Has the change in the seasons or Jen’s styling story got you thinking about changing or updating your own crowning glory?  Isn’t it amazing how our hair looks and feels affects us and our outlook?  We review clothes and accessories all the time here at the Style File, but the most important “item” is our hair.


andrewmulvennahair.jpgWhat’s most likely to motivate you to change your style – the weather, the trends, a social event, a work event or something else?  Did becoming a mom change your hair and how you style it? Or perhaps you have had the same style forever?  Tell us your hair styling story in the comments below and you could win a hair care prize pack from First Choice HairCutters. Valued at more than $200, the prize includes styling products and certificates for four free hair cuts, all packed in a Lug Puddle Pusher Bag.

And if you don’t win, you can still get a great style and donate to kids cancer research by getting a hair cut at First Choice HairCutters.  From  April 12th to 18th, a portion of the profits from each hair cut will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

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  • Deborah h

    my hair does go through phases of different colors and styles would like to know whats the best for me

  • truhud

    My hair is my achilles heal. I don’t know what to do with it anymore so I make sure i get it trimmed, but leave it long enough to put into a pony tail.

  • judygr

    I go through phases of growing my hair long and then cutting it and growing it back again. I haven’t made any really radical changes in the past and partly that’s because I had the same hairdresser for a long time. This time, I went back to a hairdresser I had tried several years ago and gave her free reign to do what she wanted. So my long, blonde same-old, same-old hair went to super, super short and funky and just blew everyone away! What fun!!

  • judcon

    I would love to have a professional do something with my hair, I usually chop away at it myself whenever it gets messy looking. I think a new hair style would give me the perk up I need after a winter of caring for my husband ( he had heart surgery) and is now well on the mend.

  • tracey

    Wow as a stay-at-home mom of 2, I rarely get the opportunity to spend money on myself for such luxuries as hair cuts. I usually crookedly trim my own bangs and wait for some special social event like a wedding or perhaps a christmas party to go all out for a professional to do magic and by then my mop is a blank slate for the stylist to enjoy.

  • pamela

    I keep my hair style short and easy but every so often I look in the mirror and I get tired of the look. Then I know it is time for a change. It may have something to do with the time of the year but I never really kept track….

  • Marlene V.

    I am looking for a new hair style. I am still trying to find that hair cut that suits me best. For the longest time I had my hair long so that I could tie it back into a pony tail. Lately, now that my children are a older and I have more time for myself and my hair I have been experimenting with different styles and highlights. I have fine straight hair and have found it challenging to find that style I love and also to find good products to help give my hair volume!!! Thanks for the chance to win

  • Betty

    I have naturally curly hair so I spent years hating it but now that I FINALLY found someone who knows how to deal with it, I am enjoying treating myself to a cut & color with hi-lites every once in awhile. I’ve had it short and longer but as a mom of a busy 1 year old, I now have a mid-length that looks good up or down and so far it’s working for me. Though I am due for another visit to the salon as those pesky grays are starting to pop up… Have I mentioned just how BUSY my 1 year old is and how she is always keeping me on my toes? LOL!

  • miamax

    I the sandwhich generation, and as a result I am dealing with cancer right now in my family. Family and friends have passed away of this terrible disease in recent years.
    I used to have a full head of hair, but now, I have less from the stress that comes with taking care of everyone.
    I am glad just to have some hair left, and I just don’t know what to do with the fine thin hair that doesn’t want to hold any style.
    I definitely need some pampering by having a cut done by a professional so that my hair will look good, and healthy again.

  • schzaree

    schzaree: My hair is really think and wavy, and when I get a haircut it grows back fast. I rarely have time for makeup let alone a haircut. I have two children and a toddler that I am chasing around daily. I need a style that is sexy but subtle with some eye catching highlights.
    When I get the time I go to the salon and get a nice haircut that is easy to manage and some blonde and copper highlights to bring out the natural blonde and red tones in my hair!

  • sueplay

    Change in season is my motivation to change hairstyles. It starts from the top.

