Is Cardio Your Curse? Do you hate cardio? I do. I’m not kidding. People laugh when I tell them thinking that I’m lying to get a point across. Not true I hate it….with a passion. It may span back to my younger years as a competitive gymnast where I was to run a half hour of laps around the GIANT warehouse my club was located. I felt like I was going to faint, I salivated with nausea and my skin was on fire. My description dictates to you a very distinct memory that leaves me with an intense dislike. My young age and competitive environment had me overlooking the level energy it brought to my life. These  days however I really “notice” how cardio improves my quality of life. It is the one thing that can help me combat the demands of my life. People who have good cardio can handle the pressures of life better. It doesnt change that I dont love it but I do it because I no I need it.

The benefits of good cardiovascular health can be measured in day to day and long term health . There is so many good outcomes to focus on to help you address your dislike. In fact energy levels can change very quickly so  there is something measurable outside of the gate.If lower risk of heart disease or stroke isn’t a deal breaker then how about improved sex drive and overall energy levels? Good cardiovascular health also means better strength workouts therefore better results in that arena.  It is one of those things you live without but don’t know what your missing until you get hooked. As signifigent others (who many are male in their 30’s and 40’s) to get in gear as well. The risk of stroke for men once they turn 35 then again at 40 increases quite a bit.

They say "you are what you eat " but you are also what you do. If you live your life energetically then you will be energetic. It is however up to you to start the engine and that might take some revving. It is better than accepting being sluggish for the rest of your life. This way you can enjoy your journey and experience more. Cardiovascular health is a gift so get out there and enjoy it!

Here’s to high energy heart health for the whole family



  • Karen Kitsch

    Just out of curiosity, what would you recommend for a great cardio workout, for a very small space?

  • Kristina

    I used to hate cardio..I couldn’t run for more that 3 minutes..I remember itwell because I challenge dmyself to make it to 7 minutes…and I couldn’t. But hey…once you experience the after-cardio “high” – you’re hooked! And so am I…I run every day now…and since the cold weather started I’ve been warming up my treadmill (thank you, hubby!!!) contemplating a marathon for next summer…yesyesyes! I’m 7 month post-pregnant and at my healthiest weight ever 🙂

  • Andrea

    Hey mamas
    Glad I dished out a bit of motivation! I have really heard great things about the Wii Fit..
    thanks for that !

  • Joyce

    My husband and I use to dread the word workout, and any other exercise out there. We have some exercise equiptment at home but never had the engery to use it. Until my sister bought us the Wii Fit! Now we can’t stay off the board. I never thought you could have so much fun playing a game and your exercising too! Our teenage girls are using it, so now we are at a point where we each have our own time slot. We get it all on the Wii Fit, balance, breathing, sterength, etc. and it’s the best investment for our health. Thanks Sis!

  • Heatherb

    You are a very motivating writer! I also am not a big fan of cardio ,When I go for a run unless I have some really good music to listen to there is no way that I want to go past 20 minutes.But give me a good song and in my mind I’m not jogging but dancing and I always have energy for another dance.:)

  • LG

    I enjoy your blog! Always a good read.

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