When my oldest daughter was born my life changed – drastically.  No more shut eye, no more late nights, no more crazy sex  where-ever, whenever, however, no more wild parties – you get it – I was entering a new chapter in my life.
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I continued to work as the head Coach of a gymnastics club and would often bring Marie in with me when she was just a wee thing.  She was great, she just sat there in a custom made gymnastics leotard and watch what was going on.  I became pregnant again for the second time and continued to work but about half way through my pregnancy for the first time ever in my life I didn’t want to be in the gym.  I wanted to be home with my two babies.  So I gave my notice and left.
Fast forward 14 years, eight children, I still miss the gym.  I miss coaching, I miss doing choreography, Put simply, I miss everything about a gym.  Kinda hard not to when entire childhood and half of your adult life was spent in one I guess.
A few months ago though I had the best offer.  I was asked to help prepare a group routine for the Acrobatic Gymnastics Team that my oldest daughter belongs to.  There was only a month and a half to get over 20 gymnasts ready for a demo / competition which took place yesterday.  I was psyched! 
I had the best time! Working my creative juices, working with a great club, working with some amazing children (other than my own) and a great team of coaches!
You can check out the routine here:
Acrobatic routine
So the question is will I go back to work?  Probably not right now but I think as soon as it is manageable with all these kiddies I just might look into it!
What about you? Do you work outside of the home and if so how do you manage to juggle it all?  Are you a stay at home mom who would like to go back to work?
Until next time,
Chantel, momof8crazymonkeys
  • Alyssa

    Wow, Chantel…. Your post kind of hits home. I too was an Artistic gym coach up until 9.5 years ago, at a national level. Was literally born into the gym world and competed nationally for 5 years, many many years ago…so it is in my blood. I miss it but was lucky to be able to sub once in awhile.
    I left the world of gymnastics to start my own family and with my husband working in another province 3/4’s of the year and me traveling with athletes, it was a little hard to make our own family….my athletes were my kids, spending 25 hours in the gym with them/week and traveling on weekends with them during competition season, but It was time to have my own…Our plan was to have 2 children and I would stay home with them after #2 was born. So when I left coaching, I worked for a family business book keeping and coached when needed up until I was 5 months pregnant with the first. After my maternity leave was done I returned to the family run business for a few years and became pregnant 5 years ago with the second. For 4 years I’ve stayed home with my kids and I could not imagine 8 :). Of course my boys are very active in sports and run nearly every night of the week with something. Some call me crazy, but I say they don’t understand a sporting life. Few understand how to recognize when a child is getting tired/burnt out… I love staying at home and being able to provide and take them to whatever they need and keep them active.
    Recently, Canadian gymnastics championships were in my home town and I attended. I realized how much I missed the gym and have been asked numerous times to come back, a few times this past few months to prepare for next comp season. The club I worked at has recently hired a HC who is amazing and has been on the world seen a few times and was 1 of my first coaches(so I know her pretty well), I ponder the idea of going back to work there….I love gymnastics and working with the kids, but I am really not interested in working evenings/weekends or traveling, as my own kids stuff is happening then. However, this move with the club hiring this person and the opportunity to work with this coach is really enticing….
    For the past 4 years I have done a lot of volunteering and about a year ago started my own venture working, when I want, with a health and wellness company showing people how to save money when they shop, shop safer, improve their health, and help people understand the importance of what’s on the labels of our products. I love helping others on my own terms. This gives me the flexibility with my own busy life and provides a good income working part time, and that won’t change unless I go back to the love of coaching…So perhaps I will sub once in awhile and continue to watch my old athletes now get married and start their own families! We’ll see in the next few months!
    If you are interested in working for yourself, helping others and get paid whether you work or not, I would love to show you what I do!
    Also, you said you were a Canadian gymnast?? we may know a few of the same people, depending on your age…but I’m thinking 14 years, we cud be close to the same age….
    thanks for your post. hope to hear more from you!

  • Chantel

    Nancy – I love being home with the twins right now as they are at such a fun stage, however, with 6 others I feel as though I am everywhere but home! Unlike my friends I never really had any other job my entire life other than coaching / choreographer and writing. They are my passions and I am so lucky to have access to both areas:)

  • Nancy

    Yes I work but I was lucky to be at home for several years with my kids. I love my work and need to work now but I am grateful to have found work I love. Sounds like you know what you are drawn to and enjoy and that helps so much!!

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