Hi Gorgeouses,

I’m being SO GOOD right now! Gossiping in the afternoon, and not some insane hour in the early morning. Know why? BECAUSE TONIGHT’S A BIG NIGHT, and it requires ALL OF MY ATTENTION: BIG BROTHER, and the FINALE of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!


If Danny doesn’t take the whole thing home tonight, I WILL be DEVASTATED.

Hey, by the way, what’d you think of the fox/baby fox routine by Wade Robson? You know, the one with Lacey and Sabra? Did you like it? I thought it was REALLY INTERESTING. And, I loved it. Nigel doesn’t tend to like the more artsy routines. To me, though, this was art. This was the ART OF DANCE at its finest. LOVED IT. YOU?

Also I’ll be devastated if Big Brother’s EVEL DICK goes home (and, I, for one, don’t think he’s being bigotty and terrible — just TRES entertaining — but I know there are people who do…).


Unfortunately, rumour has it that the Big Brother production peeps have been tipping the players off in the diary room — this may explain why JEN of all people was able to convince Jessica of the BIZARRO, out-in-left-field notion that Dustin and Dick are aligned, for example…. Big Brother totally wants Dick to stay — for the sake of their RATINGS! I, of course, don’t care WHAT it takes to keep Dick on the show because HE’S HILARIOUS and SO HOT…. One last comment?: obviously, Big Brother is SOOOOO screwing with the America’s Player vote; like, there’s no way that’s not rigged.

Anyway, GOSSIP time!: ADRIAN GRENIER and PARIS HILTON (kay, now I’m getting concerned…); AMY WINEHOUSE out of rehab; JEN, BEN, and VI like aww!?; BRITNEY and CRISS ANGEL…; JESSICA BIEL to go nude in upcoming movie; and, more!




Hanging out…AGAIN??? Kay, now I’m getting concerned…. Are they an item? Say it isn’t SOOOO! Entourage will never be the same again if they’re together! They’re frequenting art gallery openings and restaurants together, and they just spent a NIGHT OUT AT LES DEUX??! They are CLUBBING together?? Are you KIDDING me? This doesn’t look good, Gorgeouses! This doesn’t look good!!!
Photos, with thanks, c/o Splash.



Can you believe that’s what Amy Winehouse used to look like (on the right?). And, look at her NOW (left)! Skinny as a rake and jutting bones everywhere. Apparently, she’s addicted to exercising to be thin. She exercises at the gym EVERY DAY, and walks everywhere. And, she has the tendency, as we know, to OVERDOSE on a mix of drugs — landing her in hospital. We were SO delighted last post when we heard Amy was going to rehab with her husband. Now, we are SO disappointed that she’s decided to leave rehab because it wasn’t for her.

Ooo Oooo Oooo! This just in! She’s BACK in REHAB. She went home briefly to pick up a guitar or something. Couldn’t someone else have done that for her? Hmmmm…. I hope she gets the help she so obviously needs!



‘Kay, how ADORABLE are they? Both wearing jeans and green (LOVE, Jen’s T-shirt), HOLDING HANDS…. DO YOU LOVE IT!? Ben’s the big 3-5 now. Happy B-Day, Ben! Love, the Gorgeouses at Urbanmoms.ca!!!
Photo, with thanks, c/o X17.



WOW! She looks BEAUTIFUL. I saw this photo, and I had to post it. The dress is GORJ! The boobage — I HAVE to find out what bras she wears — the HIGH-HEELED shoes, the flowing locks (which have been unflatteringly POOFY lately)…. All of it, totally GORJ.
Photo, with thanks, c/o TMZ.



I’m nauseous. I just listened to the song, and I’m nauseous. Have a listen yourself — SUCH a JOKE: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. Spencer…RAPPING? Omigosh, I’m, like, CRYING! Actually it’s pretty darn hilarious. But, it does make me a little ill. What do YOU think of this?: total joke (like everything else they do) or surprisingly aiight? Even if it is aiight, it’s HEIDI AND SPENSER!? I just can’t get past that. I also can’t get past Heidi’s nose job — it looks awful, was SO much cuter before!



Brit was spotted wobbling into magician Criss Angel’s hotel room at 4am this morning holding his hand. And, yeah, this is the same Criss Angel who’s been linked with Paris Hilton and, more recently, Cameron Diaz…. So much for the "Britney’s lesbian lover" theory.



