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It all began with scrapbooking many moons ago.  Any of you remember “crop nights” and “scrap chats”?  I would go to all night scrapbook sessions that had me cropping and producing layouts till the wee hours.  This was prior to the digital age when making memories was recorded old school.  When the scrapbook era ended and everyone went onto their computers my scrapbook supplies went into the closet. There they stayed until a new calling…. the vision board.

I first heard of the concept about five years ago on an Arts retreat in Ottawa Valley.  Everything about that weekend had lasting power but the vision board workshop was the experience I took home and repeated again and again.  My former scapper sister also got into and over the years we have our boards up on the walls and they cover a pretty significant amount of wall space.  

When “the secret” came out and the “law of attraction” got a lot of press, vision boards were talked about again as a way to harness your dreams and manifest your desires into reality.  I personally was not a fan of “the secret” book but I am a big fan of the law of attraction. 

The basic premise is that you unleash your desires using your creative self and let your inner-self  reveal what you are attracted to in a visual way using images and words. This is a much deeper goal then the “scrap and whine” nights of yester year but there are some similiarities.  The sisterhood setting in which your creations emerge, the wine that is consumed to help release your inner artist (in my case) the tactile joy of flipping through mags, ripping out images, scissors in your hand, no where else to be but in this space to let your imagination run wild.

For a great article writtten by Martha Beck that explains it a whole lot better then I do check out this link on Oprah’s site

I’ve made a couple of vision boards along my way to becoming a mom.  Images that depict the joy, love, adventure, optimism and openness that I wanted to put out into the world on my journey to Roman.

My last vision board revealed to me some of what I want to make a priority now that I am a mom.  My priorities are savouring time, cuddles, living with humour, joy and healthy living.  Taking the time to enjoy the small moments that seem to go at light speed.  I can’t stop the clock but I can try to savour the moments.

What’s your vision?

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  • Erin Little

    That’s beautiful Heather. I’ve always wanted to do one but I haven’t. I think maybe I’ll do one with the girls. They can make scrapbook pages and I’ll make a vision board.

  • Tracey

    Nice, Heather!! I never did scrapbook, but I do believe in the power of visualisation in this kind of way… I don’t have vision boards, but I have vision files that I visit from time to time. I suppose in some ways, that’s what Pinterest might be for some people! (I’ve actually never pinned…)
    Keep on keeping on… it’s a good practice!

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