Anyone with a pet knows that we love our furry family members every bit as much as the rest of the family. But dogs and cats age faster than humans, and it can be hard to cope with the changes that come with an aging pet in the family. Dogs, in particular, can suffer from noticeable mobility issues as they age, which can have an impact on everyone in the family as they find it difficult to manage stairs, long walks or runs or even have trouble getting up and down from a rest.

Many families with older dogs will be used to trying to get their canine kids to take supplements or even medications to help them overcome pain and mobility challenges. We recently gave 100 older-dog-owning members of our Go2Girlz testing panel the opportunity to try a new dog food designed to improve mobility. Hill’s Science Diet® Healthy Mobility™ is a revolutionary, tested formula designed to improve your dog’s mobility in just 30 days. Boasting high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, Health Mobility™ enhances active mobility and improves joint flexibility. This clinically proven antioxidant blend encourages a healthy immune system and is packed with proteins promoting lean muscle and ideal body weight. Healthy Mobility™ can be found at all major pet specialty stores, and is available in 2 varieties (Adult and Large Breed) to meet the special needs of all dogs.
Hill's-Science-Diet-Healthy-Mobility.jpgOur testers fed Hill’s Science Diet® Healthy Mobility™ to their older dogs for 30 days (gradually transitioning them onto the new food as recommended) and observed their dogs’ behaviour and mobility. Overall, they were very impressed! Almost all of the 100 families we tested this product with noticed an improvement in their older dog’s mobility, with the most common results being greater ease in getting up and down from a resting position, greater ease and willingness to get on and off furniture, and greater ease and speed in walks, runs and on stairs. A small percentage of our Go2Girlz testing panel reported that they did not notice a significant change in their dog’s mobility, but nobody reported a negative effect. In addition, almost all our testers reported that their dog liked the flavour of the food (small dog owners particularly liked the size of the kibble) and very few reported any negative digestive effects during the transition to the new food (a common concern whenever pet diets are changed) and several reported improved digestion on the Hill’s Science Diet® Healthy Mobility™ food. Again, our testers were nearly unanimous when asked if they would recommend Hill’s Science Diet® Healthy Mobility™ to a fellow dog-owner, and also when asked if they would buy Hill’s Science Diet® Healthy Mobility™ again for their own pet.

Here’s more of what the Go2Girlz had to say about Hill’s Science Diet® Healthy Mobility™:

Lexy started by running outdoors when we went for walks. Then she was following me downstairs. She has ALWAYS refused the stairs, ever since I adopted her two years ago. Now, she always follows me up & down the stairs, and even uses them on her own. We have two cats also, and she now runs up & down the halls with them. This NEVER happened before she started on Hill’s Healthy Mobility. — Jean

We noticed quite a few changes over the course of 4 weeks. Around the 3rd week our Jack Russell started trotting instead of walking which was surprising. She also races up and down the stairs and leaps onto the couch whereas before she was more lethargic about movement. She has also lost 1.5lbs on the Science Diet, which we have been trying to achieve for years. She doesn’t gulp the food down like her previous brand. I’ve noticed she spaces her meals out now and only eats when she’s hungry.  I’m very impressed with the changes. — Amber

A month ago my dog slept in the living room more than anywhere else. Now he sleeps up stairs at the foot of the bed. Stairs have become a lot easier for him – up and down quickly and with lots of energy. Getting up from a lying position seems to be much easier. He was very slow at doing so and used to stretch slowly when he got up. Now he just gets up and goes. Overall, my dog appears to be more energetic and playful. I have also noticed that his coat seems to be softer than before. — Tammy

Our dog is a Jack Russell cross…already a VERY crazy dog! This food though has helped her running, and jumping on and off of things!!! I cannot say enough good about this product!  — Allison

My 8 year-old lab was starting to get hip problems.  We noticed that she was making a clicking sound when she climbed stairs.  This sound seems to be gone now that she is on Hill’s Science Diet Healthy Mobility.  We are very impressed with the dog food and will continue to use it.  Thanks. — Lisa

Jumping on the couch, flexibility, getting up in the mornings was quicker … I really found their energy levels picked up dramatically and this has a lot of positive effects. — Jennifer

My dog has been using Hill’s Science Diet for 37 days now and I have noticed that his mobility has improved. He definitely gets up faster from laying down, he climbs stairs effortlessly, he has more energy and wants to run like he’s a young puppy again. He’s a 6 year-old golden retriever who now thinks he’s an 8 month old puppy again.  — Nena

The transition was great!  My dog really enjoyed the kibble.  She seemed to enjoy walking around more and be in better spirits overall. — Renata

After about a week she was getting up the stairs much quicker and even started racing around the yard again. — Ruth

She seemed to be more active and lively.  She wanted to go for longer walks and played more with us. — Shelly

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