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CLOSED: TASSIMO Coffee Contest!!

may 2009 041.jpgI think my need/want/desire for coffee happened after I gave birth. I really don’t remember drinking coffee in university. But then after giving birth, came Sleep Deprivation!! (notice the capital letters). I believe my craving for coffee was the same craving for some “me time”. Those precious 15 minutes to…a) sit down b) read a newspaper and c) sip something hot and caffeinated. (not exactly in that order). I gave up carbs for a year, but I am sure I could never give up my coffee!!


So on that note, I have some exciting news for you. TASSIMO is Canada’s best single-cup brewer and is the only one that uses smart, barcode technology and guess what? I am giving away a TASSIMO!!


What a coincidence that urbanmoms.ca is giving away Canada’s number one favorite on-demand, hot beverage system on a cold December day. How perfect.

All you have to do is answer the following question in the comments below: Why do YOU like coffee? Remember, you have to be a member to win so make sure to sign in before you comment. Not a member yet? Click here to join.

Can’t wait to hear from you. Can’t wait to give away a TASSIMO!!


Rules and Regulations.

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    I never would have had the idea to look at things like that. This will make my day so much easier.

  • truedesigngirl

    I so love having a hot cup of coffee in the morning to get me going!

  • frandaker

    My morning coffee is something I look forward to. It gives me the time to relax and just enjoy doing nothing else at that time except savor the moment, the smell and the taste of fresh brewed coffee.

  • Arlene Keegan

    I enjoy my first cup of coffee of the day, but what I really love is the second cup of coffee – that one I relax with, the first goes down too quickly.

  • Suzaloo

    I love coffee..First thing in the morning, all by myself, I get those few moments to savor the day. The smell of freshly brewed coffee awakens me faster than the ringing of the bell did for Pavlov’s dog. During the day, whenever I need to collect my thoughts, I go grab a coffee and go outside and walk around. Coffee never fails me.

  • Lee-Ann Jeffrey

    I like coffee mostly because it reminds me of days with my parents. Every once in a while on a cold or rainy day, my dad would give me a sip or two of his.

  • Katharina

    The smell and the aroma of coffee is absolutely mesmerizing!

  • Jenyasha

    I would love to get one of these coffee makers. I love the creative coffee drinks, but with a baby, it’s hard to find time to make them. This machine would let me have anything I want. I can’t go a day without drinking a cup.

  • zingara

    I love coffee. I absolutely cannot function without it!!!My body is on auto pilot, from the bed right to the kitchen each morning. The taste, the aroma. There is nothing like the smell of a fresh pot of coffee brewing. I enjoy it alone and with friends and family. Coffee is like a delicacy amongst my family members. We all critique who makes it the best, and it is always about the color(is it too strong or is it too light). I must say that I am normally nominated to brew this fine pot of java. Double double is how I love my coffee, yep 2 sugars and 2 creams and its something that I would never deprive myself of even when I am watching my figure.
    I would love to try the TASSIMO coffee maker. Please send me one for Christmas!!!!

  • lucyd

    This is a great machine. A friend of mine has one. It makes great coffee. Would love one!

  • Lori Sexton

    I love coffee in the winter because of the warmth it brings.

  • Scoobydo

    I love coffee in the morning because it helps make me alert and I just can’t go a day without it!

  • Dianne G

    I love coffee because it wakes me up when I am tired, perks me up when I am down, and it is one of those indulgences I can enjoy at home that doesn’t cost a lot.

  • egaspar

    22 years ago when i was pregnant i could not stand the smell of coffee…today i can’t live without it : 0

  • Greentea

    First we are attracted by the delicious hot coffee smell, then we taste it….and we want more, we are addicted to coffee πŸ™‚

  • Dianne

    I don’t go anywhere without a coffee. I never finish a cup but it’s always with me

  • fairladyo

    Gotta have my cuppa coffee first thing in the morning, and then before lunch, and then at lunch and then coffee break in the afternoon and then comes supper……..Oh my God I must be addicted. OK I’m addicted but can’t help it. I just love COFFEE!!!!!!

  • Heidi

    I love coffee because I don’t feel really awake until I’ve had my first cup, and in the winter, when the house is COLD first thing in the morning, a hot cup of coffee is a necessity.

  • pebbles

    I love the aroma of coffee, especially in the morning!

  • bushcampcafe

    i love the smell of coffee brewing, and i love my coffee and baileys…..can i say that…..when i get together with friends for ice fishing!!

  • travela

    Coffee gives me the kick that starts my day.

  • Sarah

    I love how coffee smells when it’s brewing. I love how it perks me right up when I’m feeling down, low on energy or lazy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about coffee. Seriously what is there not to love?!

  • leslie

    I love coffee because of the smell, something about it refreshes me!

  • Susan

    I like the kick coffee gives me in the morning. To say I’m addicted is an understatement!

  • jlindahlj

    The aroma of fresh brewed coffee is one of my favorite smells. For me, there is nothing better than sipping on a cup of coffee anytime during the day or evening.

  • moviefreak

    I love coffee because of its smell and also because it is healthy if not consumed too much.

  • kellyburk3

    love it…its my morning pick me up, my afternoon treat and my night time unwind

  • Erin D

    I love coffee because sometimes it is the only thing that gets me through the day! I have children ranging from toddler to teen, a home daycare, a husband who works 18 hour days, and many relatives in varying stages of health. I NEED COFFEE!!!!!!!
    (plus of course it tastes really really good….)

  • mommakoala

    Daily accomplishments, and a good cup of coffee go hand and hand.
    Whether it’s a work, or at home, I take the time to savour a cup of coffee. I feel it’s my little reward, and my way of saying “Nice Job.”
    YES!!! I love my coffee.

  • Vanessa Giacometti

    As a stay at home mom of 5 boys (ages 5 and under) coffee is my SAVIOUR. After getting up 4-6 times a night with my 10-month old twins, 1-2 times a night with my 21 month old and groggily answering “yes, climb in bed with us” to my 4 year old, almost every night, coffee is what keeps me going (and going and going) all day long. Luckily my husband will brew a pot for me every morning when he leaves for work at 6:30 – but I have to admit, by the 2:00 afternoon pick-me-up the coffee is pretty stale. So, you ask, why do I not make a fresh pot? Well, I’ve tried and must admit that I make the absolute WORST coffee in the world! So, I drink the 8-10 hour old coffee every afternoon that my blessed husband makes every morning……that’s how much I love coffee!!

  • stephanie

    I love the smell of coffee brewing in the morning.

  • Gayle

    I like my coffee. I love the aroma. I like it black. I like adding flavors. I like it hot.I like it iced. I even have a coffee scented shower gel that really wakes one up in the morning.

  • carmcc

    Morning coffee gets me outta bed with a smile and coffee keeps me going happy all day!


    The first thing I do each morning is start a fresh pot of coffee for me and the hubby. I’ve heard great things about these Tassimos, and it would be so cool to try!

  • belle

    Decided to try a different sort of posting…since it is one of those days!! (smile)
    Why This Frazzled Woman Loves Coffee!!!!
    There was a frazzled woman from the city
    Who lived most days to be head of the neighborhood ‘welcome’ committee
    On this snow driven day
    She looked forward to her visit with May
    She pulled out her old coffee machine
    One to see that the bottom was crusted in green…
    This frazzled woman started her day drinking fresh brewed coffee in the morning
    Just after cleaning her new oak wood flooring
    When the new and old visitors arrived
    She made sure that they did not feel deprived
    The considerate woman offered her guests coffee mid-morning
    So that it would keep them from snoring
    She offered her visitors coffee with lunch
    Instead of offering them the kids fruit punch
    She offered visitors coffee in the afternoon
    When she felt they were beginning to gossip like a baboon
    Finally, the frazzled lady downed coffee at night
    When it was getting hard to be polite.
    This frazzled lady loved coffee so much
    That she used it as her crutch
    To get through day
    It was her sunshine ray

  • Mason’s mom

    A good coffee is like the friend you can always depend on!! (ahem…I did say good coffee, because a bad one is just such a let down, right?!) My son just turned 2..and altho not necessary to say, life gets a little crazy at home! I get up at 6am just to have a little coffee time to myself! The warming feeling, the pleasant aroma, the memories of great conversation with friends, and now, my peace and quiet! ahhhh!

  • angela rice

    The smell is definitely the best part of coffee. I wish it could taste exactly the same.

  • dewinner

    Can’t start my mornings without coffee!! My head starts to pound and I guess that’s what withdrawls must feel like. But as soon as I can smell it brewing or open the can mmmm .

  • MellyBell

    I love the way coffee smells when you first crack a new can! And I love the way it wakes me up when I have a paper to finish writing, that was today for me!

  • themole

    Next to bacon coffee is the best smell ever.

  • billiondollarprincesss

    I love the warmth of the coffee. It is so soothing. I recently tried coconut flavour coffee-the best! The aroma smells like hawaiin tropic!

  • angela

    I love the hot aroma and the caffeine. This is such a great little coffemaker. I would love to win!!

  • Silvana

    I love my coffee, especially just after I arrive at the office to get my day started. Having a cup of coffee no matter what else is going on around me just helps me cope better regards if I’m at home, at work or caught in traffic.

