Who doesn’t love bread? It’s such a staple of the human diet that we have expressions like “our daily bread” deeply embedded in our language. Kids love bread, too, and most of them eat a lot of it (think lunchbox sandwiches). Thing is, though, many kids tend to be rather picky eaters, and some of them just don’t like the taste and texture of “brown”, whole-wheat or multigrain breads. Enter Wonder+ Invisibles – a new product from Weston Bakeries that combines the same great taste, look and texture of Wonder white bread with the goodness of 14 whole grains. How do they do it? They’ve taken 14 whole grains and ground them so fine that those picky white-bread-loving kids can’t tell that they’re actually eating whole grain bread! 

wonder_bread three quarter angle.jpg
Here’s what Wonder+ Invisibles is all about: 
  • Nutritious and delicious. Wonder+ Invisibles contains 14 whole grains including, oats, wheat, spelt, whole grain khorasan wheat, golden flax, corn, millet, barley, quinoa, brown rice, rye, soy, sorghum and triticale. 
  • High in taste and fibre. One serving of Wonder+ Invisibles offers 5 grams of fibre, compared to just 1 gram per serving found in regular enriched white bread. 
  • 18 Essential nutrients. Wonder+ Invisibles has more essential nutrients than Wonder white bread, including the added benefits of Vitamins B6, A, C, E and B12, Calcium, Iron, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Pantothenate, Phosphorous, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Magnesium and Molyodenum. 

Sounds great, right? But have they been able to pull it off? Well, Weston Bakeries sent samples of Wonder+ Invisibles to 100 of our Go2Girlz product testers to try it out on their own kids. Now, several of our real mom panel of testers were skeptical at first. How could a bread that looks so much like white-bread, actually pack in all the fibre, whole grains and nutrients that a traditional brown-bread is only normally able to do? Well Carolyn, mom of 2 had this to say: “I usually don’t buy what looks like ‘white’ bread, but was really impressed with the whole grain content,” and Rosa, also a mom of two said, “I appreciated the fact that it had 14 grains in the bread, but looked like white.”

In the end, the Go2Girlz product testing panel was convinced! Almost all the testers and their families really loved the traditional white-bread taste and soft texture of Wonder+ Invisibles. The moms appreciated the fact that their kids loved the bread but were still getting the benefits of whole grains, fibre and added nutrients, while the kids just loved to eat the bread! Most of our testing panel were so convinced that they readily agreed they would recommend the product to a friend, and most would buy it again (in fact, many already have!).

But what else did the Go2Girlz have to say? Here’s a sample:

“Tastes great and i love the health benefits” – Linda, mom of 2

“Good idea. My kids prefer white bread but I never buy it because it doesn’t have as much fibre”. – Katherine, mom of 2

“The bread, despite being white, has the nutritional benefits of eating 14 whole grains. It makes it easier for people who hate eating whole grain bread.” – Brenda, mom of 2

“It looks and tastes just like regular wonder bread.” – Cathy, mom of 1

“Moms will love that kids eat it without saying ‘brown bread? Yuck!'” – Joy, mom of 1

  • pc167

    We love bread, and Wonder+ Invisibles tastes good with healthy stuffs.

  • MRstester

    Tastes like regular white bread. Awesome!!good product

  • MrsTester

    Tastes just like regular white bread. Awesome!!

  • spunkiest69

    Love this bread… worked in tricking my fiance into thinking he was eating white bread! 🙂

  • Dayna

    This is my favorite bread. It tastes like it just came out of the oven, and is so squishy and soft…I never ate much bread before, but I find the bag of bread doesnt last too long anymore.

  • Rhonda B.

    We just started buying this bread and we love it. Especially since no one in the house will eat brown bread. I now feel better about our bread consumption. Thanks Wonderbread!

  • Zeta

    This is the bread I ate as a child but haven’t bought any in a long while

  • Bev Sayers

    Its great to see white bread that is actually healthy. We really like it in our home.

  • Zeta

    Wonder Bread tastes great andis enriched with all the nutrients that everyone needs. Great Bread!

  • http://Lindaschattyblog Linda

    This is a wonderful idea! Sneaky but great for mom’s of picky kids and I know all about picky kids!!

  • drummergirl

    I eaten this for most of my life and my son as well

  • Lisa G

    We love bread and knowing that it is actually good for you is an added bonus!

  • mrs.shopper

    I have never heard of this bread until NOW! It sounds impressive especially with the grains mentioned like spelt! I will have to look on the grocery shelf for this one more closely! Hope there is a coupon for this one! Thanks for your reviews.

  • mneary

    My kids loved this bread and even ate the crust which is shocking in the least. It will be my new bread of choice and when it goes on sale I will stock up!

