foodie bake off.jpgA month (ok maybe two months ago), I signed up on twitter. I honestly had no idea what I was doing (and I still don’t) but soon I started to follow others on twitter. (you guessed it, mostly foodies).

I noticed a tweet announcing a “Bake Off” in November.  The link explained that volunteers were baking and on December 13th, there would be a party at the Samovar Room. For $20 (which goes to a charity called The Stop), you would receive 4 tickets to sample the baked goods. Plus there would be great music and drinks could be purchased.

Well that was a no brainer. I quickly signed up. 

I was going to donate money to a good cause, sample baked goods, check out a new bar, and of course…hang out with other foodie friends.

Bring it on.

What I didn’t expect was this:

-Black sesame and wasabi cupcakes

-Bacon Blondies

-Earl Gray Cake

-Date Cake with Beer Caramel

-Lavender French Butter Caramel Buttercream Cookies

-Tandoori Shortbread Tarts

etc etc etc. etc.  In total there were 26 bakers…and only 5 were professional bakers.

The baked goods were fabulous.(beyond fabulous). I was in awe of these bakers who were so so creative. I walked around, took photos, sampled, took more photos, met foodie twitter friends, chatted with bakers and of course…had a vodka martini.

I hope they have this type of event more often. (The organizers better be reading this).

What’s wrong with having a sugar over-dose once in a while?





  • Carol

    Bacon blondies?? What an unexpected combination. I love to bake, but always follow a recipe very closely. I’m so impressed by bakers who take risks and develop their own unique recipes. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the bake off, did they actually pick a winner?

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