  • coupon crazy

    For all of those coffee aficionados (I include myself in this club), we all know that coffee is a major food group! There is so much I like (LOVE is more appropriate) about having a cup of coffee….the aroma, the taste (so many different flavours to choose from these days), the warmth of a hot cup of joe on a cold winter day, or simply the time spent catching up with friends with a cup of java!

  • Sandi Brontman

    The first smell
    The first taste
    What’s not to love

  • moemommy

    Coffee is great on a cold winters day with hot chocolate and whipped cream added to it πŸ™‚

  • soyabeansmom

    I love coffee, have for a long time. Now since having 2 children and joining the world of shift work, it has become dare I say a necessity.
    I perk up with the aroma, savour every mouthful, and my day isn’t the same without it.
    I have my own mocha recipe and drink it every morning without fail, and tweak it for special occasions. I even munch chocolate covered coffee beans or espresso beans, they give you the same flavor with a little more punch( great for afternoon shift).
    Coffee is addictive, and I love it, wouldn’t be without it. I need my caffeine fix or I’m just not me LOL.

  • dustymisty

    I just love the taste of coffee – any time of the day.

  • Charity

    I absolutely love coffee! There is nothing better to have during a day.

  • Joanne Stilwell


  • Rabz

    There are way too many reasons to list… coffee has just become a essential to every-day life. Like sitting, sleeping and drinking water.
    I have coffee practically through-out the day. Even sometimes the last thing i do before i sleep. It wakes me up, comforts, de-stresses, calms, un-winds, lifts, gives warmth and hugs. It also can make me hyper and give me a high.. Which i love!! And on those sunny hot days the ice-cap or frappe does the same with a cool-down added!!
    Any flavour and any type, as long as it’s coffee!!

  • Karen

    I love the aroma of fresh coffee, it seems relaxing and homey.

  • drjess

    I love the whole ritual of coffee. The smell, brewing, pouring, the adding a frothy milky topping, in fact everything about it. Did I mention the taste? Perhaps, that, best of all.

  • maline

    I need have to have my coffee first thing in the morning. Without coffee I feel miserable all day. I forget what i have to do and whats been done. Without coffee i am gaurantee a bad day.

  • Nate3333

    I love how coffee taste and smells first thing in the morning.

  • Amanda Landry

    Isn’t it true that when you’re not supposed to have something, the more you want it. I just had my first baby in September but previous to that I drank A LOT of coffee. At home, at work, in the car, in the bathtub, in the deep freeze of winter or during a heat wave in the summer and any hour of the day. When I as pregnant I gave up coffee completely, but now I allow myself to idnulge once a day. This time is just for me. Having that coffee in the morning allows me to relax as I ease into my day. As all moms know, time for yourself is precious and short lived so it is important to take advantage of that time as best you can. For me that involves the simple pleasure of a freshly brewed coffee.

  • yukito

    I love coffee because it makes me feel so fresh~!
    no matter what type of coffee, they smell so good and a temptation to me

  • dmhaen

    I generally only have 1 cup day and that’s first thing in the morning. And that one cup of coffee makes getting up so much easier. It’s something I look forward to each morning and I just love dipping an all bran bar into it.

  • Cyndi

    I just love the taste. I call it my ‘cup of sanity’ in the morning–I have to get up 45 minutes before everyone else and have my “cup of sanity” before the kids get up ;o)

  • gizfarris

    I love Cappuccino coffee most of all. I like the foamy topping and the different flavors. Coffee is what I have when I first get up in the morning and when I want to relax and have a break.

  • Krista Smith-Moroziuk

    I love the taste and smell of coffee. Also it brings back memories. I will never forget the Cafe au Lait I had in Quebec City served in a big bowl. I usually like my coffee black, but that was the best coffee I ever had.

  • taylorsmom31

    i love the smell of coffee:) and the wake me up first thing in the morning!

  • Terri1973

    I never ever enjoyed the taste or smell of coffee until I went through a serious traumatic experience in the year 2000. After dealing with that I became seriously depressed and couldn’t even find to get the energy to get out of bed then one day my best friend came over with a specially brewed coffee with just the right amount of cream and splenda and with in 5 minutes I actually got out of bed and started walking around the house.
    I offered to make her breakfast and as we had our visit I started cleaning and finally smiling which felt wonderful, she asked me in shock what brought this on and I hugged her with happy tears and said you, you brought me this coffee which I used to hate but the smell of it, the taste of it and the burst of energy I got from it was fantastic.
    It was a special blend coffee with a hazelnut taste, so simple but it seriously turned my life around from that day on so I made a promise to myself that I would appreciate what this hazelnut coffee did for me and I make sure that everyday I hit a Starbucks and sit back with a smile on my face embracing my precious moment and remembering that morning my friend brought it for me and how it transformed me back to being me and never allowing myself to fall back into a depression.
    I know it sounds cheesy, but I don’t care it’s a fact and I’ll stand by it!!!

  • Linda

    Mmmm, COFFEE! Now who doesnt start their day with a nice hot cup of coffee? I sure do. Just the smell of that sweet aroma. Be it at home, on the run, and even the open air at your favorite campsight. There is nothing like waking up, for that great cup of coffee just waiting for you.

  • Karri

    I love coffee because it helps to balance out the sweet things I like to eat with it! πŸ™‚ I am also a big fan of the “fancy” drinks… lattes, cappucinos, anything with a yummy flavour… Count me in!

  • pureevil25

    I hated coffee until I was 20. Then I was slowly lured to the dark side by caramel frappcinos, lattes & other tasty specialty drinks. I discovered that I actually loved the taste of coffee & now drink it dark, black & strong! Yum!

  • HB

    I love coffee because it warms me up on cold days and even just the scent of coffee brings out the warm comfortable feeling for me.

  • gwennyk

    I think I remember seeing this on Martha Stewart’s show last year! Loverly!! πŸ™‚

  • Jacquie Hess

    The smell of fresh brewed coffee is the best thing on a winter morning.

  • Tracy F

    Like Vicky, I don’t remember ever needing coffee until I had kids. Now, it’s my 15 minutes of indulgent “me time.” It falls into my comfort drink category because it helps turn off the monster in me and gives me just enough juice to make it through the rest of my day…it’s no coincidence that I usually have my 2nd cup just after I put my 1 and 2 year olds down for naps. Mmmmm…

  • Stacy

    I love the taste of a good latte and I physically need the caffeine. I seem to relax a bit while I sip my coffee and start the day with my 10 month and 3 year old.

  • cposen

    it gives me the energy to run after my daughter

  • batye123

    coffee keep me alive

  • tatoo_100

    I am so addicted to coffee, i usually have to hit up a Tim Hortons atleast 2-4 times a day. Ive seen this Tassimo coffee maker in flyers, on pages all over the net, urban moms is when i really started to take a look at it, I am very very interested in having my own. I think i would have to give up Timmys if i had one. I love my coffee and my teas. Sometimes that what it takes to get thru the days. I hope i win because it could be awhile before i could afford one. Unless Santa brings me one..

  • candace frison

    I can not even begin to express my love of coffee ! When I am racing around in the mornig feeding kids,making lunches, getting them off to school and a dog whinning to go out coffee is what keeps me going and sane πŸ™‚

  • shoes

    i love coffee more so in the morning for total mommy time alone before waking the kids up for the bus and then to changing dirty diapers. it perfect to make that one cup of excellant aroma coffee before dealing with the days tasks on hand. its a great way to kick start the day and put me in a good mood. even through the day when nap time comes make another cup and relax for that half an hour is great to re energize my batteries great pick me upper

  • smartmama

    I think one excellent cup of Tassimo coffee would be perfect and would be a lot more satisfying than making a pot of not so excellent coffee.

  • joycep61

    Whatever you call it, C8H10N4O2: (The molecular formula for caffeine), Joe, Cup of Brew, Cup of Joe, Cup of Jolt, Cupped Lightning, Daily Grind, etc, it is great served alone or with friends. It’s an instant “wake me up”, “pick me upper” and “socializer”. When you get two friends or a loved one sharing a coffee together it’s a bonding experience where you share private moments.

  • luv2bmommy

    Coffee is escape time. I put together a little cappuccino, have a cookie and let the world slip away for just a breath. Love it.

  • ann

    there’s no other way to start the day then a cup of coffee.

  • ghisl

    I love coffee because the smell is so good……

  • Wanda

    Coffee, my day does not start without a coffeee in my hand. It gets me going in the morning!!!!!

  • Melissa

    I love coffee because it warms me from the inside-out, it smells wonderful, it makes me a much nicer person, and because it is something that is for grown-ups only, finally something I don’t have to share with the kids!

  • Crystal

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. coffee…what can I say, life just wouldn’t be the same without coffee…. it’s my kick in the morning to get me off to work, and keeps me going throughout the day. Plus it’s something great to have around the house that everyone enjoys a nice sit down with.
    Great give away, good luck eveyone!


    I love coffee just because it ain’t tea ’nuff said πŸ™‚

  • Sally

    A cup of coffee beckons, when it is time for solitude and relaxation. Sometimes, it can be a social gathering of friends and family. Either way, it gives me a chance to present my delectable home-baked sweets for delicious consumption… for myself, or to share.

  • gemininmb

    I love the aroma of coffee and love that with Tassimo you can brew a variety of coffees. Something to suit whatever mood I happen to be in.

