for new ways to keep the two younger kids occupied while Cam takes to the ice and Sean stands behind the bench.

I think I have found just the thing.  We put 2 of their favourite things together: 
Treehouse TV and the iPad

and voila!  Mama gets to watch hockey!

We downloaded the Treehouse Video app from iTunes now we have Treehouse to go! 

Besides the hockey arena, it is perfect for day trips, family vacations and long waits at Sick Kids. Oh! and in hotel rooms that don’t carry Treehouse:

hotelapp.JPGWe can instantly stream over 200+ half hour episodes and Treehouse programs including Eva’s faves – Dora The Explorer, Olivia, Max and Ruby and Wonder Pets!

maxruby.JPGAlthough the app is designed for preschoolers Cuyler really enjoys Franklin and Friends, The Cat In the hat Knows A Lot About That!, and Guess With Jess.

GuessJess.JPGThe app is also available on the iTouch and iPhone.
The easy-to-use and intuitive interface along with the familiarity of the Treehouse icons and characters make this one of our most used apps. 

treehouse-app.pngEva was also able to navigate her way around and easily found the iPad colouring tool – that was a neat surprise!

If they had their druthers they’d be on it all the time – but I do limit screen time. If they were on it all the time, they’ be happy to see that the app is updated with top shows and episodes regularly.

Ok.  Now here’s THE BEST part – the contest you do not want to miss out on!!! 

UrbanMoms and our partners at Treehouse are giving away 3 – yes THREE – fantastic prize packs!

Simply share your child’s favourite Treehouse program and you will be entered to win one of three 8gb iPod Touch(s) PLUS a years subscription Treehouse Mobile App!

Thumbnail image for i-touch-apps.jpg

This Blog post is sponsored by Watch More TV Interactive Inc., and Corus Entertainment Inc. All content is true, based on Christine’s personal experience.

Contest closes December 7, 2011.

Click here for Contest Rules and Regulations. members are eligible to win so don’t forget to sign-in.  Not a member yet?  Click here to join.


  • Rebecca Mom of 3

    ALL of them, top two are Max and Ruby and Cat In the Hat.

  • Nottamum

    Max and Ruby!!!

  • beewbedard

    We like Toopy and Binoo

  • avanthey

    My kids all love Dora…who doesn’t?

  • ejleung604

    My niece and nephew love backyardigans

  • Tracey

    It’s a tie between Toopy and Binu and Four Square!! But generally likes anything on Treehouse.

  • skyalive

    My daughter loves Max and Ruby.

  • marc-andre taillefer

    My boys all loved Franklin.

  • Dawn

    Well, we have 3 young girls here. One likes Max & Ruby & Dora. One likes Cat In The Hat & Toopy & Binoo. The last one likes 4 Squares & Dora. I just don’t like when I sing the songs in my head when I’m trying to go to sleep at night. Haha. I’m sure we all do. Gotta love it.

  • nonstars

    Cat in the Hat is a huge hit at our house. The girls can watch the same episode endlessly. And I love it when they laugh out loud!

  • A. Smith

    Truly my daughter loves all Treehouse programming but she goes really crazy for The Backyardigans. Thanks for the amazing chance to win.

  • lisa

    We still like Franklin and Friends at our house. Thank you.

  • mistycarole

    Max and Ruby is our favourites!

  • Dad

    Toopy & Binoo is still number 1 here

  • Tracey

    Max and Ruby is our all time favorite!!

  • MomOfOne

    I asked my son what show was his favorite on Treehouse and he didn’t have an answer! πŸ™‚ After some thought he picked Toopy and Binoo.

  • lovelylindy

    Max and Ruby and Backyardigans are the favourites

  • woodwhisperer

    Thomas and Friends was long a favorite as a gifted nephew knew an extraordinary amount of railway history and engineering at a very young age. Thomas became a show he loved and which gave me a wonderful place to relate with him. It also made gift giving seriously simple :~D

  • caryn

    My little guy loves treehouse tv! His favourites include max and ruby, backyardigans and mike the knight! He is also very happy to see Fireman sam on treehouse!

  • Smouz

    Diego by a landslide!

  • Momma Z

    When my daughter watches TV, it’s only Treehouse TV. She adores the Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That and Max and Ruby, among all the others.

  • celt

    Max and Ruby is their favourite

  • Canokie

    I used to love and still love Franklin!

  • moviefreak

    My nephew loves Caillou

  • snikks

    Dora & Diego! I think my Missy has a crush on Diego!

