I have a little secret – mommies can be naughty too. Not much of a secret to you but you'd be surprised how many people are shocked to hear it. Although we spend much of our time shuttling our kids back and forth and making super responsible decisions there is still a woman inside of every mom. Our husbands (hopefully) are privy to our naughty side and we might confide in our best friend but what brings out the naughty is as unique as the woman. After all, we haven't been mothers forever and we used to be highly charged sexual singles, the thought of a long-term relationship, dirty diapers, and carpooling never even registering. But now as we live the life of a parent our naughtiness has to go a bit underground.

So, I'm going out on a limb and assuming I am not alone here. I have a confession, a secret crush (well, not so secret now). Just to clarify, I am NOT looking to find a new man. This is not about acting on your crush but about crushing on someone totally, unrealistically out of your reach. My secret? I lurve Henry Cavill who plays Charles Brandon, The Duke of Suffolk, on The Tudors. Can you blame me?



My husband and I have been addicted to our nightly viewing of this soft porn series. We've seen season 1 and are now part way through season 2 on DVD. Although we all know how it ends and most of what happens in between who knew that the 1500's in King Henry VIII's court could be so hot!

Well I decided to check out the real Charles Brandon to see if he was as easy on the eyes as the handsome Henry Cavill. Needless to say I think I'll be sticking with my modern day crush. Standards in the 1500s were, well, a bit, um, different. Decide for yourself:

Charles_Brandon_Duke_of_Suffolk   Henry-cavill-season-26

The real Charles Brandon.                                       Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon.

So, who's your secret crush? Do tell in the comments below.

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    Are you for real?

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  • Katie

    Hey! I saw him first!

  • Anonymous

    Cute post… I haven’t yet caught the Tudors, I didn’t realize they had more gorgeous men other than Jeremy Northam and of course Jonathan Rhys-Myers.
    My not-so-secret celebrity crush right now is Jon Hamm from Mad Men. Yum.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh! he is definitely crush-worthy – what a beautiful man. My current celebrity crushes (not so secret mind you!) are Colin Firth (he’s a constant over teh years since Mr. Darcy), and Ian McShane (Al Swerengen from Deadwood – sick, i know, but can’t help it!)

  • Jennifer

    I’m addicted to Friday Night Lights, myself. The third season just started this month and I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed the eye candy on this show. I’m really not sure who I enjoy more…Coach Taylor (the delectable Kyle Chandler) or Tim Riggins (Canadian hottie Taylor Kitsch), but I know at this point that I’m not watching the show for the plot or dialogue.

  • http://cogitateonthat.blogspot.com/ Anne

    I must confess I’m addicted to this show too! Feeling naughty is a part of life. And I learned at a young age that Grandma’s can be naughty too! When I was in college my widowed grandmother got a “boyfriend”. She stayed out all night one night and her sister who she was staying with at the time LOCKED HER OUT!. She was evidently jealous! LOL They were always quite the pair of squabbling sisters.
    My Mom and Dad always dropped hints at their rather frisky side. Now that my Mom is gone I know my Dad and his friend Lucy are probably enjoying more than just a skinny dip off Dad’s boat on a hot summer day.
    It does not bother me. It delights me. I’m hoping I have good genes! LOL

  • http://www.urbanmoms.ca/losing_it/ Kath

    I agree with Ali – love the Tudors and Henry Cavill both. Thanks for the pics! My last “secret” crush on a star was Ciaran Hinds as Caesar in Rome. It has since waned (alas, they only made 2 seasons and I’ve seen them both at least a hundred times by now) but it sure was fun while it lasted. Now that I think of it, someone borrowed my season 1 discs (and season 2’s no fun because Caesar is already dead) and hasn’t returned them. Naughty, naughty!

  • http://www.urbanmoms.ca/juice ali

    love the tudors. love henry cavill.
    i’m pretty sure my celebrity crushes are not secrets. haha!

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