  • hypnoflair

    HMMMMMMM….Coffee. Not something I ever drank too much of, but now, now life has changed. For some reason my daily routine includes a nice cup of freshly brewed delicious smelling coffee. What do I like about it? The smell, the taste, the place of relaxation it takes me to, the social experience that it lends itself to and did I mention the smell. Even when I was in my non drinking coffee stage, that smell is a stress reliever all on its own.

  • shmallow

    My first cup of coffee is on my way to work every morning, because I have to buy my coffee as I make horrid coffee LOL!! Just the thought of that hot steamy cup gets me moving in the morning and is a brilliant way to start the day!!

  • Marisa

    I love the smell of fresh coffee brewing πŸ™‚

  • leaver25

    With 2 young kids I need all the coffee I can get to get me going in the morning and survive the afternoon. My favorite thing about coffee is the aroma you get after it is made. The smell is the best part, other then the caffine boost I get to fullfil my day.

  • carolejm

    Mmmm coffee… I’m drinking some right now (at 3:30 in the afternoon). Aside from giving me a kick to help me with my little ones, I love the aroma of coffee. Both of fresh ground coffee and fresh brewed coffee. Oh and that perfect first sip… ahhh…

  • poptart

    Coffee inspires me.
    1. So many college papers and exams were finished as a result of this miraculous liquid.
    2. Spurs my creativity – coffee and ice cream? you got it. Coffee liquor and brownies. OMG. Coffee and
    3. I used to live near a coffee factory and driving by it, you could smell the beans. Perhaps that was the reason I was inspired (despite my hopeless lack of balance) to take up roller blading.
    4. Coffee as an art? The most amazing cappuchino I had was in Turin, Italy where these ancient guys would handcraft these lovely patterns in the foam on top. MMMMMM.
    5. Coffee as a motivator? A cup in the morning is all I need to start the day. If not, then I might as well stay in bed. Not to mention I would never have gotten this treatise written.
    I love coffee!

  • stacey

    i LIVE on coffee , yes i am an addict LOL i love the taste the smell and the perk it gives you in the morning when you wake up all bleary eyed, sure helps me get through the day, and if it is a stressful day, taking a break and having a cup of coffee sure helps , would soo love to win this !!

  • bridget vanbrussel

    I have to have my 11.00 clock coffee to wake up

  • maritza

    Well that is a very simple question. Why do i love coffee? I love coffee because it helps relax me while I am at work. When you step into a room with 20 kids all you want to do is have something to relax and calm you down. So that is why i love it. It wakes me up and keeps me alert. Especially a nice hot latte or moca latte.

  • lucky

    The wonderful smell of coffee brewing first thing in the morning really gives me a boost,and incentive to get out of bed!

  • Linda Larivee

    I like my coffee because it’s the only thing that my kid won’t steal from me yet, I can have a cup of coffee, if I drink anything else he wants some, but my coffee is MINE,

  • jazzy005

    I love my morning coffee and can not wake up with-out it. Love to have my coffee with CBC radio playing and my bird sitting on my shoulder. Enjoy some of those great flavored coffee’s, my favorite is french vanilla.

  • fab

    Coffee really just brings me joy when i sit down w/my cup it relaxes me. I usually drink it at night right before bed and of course throughout the day. The aroma while it’s brewing just takes me away. I absolutely love it and look forward to when I can have a cup. I loveee to drink coffee made from fresh beans and grind them up and have my cup of joe nice and warm. Just makes me happy πŸ™‚

  • Joyful Mom

    I love the aroma of coffee and the many different flavours it comes in like french vanilla. It is delicious. That one cup of coffee, for me, signifies the start of a new day and a breath of relaxation during a long day.

  • Alexis

    I LOVE COFFEE! My hubby and I can’t leave the house withought a cup of mornig coffee. I love how it smells, I love hos it taste. I just love it! love it!!
    We have the espresso machine but I always wanted to try Tessimo. And thanks to you for giving us an oportunity to join in the contest.

  • hipmom

    I am a total coffee addict. I can’t function in the morning without a fresh cup of coffee. And if we are out of cream for my coffee, it’s like the world is coming to an end. I detest coffee made with milk or horrible powdered creamer. I have had Tassimo at my parents and it’s awesome! I especially like the Cappucino.

  • janet

    I consider myself a coffee conisour as I have tried many many different kinds of coffee, and my conclusion is you get wht you pay for. I cannot walk by a store or cafe that has coffee brewing and not stop in for a quic one of to go one. The smell of coffee is like an affodisiac (sp?) to me. Better than sex lol. I buy whole coffee beans and grind them myself to get the full flavor and aroma of the coffee I am brewing. I cannot go more than a hour without a good cup of coffee.

  • Kerrie

    What do I love about coffee??? What DON’T I love about coffee is the better question. I love everything about coffee. I love the taste. I love the smell. I love the energizing caffeine boost. I love coffee when it’s hot. I love iced coffee too. I just love my daily ritual of holding my steaming cup of coffee, and taking that first delicious sip of the day. mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm

  • mars

    coffe is one of the most enjoyable drinks in the world! i think fresh organic coffee is a wholesome beverage, and in moderation it is good for you.

  • jennifer

    I love coffee because it’s always there for you!! Even if worst came to worst and you we’re stuck in the bush instant coffee would do πŸ™‚ Not a hole lot of things in life you can say that about. CHEERS to all the coffee lovers

  • mountie9

    I love coffee because it makes me able to get through a day at work with a smile after spending 1:30 – 3:30 am with my 1 year old who wanted to party instead of sleep!

  • Karen

    Mmm Coffee! Of course I like coffee…to wake me up!

  • howard

    Vicky – come on….be honest….what do you love more….coffee or beer ? Have you ever tried to start your morning off with Beer ? Try a little tomato juice as well…simply splendid.

  • http://crumbsintheminivan.blogspot.com CynthiaK

    Being of Finnish descent, and having been brought up on coffee since the tender age of about 4, coffee has been part of my entire life. Coffee means time to sit with family and friends to catch up with each other. Coffee means a warm, cozy wake up in the cool mornings. Coffee and pulla (Finnish coffee bread) means a chance for an intimate conversation with my grandmother over her kitchen table. I couldn’t imagine my life without coffee. Even since switching to (mostly) decaf since my first was born seven years ago, the taste and warmth are so soothing to me.
    Alright, now after writing that I have to go put a pot on!

  • Andrea

    Nothing like the smell of fresh coffee on a Saturday morning…this brewer is quick and easy – two things that are necessary when you’ve got two little boys running around the house – and the caffeine would give me the energy I need to keep up with them!

  • Lisa

    To describe coffee as a fifth member of our family wouldn’t be an exaggeration! I have two young sons (2 and 4 months) and both my mother and mother in law live in Australia – so not a lot of help! I appreciate the ‘extra pair of hands’ coffee gives me. That extra boost to rush up the stairs to wipe that bum, or cross the other side of the grocery store to get that item I forgot. Its a liquid Nanny. And its affordable, convenient and easy – three golden rules for any Mum!

  • susanmcgaghey@yahoo.ca


  • comet

    there is nothing like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning…it gets my motor running.

  • strawberry1019

    i lvoe coffee so much that i drink all day long, this cofee pot would be awsome to try out

  • Giggles

    I love coffee in the morning because it wakes me up in the morning. Especially when I have to get up extra early in the morning.

  • Rita J

    The smell of coffee in the morning, makes my day! If I do not get my coffee I am not grumpy, but , I am out of sorts. Long Live coffee.

  • missy444


  • sandy

    love coffee

  • pleau_864

    Nothing in the world beats getting up in the morning with a smell of my favorit coffee.. well that or finding a wallet under my pillow..lol!
    Not having my first cup in the morning ,means dealing cold turkey with my kids running around and who hit who first..or who broke Marry muffet etc..
    Coffe keeps me a very happy mommy!

  • talofa

    I love coffee to start my day and keep me going at work.

  • eightbelow

    To wake up and start the day right.

  • lesley

    I have to have my first cup of coffee before I get started in the morning, I used to drink 6-8 but with getting older, I can only manage 2 if I want to sleep though the night. Must admit though I have not tried any other kinds of coffee………….

  • karen Munro

    sometimes we need a moment for colleting our ourselfs and get grounded awwww

  • Kim

    Coffee is an absolute MUST to start my day! I love the smell of coffee first thing in the morning .. well any part of the day for that matter. There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice hot cup of coffee!

  • withwit

    I love coffee! It is one small pleasure that I never feel guilty for indulging in. I can pick it up or make it at home. There’s nothing better than grinding your own beans, adding sugar or artificial sweetner (on those bloated days) flavoured cream and enjoying a great cup of coffee in bed on a weekend morning. If you’re really lucky you can train your spouse, teenager, cat etc to serve it to you. Just help them out by setting up your pot the night before and all that is needed is a push of a button the next am. Coffee makes a great dessert with liquer and whipped cream, it’s a good ice breaker when your getting to know someone new……just meet for a quick cup of coffee. If no sparks are set off you at least know you’ve have a great cup of Java!
    I just can’t imagine life without my brew!

  • Brenda

    The smell of fresh coffee overwhelming my kitchen in the morning.Sitting at my table,cup in hand looking out my dining window at the birds chirping in the tree.Feeling the heat from my cup on a chilly winter day….life is good.

