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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Roses are red,

Violets are blue, 

I’m a last-minute shopper,

How about you?

 Valentine’s Day is around the corner. If, like me, you’re just finishing paying off Christmas bills and recycling wrapping paper and cards, it may be a little tough to get into the hearts and flowers spirit. Here are some gift ideas for everyone in your life. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to start feeling like Cupid!

For the Classmates

For all the sweet little Valentines in class. For all the sweet little Valentines in class.

Just $7.77 at WalMart, this bag of Play-Doh will gift your sweethearts’ classmates or daycare pals.

For your Girlfriend

For your tea loving sweetie. For your tea loving sweetie.

You could go with a Starbucks card, but why not pamper a friend with this romantic collection from Davids Tea. It’s available online or in stores now.

For Your Mother

Roses for the women in your life. Roses for the women in your life.

Roses are traditional on Valentine’s Day, but this Rose Heart Ultra Soft Cream from L’Occitane will last long after a bouquet has died and dried. The scent’s divine and this stuff works!

For Your Husband

Tie one on...your husband. Tie one on...your husband.

Show him you love him in a tie with this crisp version from LandsEnd. The subtle pattern’s good year round; not just on February 14th.

For Your Daughter

Hipster briefs for your girl. Hipster briefs for your girl.

I’ve trained my kids well. When I asked my daughter about traditional Valentines Day gifts, she said, “Underwear, of course!” It seems they always need some, so why not let them think it’s a treat?! These Gap ones are cute and sensible.

For Your Son

Boxers for your boy. Boxers for your boy.

What son doesn’t want to pledge his love for his mom on his boxers? Unlike those Old Spice ads, these Gap boxers are sweet, not creepy.

For You

Don't wear your heart on your sleeve. Don't wear your heart on your sleeve.

Wear your heart proudly. This hoodie will keep you cozy and cool. It’s at Old Navy now.

For You (From Him)

Beautiful jewelry makes you feel loved 365 days a year. Beautiful jewelry makes you feel loved 365 days a year.


Always, always, always have a beautiful piece of jewelry on your Valentines wish list. Make it easy for your Valentine and send him the link to Pamela Lauz Jewellery. This Canadian designer of handmade and custom designed works has beautiful pieces, and a wonderful Valentines Day promo online right now.



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