  • susanbailey

    Kathleen really really enjoys Toopy and Binoo!! She eats snacks and just completely zones out during this show!! It’s soo cute.
    Susan Bailey

  • flycaster

    Backyardigans, mainly because they can’t even say the word and its so funny to hear when they try!

  • centis1999

    Max and Ruby. Ive always liked that one too…lol

  • shonna_bechtel

    My kids love Max and Ruby. Personally I prefer Backyardigans or WonderPets. They like those too but Max and Ruby is the favourite and has been for years.

  • lpappas

    Their favourite show is Max and Ruby – Franklin comes in at a close second. : )

  • ginette4

    My daughter love watching Dora The Explorer and Franklin
    anger_family @yahoo dot com

  • hlmcguir

    We love Toopy and Binoo – it’s been my son’s favourite since he was about 9 months old!

  • dmrobillard

    Treehouse was and still is the channel that automatically comes on when the tv is first turned on. my girls are 3 & 5 and they still watch their favorites DORA and MAX and RUBY

  • Heather

    There are so many that my youngest enjoys. Probably his favourites are: In the Night Garden, Toopy and Binoo, and everyones loves The Backyardigans! (Oh and The Wiggles too!!)


    Wonder Pets

  • Shelly

    My boys all loved Franklin.

  • sver

    “Dora” and “Max and Ruby” were my son’s favourites

  • Guppy

    Toopy and Binoo. He’s getting older and expanding into preteen shows but still needs his toddlerhood comfort of Treehouse.

  • katylava

    Oh my, there are very few Treehouse shows my boys don’t love! A few of their favourites are Max and Ruby, Olivia, Yo Gabba Gabba and the Cat in the Hat!

  • loo1956

    The Backyardigans

  • sonja

    Definitely Fireman Sam is my oldest son’s favourite. But he’ll watch whatever is one, especially early in the morning in our bed πŸ™‚

  • Mkennedy

    My kids love Max and Ruby…..of course I always wonder where their parents are??? lol maybe thats why they love it so much.

  • hulaballoo

    Well my daughter’s favourite at the moment is The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That. My son really enjoys Mister Maker and Dora the Explorer. I try to avoid Caillou at all cost though because the whine quotient in the house rises exponentially after watching that one ;(

  • Kimberley3

    Max & Ruby

  • ksceviour

    My son loved watching Dora when he was small,hes too big for it now though..:) Blues Clues was another favorite!!

  • Iris

    Noddy in Toyland

  • amberleah

    My grandson has a few Treehouse favorites, but if I have to narrow it down to one it would be Dora the Explorer.

  • flower

    Dora the explorer

  • cjvoz


  • flymum

    My kids love “Mike the Knight”, “Dora” and “Mister Maker”.

  • DEE

    My 2 year old son adores Max and Ruby!

  • Laura

    OMG…My 3yr old loves Dora, Olivia, Max & Ruby, The cat in the hat & the Backyardigans. My neighbours leave Treehouse on all day for their 2 chihuahua’s. You can hear them howling at the Treehouse music every so often LOL!

  • dzaig

    My daughter is crazy about Max and Ruby.

  • Reba

    We love Caillou and Max and Ruby is a close second!

  • Carrie

    My kids love so many treehouse shows but their fav currently is Mike the Knight

  • Reba

    In our house we have to have Caillou on Treehouse, a second choice is Max and Ruby!

  • Anna

    My daughter’s ultimate favourite is Toopy and Binoo. She will come running no matter where she is and/or what she is doing once she hears the start of the title song.

  • moaniec

    My kids have lots of Tree House Favourites. However my son always requests Max and Ruby. Also the Adventures of Babar starring his grandson Badoo. My daughter loves Max and Ruby as well. She was so excited to see the My Little Pony movie on Tree House last night.

  • jonnieh

    We love Max and Ruby!

  • Sweets33

    MAX & RUBY… I think my son can identify with Max’s mischievous side! LOL! Thanks for the opportunity to win :o)

  • Brandy

    My twin boys love Max and Ruby….and lately really like Dragon!

  • Sweets33

    My son’s favourite is MAX & RUBY… I think he identifies with Max’s mischievous side! LOL! Thanks for the opportunity to win! :o)

  • Yuen

    My sons love “The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That”!

  • marina

    the kids are growing and into more “grown up” and not “baby shows” but i still catch them flipping to treehouse to see what’s on and if they like the show will watch until they’re busted and quickly change the channel – max & ruby , toopy & binoo are two favourites

  • badgirltc

    Max and Ruby

  • bronzie

    Max and Ruby!!!! We love the strong silent type(Max)!!!!