  • Hope

    getting fit and losing weight and feeling good about one’s physical looks and feeling
    healthy internally..one wants to look as good on the outside, that’s my reason why i want to try a new, more modern hairstyle! πŸ˜‰

  • Sam

    My motivation is my kids, I need a cut that needs no time to fix up, I just brush and go, I do get low lights to hide the grey though, yikes!!!

  • Laura

    I like getting my hair cut every 6 months for a huge change. My best friend does it and I embrace any mistakes she might make

  • Margaret

    Just got my hair cut yesterday…completely different style for the spring/summer.

  • winnermb

    I love my organic hair salon and hairdresser – she keeps my locks simple to manage and that suits me great!

  • tinad

    I have two kids, and work full time, so I don’t have a lot of time to fuss with my hair in the mornings. It’s pretty long, so I just put it up and go. Recently though, a friend of mine introduced me to the instyler, and when I have a couple of extra minutes to spare, I’ll use it and it does a good job really quickly!

  • lucky

    I get bored with my hairstyle all the time so I keep my hairdresser in business going back and forth between layered hairstyles and blunt cut styles.

  • PDLadybug

    I haven’t changed my hair style in years, because I’m afraid of change. It’s always been the same for over 20 years. I’m in need of some styling techniques!


    My mom cut my hair until I was 13 years old. She used to scotch tape my bangs to get them kind of straight or a Tupperware bowl. What a relief to finally go to a hairdresser. I didn’t know what I was missing and now hair is my obsession. I wonder why……..

  • ladydoor

    I changed my hairstyle when my kids got big enough that I could spend a little (very little) more time on it. So now I still have short hair, but long enough that the curls are popping out – finding out I had curly hair (it has always been wavy, but my stylist saw the potential) was like getting a huge gift from my aging-mum body!

  • Dot

    I would change my hairstyle if I could find a cut that required less daily upkeep.

  • frugalfeline

    I love changes to my hair… I’m usually motivated by an event: pictures being taken, holidays, something new motivates me to change. I’m about to become a Mom and I’m feeling the itch for hair change!

  • kelly

    Im in need of a change…I have had the same long straight hair…since the 90s…how sad is that!!!

  • joycep61

    I always like it when the hair stylist comes up with a new twist to my existing hairdo. I figure that she is cutting hair all day and knows face shapes and textures. She is the expert.

  • Nina bergeron

    Being a mom changed my hair style. Now I go for easy no fuss styles that can be put up in pony tail.

  • sandi

    i don’t adjust well to change, and i haven’t changed my hair since highschool….like 35 years ago. i think if my hairdresser was to give me some great input as to what could be done with my nasty very curly hair that i am always straightening i might just give in and see what happens!

  • elkhornchris

    I’m not that much for changing my hair per se. But a great stylist is a must in my case. My hair is very fine & it’s difficult to cut as I have 3 major cowlicks & 2 crowns. So if they give me a cut that’s wash a go without any fussing but still looks great -that’s what I want. The best cuts I’ve had have been when the cut it when it’s dry or almost completely dry. That way they can’t miss the cowlicks, which tend to flatten out when wet.

  • Eileen

    Most likely a social event or even ‘picture’ day would prompt me to change my style. Since having my children, well, my do is one of the typical ‘mom’ dos – long and ponytailed, with the added bonus of the troll doll look effect by the hair that is growing back in ;P It’s probably due time for me to find a new style!

  • smithers

    I usually change my style every couple years, just to stay current.

  • dhudon

    I was at my stylist at Christmas, and was growing out my hair. She urged me to get a perm, and boy do I ever love it! I can do so many things with my hair now, it’s not just straight and lifeless

  • Paula C.

    I haven’t done anything different with my hair since I became a Mom. I find my one-length style is easiest – I go to work, come home and pop it up in a hassle-free ponytail!

  • kl_garcia

    Although I love to change my hair colour and/or style I am limited as to what I can do due to budget and the fact that I have curly hair. I really wanna try something new but not sure what will really work with me. I’ve had a difficult time finding a good hair dresser.

  • chantal

    Usually, it’s an emotional trigger…something big happening in my life that makes me want to change my look dramatically. When I was going through the worst time in my marriage, I had about 30 cm cut off and went ultra short. It might not have been the best look for me, but I felt like at least I had power over something. And what the heck…it’s hair…it’ll grow back.

