Hi Gorgeouses!

I saw a celebrity this week (or was it last week — time it blurs……). Guess who!?:


Can you guess? I’m waiting…… (it’s the guy in the cowboy hat, by the way…., hrumph…, recognize him?)


It’s Maple Leaf All-Star, Eddie Shack…. So adorable. The guy’s, like, a LEGEND! He’s not as exciting a star for me to see as, say, Cindy Crawford (walked by her in Miami), Chris Farley (shared a shy wave with him in Yorkville)…. But, I’ll take it. I saw him on Avenue Road (in Toronto, Ontario, of course). He walked by me in his big ole cowboy hat and asked, "how’s the baby?" I think I said "great cuz he’s sleeping!" It was then that a lady pulled me aside and told me…, "that was Eddie Shack!" "Who?" I asked. "Eddie Shack." "Who?" "The hockey player! Obviously before your time"…..ahem hem.

Anyway, what celebrities have YOU seen in person? Did they look as good in person? I know someone who saw Jennifer Aniston, and she told me Jen looks GORJER in real life and that she was very nice…. I KNOW I’ve seen more celebs than just the two above. But, baby brain is keeping me from remembering at the moment….

Now, on to the HOTT GOSSIP!

check it!!!



Get this…. Mary Delgado, the Bachelorette who won fisherman Byron’s heart and has been living with him for 3 years, was ARRESTED for PUNCHING Byron in the mouth, splitting his lip! Like, can you BELIEVE?? Well, it’s true. It really is TRUE! Police report said she was a wee bit drunkers…. She was arrested on "battery charge" just after midnight on Wednesday, November 21st — THE DAY AFTER the "After the Rose Ceremony"! — and was released Wednesday afternoon. Like, CAN YOU BELIEVE??? Wonder wazzup?



You know I’m ALWAYS happy to do your dirty work when it comes to ZEE GOSSEEP!  So, today, I’m answering to the GORJ Elizabeth — bloggess par excellence at THIS LIFE (CHECK IT!!!). In last week’s comments, Elizabeth asked if I could dig up the dirt on Angelina’s rumoured miscarriage. So, I dug. And, I found very little more than what the National Enquirer put out:

Angelina Jolie is devastated over losing the baby she had her heart set on adopting — and to make matters worse, insiders say she believes she also suffered a miscarriage.

The 32-year-old beauty was overjoyed when she learned she was getting another little sister for daughter Zahara, say sources.

But [Angelina] was crushed when African adoption authorities turned
down her request for a second Ethiopian baby, revealed a friend….

The heartbreaking news came right after another shock for the golden couple — the torment of miscarriage, said the friend.

“Angelina thought she was pregnant. She was feeling dizzy and tired
and nauseous, just like she was with her baby Shiloh. Both she and brad
were ecstatic at first, but they she started menstruating much heavier
than normal and was in a lot of pain. Ultimately, they believe she
miscarried.” (Qtd. from The National Enquirer, print edition, November 26, 2007)

So, Elizabeth, looks like there were two losses here: the loss of a hoped-for adopted child from Ethiopia and the possible loss of a biological baby-to-be. Strange this — Angelina not able to adopt…? To me, though, the most shocking news here is that the now-freakishly skinny Angelina IS STILL MENSTRUATING…! Everything else is pretty-much all speculative. The intergossips don’t seem to be taking it seriously…. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the request! LOVE! xo!




Check out The Hills‘ Lauren and Whitney at Le Bal des Debutantes in Paris! How GORJ does Lauren look in that simply magnifique gown? Ahhh, to be a fashionista…!
Photos, with thanks, c/o X17.



Nothing to say other than…GORRRRRJ! And, maybe stunning, chick, sexay and perf.
Photo, with thanks, Buzzfoto.



She’s BA-AAAACK! Omarosa is one of the celebrities competing in the CELEBRITY series of The Apprentice, airing in January. Anyone planning on watching? Well, I was planning on watching…, until I saw this PALTRY list of celebrities……not. impressed: Omarosa, Stephen Baldwin, Vincetn Pastore (Sopranos), Gene Simmons, Nely Galan (The Swan), Marilu Henner, Carol Alt, Trace Adkins (country music star), Nadia Comaneci (Olympic gymnastics gold medalist), Tiffany Fallon (Playboy playmate), Jennie Finch (Olympic softball gold medalist), Lennox Lewis (boxing champion), Piers Morgan (America’s Got Talent), and Tito Ortiz (Ultimate Fighting champ). The winner gets a $250,000 bonus to donate to his/her charity of choice. I dunno. What I DO KNOW, though, is that SOMEBODY got a boob job!