  • nbs

    I have to have my coffee in the morning – I am NOT a morning person and without it I cannot function. Before the cats (or anyone else for that matter!) get fed, I start my coffee. Just to smell the coffee making gives me a lift, and when I actually get to taste it, it is divine…
    We just got a new coffee maker at work, similar to a Tassimo, and it is amazing!! I am now drinking more than my usual 2 regular cups a day because it is so good…so I need a Tassimo at home so I can enjoy my cups of coffee on the weekend!! (or else I may have to end up at work on ugh…weekends…just for the coffee!!!). Vicki – thanks for the chance to win one!

  • sbenko

    It’s just the thing I have to have to start my day. A day when it takes me 2hrs to get my coffee is a day that is not going well. So the mornings that I have it right on time relaxes me.

  • Guppy

    I too started my coffee habit after the birth of my first child. And although my last is now 6 yrs old, I still have to start my day with a couple cups! I mix it up on the weekends with a Mocha or Chai Tea….thats why this little beautiful “Tassimo” would be great! I could expand my morning ritual with different types of discs.

  • matt rash

    There is nothing like waking up to a fresh pot of coffe ready for you to dive into.The aroma is so pleasing it wakes you up and gets you moving.love coffee

  • Edith Feuchter

    I love a nice cup of coffe because it relaxes me. When my husband is in the kitchen he often asks me how could he help me. That is when I tell him, how about making a nice cup of coffe, which he happily does because he is also a “big” coffe lover.
    That is our favorite time together talking and sipping our favorite beverage.

  • LG78

    Can’t start my day without coffee, a Tassimo would be a better start to my day!!!

  • Marika

    I don’t care if I have coffee or not during the day, but if I don’t get my jumbo-sized dose first thing in the morning then, well, lets just say that Mommy gets a leeetle cranky!

  • Melissa

    I used to hate the taste of coffee and then a two year old and a five month old later I have a hard time not having at least one cup everyday. My coffee in the morning is like my 10 minute sanctuary of me time where no one gets to bug mommy till my cup is empy lol at least I try that!

  • truhud

    I love that coffee will give me the boost that housewives of the 60’s got through illegal pill popping. Life is stressful and money is always the root of the problem. No more having to pay for cups (that make me feel I am killing the environment) of coffee. I could save that money to buy a really nice bath robe that would take me away to another dream world.

  • loraine

    I sooo love coffee we have 3 people in the family that drink coffee all the time I always wanted to try this product but ended up with a senseo Im thinking this one is better I would love to win this thank you for the opportunity

  • trish_rodrigues

    Coffee, something I can’t live without! Whether it’s a cup warming my hands at the hockey rink or the cup I squeeze while waiting for my boys who are driving in a snowstorm; it’s something that just seems to be there when I need it LOL! so…love coffee…of course I do!

  • Stacy

    I really like coffee, I only started to drink it when preggers with my second child. Now I don’t go a day without it, Now I am the grandmother of 6 and need it even more..
    it gives me a lift when I need it and also gives me a chance to sit down and relax. but I find making a whole pot is some times a waste, as I don’t have time or the need for that much, so some times I use instant. But all in all coffee is a huge and constant part of my day.

  • http://gmail Michelle Bradley

    I love pairing coffee with flavours like chocolate, dried fruits or nuts.

  • momofthree

    I love my coffee. It gives me energy when I need it and the good thing about coffee is that it comes in all kinds of favorites if you desire to have something different on occassion. The smell alone is so wonderful and the warmth of drinking it by the fireplace is so peaceful and relaxing. This new machine would come in so handy particularly when I am the only one that drinks it on the weekdays. Oh Santa, please….please… remember me. I promise you that I have been good!!

  • DLM

    I LOVE coffee, but for different reasons… it keeps my husband very happy! I currently don’t drink coffee (but, am looking forward to it once I’ve finished nursing my little guy!), but my husband finds such a big pleasure out of a simple cup of coffee. This machine is definitely on my wish list… it would make my day (and his!) to win this!

  • elena

    i am a working mom of three . wenn i am having a coffee , it is the only time ihave for my self.

  • sampledar

    I love the smell of coffee and the tast but only indulge once a week. It is a Sunday ritual and I especially enjoy it with a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

  • lisa yelds

    I would LOVE to have a coffee maker my perkalator broke a few months ago and tea or coke a cola just don,t give me the kick that a wonderful smelling a tasting coffee does hopefully Santa will bring me a new machine so I can start my mornings with a positive glow (:

  • sassycmac

    I have a friend who has a Tassimo and wow does it make a great coffee everytime. Love the smell of a good cup of coffee and how it perks you up first thing in the morning!

  • miamax

    I love the taste of coffee especially when I have a piece chocolate in my mouth, and slowly let the two melt together. I think this is the closest to heaven.
    I even like chocolate covered coffee beans or just coffee beans by themselves which I started to chew when I was a child.
    My love for coffee continued through university, and until this day.
    I love it especially when I smell fresh coffee being brewed, and nothing can replace a good cup of coffee.
    Therefore, I am definitely a coffee-aholic.

  • mwatt

    For me, it’s for sure the aroma that gets me every time. There is nothing quite like it.

  • Ellen

    I love Coffee, I love the smell of freshly ground coffee beans, I love the smell of my coffee brewing, I love the first “Ahhhh” of the day when I take my first sip of my coffee. If they made air fresheners that smelled like freshly ground coffee I would buy it!! Coffee, any way shape or form ! Love it!!!

  • Marianne

    My husband and I have different coffee tastes so a Tassimo would be the perfect solution!

  • Valerie Gibson

    It keeps me going on those hard days.

  • Lila Sarick

    nearly 200 comments! Way to go!
    the blog looks great.

  • Tammy

    I am hooked on coffee, if I don’t have a least 1 cup of coffee on my way to work at 5 am. my day is going to be a bad day. Then I go visit my parents have a few more cups and the later with the girls and watching the kids play.
    No matter how the day goes, you can always count on a good cup of coffee to make you feel much better. Either getting away on a drive, or sitting with a good book or magazine, what goes with that A GOOD CUP OF COFFEE.
    It will never argue with you and it WILL keep you warm, 100% of the time…lol
    OK, now i am going to go get a cup of coffee, then go volunteer a the school.

  • Penny

    I love the burst of energy that first sips gives me!

  • ginger

    I absolutely adore a cup of brewed coffee in the mornings.It is always a great start to my day to just relax in the kitchen and savour every sip as I listen to the radio while reading the newspaper.

  • maggie1952

    I wake up in the morning longing for my first cup of coffee of the day.

  • Kim

    There is no life without coffee! Coffee is for sleep deprivation as well as it calms the soul… Coffee – hmmm.

  • sidrah

    I love coffee because of the smell and how it refreshes me. Also helps me fight cold and flu. My eyes don’t open until i smell coffee in the morning

  • alice20031979

    i started drinking coffee when i was 18 i loved it cause it’s always there i love the way it tastes and even if it sits for 4 hours i still drink it i can keep it in my pot and drink it later on it’s got such a great taste and it’s one thing my kids don’t drink yet but they sure love to make it for me even my 4 year old trys but i am scared he might break the pot and get burned it’s a great way to have something on a cold or even hot day and even though it wakes me up in the morning it puts me to sleep at night coffee is the best with out it i have a hard time functioning in the morning

  • Julie

    The taste, of course, but almost as much: the smell! Ahhh! So soothing, any time of day.

  • Desiree Evans

    I love my coffee. Funny thing is, during both pregnancies I could not even stand the smell of coffee! But as I was induced with my twin boys and was lying on the bed waiting for things to progress all I could think about was a coffee. The nurse permitted me that one wish and my husband brought a coffee to the room. The smell, the anticipation of a sip just made my day, despite knowing that my world was about to turn upside down! My favorite coffee moments now are when my husband brings me coffee to bed and the newspaper. I know at that time that I have a few moments to savour for myself as he gets the children up and fed breakfast. I also love a fresh brewed coffee from Second Cup or Starbucks when I’m out doing running around. It seems to just slow my pace and put a smile on my face. It seems to mean ME time.

  • moonglow

    I LOVE coffee! Nobody can speak to me in the morning until I’ve had at least one cup. Really need that caffeine. Also, I just quit drinking (alcohol) and find that coffer takes the edge off my desire for a drink, so I’m drinking a lot more coffee, and really enjoying it.
    I’d really love to win the Tassimo … it would make a super addition to my kitchen!

  • sweetkeet

    I am a self-described coffee aficionado/addict/obsessive… whatever you want to call my love of really, really good coffee is okay with me!:) I got hooked on tiny cups of espresso while studying Spanish in Madrid some 20 years ago. Then I couldn’t do without it at university; I purchased a simple Bialetti stovetop espresso maker, then graduated to a series of ever-more sophisticated cappuccino makers over the years: Faema, Gaggia, DeLonghi, Krups, Breville… and the list goes on. (The list is long and scary because I actually wore out EACH AND EVERY one of them — no joke.) I’m told the Tassimo makes lovely, perfect cups of espresso, cappuccino, latte, tea and hot chocolate — and lasts quite a while. I hope to win this amazing machine!

  • http://msn jeanette

    i love my coffee first thing in the morning.i get my daughter off to school and then sit down with our dog,a cup of coffee and my book for a hour.then i can get to the rest of my work.

  • Imran

    I love coffee and I really need a one cup coffee maker. TASSIMO is one of the best!