  • tonya

    the weather always changes things – hair styles, clothes, etc., etc – there’s always something in the air!

  • erin2470

    I love to change my hairstyle, I am open to trying so much. I don’t understand why more people aren’t open to giving something a try. I have very thick hair, and I have to be willing to try to different things.

  • Amanda

    Not much to tell. Typical mom, my “do” has been stalled @ the same spot since as far back I can remember. (Definitely +15yrs!! eek!) Why? Out of fear…..seriously, the last (and I’m talking WAY back) time I has someone cut my hair, they butchered it so since then I have cut my own. (you know the cut….no bangs, all one length…yup, thats it! *sigh*) I’ve been to scared to jump out and get a new style and trust someone with my locks. C’mon….. let my last yr in my 20’s be memorable!!!!

  • dewinner

    My hair used to be so thick I had to get it thinned out every time i cut my hair which would be every 6 weeks now due to adult chicken pox it has turned one quarter grey and lost half of it very devastating!! My hair used to be easy to take care of now it’s a disaster and i don’t have a clue to what style and I’m allergic to dye so no colour except foils so the grey is here to stay oh hello life in the 40’s. My hairdresser moved and i did find a good one but she likes to cut hair real short and my face is round so i look like a pumpkin, all i know please someone help me!! My hair is now long, thin, drab and oh ya did i mention i can’t stand for long so fussing is out now, well that’s my pitiful story and thanks for reading.

  • sandhi

    I wish I had a fascinating hair story to tell where I met the stylist of my dreams and was transformed into a stunning headturning head of hair. No, my hairstyle has been the same old, same old for the last 15 years with the only changes being increasing shades of grey which I colour and attempt to pass off as highlights. It’s not that I don’t like change, I love change. Every time I get a haircut, I take pictures with me of possible hairstyles I could get. I do not take pictures of stars asking the stylist to make me look like one. I am quite realistic in my expectations and the stylists usually nod, acting like they understand, but I always end up with a slight variation, emphasis on slight, of my current hairstyle that I’ve had for the half of my adult life.
    So that’s my story.

  • Nottamum

    I tend to buy a hairstyle magazine and find a few styles I like n hope for the best that my stylist can achieve the look with out botching it. About 3 out of 10 stylists can work with my hair to get it to look just as good as the picture. My hair is very fine and a I find a lot of stylists dont cut it properly. Some have cut it and made it feel even less full of volume then before. Ive actually avoided going to salons because paying over $150 for cut n highlights has been hurting me. I’m due for a style makeover on my hair so wish me luck ! I need to find a new stylist.

  • mandi

    I like to change my hair in the summer by putting blond highlights in my long brown hair

  • mandi

    I usually change my hair when the seasons change. Highlight it in the summer…

  • marlibu

    I’ve had the same hairstyle forever. I’m talkin since elementary school. LOL. When i had my first baby last year i fell into a hair rut and let it grow and grow. Then when i returned back to work i decided to get it cut a bit [its still pretty long] and i coloured it. I guess i change my style on life changing events LOL
    Maybe i do need a hair makeover

  • JoAnne

    I usually have the same hairstyle, but change it according to what I am doing, what the weather is like (I have curly hair, which frizzes in humidity) and who I am going to be hanging around with.

  • CathyW

    We always go to First Choice for our hair cuts. I always have had long hair but I am cutting shorter later. Really need to cut it even more as I age!

  • corkrose

    My hairdresser as become a friend – she is tiny ,korean & full of life with a wicked sense of humour & she does whatever to my hair while we have a great visit.. She is great a texturizing ‘skinny’ hair…Aileen is wonderful.

  • ghisl

    I always leave it up to my hairdresser for any changes. He’s been cutting my hair for about 12 years now and he knows exactly what will work for me.

  • Karry

    I like to change the color with the season. Darker for the winter, lighter for the summer.
    I tend to get a hair cut at the beginning of each season. I am daring. I sit in the seat and say…ok, do what you want. The only stipulation I have is keep it long enough to tie back

  • yvonne

    As the weather changes (Seasons) I want to try something new and different with my hair…lately I have noticed a few grey lol

  • drjess

    I have been growing my hair longer over the past few years. I always had long hair and then decided to cut it which I regretted.

