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Even My Gunk is Glamourous

It’s been a hell of a week around these parts, starting last Friday with a visit from my sister and her friend, with a handful of some good Toronto friends, plus a few of my friends, and all while Martin was away on a solo fishing trip for the weekend. There were many late nights, filled with debaucherous talk and tastes and tidbits.

Some of us might have eaten an bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken one night. *shameface* I know.
But it wasn’t all game-time. My sister was in Montreal headlining a burlesque gig at the Rialto Theatre. This is my sister:
Coco Framboise, the showgirl!
She’s recently returned home from trips to Rome, Amsterdam, and a 2-week long tour of Australia with the likes of other awesome entertainers, much like in the show I saw last night.
The nice thing about theatres like the Rialto is they have the charm and beauty of a bygone era, with all the drama sweeping velvet curtains and gilded ceilings will allow. That place is a real beauty.
And the fun part about shows like this, besides the entertainment, is the crown itself. Whenever I go to a show like this, I try to dress in a way that suits the occasion: it’s glitzy, it’s glamourous, it’s theatrical, and it’s FABULOUS!
In the past, I’ve had Cirque du Soleil-types on stilts wearing pink wigs and candied makeup hand me champagne before being seated. There could be gents in curled, powdered wigs and velvet coats milling about. You might see acrobats. Or fire-eaters. Or topless knife throwers. Last night’s venue was a 20’s-inspired event, so there were dresses glinting with beadwork, enormous plumes affixed to sassy headbands, and lots of long satin gloves.
The audience members too, tend to look pretty swanky at these types of soirees… those who don’t dress up much tend to wander around the place looking as if they wish they had. It’s a bit like a fancy New Year’s Eve party – throw on a some feathers and some glitter and some pearls – but it’s not exactly a costume party. Don’t dis the dynamics of this kind of drah-mah. It’s seriously good. Got a bowler hat? Break it out. Got a monocle and a moustache? Now’s your chance! (Last time, I wore a fez to one of these things, which was outrageous in the best possible way.)
Indeed, to entertain us this time there was a delicious opera singer, a great tap routine, a slight-of-hand card trick guy, a dance pair who balanced on a board atop a rolling cylinder, and many other singing/dancing acts, with witty banter between each set, from a really buff dude in a gorgeous dress and a ridiculous wig curled into the most exaggerated flip you’ve ever seen. We all coveted it SO HARD. All of this was backed by a swinging era-appropriate live band, including horns, piano, and a sexy, Klezmer-style gypsy clarinet. They were all in costume too.
Really, the evening was delightful, and it’s rather nice to get dressed up in such a way every now and then.
Of course, my sister gets dressed up like this all the time. And there’s no better evidence of this than a pic of my dustpile:
She’s gone, as of this morning. And in her wake, is nothing but some broken peacock feathers, some hair pins, and bits of glitter.
It was a fun week, but I’m exhausted. I do believe a little down-time is deserved now. I do hope the weather hold at the lake.
Ever seen a burlesque show? Seriously. You should go!
  • Tracey

    It wasn’t the same show as the one we saw together a few years ago… I don’t think she’s doing that one in September, but there’s a possibility of something else next month – I’ll let you know. And yes, dressing up is/was half the fun. I might break out that fez again soon!! xox

  • nancy

    So sad I missed the show this time around. Dressing up is definitely the thing to do. You looked awesome and loved the fez the last time too.

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