  • mickeyskate75

    My daughters favorites would have to be Backyardigans and Dora when she was younger. My favorite was always Toy Castle

  • Kristie

    One of my kids loves the Backyardagins, the other loves Cat in the Hat

  • chachacha

    Noddy all the way!

  • mickeyskate75

    how do i comment on story and enter contest?

  • j_rosati

    We definitely have a few favourites, my son loves Fireman Sam, Dora and Backyardigans, in that order

  • Bella

    Wonder Pets is most definitely the best show on Treehouse!

  • missycat

    Dora the Explorer

  • MomX2

    We love Treehouse tv. Franklin has to be are all time favourite.

  • Chantel

    BAWWWWWWWWWWWW Treehouse never ends in this house! I have had 4 children go through Barney, Dora the Explorer, Diego and Max and Ruby. Zachary and Ryley (ages 6 & 5) currently love max and Ruby, Toopy and Binoo and Ryley LOVES Caillou! he eagerly awiats the beginning of each new month because he knows that there will be new episodes on demand lol

  • carrieberry

    Yo Gabba Gabba

  • Carol

    My daughter is nine and still loves Toopy and Binoo and my 1 year old nephew can’t get enough of it.

  • Alice

    Depends on which kid you ask – Girl 7 loves Toopy & Binou and Mr. Maker, while Boy 3 loves Thomas and Wonder Pets. Actually, I’d say they could agree on Wonder Pets – best of all, I love it, too! (Shhh!)

  • Tracey

    Favourite Treehouse program is Toopy and Binoo.

  • shannoncont

    I Love mr maker! He is so creative

  • stasymipip

    My son loves Toopy & Binoo

  • KD

    Our little guy just LOVES Backyardigans. It’s the first show that really caught him. First it was only the theme song, but today he watches most of the episodes. He has always danced along which is hilarious.

  • Patricia M

    It’s amazing what they come up with. Something fun for Eva and Cuyler while you get to enjoy Cam’s hockey.

  • BuzyMom5

    We have been watching Tree House for SOOOOOO Many years…. But we all still love watching Max & Ruby…. but the house will all start singing as soon as the Wiggles come on!! You’re never to old for a good wiggle song!!!

  • JeannetteNL

    I just wrote this fairly lengthy story about my son loving Max and Ruby and I don’t think it posted. I can not see it and when I hit submit, I arrived at an error page. I hope I can still get a chance to win with this post…

  • shar108

    The Cat in The Hat knows a lot about that

  • JeannetteNL

    Oh my goodness, funny you should ask that question…My son has loved Max and Ruby since before he could hold his own head up, okay I may be exaggerating a touch. But, really he started watching it around 10 months or so and has been hooked since. Believe it or not, several years later, he still likes it. I actually asked him fairly recently why he still watched it and he said because he loved the good relationship between Max and Ruby and that it makes him smile;0)

  • winnermb

    Max and Ruby was the favourite!

  • catamorgan

    Franklin and Friends

  • andrea

    Treehouse TV in general if our daughter’s favorite! Some of her favorites are Caillou and Max & Ruby πŸ™‚

  • dmhaen

    Franklin and Friends and Barney and Friends were always favourites in our household.

  • zorange

    Max & Ruby πŸ™‚

  • theresa

    My tv is on treehouse from sun up to sun down.She says they are all her favorites ,but toopy and binoo are hands down her very best fav. She is now dropping everything to watch cat in the hat ,so that will be her next fav show.

  • avdeane

    Max & Ruby

  • sapsolo

    Toopy and Binoo for sure! My son just loves it and, to be honest, so do I. We have quality bonding time watching this show – so it’s very important to us both. Plus anything that brings a smile to his face is worth it!

  • Deb81

    Dora all the way! Toopy and Binoo is a close second.

  • Laura

    My son loves “The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot about That”. He loves the Cat in the Hat books too!

  • Karen Hill

    My kids would also watch Treehouse all day if I let them! They love all the shows, but their favourites are the Backyardigans, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, and Max and Ruby. I keep thinking that Delaney has somewhat outgrown Treehouse, but then Toopy and Binoo or Caillou comes on and she’s right back into it!

  • AmyB

    Its been a couple of years, but the house favourite was, and is, Toopy and binoo
    Toopy Toopy, Binoo Binoo Toopy and Binoo!!

  • spynaert

    toopy and binoo

  • lucky

    Dora the Explorer !