  • Kelly K

    I have been motivated to change since getting cancer and knowing that things need to change. I have had the same hairstyle for a long time and its getting boring to me and |I hate it and I would love to change it now. I will do something with it soon…

  • Heather Swanson

    When the weather gets warm I like my thick hair cut every 6 weeks.

  • Rachel

    I usually change my style in the spring, with highlights, and in the fall I go darker brown.

  • Joyce McGregor

    Well I actually just changed my style; and my main reason was because I felt I looked too old and outdated I needed something young and springy; loving the new cut and highlights

  • Nena Sinclair

    In December, I finally cut my very long hair and donated it to the group who makes wigs out of it for cancer patients. Cutting my hair has freed me to trying new styles, colors and treatments. I should have done this long ago!!

  • jen s.

    I’ve had many different styles and am very happy with my current style. It is usually just a desire for change that motivates me to switch-up my look. I just focus on keeping it healthy and looking good. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Paula

    I am always on a quest for a super-amazing hair stylist. I never seem to be satisfied with the results I get. I generally stay at one place for awhile, then I find somewhere or someone I think might be better, so I switch. Can’t really blame the stylists, though. I have fine, thinning hair, and I would imagine it’s pretty darn difficult to work a miracle with it. As far as style is concerned, I’ve had variations of the same cut for several years. Have to keep it short and layered for the most volume.

  • Jen

    I tend to change my style when a special event is coming up! It seems to motivate me to make a change and I love it every time!

  • Jen

    I get motivated to change my style when a special event is coming up. Otherwise, I do not do much with it, but love it so much when I do!

  • Sherry Kinnear

    wish i could find a stylist that would give me a new style and not just keep doing the “old lady” look

  • trioworks

    I like mine hair shorter because I have less time to blow dry it. I tend to wear the same style that is easy to care for, but I love new trends.

  • Jules

    I have very very fine hair and have numerous styles over the years but I am willing to try anything that will make my hair look fuller!

  • Dianne

    Hair thinning and greying would motivate me to change styles

  • Amari

    My hair frizzes during the summer months. I tend to keep my hair longer even though I know I would look better with shorter hair just so I can get my hair into a ponytail during the hot summer months.

  • janetm

    I tend to keep the same general style. But I am trying to grow my hair longer, which is at times frustrating and I am looking for good precision cuts that will keep me looking good until I reach the length I prefer.

  • lisa965

    i have not had a cut in 2 yrs. the last one was a mess.i let it grow out and have been trimming it myself. i find that with a child,a dog,a house,a yard and a business to look after i do not have much time for myself. i would like a new look,do not have time to keep up with styles,but would like something new,stylish and easy to care for.

  • Silvana

    I’m ready for a change. My hair has grown back now for a couple of years after the treatments for breast cancer. My hair is like baby’s hair, so silky, but so very fine. I’ve tried alot of products and layered cuts to try a get a fully look, but with not alot of success. I’ve decided that this is how my hair is and I’m just making the best of it. I’m looking for a shoulder lenght spring look.

  • zorange

    Right now – just about any occasion will make me want to change my style – opening the door, having lunch, walking the dog. does this show my hair needs help? πŸ™‚

  • kmoroziuk

    My hair style changes depending on at what stage my life is in. During University my hair was short and styled. I had more time to spend on it and to get it cut (and more money). I started growing my hair when I started a family. My youngest would run her hands through it when I was nursing her, and she still likes to when she is falling asleep. I wear it long and usually in a ponytail. I just wash and go. It is easy. I do not have time now to style it or to go to the hairdresser every six weeks.

  • licoricelegs

    My motivator? My health! The worse I feel, the shorter my hair. I used to have shoulder length hair. Now it is as short as my husbands. Need I say more?

  • Geraldine D.

    My hair is extremely fine and thin and can use all the help it can get. I would love to add some highlights.

  • pjg

    With hair that looks better short and is naturally curly, there’s not a lot I can do with the style (I prefer the curl and don’t bother blow-drying it straight). But I do colour it and occasionally throw in highlights. I like to fool around with the colour. No events cause me to change it; I didn’t even do anything special on my wedding day. Friends just get what they get when they’re with me!