  • Frank

    You are right Erin. If you can’t pronounce it and are not familiar with it then you shouldn’t be eating it. These ingredients are either emulsifiers, or preservatives or vitamins. Why put vitamins back in if it’s so healthy?!?
    Plus, the proportion of “14 grain mix” is most likely very small. Otherwise the cost would be high.
    It may be slightly more healthier than white bread, but it still is basically white bread.
    Frank, B.Sc.

  • Amy

    My kids loved it and don’t want me to buy whole wheat anymore. So I switched since it does taste alot better!

  • leaver25

    My kids love it and I think it is great because they are being fed something healthy without them knowing.

  • Erin

    Oops, I was looking at Country Harvest (Weston) not Dempster’s. A little miscommunication between my husband and me, he was reading the ingredients for me from the kitchen. We usually buy Country Harvest or Dempster’s. I looked up Dempster’s grain breads an they have the same preservatives.

  • Erin

    Here are the ingredients as listed on the website. First ingredient white flour. I would like to know what the proportion of the third ingredient, whole grain mix, is. Also, look at the last 11 ingredients. I think a good rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce it and haven’t heard of it…don’t eat it.
    Here is the lowdown. Diacetyl artaric acid esters of mono and diglycerides are emulsifiers and pesticides (rats got lesions on kidneys & spleen, tumours of adrenal glands, swollen kidneys, enlarged lymph nodes, atrophy of prostate & more (inconclusive results as to human safety; who funded that study? The food industry I bet). Calcium propionate is a preservative, can also be used as a pesticide. I could go on and research all the ingredients but my first rule of thumb is easier. To be fair, our whole grain Dempsters (also Weston) breads have many of those ingredients too. Now, I’m pulling out my bread machine again. Bread only needs flour, water, yeast, sugar (I use honey) & oil. You can get more creative and there are great bread machine cook books out there. I now realize have been lax in not reading the ingredients & feeding my family Dempsters thinking we were really healthy. If your kids won’t eat whole wheat, maybe start mixing it with white and slowly increase the proportion of whole grain over time.
    Ingredients: Enriched wheat flour, water, whole grain mix (whole grain whole wheat flour including the germ, whole grain triticale, whole grain khorasan wheat, whole grain brown rice, whole grain oat, whole grin spelt, whole grain rye, whole grain barley, ground golden flax, whole grain millet, whole grain sorghum, whole grain soy, whole grain quinoa, whole grain cornmeal), oat fibre, sugar/glucose-fructose, yeast, wheat gluten, defatted soya flour, soybean and/or canola oil, salt, diacetyl artaric acid esters of mono and diglycerides, calcium propionate, vegetable monoglycerides, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, potassium chloride, sorbic acid, calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, monocalcium phosphate, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride. YUCK

  • David Patterson

    Tastes great looks good can’t beat it!

  • Melodie

    I was unable to get our usual bread so my daughter (9 yrs old) asked if we could try the Wonder Bread Invisibles – she’d seen the commercials and was interested in trying it! I bought 2 loaves and they LOVED it! My daughter only wants Wonder Bread now!

  • Sarah

    2 Questions maybe someone can answer:
    1) if it’s packed full of whole grains & wholewheat…how do they get it White in colour? Bleached?
    2) no one answered the post asking about the amount (type) of preservatives that are used to keep it so fresh for so long (many people commented on the length of time it stays ‘fresh’) – any wisdom?

  • dewinner

    Our whole family loves wonder bread and no one else in our family knows how ggod it is for them!! You know kids usually want white bread only, so I was stoked when Wonder came out with this bread.

  • lilaura5

    My daughter loved this bread. We have switched our brand and now only eat Wonder + Invisibles

  • Cathy

    Since testing this product we now buy it on a regular basis. It’s affordable and we love it!

  • Sharon

    I’ve been buying this bed ever since trying it out! My husband is eating healthy without him realizing it and my youngest who really doesn’t appreciate brown or whole wheat bread at all, loves to eat it in her sandwiches. Its a really great way of slipping in nutrition.

  • stacey q

    My boys loved this bread…and I loved that it was actually full of fibre too!

  • celi

    My son loves this bread,

  • Janette

    This bread is great and the kids will eat it!

  • Sonya

    My kids loved it & they even ate the crusts without a complaint.

  • asmdragon

    Wonder+ Invisibles is the ONLY whole grain bread my son loves.

  • daystar

    kids love them, mine eat them straight from the bag, just plain.

  • Yvonne

    The kids thought the bread was great especially toasted. This is a great product if you have not yet won the battle of switching 100% to whole grain.

  • JR

    Kids loved it – always want white bread and now they could have it – they were thrilled – everyone won!

