The lovely Jennifer was the first to bite…

I have a mission for you (should you choose to accept). We just got a
new stainless steel fridge. Very pretty inside and out, but magnets
don’t stick to it and I really miss my photos, notes and lists that
decorated my old fridge. I’ve been trying to find something that sticks
to stainless steel, especially some kind of photo frames….So, are you
ready to play Tom Cruise (cue Mission Impossible music)?

and I was on this right away. Right now I am the proud owner of NO fridge at all, since I am currently renting out my house in Toronto (which has a fridge that is approximately 87 years old) and living at my parents’ house in Atlanta (which has a lovely stainless steel fridge, but I wouldn’t dare put anything up, since, you know, not my house).

But I dream of stainless steel appliances. REALLY. But, I have wondered what I would do with one if I couldn’t put up all my magnets and pictures and invitations adorable pieces of artwork that my children proudly show me and I proudly want to display.

So, I did a little digging. For Jennifer and for my future fridge. And I came up with two solutions that work best.

1. The Choopa Board

This, friends, is a Choopa Board.


According to its website, it is the first of its kind. [It is] a powdercoated sheet of metal, backed with powerful suction cups allows you to place a magnet board on
most flat, nonporous surfaces without the need to drill, nail or
use adhesives. Place ChoopaBoard on your glass door, granite, and stainless steel appliances without marring your surface!
Great space for your kids to play with all their magnet toys!

They are available in two sizes, 11″ x 11″ ($19.99 US) and 16″ x 22″ ($32.99 US), and YES THEY SHIP TO CANADA!

2. Happeez Clipper

This, friends, is a Happeez clipper.


Mayfair Lane has created a line of clips to stick in places where magnets stick AND in places where they don’t, like your stainless steel fridge! According to their website they are made of revolutionary material that grips to slick surfaces and leave no residue. They are a way to stylishly post reminders, children’s artwork, to-do lists and more.


They come in one-packs ($6 US) and 3-packs ($15 US) in over 100 colors and patterns and YES THEY SHIP TO CANADA!

  • Val Bertrand Moody

    Hi, ladies! If you haven’t seen Fodeez® Frames, you’ve got to take a look at the handy little product I invented after we built our house 9 years ago, and I couldn’t add magnets to the wood panel fridge we have. It took 4 years to get them made correctly, but if you see them, you’ll see why I can’t live without them now! Not only can I stick items to the fridge, but the the dry erase feature makes them the most functional item in my house. I’ll be on HSN next week, but would love your help in getting the word out. Thanks for reading! Almost forgot to list the website . . .

  • i88477

    Hey folks, do be aware that magnets stick to TRUE stainless steel. Many of the refrigerators sold these days are a stainless steel ‘look’ and are really brushed aluminum. Magnets will not stick to aluminum. If you have a real stainless steel refrigerator, your magnets will stick as they always have.

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    Love it. Great job of putting this work together.

  • Victoria101

    Hi there – I have called the Choopa board people in CA and also sent an email with no success.
    Does anyone know where you can actual purchase one? – or who to contact?
    I live in Canada.

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  • Jim McCullough

    I’ve been making what I call MagPoints, using discs of plated steel with poster tape on the back, companioned with very strong magnetic ‘push-pins’ to allow notes or photos and such to be attached to a stainless steel fridge.
    You can make your own by merely attaching poster tape or the more permanent foam tape to the back of anything steel and mounting it on your fridge to then accept any of your own magnets.
    For fun you can stick some poster tape on a cork slice, glue it into a bottle cap with your own sticker on the front for posting notes to.
    Jim, in Sebastopol, CA

  • G (Facebook Emoticons)

    Excellent! Thanks for this! I found this site from Google, I’ve already bookmarked this site and of course will revisit again. Thank you!

  • TS

    The magnique boards are lovely – but they are a fortune – got anything a bit cheaper?

  • Vicky

    I LOVE happeez clippers ..I love them so much i bought the matching wipee board with a frame!! Sadly I dont see wide distribution of this product.

  • Jennifer

    Thanks Ali and all the commenters. Now I have something to add to my Christmas list (which sadly I can’t stick to my fridge…yet).

  • annabelle DeGouveia

    I found a magnetic board at Staples and put it on the fridge with two sided sticky tape. It works great. I stick pictures on with sticky tack and it wipes clean when I move them.

  • Tova

    Or…you could buy a beautiful and stylish custom magnetic board from ME! And continue to enjoy the clutter-free fridge!
    Come on over and check us out… and YES they are MADE by ME in Canada! 🙂
    Love you Ali! Hope you don’t mind a shameless plug by me!!

  • Tova

    Or…you could buy a beautiful and stylish custom magnetic board from ME! And continue to enjoy the clutter-free fridge!
    Come on over and check us out… and YES they are MADE by ME in Canada! 🙂
    Love you Ali! Hope you don’t mind a shameless plug by me!!

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