  • Bev Sayers

    I usually only go to the hairdressers for trims. I am late 50’s now and feel I should go more often for colour treatments, conditioning treatments as my hair is not as healthy as it should be and hair salons do use better products, so I am told, than buying regular brands from stores.

  • kara

    Blond, short and kind of sassy, that’s my usual look. I change it up a bit for special occasions.

  • kellyg

    I update my colour, style and look regularly. I believe that you can tell a lot about a person by their hair.

  • Connie Demers

    I’ve grown my hair out long in the last few years. Had it short for decades. I get sooo many compliments now. People ask if I’ve lost weight. Should have grown it out years ago!

  • Elaine Miller

    Spring is my motivator!

  • Serena Hay

    Since i love having very long hair, it was hard to find a stylist that would only give a healthy trim and not want to cut it all off and do something really horrible with it. Seems that most stylists just want to hack everything off and create some futuristic style complete with 5 different colors! I’ve had to walk out in the middle of haircuts due to this and now I make sure I spend my time searching and talking at least a week before I commit to a trim.

  • Michelle Bradley

    Becoming a grandmother has made me look at my hairstyle so it reflects my new role. I like the grey highlights and need a style that does not fall in my face as I lean over and help my grandaughter climb or read her books. A hair care package could really help me out in this new stage of my life.

  • jmeme

    My crown is very thick. So I tend to keep it longer in the winter and by summer I get it thinned and shorter and sweep it up in a pony tail to allow for coolness. The shorter it is, the easier it is to style, when I am on the go.

  • akskathy

    What’s most likely to motivate you to change your style ?……..myself! I usually change my hairstyle every six months. Most people at my work place dont’ recognize me because I am always trying different things. I have naturally curly hair…so on humid days I put a good amoutn of mouse and let it get kinky! On drier days I straighten it super sleek. I have had it various lengths and various colors.
    I used to spend about an hour on my hair in my pre-Mom days. Now I only spend about 15-30 minutes. I feel better when my hair looks good. Being a Mom at the start made me cut it shorter, but those days passed quick. I think it sets a good example to my daughter that it is important to have pride in one’s appearance…even if you are just home doing the vacuming.

  • kona

    My motivator is the change of seasons. All the new life in the spring makes me want a new fresh, look.

  • faith

    I am looking to start work after having a baby. He is now 1. And I would change my style so I am more suitable for a professional environment.

  • Marie

    The Spring usually brings on the urge to do something different with my hair.

  • Marie

    The spring usually brings on the desire for a new haircut for me. Winter weary locks are ready for a clipping.

  • spamgirl

    What’s most likely to motivate you to change my style: A special event. I’ll get my hair done for that one day and then go back to my ponytail.
    Did becoming a mom change your hair and how you style it? Yes, I DON’T style my hair anymore… I just throw it in a scrunchy.

  • Guppy

    Ive always been partial to long hair – I dont mean at your shoulders but LONG. But when my 6 year old son was born everyone said ‘get it cut, its going to get pulled, you wont have time to take care of it’ etc. So I submitted and hated it! I couldnt do a thing with it! I’m not a blow dry style gal, more of wash and wear, so it always looked horrid. Thanks goodness my hair grows fast and in 2 years I got it back to a reasonable length for braids, ponytails, long pigtails, cascading curls or what ever I felt like. Now the only issue is needing a couple boxes of hair colour when I banish those greys. πŸ™‚

  • cc

    I always get my hair cut a couple of extra inch’s in the summer so it will be cooler and lighter for the hot season ahead. It is refreshing to get rid of some bulk and make’s my hair feel revitalized!

  • Shauna Hepner

    My hairstyle has been the same since the dawn of time. I did try something radical and new last septmeber and have been growing it out ever since. I have thin, fine, curly hair and I tried the reverse bob. Well I looked bald! I then tried flaming red chunky highlights! 2 weeks after I looked like a giant creamcicle! So I am not back to my tried and true look and at a loss to try anything again.
    I did all this in an attempt to stop feeling like a dowdy boring mom and bring “hot shauna” back. Some things are better left untouched.