  • Sonia

    Coffee is my little escape. Being a homeschooling mom of three getting away is not always easy. Five minutes sipping(or gulping) coffee refuels me to keep on…… I have wanted to try this

  • jennifer_rusk

    I do not think that I could actually start the day without my coffee(despite having to drink decaf now)…it has become a ritual with me and I love the smell of good coffee brewing! I even enjoy walking into the local coffee shop just for the smells of coffee brewing πŸ™‚ I started drinking coffee in high school and will not stop any time soon!

  • raleigh

    I love coffee because of the way it makes me feel, all warm and cozy, there is nothing better than cuddling up with a hot cup of coffee and a good book πŸ™‚

  • sarah

    Sippin one right noww!! oh what wouldi do without the beans..

  • http://swellpregnancy.blogspot.com Angela Peters

    I am dying to have one of these! Just had my baby girl 5 months ago and haven’t slept since!!!

  • xoxMissMichelle

    I can honestly say, the last thing I think about before I go to sleep is how much I am going to enjoy that fresh, hot, sweet steaming cup of coffee when I wake. That single pleasure is what draws me out of bed in the morning no matter what the day holds. I only ever have one cup, but that one cup is so delicious and satisfying…what a great way to start the day!

  • hether78

    I like (or should I say LOVE) coffee because it is the only time out of my busy day in between balancing small children and a job and housework that everything stops in time and I SIT DOWN! It makes me feel warm and cozy inside! Starbucks is my regular stomping grounds and they all know me by name. I have been saying to the hubby for quite some time now that we need to get something like a Tassimo so I can cut back on the coffee spending so this would be FANTASTIC! Thank you for the chance!

  • dancnrain

    I absolutely love coffee, it’s enjoyable with friends or simply enjoying it before heading to work.

  • julesn2boys

    i would love a TASSIMO, been wanting one for months since a friend got one. Love the smell of coffee, so awesome to wake up to πŸ™‚

  • Lori A Belanger

    I love coffee because…
    it makes me feel human on those days that I am feeling sleep deprived but have about a million things to do before I can go to bed again! As a single Mom to three little girls, ages 8, 6 & 4, there is hardly any ME time these days but caffeine gets me through with a smile on my face! πŸ˜€

  • michelle

    Coffee is part of my morning routine, if I dont have it, I feel off all day!

  • ehelfand

    I like to try different flavours and I believe the Tassimo makes other hot beverages too.

  • dewinner

    That’s all we drink in our house!! We are coffee fanatics, we only buy Kona from Hawaii or Timmy’s and Starbucks. I have an old Tassimo but these new ones are just awesome. Does it really come in that fushia colour? I luv the fancy little coffee you can make with the Tassimo but my husband is just black coffee the girls like the fancy ones as well, so the pods are great!! I would really luv this what an awesome giveaway.

  • Shauna Hepner

    I actually NEVER drank coffee before my boys. but BOYS=Coffee!!!!
    I NEED it now just to function with the high energy, no stop, tornados knownm as preschool boys!!

  • Debra B

    My relationship with coffee began in 1976 when I joined the military I loved that it gave me that sense of normalcy in some somber or scary situations that I often found myself in while deployed. For me having that cup of coffee was very calming. I retired in 2001, but my love of coffee continues. I love the smell, the taste and the memories that each and every cup can bring.

  • kimper

    OMG! COFFEEEEEEEE! I love my cup of Joe. Problem is my husband likes a different kind then me and when family visits everyone seems to have their favorite.
    Tassimo is the anser.
    I love my coffee because it the taste reminds me of when I was a kid and my father would brew a pot on a cold winter’s day. He’d let me get the cup ready with cream and sugar. Now smelling a feshly brewed coofee and drinking it brings me back to wonderful memories.

  • Sharon

    COFFEE!!! I have the most wonderful time after everyone has left and I make “the” first cup of coffee for my day. There is something heavenly happening as I sit there and sip. One large cup and suddenly I am able to meet the demands of the day. I love it!.

  • Monica Clarkson

    I enjoy the full body aroma of a medium brew, as great pick me up to help me begin my day.

  • Harmony Poisson

    I love coffee because it is comfortinig and it allows me to have more energy to get things done as a busy working mom.

  • ronnieb

    What I love about coffee……it wakes me up and takes great as long as I have the right amount of sugar and cream…..now when you add something like a French Vanilla or Hazelnut cream it makes it outstanding……you can always add Bailey’s makes it a great hot drink!!
    Cheers – Coffee style!!!

  • Phyllis

    Sitting with friends enjoying a cup of coffee is the most perfect way to relax after a hard day at work. It makes you forget your problems.

  • Anne

    As coffee is brewing my taste buds just crave for my first cup of the day. I need my first coffee to make it through the day. For a quick picker upper, a great coffee in the afternoon is just what the doctor ordered. For a relaxing time after dinner a great cup of coffee just finishes the whole day.

  • vpigeon

    Mmmmm… drinking coffee now. I love to drink it with a little soy milk, my at home version of a latte. It helps me feel like winter is ok. Looking outside and watching snow blow around is only beaarable with a steaming cup up hot coffee!

  • Sam

    I love everything about coffee. i love the smell when you open up the container with the grinds, I love the smell as its brewing. I love sitting down on a Sunday morning with a nice warm cup in my hands as my family and I watch Coronation street together. Coffee gives a warm, coziness that no other drink can remotely come close to.

  • Andrea

    My coffee taste has changed over the years, but mostly I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee…or walking down the coffee isle at the supermarket…it’s such a romantic smell to me! Besides the romance, it helps me get on the go on the weekends with all the activities our family of 5 needs to do.

  • Michelle

    Some of the ladies stories here are great! I don’t really have an interesting story, but I’d love to win this for my hubby. He works so hard and I’d love for him to be able to start his long days with any choice of coffee he wanted in the mornings πŸ™‚

  • Erin

    Coffee in the morning, no matter how often I was up with the baby during the night, clears the cobwebs and makes me feel as though I’ve had 10 straight hours of sleep (at least temporarily). I also agree that Kicking Horse Kick Ass coffee is fantastic!

  • Bonny Rambarran

    Oh how I love coffee!!!! There is nothing like a fresh cup and the smell of coffee brewing . . . .amazing!!

  • Crystal L

    There’s just something about the fresh aroma of coffee first thing in the morning that helps to make your day start in the right direction! There are so many flavored options now that it makes it fun to make yourself a cup of joe! I have yet to find the perfect coffee machine and would love to have this one for my own!!!! Having to chase after 3 kids, this certainly can help!

  • lori0513

    Really???? Eggnog in your coffee?? I must try that.

  • Trina

    I love the taste of coffee, black, nothing added, it’s not coffee if you add cream and sugar, that is blasphemy!! LOL I have had it black for ever and there is nothing better on a winter morning, or sitting on the deck of the cottage looking out at the water and sipping a hot cup of coffee.
    It also helps when the kids ask to read 15 books in a row at 7am!!!!

  • Kaila Burke

    I love coffee because it is the few moments at the beninning of my day that I have to myself.

  • Deborah

    30 yrs of good strong brewed coffee in the early a.m. is as predictable as the sun coming up in our house. The aroma, the taste, the warmth, it is an indulgence that you can enjoy with just one hand and handle everything else with the other, switch hands, just as wonderful. In the world of simple pleasures, coffee the universally understood language of ‘mornings’!

  • shellyinwcanada

    Oops forgot to sign in before my comment so this is a repost
    I LOVE the smell of coffee grounds before being brewed. They are so fresh and rich – hmmnnnn good and the scent wakens my senses

  • crystal

    my all time favorite would have to be walking into tim hortons or starbucks and the aroma just hits you as you walk in the door. talk about a pick me up!

  • Shelly

    I LOVE the smell of coffee grounds before being brewed. They are so fresh and rich – hmmnnnn good.

  • Darcey

    Hmmm, I love coffee… because it smells sooooooooo delicious! In the morning, after a shower, a cup of coffee gets you going. At this time of year – a splash of eggnog added to an awesome cup of coffee starts the day off to a festive beginning!

  • foxxter

    Everyone that has one of these raves about it! It seems like a must for coffee lovers.

  • joanneelford

    I never drank coffee until I had my son. It was the only thing that could wake me up when he wanted to wake up. Now, eleven years later, I’m a coffee addict. In a good way!

  • kareni

    There’s nothing better then the smell of fresh coffee before it’s brewed. Opening the bag for the first time, taking a long deep sniff, smelling all the different scents and savouring every moment. A bottle of Shiraz never smelt this good!

  • Toby

    I love coffee!! Seriously, drinking it right now!! lol It’s warmth is comforting, taste is inviting, and it does give me that pick me up to get through the day!! CHEERS TO COFFEE!! πŸ˜€

  • lori0513

    Ah, coffee….it’s the only thing that I have for breakfast most mornings, with a new baby and no time for me!!! I love the smell of it brewing and that first sip I take as I nurse my son!! It’s also like a laxative for me, it’s great…Sorry for all of those with weak stomachs!!! πŸ™‚

  • aprilfool20

    I love coffee because it makes me warm and comfie all over. It gives me the excuse to sit and watch the lake where I live, without looking lazey. But most of all my husband sits with me in comfortable silence for 10 mins every Saturday morning before he runs his errands.

  • Jennifer Heron

    I love a lot of things about coffee! I love the smeall when I grind up the beans to when its brewing! I also love the wrapping my hands around my favorite mug in the morning as I sip my yummy coffee! I also associate it with friendship because my friends and I whenever we are together have a coffee while discussing our lives!

