P5151474.JPGI am sort of a  “hold back queen”…i.e what do we need this for? But after years of making pancakes, I finally bought a griddle and I thought “WHAT WAS I THINKING? THIS IS BRILLIANT.”

I could not get over how a $35 griddle from Walmart changed my Sundays. Making pancakes was now really really simple. (see previous blog post for the recipe).
Several months later, my mom calls me and asks me if I would like a KitchenAid Mixmaster.
When it arrived, I couldnt stop making cookies and I couldnt stop calling calling her to tell how much I loved watching the beater go “round and round”. I was in awe how this machine too, changed my love for baking.
My latest kitchen appliance is a Rice Cooker..who knew that making rice could be THAT easy and it comes out PERFECT each time. I was given advice to buy one from Japan. So there I was at Walmart (once again), flipping over boxes to make sure it was from Japan.
This week I have a friend who went to Rochester. I asked her to bring me back a Mr. Coffee Ice Tea maker. She introduced it to me while we at her house in April and I couldn’t stop drinking Ice Tea. SO SO GOOD.  Thankfully she is coming for dinner this week so it can be the perfect dinner gift. Sadly this machine is not yet availabe in Canada.
Leave it to me..I wrote to Mr. Coffee asking them if it’s here (maybe it’s here and I don’t know). Looking forward to hearing from them. 
Am I missing any thing? Do you have a favorite kitchen appliance?. is it an electric can opener? a coffee machine? a popcorn maker? maybe a yoghurt maker? 
Can’t wait to tell you about my Mr Coffee Ice Tea Maker. Stay Tuned….
  • Orville Glatt

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  • http://www.connotea.org/user/StreamTwilightec Hal Shook

    You are making some good points. I did a search on the topic and found that most people would agree.

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    Arthur Harvey

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    Totally agreed, although few thing are debatable (btw, is there anyway I can subsribe to your content updates, like a RSS feed or something, tnx).

  • SC

    I’ve got two kitchen appliances I can’t live without…
    1) my Cuisinart Griddler which I think is the same panini and sandwich press that Carol mentioned – this is one amazing machine, you can go from grilling meats and veggies on an open grill to using it as a griddle or half and half or a sandwich press – perfect for almost any meal.
    2) my Cuisinart chopper – this is like a mini food processor it can chop and grind in an instant. I keep it on my counter top as I use it almost everyday from chopping onions and garlic which I add to almost every dinner or making hummus or baba ganoush for entertaining or making home made organic baby food in seconds… Not to mention that i puree veggies and hide them in other dishes (i.e. pasta sauces) so my husband will eat veggies…shhh don’t tell him. Just saw the new larger version in stores and think I might get one. Although the larger version is an investment piece if its anything like the mini chopper its well worth it

  • Carol

    I love my Cuisinart Panini and Sandwich Press. I make everything on it. Pancakes, grill cheese sandwiches, eggs, you name it, I have cooked it on the press. One of its great features is that it cooks 4 grill cheese sandwiches at once. My regular sandwich maker can only handle 2. Not so good, when my kids only have 40 minutes to eat lunch and back to school.

  • http://kitchen-small-appliances.net/ maskoko

    i have rice cooker in my kitchen. it very simple and can make food immedietly. i have espresso coffee maker to, that is my favorit coffee maker. Ican make the great taste coffee in the morning before i start up my day

  • lila

    I knew that ice tea maker was going to make an appearance in your blog one day!
    I don’t have a lot of kitchen equipment but I love my food processor to whip up some pesto and my immersion blender to hide some of the healthy vegetables in my soups.
    The mixer and rice cooker sound like a lot of fun!

  • http://www.kitchenvixen.ca Carrie

    I have kitchen tools that I love more than appliances. Like ALL my knives, especially my Global Santoku 8 inch. Also adore my Microplane rasp.
    I don’t like to dirty appliances unnecessarily, even though I do have a KitchenAid, a food processor, and blender. Lately the KitchenAid is used more for tricky doughs (like brioche) or for ice cream (with an extra attachment).
    The coffee grinder is a favourite for grinding spices, and the immersion blender (hand-held stick kind) rocks my world when it comes to soups.
    Otherwise I keep things simple. Sharp knives, stainless steel bowls and standard tools that clean up easy.

  • Christine

    What make is the rice cooker??
    I’ve gone off wheat and dairy and seem to be cooking an awful lot of brown rice these days (I have a pot simmering as I type) and was thinking that a rice cooker might make things more efficient.
    I would have to say that I use my Magic Bullet all the time for hummus, guacamole, shakes, salad dressings…even our own homemade blizzards.
    Also my coffee grinder quite a bit, although I use it to make homemade breadcrumbs/breading out of gluten free cereal. It was 9$ from the Superstore and better than any grinder I’ve had before.

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