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Creating Birthday Monsters

About a week ago, Oliver got busy calculating how many days it will be until he turns eight-and-a-half. Then of course, his sister started to pipe up about when her half-birthday was. It was on Saturday.

Mid-way through the evening, she asked me where her cake was.
Me: You want a cake?
She: *breathes* Ohyesplease! Chocolate. With sprinkles.
Me: Well, I don’t have one now, but can make one tomorrow, okay?
She: *shiny bright eyes* Yes!!
And so, late Sunday morning while she was busily playing with her friends outside, I did pretty much what I did for Oliver’s half-birthday last year – I opened a box of cake mix, and baked one nine-inch round cake, and made a dozen cupcakes with the rest of the batter. I cut the round cake in half, and stacked the half moons on top of one another, frosted it all, and shook some butterfly shaped rainbow sprinkles on top. (This is glorious when you’re four-and-a-half.)
I broke out some stickers, a notebook, and some candy-things I had tucked away – some things I thought she’d like. (I sometimes have a stash of such items – you never know when a tiny bauble or confection might be necessary.)
We took a small table out to the sidewalk, and brought out the cake and a pitcher of iced-tea… pink and yellow paper plates and cups… and there are always a bunch of kids hanging around on our street to help make an instant party.
She loved it.
I do believe I’ve created little monsters who expect mini-parties with cake at the mid-point during the year… I don’t spoil them with toys or treats very often, so I suppose there are worse things than handing out a colourful notebook and a bag of Swedish Berries and slices of cake, amongst the kisses and the hugs and the lovelovelovelovelove…
We’re still glad you were born to us, Ava Scarlett, four-and-a-half years ago!
And yes, you can eat the cupcakes for breakfast every day, for as long as they last… enjoy yourself, little girl.
It is summertime. Enjoy everything!
  • http://egcakes.com Erica G (@EG_Cakes)

    That is cute. And who says cake is only for birthdays, anyway? Enjoy it whenever the mood strikes. Guaranteed to bring a smile, that’s for sure. πŸ™‚

  • Tracey

    ‘Cept I love ya too,Village… πŸ˜‰

  • Nancy

    you are almost pissing me off with your stylish perfect ways chickie
    cept that I love ya.

  • Tracey

    And I love you, Edith – I’ll throw you an “and-a-half” party sometime, if you like… it’ll take about 50 minutes to prepare, and there will be gum and lollies for everyone!!
    Sticky kisses that taste like purple,
    Grumbler xox

  • Tracey

    They do tend to love this kind of thing – especially when they’re not really expecting it! Dollar stores can be such a glory for little items to keep stashed around the house. Thanks for reading, Maria!!

  • Tracey

    I KNOW!! I tend to say NO to just about everything they ask me for *snickers* so it’s nice to have wee indulgences now and then, I guess. I haven’t even introduced her to the fact that tea parties can be REAL events – I just know she’ll want to have one EVERY day… so that can wait, I reckon. (And that name? It IS good, isn’t it?!)

  • Tracey

    Yeah, the summer parties are easy this way – especially if you have a summer-born kid. The downside to the winter parties is having to put a cap on the number of attendees – especially if they’re in your house!!
    I would pay to see you on that scooter, Sonya… πŸ˜‰

  • Sara

    oh you’re a nutter – thats why i love you

  • Maria

    I love this idea and so loved this post!!! I feel so happy looking at your beautiful daughter’s happy face – I must start this, any kid would love it! Thank you…

  • http://lifetakesover.wordpress.com Nancy

    I do the same thing! Except the monster grows bigger each day/week/month. She now wants birthday parties and half-birthday parties for her dolls. Initially, she was happy being responsible for throwing their parties; cake, presents, candy, games and all. But of late, the pretend stuff just ain’t cuttin’ it and she’s asking for real cake. What’s a mom to do? (Btw, my little girl’s middle name is Scarlett, too! Love that name.)

  • Sonya

    Cute! and a fun (easy) idea! I may need to do impromptu parties like this! My little one gets short changed as his bday is in August and no one is around. You’ve just given me the idea to do it while I know some are hanging around! Brilliant…as you always are! btw..I was tempted to scoot home after dropping off the kid at camp this AM. πŸ˜‰

  • Tracey

    Thanks, Snikks! Me too!!

  • snikks


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