  • Portia181

    I woz so lucky to be part of the Tassimo smart talk event at The Liberty Grand Toronto…. It took me a while to get used to the Tassimo I like making types of coffee
    I would not normally be able to make. ie Frothy coffee chi latte etc lotsa different receipes on the web site.

  • jeanten

    There’s nothing like the smell of fresh ground coffee when you first open a new package/can. The aroma is intoxicating, you just have to brew a pot right away and enjoy the great taste.

  • redherring

    I have drank coffee since I was a young child more milk than coffee then. But it is a daily part of my routine and I miss it if I don’t have it
    rhondastruthers at yahoo dot ca

  • Laelar

    The smell of coffee is like a hug. It takes me back to my Aunt Jean’s kitchen in Ottawa. Always full of good smells, good food, lots of laughter and love. I may not drink it as much as I used to but it still bring back that security blanket feeling when I smell it brewing.


    sorry forgot to sign in…love the smell of brewing coffee…mmmm!

  • heathereast7

    Hello Vicky, first, please let me thank you for being so generous as to offer this awesome giveaway to an extremely lucky winner!! Being able to select whatever blend that suits your fancy is a gift in itself.
    Last summer my three children and I were sadly traumatized by the death of my husband in a tragic boating accident. I can’t begin to tell you how difficult of a time that was for all of us, thankfully we are all doing very well now after amazing support from family and friends. During our recovery time, I had taken up drinking coffee as a form of “comfort”, it was the warm, cuddly security blanket that I desperately needed to wrap myself in while I was attempting to sort “things” out. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee just has a way of saying that life is good under any circumstances.
    My life is a constant rush between work, household duties, and all of the extra-curricular activities that my children take part in. My one daughter’s ballet studio has a Tassimo coffee maker and I just love it because I can savour a cup of liquid gold during her hour of ballet class. If I had my own Tassimo, I could bring a cup of coffee to my son’s hockey practices and games also. What more could a busy mom ask for?
    Vicky, enjoy your Christmas Holidays and cherish each day with a hot cup of coffee and a passion for life.

  • dawnsmmit

    I agree with the relaxing feeling of sitting down with some peace and quiet and savouring a cup of coffee, anytime of day. I only started drinking it recently, just because everyone else in the office was, but now I am hooked.

  • torooo

    i like coffee because it taste good.

  • jamie-lee harrison

    I love coffee, because the aroma and warmth just put’s me at ease. I love to relax with a nice warm cup, it calms me down and lets me think straight.

  • Lynn Johnson

    I enjoy my coffee in the morning. I fresh brew a pot each day and nothing beats that fresh smell of ground coffee and the smell of a pot being made. At six in the morning it’s the perfect starter for the day!

  • Rose

    I love the taste and aroma that the varieties of coffees have to offer. I especially like experiment with different brand and flavors. One of the first things I have to do when I get up in the morning is to start my coffee maker. I don’t think I would make it through the day without being able to enjoy my morning cup of coffee.

  • wayne turner

    Smell of it brewing makes me want to get out of bed!

  • Tara

    I Love coffee for the great taste but most of all I love the me-time it gives me (even if it is just as long as one sip!).

  • lynnedapooh

    coffee is what starts my day before i wake the kids i tiptoe downstairs and old style boil my water in a pot i then make my coffee double double and sit in from on breakfast television and enjoy every last sip until 7am then my day begins with a few more coffees along the way

  • jenng

    I love the smell and the first piping hot sip………mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..

  • kathryn

    I think I love the smell of good coffee better than the taste. These nothing like that fresh smell first thing in the morning.

  • pinkmac85

    For me coffee is part of my morning routine! I am a stay at home mom to a 9 month old girl so every morning while she is eating her breakfast I start my coffee and by the time it’s ready she goes down for her nap! I drink my coffee and check/read my emails and fav. websites! If it wasn’t for my coffee ritual in the mornings I don’t think I’d make it through the day!

  • Vicki

    Well, I do love my coffee – it’s pretty much the only thing I drink! My best coffee of the day is just after everyone has left in the morning – I leave all the lights low (or off!), surround myself with my 3 cats and one dog – grab my coffee and cosy up on the couch until I have to leave…it’s truly a wonderful way to start the day!

  • snickerzmom

    I have several coffee makers that produce different types of coffee: drip, press, espresso, etc. I love coffee and enjoy exploring different ways to prepare it.

  • PDLadybug

    I LOVE coffee, because the smell, the taste, and yes, the caffeine are all the reasons how I make it through each morning. And the afternoons… I love hugging my big mug of coffee as I work at my computer. It is so comforting to have my cuppa of joe beside me and sip it as I tackle my day.

  • countrylynn

    Coffee is what helps me get through each and every day! I am always on the go helping people as much as I can. Right now we are doing Christmas baking, enough to fill a large freezer, so that we have enough bake goods to make up several trays to hand out to families at Christmas. With out coffee none of us would make it through each day. Coffee is giving us the energy, warmth, comfort and all around good feeling that keeps us going. The smell of the coffee being made, it just gets all of your body tingling and that “I can’t wait for that warm comfort feeling” I get with every cup. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!

  • Patricia Boyle

    I believe that I am addicted to Tim Horton’s coffee. It is somewhat like a comfort food – my coffee and a muffin. Must have it every day. I don’t think that it is the caffeine factor because I don’t get a buzz from it; it is more a psychological need.

  • Farheen

    I love everything about coffee – the smell, the taste, even the thought of a good cup of coffee makes me happy. I can drink coffee anytime, anyplace. I am what you call a caffeine addict πŸ™‚

  • cushiebunny

    I love me some coffee, as most days it seems my get up and go, done got up and left without me. This would give me the chance to try and catch it.

  • http://www.wildaboutbeads.ca Nicole

    I have 5 girls all under 9 so every little bit of help I can get is taken with open arms. Coffee is a must!

  • Brandy

    I started drinking coffee socially with friends about 4 years ago, we would always try some new flavour, then I found the fabulous mocha cream while living in Ottawa and let’s just say I am addicted. Now that I have moved back to Saskatchewan I haven’t been able to find the same cream but since I am pregnant I guess that is OK, I still have the odd decaf, and can’t wait to have that first cup of non-decaf after my twins are born!

  • mommaluc

    I love coffee…..
    Every morning I have a 3-4 cups.
    Love the richness taste of coffee and This machine would be
    easier in the mornings to deal with then waiting for a whole pot to brew

  • mipip2

    i love coffee because it keeps me awake in th emorning abd the smell is so great.

  • irok

    I love coffee because it gives me that extra jolt of energy that I need in the morning. It keeps me running…

  • rachel

    i love coffee, it gives me a boost when im sleep deprived, have 4 children under 11

  • fokxxy

    I love coffee because its a get me up , pick me up hot drink in the morning!

  • Joan

    Coffee time is like an appointment with whatever you need at the time — a boost, a break, a moment to think, a moment to talk.

  • mommaof3

    I love the smell, taste and warmth of coffee. Just having a cup of coffee in my hands makes me feel good, not to mention that on these cold winter days warms me up from outside to inside. Mmmmm coffee must go and make a cup now, sure hope its a cup of Tassimo coffee soon. Thanks for the contest, for the chance at getting one. A fresh cup everytime. Mmmmm

  • anissatrenholm

    There’s nothing like sipping a coffee on a Saturday morning and reading flyers infront of the fireplace in the sunroom. A little piece of heaven before the children wake up. Every other morning, the timer is set for 0615.

  • Tina F

    I love the smell of coffee brewing in the mornings. And yes there are those times as a mother when you need that little extra boost of energy that coffee gives to me. Great giveaway!

  • mycafelatte

    I like coffee because it reminds me of my mom. She always had a full pot brewing and a mug in her hand. Coffee is a way to connect with others, and if by yourself, a moment to catch your breath. A well needed rest when you have a little one.


    Nothing is better than a cup of coffee furst thing in the morning as you read the daily newspaper in bed!

  • ivycottage

    I love coffee. The aroma lifts my spirits. It gives me a “jumpstart” for the day or a “pick me up” in the afternoon. I can’t live without it.

  • Victoria

    I used to like coffee but with a 3-1/2 and 1 year old I need a coffee to get me going in the morning, especially if my older girl has decided she has had enough sleep at 6am.
    I really enjoy my coffee in the morning and it gives me a warm boost in the morning to start my day.

  • calicok3

    I love the smell as it is perking, I love that 1/2 second feeling of release and bliss when you cup your hands a hot cup. Sometimes when I am so busy and everyone is asking me to do something it is the smell and that 1/2 second that I end up enjoying most about my cup of hot coffee.

  • Tania

    I love my coffee in the morning … the day just doesn’t start properly without it! It truly is a comfort for me as my best memories of my Gramma are sitting with her with a hot cup of coffee and a couple of pieces of home-made biscuit (coffeebread) or korpuja (finn toast). She passed away 3 years ago and I still miss her but every time I sit and have a coffee with biscuit, I feel she’s there with me. I am sure she would have thought a Tassimo was pretty neat – making different cups of coffee in just a few seconds. Thank you for the opportunity to win one, Vicky!

