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Perfect Portfolio

Several weeks ago I was out for dinner with my sisterwives and one of them asked “What the heck do you do with all the stuff sent home from school. Especially the end of year stuff??”

I told her that at our house a lot of it gets trashed right away. Nice artwork gets displayed for a few weeks, then I take a photo of it then toss it. The really impressive pieces are kept.

For the things I want to keep, I’ve been using portfolio filing boxes. They are perfect for year to year, grade to grade and keeping everything neatly organized.
filefold.jpgI keep only specific things – things I think my kids would get a kick out of seeing when they’re older. I think they’ll get a kick out of seeing the things they wrote about and what their printing looked like.
schoolwork.JPGI also love the work that shows progress like the monthly self portraits.

Also in the portfolio, I keep report cards, class photos (also Cam’s annual team photo for hockey and baseball, and Eva’s dance class photo), ribbons, certificates. Anything significant from that year…

The only colours I had been able to find previously were black, navy or burgundy <yaaawwn>
I headed over to WalMart to pick one up for the pile I had amassed from Eva’s junior kindergarten year and found these gems and knew I had to replace the boys. So I grabbed three. These are made specifically for what I have been using them for.

I went to the scrapbook section and bought letter stickers to personalize them.


So if you ever wondered what to do with all the STUFF that your kids bring home, that’s my


  • Erin Little

    We just started an art wall and I just posted about it. We have portfolios in binders. We put our favourite pieces in plastic sleeves and then put them in the binder. They are full now though so we will have to start new ones.
    I throw most of their school stuff out as it’s mostly silly worksheet busywork (sadly). I wish we had a self-portait book or a story written by the girls at school.

  • Kath

    Well, it totally makes sense why you call each other sister wives now. It connotes a special kind of friendship that is related to your husbands (but not in a polygamous way!) Actually, I think they alluded to that once in the show, that women who are really close friends sometimes call each other by that term. So nice for you all that all the hubbies and all the wives are good friends.

  • Christine

    Hahaha! Yes I have watched the show and I gotta say – I kinda like it!
    I needed a term for that specific group of friends and they became “sisterwives” just because our husbands all grew up together and over the years we have grown beyond friends. We’re family. Like sisters…
    Our kids are growing up together (frousins – as Jason would call them).
    Sisterwives fits. And they all think its a fun term for us.

  • Julie

    yup, things “disappear” around here, too. and, considering i am (was) a packrat i think i’m doing pretty good! it mostly happens when they’re at school or daycamp but i do like to keep the good ones!

  • Kath

    Great idea Christine (although I gotta be honest, it freaks me out when you talk about your ‘sisterwives’ *shudders* – have you ever watched that show?)

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