This season we’re seeing lots of new shapes and textures in everything from footwear to outerwear. It’s quite a change, and if you’re not sure how these items will integrate into your winter wardrobe, read on.

First, the high-heeled bootie.  Don’t be intimidated, these babies are quite versatile and will bring everything from pants, jeans and slim skirts (with matching tights) bang up to date. Many designs have a platform sole, which balances out the height of the heel, and are surprisingly comfortable. Great for the office or an evening out.

Some designs come just above the ankle and can look “buckety” on slimmer legs. My preference is for styles that sit lower and more fitted on the ankle, like these from Payless:


payless bootie.jpgYou’ll see more faux fur than ever before this year. I’m especially loving the versatility of fur vests.  Wear over sweaters/T’s now, and layer over leather or denim jackets for added warmth and interest.  Here’s a version from Esprit:

esprit vest.jpgWe’ll be heading into party season soon and one way to jazz up your jeans or add sizzle to plain slacks is with a one-shoulder top. Not surprisingly great shoulders and a good strapless bra are essential.  Wear under a trim tailored jacket or cropped cardie until you feel comfortable enough for the reveal. Here’s a Suzy Shier sample, great for bringing the focus to your face and away from the mid section:


one shouder ss.jpgSo…these items aren’t for everyone – Thank goodness, we don’t all want to look the same.  But, what do you think you’ll try on at your next trip to the mall, and what do you think you’ll be wearing this winter? Share in the comments section below.   


  • trish_rodrigues

    Help – Xmas party season – and I don’t know what to wear! – these styles are nice but I’m shaped like Mrs. Claus with Raven Hair and when I try these on – it brings attention to places (my jelly belly) that don’t need attention. I am not talking a little pot belly here but a full blown, jiggly, 2x, steriod induced stomach that doesn’t match the rest of me. HELP! any suggestions anyone??? Please….

  • Jennifer

    Hit two Payless stores on my lunch hour and the closest I’ve come to those boots is a pair a half size too big on hold for me at a third store nowhere near me. The search goes on…

  • katie

    Soooo…Jen – did you get the purple booties?

  • Jennifer

    I LOVE those booties. I’m counting down the hours until my lunch so I can run to Payless to find those booties. I’m silently praying at my desk that they’ve got a pair in my size in purple. Did I mention that I LOVE those boots?

  • Kath

    Okay, I’m lovin the fur vest. Kinda reminds me of the ones I got my kids last year at The Children’s Place: except theirs were pink fur and rhinestone studded. But totally awesome, too. Wishing I could pull off the one-shoulder top, but there is no strapless bra strong enough to hoist what needs to be hoisted for me. *sigh* As for the bootie, I can actually see pulling that off with jeans. Maybe. Still having some nasty 80s flashbacks, though.

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