  • Violet

    In my house, coffee is one of the major food groups and a staple. I have my best friend to thank for introducing me to this wonderful beverage over 33 years ago. Until that time, I have never drank coffee. We used to go to each others houses and let our children have their playdate and while they were doing that, we would sit and drink tons of coffee while trying to cook, clean, craft, chat, (notice how everything starts with “c” for coffee).
    It keeps me sane and also comforts me, and on those mornings where you just don’t want to move, it wakes me up. I would love to have one of these wonderful machines, just think, I could bring it to work with me and put it on my desk and have a cup when ever I wanted. I think Timmy’s might become old hat with one of these.

  • Victoria

    I used to like coffee but with a 3-1/2 and 1 year old I need a coffee to get me going in the morning, especially if my older girl has decided she has had enough sleep at 6am.
    It gives me a warm boost in the morning to start my day.

  • magyrul_virag

    Why do YOU like coffee?
    I love coffee, its smell, its flavor, I am not awake till I have a coffee and to go to bed I have a hot coffee, my husband thinks I am crazy for doing that.

  • Liz

    I love the smell of coffee when I first open it up and then there’s nothing like the smell of coffee being made in the morning. The taste is awesome. I just love my coffee.

  • erin

    I actually don’t love coffee… but I do love Chai Lattes, and the Tassimo can make those. It can also make Cappuccinos – which I guess is technically coffee. I love relaxing with a nice hot beverage while winding down from my busy – sometimes stressful – day. It lends the illusion of sophistication to my otherwise unrefined lifestyle.

  • alana

    WOW What to say about coffee its gota to be the next best thing to sex i have to have it or i get really cranky my coffee habit is so bad that if i dont have it i get headacks sounds stupid but it is an addiction and i love it. I would not get threw the day with out my friend MR COFFEE .

  • craftylady

    Oh the Love of Coffee the aroma of fresh brewed coffee awakens all my senses; I close my eyes and breathe in deeply. Pressing my lips together in anxious anticipation of that first glorious sip, the rich smooth taste dances on the taste buds of my tongue and slowly carouses the back of my throat warming ever corner of me as it passes down deep inside of me. I open my eyes renewed and hopeful that I as a Woman, a Mother, a Wife can face another day. Thank You Coffee.

  • http://wannabemomerin.blogspot.com/ erin

    I actually don’t love coffee… but I do love Chai Lattes, and the Tassimo can make those. It can also make Cappuccinos – which I guess is technically coffee. I love relaxing with a nice hot beverage while winding down from my busy – sometimes stressful – day. It lends the illusion of sophistication to my otherwise unrefined lifestyle.

  • Heather

    I was a tea-drinker until a few months ago, when I met a great guy who is a coffee-drinker. What do I love about coffee? Sharing it with him.

  • srpoole

    I love coffee because it’s my mommy time. It’s so nice to have a cup while my daughter is napping, my feet up, spa music on and just relax

  • Linda Moffatt

    I love the smell of coffee, fresh ground, fresh brewed, all of it. That first sip is wonderful.

  • jenn_taylor4

    I love a great cup of coffee in the morning. It’s like an instant happy feeling, great to jump start anyone’s day.

  • Kiki

    I never used to like coffee, but then married someone who likely has, not blood, but double-double running through his veins… as a result of this over-exposure, I’ve really come to love the smell of it.
    In 2005, I was pregnant with my first child and craved coffee (weird, huh?) and then developed a cup-a-day addiction throughout the pregnancy.
    Two more pregnancies later and I still love me a cuppa!

  • Merns

    T – TASTE
    A – AROMA
    S – SO GOOD!!

  • leaver25

    I love my coffee because of the smell and without the caffinee boost I would be asleep by mid day.

  • happygardener

    Coffee has to be my all time favorite beverage!My favorite time to enjoy a cup of coffee is the middle of a crazy stressfull day with the kids.I put a pot coffee on and enjoy the aromas as it brews..them i sit down to a moment(and I mean moment) of enjoyment and relaxation!

  • remarker

    I love coffee because the smell perks me right up and it feels nice cradling a warm cup in my hands any time of the year.

  • pauline carson

    I love coffee and the different flavors that you can put in coffee, makes it better and it makes you want it more.

  • Tara Duncan

    I love the smell of coffee – it brings back so many memories. My grandparents coming to visit and the coffee on the stove would be on the whole time. Coming out of the shower and my sweet husband has already put it on… ahhh, the little things

  • flower

    Having coffee with my husband is a great time for us to get caught up !

  • apera

    For me, I love the smell, and the sense of comfort it gives me, no matter what else is going on in our crazy home. It gives me a few minutes to catch up on e-mails, read one of my favourite magazines, or just to day dream of days to come.

  • http://www.tinawerner.blogspot.com tina w.

    coffee gives me that little extra kick in the morning… i love the flavour, the warmth… pure satisfaction πŸ™‚

  • Jen L.

    I LOVE the smell of coffee and I love the boost it gives me. I didn’t drink much until I became a mother. Now I need that little break during the day.

  • GraceG

    Without the “Elixir of the Gods” (and my cape lol…), I simply cannot start to tackle the day! I would love to have the options that Tassimo offers with all their different flavours.

  • grammie53

    I have always wanted one of these machines no wasting anymore coffee always fresh omg smell it

  • safarmerswife

    What I love about coffee? The smell, the taste, the warmth, the sound of coffee perking…I love it all.

  • Ellen

    I love everything about coffee – the taste, smell, CAFFEINE and the social bonding of “going for a coffee”.

  • CC

    Coffee means something different to everyone, but to me it means BLISS.

  • danuta1

    My coffee is the best bevarage I enjoy any time of the day.The first think I do in the morning is to make coffee-this is my routine-to help me wake up and going.Then after arriving at work I may have another one to continue my day.I can’t imagine if there was no COFFEE!

  • Kathleen

    Coffee is such a great pick me up in the mornings!


    Love coffee!!!!!! especially the smell in the morning and the pick me up πŸ™‚

  • pat

    I absolutley love COFFEE!!!!! The smell, the taste, the relaxing feeling I get when I can sit down after a hectic day and take time for myself. I would so love the Tassimo because of all the choices. Mmmm, coffee!!!

  • Viaes

    I love coffee on those cold mornings to get me moving and at the end of the day after my daughter is in bed it helps me relax πŸ™‚

  • sojeles

    I only started drinking coffee about 3 months ago. I never liked the taste, always loved the smell. I’m a wedding photographer and after dinner you’re always asked if you want coffee. I was given coffee one night instead of my usual tea, and I really liked it. I also found it gave me that extra kick to finish up shooting for a few more hours into the night at weddings. Now my husband likes it as well, especially different flavours.

  • deb

    There is nothing like a warm cup of anything, but especially coffee, to give you that little break to recharge your batteries and continue about your busy day.

  • sandi

    Why do i love coffee? Well let me tell you. I wake up and my day consists of my first cup of hazelnut coffee. This just kick starts me. I then have another and another just like the other. Coffee is my way of treating myself every morning.
    (_)> MMMMM smell that freshly brewed coffee

  • LO

    After children, it is impossible to live without.

  • Issy

    I like coffee because it gives me a boost of energy and clears my head first thing in the morning. I set my coffeemaker on the timer for when I usually get up and it’s ready to go when I walk out of the bedroom. Love it!!!

  • Irish_Girl

    Coffee? What’s not to love? The smell, the taste, that little kick in the pants that it gives you to get your butt moving in the morning. Coffee is one of my gulity pleasures. I LOVE coffee and good coffee…. Instant? no, thanks. I’d rather do without and that’s saying something! πŸ˜‰

  • Lizzie C

    What do I love? Everything from the aroma, to the caffeine buzz to the good memories associated with a cup of joe!

  • arrowheadmac

    Ah coffee! My morning doesn’t even begin until I have my first cup. I drink it during the day as a time out, just for me and after supper with hubby as we chat about our days.

  • cc

    What can I say; I love everything about coffee! I can’t remember the exact day I started drinking it when I was a teen but I don’t know how I functioned without it before than!

  • Maria

    I think I really started drinking coffee in college, but I absolutely started LOVING & NEEDING my coffee once the kids came along. I have been eyeing the Tassimo for some time now, it looks amazing, especially since it brews me favorite, Lattes!

  • Roxanne

    I love waking up to the nice aroma of fresh coffee brewing. It smells so nice and is great to wake up to! There is nothing like the first cup of coffee in the day!

  • Sarah

    Because it forces me to take a moment for myself! Oh and the caffeine…

  • marshadiane

    I love coffee because it gives me the pick up I need to start my day. I love the flavoured coffees.

  • licoricelegs

    hmmm! the smell of freshly brewing coffee is life no other!

  • howard

    Leave it to a guy….I hate coffee ! Caffeine is bad ! Freshly squeezed orange juice and plenty of water is my preferred morning beverage

  • jenlcroy

    Coffee…. Ah coffee. Helps wake you up, is a nice relaxing drink after supper, and sure comes in handy with a nine year old, 2 year old and 6 month old. Mmmmmm the smell of freshly ground coffee perking is heaven. Especially amaretto flavored beans. Thats gotta be the best way to wake up. Give me my cuppa, a kiss from the hubby and smiles from my kids and I could take on the world!!!

  • Denise Glazier

    The smell of fresh brewed coffee is on the top of my list of favorites. If you drink black coffee you can tell when you are drinking a good cup of coffee. I like coffee because it is a good start to the day. Gives me a kick-start.

  • mom

    i use to have coffee everyday when i use to work .i dont have coffee maker at home so hubby is planing to buy one so we can enjoy home made coffee veryday like others.thank you.

