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getting naked with strangers


We all know how much humans need touch to survive. Babies require it to thrive, old people who live alone often get pets and everyone in between will turn themselves inside out to be touched

When that touch comes from strangers – not everyone loves it.
I am not talking about the man on the crowded subway that day who kept pushing his umbrella into me and then I realized he wasn’t carrying an umbrella.
I am talking massage.
Yesterday morning I gave myself a treat – after my early morning run I went for a massage. I had been given a gift certificate from my very good friend for my birthday (January!) but I was waiting for the perfect moment to use it- The first crazy work week back in the city with my eldest gone seemend like the perfect time.
Scenario for me is always the same- Humourless masculine looking woman ( or worse-feminine looking man) with heavy eastern european accent comes in and sees the WASP in me and tries uncomfortably to ask if I want ” full body”
translation “can you get naked with a complete stranger?”
I say yes very very quickly and they are about to give me privacy by closing the doors as I undress and my clothes are already on the floor at my feet-combination of excitement and busy life
Privacy? I am a blogger, for goodness sake.
then they ask how hard
I say very
She spends 15 minutes on each cheek
When was the last time someone spent 1/2 an hour on your butt?
Don’t answer that.
After she is finished with my entire left side- I know with the excitement of a second helping of dessert, that I have a tall right side too and we get to do it all over again
When it is over I want to cry. Then she whispered the most amazing thing in my ear.
“Take your time”
I lay there for ages- face down on what looks like a padded toilet seat.
Then I got dressed, told her I loved her and unknowingly went grocery shopping with sheet wrinkles all over my face.
  • http://www.myfamilyisnotbroken.wordpress.com Nancy

    oh yes- I give my dad hand massage and head massage when I see him. Maybe he can’t understand me, maybe he does not know who I am but I do believe this is a way to tell him I love him.
    I love to touch and be touched.

  • Anonymous

    I am reminded of the power of touch as I gently massage my mother in her last weeks. So much is communicated so simply rendering words unnecessary. It can even make you tell strangers you love them! But let’s all remember to touch gently and frequently those we love.

  • Kath

    Ahhh…massage. My favourite thing, too. In fact, I just bought a great deal on spa services (read: massage) on Groupon today! Can’t wait to take advantage!

  • http://shadowboxwer.blogspot.com Deb

    Lovely and such a wonderful reminder for me.

  • Tracey

    Massages are my favourite… and I am LONG overdue. Good for you for finally redeeming your present, Village! You totally deserve it.

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