I totally had to google this because I FORGOT who got booted from ANTM this week! THAT’s how NOT memorable Lisa is. Shows they made the right choice in booting her…. What really stood out for me and (I’ve found) a lot of bloggers out there was the DISGUSTING way that Bianca and Saleisha treated Heather. I couldn’t TAKE it. I now have ZERO respect for those two. Want Heather to SHOW THEM by making it all the way, or at least to the finale…with Chantal — who TOTALLY rocked my world by sticking up for Heather. I’m not suggesting I think Heather should get "special
treatment" because she has Aspergers (and she’s definitely not asking for that — she NEVER uses it as an excuse for any of her mistakes in the competition), but she should be
treated with at least an ounce of respect. I loathe Bianca. LOATHE!
What did YOU think of the girls’ treatment of Heather?


LOVE! xo Haley-O


  • http://urbanmoms.typepad.com/losing_it/ Kath

    I saw Kenneth Branagh & Emma Thomson when they were still married and performing Shakespeare on the stage. I had just lined up for doorcrasher tickets at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and they just walked past me, hand-in-hand, on Yonge Street. I said “hi” and waved, they both smiled and waved back. The next day I went to see them in King Lear. Brilliant!

  • Maria

    How is Omorosa a celeb?!?!?! Anyway…celebs I’ve met/seen up close
    * Larry Hagman, at the Smithsonian when I was on a gr. 9 trip, was nice enough but it was a publicity thing so who knows
    * Howie Mandel – in a hotel elevator at my prom, wasn’t nice nor mean, rather indifferent, no smiles at all though
    * Eddie Murphy – at a hotel party after his concert, complete A?@?#!?!
    * Sylvester Stallone, he was filming a mivie at the x & suprisingly REALLY REALLY nice to everyone!!!
    * Mario Andretti – was nice enough
    I think that’s all, all men, no one that interesting at all, except Howie I guess

  • http://alimartell.com ali

    i do think Heather gets a wee bit of extra help and it’s not really fair.
    (don’t throw things at me, please!)
    but the Bianca is a bitch for being so petty about it.

  • http://frogandtoadarestillfriends.blogspot.com Beck

    There’s something a bit different about Omarosa now – maybe it’s her hair? I can’t quite tell.

  • http://www.drowninginlaundry.blogspot.com Sleepynita

    I hope a bus hits Bianca. I really do not get the hype they have on Saleisha, her haircut is awful and something bugs me about her upper arms…… I do love seeing Chantal stick up for Heather and I really hope she makes it to the final. I just fear that they may have another speaking thing to do and it may be her demise (since she really gets too flustered). The girl does take a pretty photo though. I really like Jenna for some reason….
    I am so watching the celebrity Apprentice (since nothing else new will be on). I can not wait to see how useless some of these people must be in real life!

  • http://urbanmoms.typepad.com/moms_the_word/ Jen

    ANTM – Lisa was beautiful but you’re right, not memorable. I H.A.T.E. Bianca! She is such a bitch and so mean to Heather. I think she is jealous because Heather has the special something you can’t quite put your finger on. She is honest and real and GORJ! I hope Bianca gets the boot next. Or Saleisha…what is WITH her hair?! I thought I could get into the bowl cut but it is just wrong.

  • http://www.network54.com/forum/526068 LAVENDULA

    thats pretty sad about angelina…and omarosas boobs are frightening.don’t watch the apprentice.i think bianca is jealous of heathers looks.and also shes just a bitchy chick.but i also think heathers cracking under the pressure of the competition as it gets tougher.starting to like the blondes though.well this week anyhow.i have been calling the right chick for last 3 weeks that gets eliminated from ANTM…

  • http://jen-girls.blogspot.com/ Rosebud & Papoosie Girl

    OMG Omarosa looks a little different I’d say. As for a celebrity Apprentice I will probably be curious enough to watch…although that mix of people sounds all wrong.

  • http://lauraldawn.blogspot.com Laural Dawn

    Re: ANTM – I totally agree. But, at the same time it’s funny because you see Bianca with Heather a lot. It’s like they are friends, but then she backstabs her. I hate that.
    And, I think that in the real modelling world, if there was a model who was exactly what you were looking for, and she needed lines read during a commercial there would be no hesitation – even if there was no disability. Heather may have asperger’s, but she’s intelligent, so I think that helps her balance it out. I was annoyed about that too. But, I think it’s good that they are showing what is really going on because if they weren’t showing the girls being bitchy I think it would be really contrived (cause, ya know, ANTM isn’t at all contrived!!!)
    As for Omarosa’s boobs. Holy crap! How does she maintain the rest of her body so nicely with those things. It would make it hard to exercise, I’d think!

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