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Where did that go?

For the past week or so, with a few other parents, I’ve been working on Cam’s grade 5 graduation. Getting t-shirts ordered, food and music figured out.
It’s a good distraction from the fact that the one and only year that my children will all be in the same school together is coming to an end as Cam heads off to middle school next year.

Already Cuyler is showing signs of anxiety about Cam not being there next year. He’s worried, but he will still have Eva.
And he will have her everyday.
Our school starts full day kindergarten next year.  When I registered her for JK our school was not slated for the ELP (Early Learning Program) until her grade one year, so she would miss it by a year. I was not mentally prepared for her to go to school full time a year earlier, but she is.

It hit me like a hammer when I realized that my days as a stay at home mom are numbered, when in September I will have only school aged children. No little ones.
It’s been 11 years.
Babyhood passed us by faster than I ever imagined it could
Naps have been a thing of the past for several years
Long gone are the days of teething (but I have this ahead of me)
I have to admit that my time at home with Eva has been pretty special. Just her and I.
The boys are so close in age that they were always together. It’s been 3 years with both boys in school full time and the one on one time I’ve gotten with Eva has been fantastic.
I’ve been feeling very sentimental about it.
It probably sounds stupid but I feel like I’m being forced out of a job now that my stay-at-home-mom position is coming to an end.
The next several years would be lovely looking like this
nothingdone.jpgThat won’t be happening. Our debt has caught up to us which is kind of sucky, but these 11 years I’ve been home with my kids have been truly priceless.
With all three kids in school full time I will need to get a job. As much as that scares the absolute hell out of me, it also excites me. A new chapter.  

Until then I have four more months of my kids being all mine.  
And me being all theirs.

  • Amanda

    Those pictures are all so precious! Going back to work has been chaotic in some respects, but I feel a lot more well-rounded than I ever knew I could. I hope you find some bright spots in going back to work, too, and that the time away from your kids makes your heart grow even fonder for them (if that’s even possible…you are such a great momma)!

  • Julie

    it’s really weird in the first few weeks but don’t worry…you’ll get used to it! :-)

  • Jennifer

    It really does fly by in the blink of an eye, doesn’t it Christine?

  • Tracey

    Nice post, Christine. :)

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