Yesterday we made our way to what was once our home away from home.  
The Hospital for Sick Children.  
Sick Kids.

We have spent countless days there.  We have traveled there by van, train and ambulance.  
I have cried a hundred tears there.  She has seen countless doctors for countless reasons/treatments/procedures.  She’s had several sleepovers there.  She’s got her bravery beads. 

There was a time when we couldn’t imagine life without bi-weekly and weekly visits.  The day we were told we could come back in a month was the day we felt like we got a little bit of our life back.  Then after a few months we were told 6 months.  Then  *gasp*  one year!  
But … wouldn’t they miss her…?

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Of course they would.  But it meant that she was better and free from the risks and complications that plagued us during her first year.
So now we go back annually (once a year to dermatology and plastics).  
This is a peek into our day at Sick Kids.

We get the princess and her brothers up early.

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Maneuver through the chaos of the morning routine and drop the boys off at a friends house by 8am to get on the road.
Keep the child occupied while on the road.  Thank you iPad.

Attempt to remain calm while being embedded in traffic for over an hour.
Arrive at destination and find parking.  We make our way into the hospital and check in.  
And then we wait.  Daddy works.  And Eva plays.  Thank you iTouch.

And we wait…


And wait…and wait…
Daddy works.  He completed 2 conference calls while we waited.
And she finally gets impatient enough to go look for the doctor herself.
 We’ve been waiting just about 2 hours at this point.  My girl was such a patient patient – ha!

Finally.  The doctors arrive (dermatologist and plastic surgeon did a co-consult).
Eva proudly shows her manny.

They tell her how amazing it looks.  They tell her they can’t believe how much better it is getting and how much better it will get.  They predict that she will have very little scarring.  Very little damaged tissue.  Very little textured skin.
We discuss options and we come to a magnificent conclusion.
No surgery.
Not yet anyway.  
The specific surgery she will have will give her the very best long term results the later we do it.   All he wants to do is repair the 2 small holes in her neck.  For the best results we need to let her skin grow as much as possible.  We need to let the redundant skin and tissue retract as much as it naturally will.
So we will wait.  
We will let nature work its magic on her before the surgeon works his.  
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We greatly appreciated the fact that he said he would operate anytime the scarring became a social issue.  He doesn’t want her emotionally affected by it if kids make fun of her or if she becomes socially uncomfortable because of it.  It can be done anytime – but best results will come from waiting as long as we can.  We appreciated that consideration because that is always a concern of ours – the psycho-social impact this could have on our girl.  So we’ll go with our gut.  We’ll wait until we feel the time is right.

They also told us something we had never heard before…
“We’ll see you in 2 years.”

  • Nancy

    gorgeous creature and beautiful blog post, Christine. You handle what life throws so well.

  • Amreen

    Eva is gorgeous and brave! Thank you for sharing this – great to read this, especially the 2 years part!

  • Sara

    Now THIS is a great way to start my day. Oh Eva – such an awesome little girl. I love how her eyes are just exactly the same from when she is little! Thanks for sharing her day at Sick Kids – we are blessed to have that hospital here. Two years – awesome!!!!

  • dad

    i will never forget her courage christine…….. what a wonderful girl she is and i love her soooooooooooo i do all my grand kids. loved the 2 year thingy. teehee!
    dad. oxoxoxo

  • Erin Little

    She is so beautiful. And you are all so strong. Great news.

  • Corrine

    that is great news!! i can’t wait for that day when we don’t have to go back there. she is the epitome of brave, patient and beautiful (1st time i noticed that she looks alot like Cam in the close up beauty shot) and i hope i can be as strong as you in august.

  • Amy

    now you can exhale my friend…….xo

  • Kath

    She is simply beautiful. Congrats!

  • Alice

    Ah, she’s beautiful – and how wonderful that at least so far, she doesn’t feel a need to hide it. What a magnificent job you have clearly done in making it not an issue for her.
    And two years – wow. I remember being about 12 or 13 the last time I had to go see my eye guy at Sick Kids, and thinking that was a pretty fantastic graduation to have.

  • miss_sarah

    Oh Irish…I am so happy for you and Sean….and your gorgeous little Eva! XOXO

  • Tracey

    Oh JOY!! My goodness, that child IS rather patient, isn’t she? Gorgeous little bean… I’m so, So, SO thrilled at this prognosis, Christine!! Yay for your girl. Yay for you all!! xoxox

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