Image.ashx.jpegYou may have already read the book(s)…I STILL haven’t had a chance to read Fifty Shades of Grey but Jen Maier tells me it will …um, get you going!

It’s next on my “to read” list just to see if it lives up to it’s hype but I’m just finishing up Tina Fey’s Bossypants (awesome funny book, by the way). 
If you’ve been busy with life and haven’t heard about this best-seller you can find out about it here Fifty Shades of Grey Synopsis and there have been 2 titles added to Fifty Shades. Just this week, the trilogy has reached a total of 20 million copies sold in the US!
So, last week KOBO did a fun public survey inspired by the steamy escapades of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. They wanted to find out just how HOT are people’s love lives?
Here’s what they’ve discovered (by the way, this is no scientific survey…just for fun).
  • When asked the most unusual place they did “it”, 42% of people said they like a romp in a park. (I hope my mother-in-law isn’t reading this… or my mom)
  • More people prefer flowers for no reason than a surprise trip to Colorado or even a luxury yacht cruise! (hmm…flowers on a yacht for no reason would be fireworks, me thinks.)
  • Silk definitely outweighs flannel in the bedroom. (so, my hubby was right after all)
  • When asked to describe themselves in the bedroom, respondents said: 52% medium, 15% mild, and 33% hot & spicy! (I won’t tell you what I answered..what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom…or the park)
  • 53% say they don’t need accessories, but some do: 17% scarf, 14% handcuffs, 13% whipped cream..and a mere 3% said whip. (I’m mildly shocked..and where’s the vibrator?)
  • Who likes to share? Most people don’t. 60% have never been in a love triangle, while 32% have, and 8% said they “don’t do math”. (I’m killing myself with laughter here…math!)
  • Most wouldn’t be caught dead reading Fifty Shades at church, but everywhere else is just fine. And 70% of people have read Fifty Shades on their eReaders…more privacy! (Good point! ..remember when our moms use to wrap the covers in brown paper bags?)

If you want more info on the survey results check it out here Fifty Shades Confessions!
So, there you have it! Whether you’ve read the series or not, you have to admit it’s just pure fun. That’s all!
Hollywood is in the midst of searching for the right people to cast in the movie…
Who would you want to see playing the lead male role???
Here’s my vote…
  • Sarah

    Matt Bomer is EXACTLY who I pictured while reading the books. He’s so beautiful.
    I figure that Anastasia will be played by someone who is desperate to break out of her ‘Disney’ persona- maybe Selina Gomez?

  • Tracey

    Okay, so I *might* have cracked that book open again recently, and I’m coming around to Ryan Gosling (he’s a tad older than I was thinking – but not far off the mark) and with that delicious Ian Somerhalder, I thought Lily Collins would be an apt choice, but with The Gosling? Evangeline Lilly, feels less like of a little girl…

  • Sonya

    I’ve just cracked open the book yesterday so..hmmm…Anastasia….? your pick?

  • Amreen

    Ryan Gosling or Michael Fassbender! What do you think for Anastasia?

  • Tracey

    I know – sometimes I JUST can’t help myself though… 😉

  • Sonya

    you crack me up!!

  • Sonya

    Oh! Forgot about Alex! I’ve met him in person at a party..he’s very niiiiicccceeee. 😉

  • Sara

    heh indeed. It’s Alexander Skaarsgaard for sure…or maybe that’s just who I picture when I’m…doing dishes? I will say the book was fairly meh. BUT I have heard that rope sales have increased substantially at Home Depot….crazy!

  • kim

    Oh my Tracey. LOL

  • Tracey

    My vote is for Ian Somerhalder – all the way. I think Ryan G. could be good too, but I feel like he’s too widely recognisable… it’s a big role. Not that I wouldn’t mind being spanked by that guy though. (Heh.)

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