  • Denise

    I would have to say Wonder Pets, love that song stuck in my head Toopy and Binoo and of course max and ruby. Wicked contest thanks for sharing Christine!

  • rosemurray

    Wonder Pets, hands down, or should I say, paws down!?

  • scorkum1

    Used to love Mighty Machines & Daniel Cook – my son used to get comments about how much he looked like Daniel πŸ™‚

  • lisaski

    Our household favorite with my three children has always been Toopy and Binoo. We have been entertained by these two friends since 2004. We go see them at the mall, and our local theatre, and we have several of their movies. I’m a stay-at-home mom, and I don’t think many days have gone by that Toopy and Binoo haven’t been watched at our house.
    It helps that they have a catchy song – “Toopy, that’s me, and here’s my friend Binoo………..” Come on…….I know you all know it………….
    Thanks Toopy and Binoo (you too patchy-patch) for being such great pals in our household!!!

  • Debra B

    Toopy & Binoo is Sonny’s favourite show

  • Leigh

    Both my girls loved Max and Ruby mostly to see what a brother/sister relationship looks like. They also liked learning Spanish from Dora.

  • TraceyKats

    Barney and Friends and Franklin and Friends are two of Jacks favourites. I like them too as I know all of the songs that Barney sings (from when my little sister used to watch them 13 years ago lol) so it’s a great way for me to interact with him while he’s watching and learning!

  • ronnie99

    Liam loves Max and Ruby

  • Cols

    Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs! I hear the song in my head constantly.

  • avalen66

    Franklin and Friends

  • Brenda

    The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That would have to be the favourite around here!

  • Katlove

    Definately “the cat in the hat knows alot about that” and “backyardagins” was a family fav!!! Christine, i know what your going through at the arena!! Im the same, always trying to find new ways to keep Carter busy!!! Its a challenge for sure!!

  • Nate3333

    Max and Ruby

  • baker7

    Cat in the hat

  • lisadb4

    my daughter and I would watch Max and Ruby… very cute show

  • ronnies

    I can never get tired of Thomas! I love Thomas the Tank Engine. My toddler also seems to enjoy it πŸ˜›

  • pjg

    Go, Diego, Go!

  • Kiki

    My kiddies love the new “Fireman Sam” series. It fills the void that “Postman Pat” leaves, since they don’t air this show anymore.

  • Angi

    I would have to say that Toopy & Binoo will stop Liam in his tracks, & Delaney likes The Cat in the Hat Knows alot About That. But they will watch alot of other shows as well, as long as Treehouse is on they are happy!!!

  • Elaine Miller

    Max and Ruby is Emelee’s favorite show!

  • Kelly F

    My children (and me for that matter!) have always loved Max and Ruby!

  • Missness89

    Oh boy when I seem this I had to jump on it!! Lol I would have to say the girls favorite treehouse tv show would be yogaba GABA lol oh an caillou! Whenever those are on they are silent!! I love it lol if I ever want to watch my own show, I hear it!! Lol Ciana always says heY!! Mom put my show on πŸ™ lol kids eh, anyways amazing giveaway!!

  • Denise B

    Every parent could use this! It would keep my 7 year old busy that’s for sure!!! Love the blog !!!

  • miss_sarah

    We love Big and Small in our house! Thats what we call our girls…so it is very fitting! And who isn’t a Toopy and Binoo Fan????? Those guys are hilarious! Great Blog Christine….I am really glad that you have found something that allows you to take in a few more of Cam’s games! Go Cam!!!

  • Sara

    I can’t enter for a couple reasons – a. UrbanMoms and b. I work for the company that owns Treehouse…but I can tell you …this app is AMAZING! What an incredible contest!

  • kimmyz

    Aww my kids loved Treehouse TV when younger (and truth be told they still watch sometimes).
    The Backyardigans was a big favourite!

  • kritafo

    I have to say I have 2 teens that still love Treehouse, they may laugh but they watch Franklin and Little Bear and Toy Castle. They enjoyed the dancing so much in Toy Castle I took them to see Nutcracker when they were young and we have gone every year since. As a mom I appreciate Treehouse TV I never had to worry about running to shut off the TV if I was making dinner or on the phone. Now that they are teens they watch treehouse and are always saying…ahh I loved that show and proceed to watch it over and over just like when they were little. Never to old for Treehouse

  • Sara

    Dora, Dora and more Dora….. Max and Ruby and Diego are distant seconds.

  • missyg78

    My kids have a few Treehouse favourites, but if I have to narrow it down to one it’s “The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That”

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