  • Ruthy

    Short and convenient describe my hairstyle. With kids and hectic lifestyle time is always is always an issue and thus my short hair.

  • Carmen Shaw

    I have spiral-curly hair, and sometimes feel that there is only one way to style it- curly! Being a Mom does not allow for an hour of straightening it every day. I would love ideas on how to best cut my curly hair. It seems that no matter where i go, I just get the same cut. Oh, and bangs? Who would cut bangs into curly hair? I’m still fuming over that!

  • bumble

    Once I had kids, my hairstyles became simpler. My cut can easily become a brush and go one, or if I want to go out and style it, I can flatten it and go for a fancier look. I now dye my hair at home versus a salon though. I just don’t have the time or money to pay someone now.

  • calicok3

    I have not really changed my hairstyle. I have always been the type of person who wants a style that only requires brushing. I’ve never made time (or really wanted) to fuss over my hair. Taking care of kids has not changed that attitude, just made me thankful I don’t have to do anything other than brush it!

  • darcie

    I have naturally curly hair so I am always nervous about trying different styles especially if they look better with straight hair. I have tried using a straightner as well and the style looked great unfortunatly because I have lots of hair its a long process and I just dont have the time. I do like to color my shhhh…grey hair but I usually stick to the same color maybe with some highlights. Through all that though I continue on with my day to day struggles to keep my thick curly head in check with the right products so I dont turn into a frizz head.

  • iManduh

    I remember once I had a barbecue kind of blow up when I was grilling hot dogs, it singed just about all my bangs so I have to cut my hair REALLY short. I actually did go to a FCHC salon since I live right around the corner. They did an excellent job and actually had me loving my hair short. I kept it short for about 8yrs after that!!
    I’ve been growing my hair out for almost 2yrs and My hair is now the longest it has ever been. I’m trying to grow it out as long as possible before my wedding, but I’m definitely due for a trim to have it look healthier!

  • Monica Clarkson

    Hmm…. my hairstyle has take a dramatic turn for the worst. I used to spend a few hours getting primped in the hair salon chair. My very dear friend Tara, who own’s Fabu Hair, has been my stylist since 2001. Sadly with the economy slowly climbing out of the dumps, I have taken to coloring my own hair. I even tried a store front local hair salon that my husband suggested. Ladies “Never” go to a salon your hubby suggests. The very uncaring gal that cut my hair there, hacked something she called long layers. Recently my latest attempt at a color in my hair, has left me with reddish/purplish hair. I can’t color again for a couple of weeks, so here I sit trying to hide my shame. I miss my friend, and my topnotch hairstylist. Hopefully she’ll forgive me for treating my hair so horribly, and take me back. The only reason that I colored my own hair was to rid myself of some horribly grown out highlights/lowlights. I used to love my hair, and now I hate it. Maybe I will try wearing a hat full-time.

  • charma

    I had always had LONG hair, lower back length or longer, all my life and shortly after i had my third child i got it caught in the door of my car while going to the bank and just flipped. Got back in my car without doing my banking and drove to the closest salon. Walked in and took the next available slot which was 5 min later. Told the girl i wanted it SHORT but flattering for the nice round cheeks i gained during pregnancy lol. The girl was shocked to say the least, she thought i was kidding when i said chop it all off. She had tears rolling down her face as she cut my waist length hair to my neck while i sat there with a huge smile of relief to have all that weight gone. I donated it all to the local women’s cancer society for wigs and am now sporting a cute, flirty, short, flattering inverted bob that makes my round cheeks disappear and doesn’t require anything more than a quick comb for a busy day or a lil styling product for those days when i have time πŸ˜€

  • Laynee

    I lopped off my long hair during my first pregnancy, buying into the idea that short hair would be easier to take care of once the baby arrived. What a BAD idea! Short hair requires work! Waking up found me with either flattened down hair or locks sticking up all over the place. I had to spend loads of time each morning making myself look presentable, whereas before, pulling my hair back into a ponytail did the job.
    The end of every winter has me gazing at the magazines that come out with all the short spring do’s, but I’ve learned my lesson … I’m a long haired girl through and through. I play around with layers, bangs and colour but nothing’s convinced me to go short again in the twenty years since my firstborn.