Jessica Biel was not shy when she posed topless at 17 years old — to radicalize her sweet-and-innocent 7th-Heaven image. But, she’s been struggling with the decision whether or not to bare all in her new movie. In the new movie, she plays a stripper (seems like EVERYONE’S playing strippers these days — gratuitous much?). Anyway, Page Six gives us the full scoop. Check it:

Jessica Biel plans to shed her threads in the upcoming movie "Powder Blue," which co-stars Forest Whitaker.
Us Weekly reports that she’ll play a "stripper trying to earn money to
raise her terminally ill son," and audiences will get an eyeful. Biel
"signed a contract that explicitly details the bare minimum fans will
see – including shots of her breasts and butt," a source dished to the

If she wasn’t famous enough already. Now, "JESSICA BIEL NUDE" is going to be ALL OVER THE MEDIA. People are OBSESSED with nudity. Remember when Halle Berry took it off for Swordfish and Monster’s Ball? It was INSANITY. Hmmm…, I wonder if Jess is practicing her stripper moves with Justin…. Is it hot in here? Sweat-ting….


Okay, Gorgeouses, that’s all for now (I have to go make dinner…). BUT, BIG NIGHT TONIGHT! Let’s talk about it in the comments tomorrow!

Want more Cheaty? Check it — at The Cheaty Monkey!

xo Haley-O

  • Maria

    Saylma – beautiful, gorgeous, absolutely one hot mama! Just got back in from BC, missed Thur’s BB but got the low down from sis & hubby. Can’t believe I missed such a sensational episode!!! Can’t wait for 8 tonight – lol! Chris Angel is starting to gross me out, Ben & Jen – what a happy looking family for sure.

  • http://www.urbanmoms.ca Jen

    I was THRILLED with SYTYCD!! Either one of the final two were deserving but the winner was my fave…yippee!
    Is Amy the new Britney?? Yikes. She looks AWFUL.

  • http://www.booksaremywindow.blogspot.com Jodi Lee

    I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I actually liked Heidi’s song. I had such low expectations, so maybe that has something to do with it…

  • http://cheatymonkey.com HALEY-O!!!

    MANDA — just don’t choke on your puke while your LAUGHING! ;) I think it’s so ridiculously HILARIOUS. Those two are SUCH a joke. She only became a joke because of HIM, poor girl….

  • http://onceuponalifetime.wordpress.com manda

    heidi & Spenser seriously make me want to puke in my mouth a little. Probably, I’ll be puking a whole lot after I listen to this song.

  • http://cheatymonkey.com haley-o

    VAL — THANK YOU!!! I totally LOVE you now! ;) I can’t believe you and SO MANY PEOPLE think Zac Efron is hott. I don’t get it! But, good to know you’re out there! And, at least you agree that Clive’s hotter. I mean, Clive’s just RIDICULOUS.
    MOM of 2 — DEVASTATED about SYTYCD. I mean, I like Sabra, but DANNY is in a class all his own. Totally different league. And, Sabra just didn’t have the charisma. I find it REALLY hard to believe that the results weren’t rigged, actually. I think the majority of voters are girls — and they’d NO QUESTION be voting for Danny over Sabra. Sabra didn’t connect, etc….. But, BIG BROTHER made up for EVERYTHING (speaking of rigged shows….) ;) AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!!
    KRISTEN — I LOVE the calista/Harrison and Adrian/Paris analogy! That’s PERFECT! I LOVE HARRISON!!! He and Calista are kind of bizarre together. But, they seem happy. At least Calista’s not a sleaze ball, though, like paris is….

  • http://mightymorphinmama.blogspot.com Kristen

    Oh.my.gosh. Salma is so luscious preggo! Gorgeous! and Adrian is way too yummy to be hanging around that Paris. I feel almost like I did when Harrison Ford started dating Calista. Calista is lovely and all, but sooo skinny-and I loved Harrison since I was 6, and I am soo not skinny, ;D….but honestly Paris?
    oh Britney makes my mommy heart ache. Someone go take care of that girl!

  • mom of 2

    Hi Haley,
    I won’t spoil it in case others haven’t seen it yet – but I was so disappointed last night with SYTYCD!DEVASTATING is exactly the right word….
    Thrilled with BB though!
    Salma looks great…say it ain’t so Adrian Grenier and Paris Hilton…and Britney is so confused…it’s really sad….
    Love Ben, Jen and Vi – absolutely adorable!

  • Valentina

    :O! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BLOG! You’re SO funny :) And we agree on a lot of things, but I DO think that Zach Effron (is that how you write his last name?) is hot, (I’m 19) but I think that he looks a little bit younger, and I PREFER CLIVE!
    I send you Chilean love from Florida!

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