  • jcm

    Tried this bread, on my own, and if my daughter eats it (without a complaint) then you know it’s good!

  • Violet Smith

    Although not one of the testers, this is my new Regular Bread. I have recently begun looking for breads that contain a higher amount of fiber and ran across the Wonder+ Invisibles. Although not quite as high in fiber as another brand, it was almost there and had the benefit of being white bread. My girls were able to taste a small difference in the bread versus regular white bread, but they still liked it. I like that I can take white bread not the brown bread.
    I wish they made buns and wraps with this formula as my girls prefer wraps and have been eating the 12 grain brand which are difficult to find. Congrats to Wonder for bringing this product to the table.

  • michelle

    We thought it was pretty good but we are so used to eating whole wheat or multigrain bread that I would probably not have a need to buy it. My kids grew up on whole wheat so white bread is pretty foreign to them.

  • Lisa

    My kids loved the fresh taste and I loved the nutrition.

  • sbl

    my 5 year old loved it and wouldn’t eat bread again until I bought another loaf

  • michelle

    We liked it but I don’t think the kids really noticed the difference between this and our regular whole wheat bread

  • NotThisOne

    Tastes just like regular white bread actually even better!
    It was so fresh everyone loved it. ♥

  • pamr

    We don’t normally buy white bread, but this tasted great and had lots of extra grains and nutrients

  • Crystal

    Tastes just like regular white bread. Awesome!!

  • amanda

    a bit skeptical at first that the kids would like it…all 3 of them loved it, in fact we still are buying it as part of my weekly grocery…thanks for the chance to try something new

  • carolyn

    My kids loved this bread and I loved the amazing variety of whole grains. High fiber and it tastes great. We love bread in our family, and went through this loaf pretty quickly. It is our new favourite!

  • Joy

    Wonder+ Invisibles is our bread of choice-the first one I go for at the grocery store. The texture is appealing-great for sandwiches. And it’s nice knowing it is a healthy choice for our family.

  • Wendy

    My kids loved this bread, mind you they love all bread. But, I am now eating more bread and loving it. I really was impressed with how fresh and soft this bread stayed which is 1 of the problems I have with alot of breads as they don’t. So now my whole family is eating more bread and enjoying the benefits of this wonderful bread. Without this test oportunity I would probably be missing out. Thanks

  • Tara

    It stays fresh too long…..not sure how many preservatives are in it.

  • Julie

    My kids loved this bread and I did too. We are still buying it as I am very impressed with the grains and the taste.

  • Kath

    I was skeptical at first, too, but the way my kids gobbled up this bread, I am now a convert! My daughters loved this bread so much that they ate plain slices for snacks, and we are now buying 2-3 loaves per week as part of our regular groceries. Thanks for the opportunity to try this product – I never would have tried it otherwise, and we totally love it.

  • Lin

    Great product.My whole family loved it.

  • Rosa

    My family loved this bread and I liked the fact that they were getting the goodness of whole wheat — and not all the preservatives.

  • MamiG

    Admittedly I was a skeptic but the proof was on how quickly the bag finished in my house. My daughter loved it with Nutella!

  • Amberleah

    Our family said this bread made the best grilled cheese sandwiches they have ever had. The kids didn’t even want there crusts cut off!

  • Heidi

    Tastes just like regular white bread – only better!
    It was so fresh and WonderBread fantastic that it was gobbled up without anybody peeking at the healthy stuff on the label.

  • nanrace

    My children loved this bread. I didn’t get any frowns just happy faces when serving. I always buy brown bread so to get white bread they really enjoyed it. It was really fresh and made great sandwiches, they were just eating it even without butter.

  • Caroline

    My kids loved this without knowing they were eating “brown yucky bread” even the teenager !!

  • carriesworld

    Not only was this a hit with the kids I loved it too. The taste and the freshness of this bread certainly won my family over!!!

  • Anu

    My kids loved the bread!!!

  • gemininmb

    Although my daughter has grown up eating whole wheat bread, this reminds me of my childhood. But I love knowing that there are so many nutritional benefits to this bread. I also love how fresh and soft it stays.

  • Sherry

    I normally avoid white bread but was pleasantly surprised with this product. The taste appeals to my grandson and it has good nutritional content. He refuses to eat multigrain breads so this is a great solution that makes us both happy.

  • Michelle

    My girls ate the whole sandwich, including the crusts, which is a rare occurrence!

  • Ang

    My kids both loved this bread! I have tried other whole grain breads and they both complained that they tasted ‘yucky’ – but not this one! No one complained at all!

  • Pat

    Best bread ever and good for you! It’s the only bread we eat.

  • Meg

    My kids said this bread made the best grilled cheese sandwiches they have ever had. I had to agree!

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