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CBC’s Newborn Moms Series Is Ridiculously Funny

As moms, we can all relate to normal everyday parenting scenarios but in the new digital series coming to CBC, the two main characters take it to another level. Newborn Moms takes everyday events and plays them out in light-hearted videos that will be sure to have you literally laughing out loud.

I can vividly remember nursing my newborn after having a c-section. In a room full of what looked like peaceful and serene new moms, I was the train wreck. I remember looking around at the moms cooing and softly caressing their babies in rocking chairs with their contoured pillows. Why wasn’t I as calm and collected as they were?

The nurses, who seemed like they had military training, told me to calm down and reassured me that I wouldn’t leave the hospital until I had trained my baby to “latch” properly. With tears in my eyes, I felt like the only one who sucked, mostly because my baby wouldn’t.

Everyone had an opinion and my head was spinning. The baby was losing weight and I needed to start breastfeeding. It was so stressful. I would have sworn that I was failing as a mother within two days of giving birth. How did every other mother succeed at this?

For me it was a huge reality check…breastfeeding is NOT as natural as I thought it would be. And then there was the lactation consultant who came to my home…

I was brought right back to those days when I had a sneak peek at the Newborn Moms episodes and absolutely teared up with laughter. While watching motherhood through their eyes I found myself reminiscing about those days with my newborn. It’s nice to see now, that no matter how alone I felt, I wasn’t alone in my feelings after all. This show is a fresh take on surviving parenthood, while offering a few fun jabs to let us know that we haven’t totally lost our marbles. And yes, we all somehow survive!

Created by Toronto-based sketch comedians, Aurora Browne and Nadine Djoury, Newborn Moms aims to entertain this underserved audience. The series follows moms, Rosie (Aurora Browne) a hippy earth mother wannabe who has the best intentions and Julia (Nadine Djoury) a type-A personality who tries to keep life all scheduled and mapped out, as they struggle with reconciling the kind of mothers they thought they would be, with the kind of moms they actually are. The situations are very relatable and hysterical.

Each episode is honest, dry and dirty when it needs to be. And there’s no holds-barred here. There is no sugar coating the funny situations and they’ve got no qualms about saying what we’re thinking.

I was dying in fits of laughter at scenarios only moms can relate to. Titles like “Birthing War Stories”, “Ferber Ninja”, and “Social Media Moms” are just a few of the hot parenting topics they get into.

All episodes launch on November 26. Highly recommended viewing for all moms!

You can watch the series here.

This post was sponsored by CBC, but the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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