  • suzanne

    I have went to the same hairdresser for 10 years, I had tried one in a larger city a while back and the haircut was terrible and double the price. I have had the same haircut for year now and will probably keep it as it looks good and is easy to do.

  • Toby

    After 40 years, I’ve found an awesome stylist!! She’s consistent and such a joy to be around!! I actually look forward for a cut now-a-days!! ‘ere’s to Sara!! Hoorah!! πŸ˜€

  • Violet Smith

    Due to the redevelopment of our Shopping Centre, my hairdresser of many years decided it was time to retire. This left me in a delimma with no hairdresser whom I could trust and I am still searching for the right one. Being 47, with many “greys”, want a modern look that does not take alot of time to fix in the morning or alot of gunky product. My hair is color treated, short and naturally wavy.
    I have tried the pricier salons and did like the razor cut I received, however when I went to rebook another appointment, this hairdresser had moved to Britain. I am literally at my wits end trying to find one that is reasonable who knows how to make a style look good, not just cut my hair.
    I am pretty open minded about colors and styles and would love to try something new and maybe if I win, I will find the right stylist for me.

  • emrosser

    I’ve had basically the same hairstyle for many years-short,and simple. With my hair short I’m limited in changes-maybe I could do something drastic and dye my hair purple!!

  • Tania

    I love experimenting with my hair! Sad to say that I am addicted to being a hair chameleon! I have had almost every colour under the sun, had highlights, chunky streaks, coloured streaks, and have had long hair, short hair, straight hair and curly hair. Now that I am a mom of two, the experiments are quite fewer in number. Last year I had really long chestnut brown hair. In September, I decided to do something different so I had chunky blonde, red and dark brown streaks put in and I had my hairdresser cut my crowning glory into a bob. I had so many compliments on it. Then in January, I went even shorter, into a layered bob and again, more compliments. For the upcoming summer, I think I am going to let it grow out – nice to throw it up into a pony when we are out at camp! I think I have been lucky … I found the most wonderful hairdresser who always makes any hairstyle or colour look good on me. Now if only I can get this body of mine to look as good as my hair! πŸ™‚ Oh well, it’s getting there, LOL! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize!

  • riker

    One day I may finally tire of the same mid-length style, then decide to simply make a radical change. All along, I have been perusing fashion magazines, online beauty sites, and other sources, so I have a general idea of what’s hot and what I may like. All I need is a trigger to get started.

  • Nicole

    Before i was pregnant my hair was pin straight and wouldn’t even take a perm let alone any other style which involved waves, crimps or curls BUT during my pregnancy and ever since (i was pregnito 17 yrs ago) my hair changed for the better and became much moreable to perform almost any style! Thank goodness for babies! HeeHee ;O)

  • nej26

    Pick me!Pick me! I haven’t been able to have a decent hair cut since my son was born let alone plucking my eyebrows. I really need help please!

  • juan_hurrican

    I had my hair chemically straightened a few months back, used a 3-in-1 shampoo product once and it’s not straight anymore. Always wear my hair pass my shoulders, not much of a style

  • jzmome

    I have always had a fear of haircuts. My trips to the hairdresser are few and far between. And when I go it is to get the ratty splitends cut off. If I want a die job I usually do it myself with a box. Well I believe since having my son the long hair is more of a handle then a hairdo,something to pull on. OUCH well i would love to conquer my fear and get an updated do.

  • Carrie

    My hair is a disaster! It was always perfectly straight – until I had kids. Now it’s wavy, but I have no idea what kind of cut would work best, or how to style it. I’ve been muddling along trying new things, and keep telling myself that a visit to a pro is in order. Funny how we keep putting that off, isn’t it? Definitely time for a change.

  • remarker

    My style changed drastically once I became a mom. I went from layers that needed work to straight and long. I actually love it and the best thing about it was when my daughter wanted to play hairdresser when she was younger I had enough hair that she could give me a trim. No need to worry since any mistakes could be fixed. Really fun times!
    I’ve actually only been to a hairdresser 3 times in over 10 years. Money is a bit tight and my daughter has fine hair so we make sure she gets a good cut every few months but I’m not missing not going.