  • Lana

    Nothing starts the day off better than a cup of coffee sweet and hot.

  • Tonya

    Nothing like a pumpkin spice latte to warm up those fall/winter afternoons!! Great way to wake up:)

  • Suzie

    Our weekend coffee ritual is one of my simple pleasures in life. My husband wakes up before I do, makes the coffee and brings it to me when I wake up and am playing with our little daughter in bed. During the week, I drink coffee only at a coffee shop or a friends house. In all honesty, I don’t know how to use a coffee maker as I’ve never had to. Other people seem to enjoy preparing it. I just enjoy drinking it.

  • dhudon

    I love coffee because it wakes me up in the morning

  • Teresa

    COFFEE? What’s not to like? I love it…breakfast…mid-day…and a de-caf at night!!!

  • malgray

    I need my morning coffee, I really really need my morning coffee…enough said????
    But the second one that I sneak time for in the middle of the afternoon is the one I truly LOVE, it’s the one that is just for me, the one that I sip and enjoy and breathe a little while tasting…. it’s a love affair that keeps me coming back daily!

  • loridee

    I can’t start the day without a good cup of coffee !!

  • Cacher

    I’m a coffee addict. There, I’ve admitted it. Coffee has seen me through university, four children, and long drives. When I was married, we didn’t want a big fuss so we had a JP meet us at Starbucks. I love the flavor, aroma, and versatility. I’m now four hours return trip to the nearest starbucks which makes it a little difficult. Could you please tell me where the model/color you have pictured can be purchased? Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Betty

    I love my early morning cup of coffee, the one before anyone else gets out of bed. The quiet of the house, a good book and a good cup of coffee. Great way to start any Saturday.

  • 02tanya

    Aww Coffee, without it, my day would not start. I love the smell brewin in the morning and the pick up I get to start the day.

  • David

    I like the taste of coffee and the warmth is comforting, thanks.

  • Leanne Cutrara

    coffee helps me kep on top of all the details through the dAY

  • alex duncan

    when I’m tired fo studying coffee helps me keep on top of all my studies

  • erin duncan

    yto me coffee means survival through a grewling day

  • Mari Duncan

    to me coffee means conversation with friends

  • Juanita Fernandez

    coffee is the best pick me up you can share with friends

  • slp

    I enjoy Kicking Horse Coffee Grizzly because it gets my mojo going. I need that kick (literally) to be able to function for the rest of the day.

  • Dianne Leib

    Coffee gives me a jolt awake in the Morning

  • tempest1952

    Coffee wakes me up so I can face the day. I add a little vanilla to the coffee grounds and a touch of sugar to the cup to sweeten my outlook.

  • spike

    Nothing beats the smell of a freshly brewed cup of black coffee for me – just the smell wakes me up!

  • pjg

    A couple mugs of black coffee every morning is all the boost I need to get through the entire day.

  • Sheila

    Can’t imagine starting my day without it and then it keeps me going all day long. No adders, just plain coffee.

  • Angela

    I like coffee because it’s so versatile. You can drink it hot or cold, with milk or without, flavoured or plain, extra-strong or mild. There are so many combinations!

  • megnate

    I love coffee because it gives my husband and i a chance to just sit back relax and act like adults… which is nice when you have a baby πŸ™‚

  • hcablue

    I love coffee because it gives my husband and me a chance to sit and have a few quiet moments together in the morning before the kids wake up. We get caught up on each other’s news then. Plus, it tastes GREAT!!

  • janetm

    I only learned to drink coffee in my 20’s. I sometimes drink it in the morning, but mainly I love it for a pick me up in the mid afternoon, when my energy is fading. It is the taste and the caffeine boost that has me hooked.

  • Kelly K

    Oh I just love the smell of fresh ground and made coffee-it smells heavenly!

  • Cathy

    I love coffee because it what I look forward to every morning when I wake up. The thought of hot brewed coffee makes me get out of bed. I love the smell, the taste and the feeling of enjoying fresh brewed coffee.

  • cupton

    I love coffee and really needs a one cup coffee maker.

  • kalamena

    Mmmm coffee….a mom and a night shift ER nurse’s best friend.

  • jangimli

    Love the smell of fresh grinded and brewed coffee

  • Michelle Ellins

    I love how well my morning coffee goes with my morning donut!

  • lisa

    I love the smell of coffee as it is freshly being brewed. Thank you

  • Sarah

    Years ago, when I was much younger and still in high school, way before the days of children, I worked at Tim Horton’s one summer to make a little extra money. Back then I had no idea how great coffee really was. I thought I was pretty cool to be drinking my triple triples. Yes, I took my coffee with three cream and three sugar; I should have just asked for cream and sugar, hold the coffee!
    Like many of you, I became very fond of coffee after having my first child. I have exclusively breastfed both of my children for the first six months; I breastfed my son until 16 months at which time he chose to ween, and I will do the same for my daughter. At first it was wonderful because it got me through sleepless nights and teething pain, but it soon became an issue. Here’s the funny thing about coffee. Caffeine! Not only does it keep you awake, it can do the same to your breastfeeding children! So, I officially switched to decaffeinated coffee while I was nursing my son, and I noticed a HUGE difference in the amount of time he slept! Once my son stopped breastfeeding, I replaced decaf with regular, and when I was pregnant with my daughter I decided to switch to decaf once again.
    Since my daughter is still exclusively breastfeeding, I am still drinking decaf. I’m going to be honest though, I have indulged in one or two Starbucks Eggnog Lattes this month!
    To answer the original question, “Why do you like coffee?” Well, it’s simple! Being a single mother of two small children, I rarely have a moment to sit down, read the paper, and enjoy a cup of joe. Normally I have to gulp down my luke warm coffee before running out the door to get somewhere we needed to be five minutes ago! It’s the taste. The slight difference in taste between decaffeinated and regular coffee reminds me that I won’t be drinking decaf forever. It reminds to me stop, even for a second, to take a look at my ever-growing children who don’t stay the same for one moment.
    There will be a day when I can sit down and enjoy a cuppa, but for now I love my rushed, luke warm decaf coffee with a shot of skim milk. It just fits πŸ™‚

  • meems

    How would I get through the day without coffee?? There’s nothing better than relaxing with a steaming cup of GOOD coffee. It starts my morning, it means ‘break time’ throughout a busy day, it tops off a great meal (with dessert, of course!) Coffee…. is there anything it can’t do?

  • ebickell

    Coffee is my absolute favourite comfort drink. I kicked the caffeine habit when I got pregnant, and have managed to stick to decaf ever since, but I still absolutely need my coffee in the morning to ‘wake me up’ – I think it’s more the ritual of it than anything!

  • SmileyLynn

    I have always loved coffee. The best is the smell that fills the house as you’re sitting around gabbing with friends.
    I use it as a great excuse for those neighborly visits.

  • Liz W

    I don’t know how to describe it… … the unique smell and taste of coffee just.. perks me up, gets me ready for the day I suppose… Heh πŸ˜‰ Coffee somehow magically helps me get thru an entire 13 hour babysit of my niece and nephew [2 and 4 years old; always bouncing off the walls]

  • Pens Fan

    What is not to love about coffee? Yes the smell does something for me, but when you get it made just right it’s like a slice of heaven. : )
    P.S. Why does coffee smell better in the morning????

  • aspendew

    I love coffee for the “pick me up” in the morning! The smell is so nice to wake up to.
    I am so not a morning person so coffee really helps me out.

  • mandeebn

    LOL! I too started drinking coffee after I had my son πŸ™‚ What funny things motherhood makes us do! He’s 9 now and as a Nurse who works nights now–it’s still a staple in my diet! I have been wanting a Tassimo since they came out so thanks for the opportunity to win one Vicky! Good luck all!

  • saskmom

    For me, coffee is my morning ritual. Especially taking that first hot sip. It is the fuel that gets me going when I get up.

  • fpiesmommy

    Well – apparently I didn’t have enough coffee this morning – commented above (as Elizabeth) without signing in (yes, I read the instructions!). Sick child, long day, apparently not enough caffeine!

  • http://www.fpiesmommy.blogspot.com Elizabeth

    I love sitting at my desk first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee and my daily list of new blog posts. Gives me some downtime after a busy morning of getting my daughter up and to daycare. I also love the weekends when my husband puts on a fresh pot before I even get out of bed. A Tassimo has been on my wishlist for over a year!! πŸ™‚

  • Lori

    I like coffee because it makes my husband happy…which means it makes me happy πŸ™‚ It’s no good to have an uncaffeinated hubby when I need two more hands because we’ve had a diaper explosion and my little guy thinks that now is a great time to start rolling around.

  • sheri little

    I find it very relaxing drinking a nice, hot cup of coffee. I especially like half hot
    chocolate and half coffee.

  • patti

    I love the taste and smell of coffee. I started drinking it in University and haven’t stopped.. it gives me the boost in my day that I need.

  • Idas

    hmmmm, I wonder how good it could be. I grind fresh beans every day.

  • cheryl

    I love the aroma of coffee,any brand,any flavor. When I walk by an area in a restaurant that is brewing coffee, the aroma gives me a lift.

  • Erin

    I love my coffee because Kicking Horse Kick Ass is the best there is. I make it in a french press and I savour it with some me time in the morning.
    Oh, and Sleep Deprivation too!

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