  • Stephanie

    My mood gets me to change my hairstyle. If I am feeling down, a cut or colour can really life me up

  • katylava

    The one time I got my hair cut and dyed by a real professional, she gave me a cut and color that was almost identical to the one she had given my friend a week previously! I didn’t go back to a hairdresser for a long, long time! πŸ™‚ My hair today is long, one length and not dyed. I would love to update my look!

  • Liz W

    I have never changed my style. But I’ve adjusting to an ‘anti-depressant’ [my life just fell into a spiral and I locked myself in my house for nearly a year. than I realized I needed help so ya.] And things just suddenly ‘clicked’ 2 weeks ago.. I noticed that I’ve lost weight [maybe 10 pounds hey it’s a start ya =)] I went on a rampage and threw out basically 3/4 my wardrobe [all too big or just plain depressing; all dark colours]. I’m fitting clothes I could never fit before [butt issues ^_~] And I feel great. i’m running around doing this that and the other without complaining [whereas last year I would have complained for days and maybe eventually cleaned up]. You can barely keep me inside the house in this nice weather. I just wanna go go go.
    Sadly though my long hair I feel is ‘dragging me down’ so I’m trying to think of a ‘big’ hair style change to go with my new outlook. And down the road a new wardrobe as well.
    So I feel if you’ve had something change in you a hair style update or change is a good way for you to visually see and show other people that you have changed. ^_^

  • marshadiane

    The only way I would change my hairstyle is if I had a special event to go to. I would probably add in highlights and even go more modern.

  • kelly Kennedy

    I like my hairdresser, but she isn’t doing me much good. I don’t have a ton of time to style my hair and it generally looks like a rats nest on my head. It doesn’t help that I’m not terribly skilled with hair styling either!

  • Stacy

    With the downturn of the economy my hair has suffered. Instead of a visiting the salon every 3 months I had my hair done……once last year. The good news is that I like the new longer look. Before this I had a short bob style for as long as I can remember.

  • Kathleen

    I have had the same style for SO long.. it is straight and long.. that is pretty much it! I only make the time to get it cut about once every 2 years. I typically get about 12 -16 inches cut off and I donate it to make wigs for people with cancer. It is a great thing to do if you are getting more than a foot cut off! I think I should more often and this offer is terrific so that I will make myself go, and take care of myself instead of my four daughters.
    thanks for making this (and other offers) available on your website

  • Jen L.

    Being a mom changed how I approach my hair more than anything else. I used to always visit a high end salon and try different hairstyles. I used salon quality products and took a lot of time blowdrying my hair, setting it in large curlers or using a curling iron. My hair did look amazing! And then I became a mom and I haven’t changed my hairstyle in 6 years. I get it cut at the same place I take my son (shhh…don’t tell anyone!) and use drugstore products on it. I hardly ever blowdry it and I haven’t touched a curler in years. It would be nice to have really great hair again, but honestly, it’s not a priority now.

  • Sylvia Shaw

    I learnt a few years ago that being a super busy mom meant needing a no-fuss hairdo so i keep it short and sassy going for a cut every 6 weeks and have streaks put in every 3 months. Works for me!

  • sherisse

    I have an appt with my hair dresser Thursday and im gonna let her do whatever she wants! Normally I do that, it has gotton me some of the best hair cuts, and some of the worst….

  • Laura

    I met my hairdresser at a mom’s group 18 months ago. He was doing free consultations, and I really thought he would love my highlighted flipped out hairdo. I thought I was ‘edgy’. He pretty much laughed. The colour was horrible (I thought it was coppery, he said orange) and he said the style was from the ’90s. I went to see what he could do, and he gave me an angled, edgy bob and dyed my hair nearly black, which looks stunning with my pale skin and blue eyes. I’m not sure why so many women think having streaky, highlighted hair is stylish…it looks terrible most of the time, and is insanely pricey.
    If you’re in the Edmonton area and want an amazing, honest stylist who will make you look your best, come out to St Albert and visit Pose Salon. Anthony and his wife Yolanda will bring out the best in you!

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