Have you seen the trailers yet? The movie comes out on May 18th everywhere. And yes, 
the “Dudes Group” is hilarious!  
What to Expect When You’re Expecting – The movie is loosely based on the best-selling pregnancy guide that most of us moms, and soon-to-be moms, have read at some point. People reference it all the time. I recall following along the book and marking every stage of both my pregnancies. I remember someone telling me to “take it with a grain of salt”. So, I did. I actually checked my library and I still have it even though it’s been 8 years since my last pregnancy!
Now here comes the movie with a star-studded cast of Cameron Diaz, Matthew Morrison, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Dennis Quaid, Chris Rock, Brooklyn Decker and others. But hello….when did Chase Crawford grow up? 


So, what should you expect from this movie? 
A fun, good time! No surprises. Just a good time and sometimes we just want to be entertained like that, right?
Last night’s special screening was hosted by First Response with special guest speaker Dr. David Greenberg (aka Dr. Dave) who spoke briefly about getting pregnant and just having fun in the process!
The audience was filled with all sorts of moms and moms-to-be. It’s a total chick-flick. And yes, I got misty-eyed a few times during the movie. What can I say, I’m a sap! 
It brought back some fond memories of being pregnant and delivery. If you’re a mom, you’ll be able to relate to the characters of the movie. They all experience motherhood and pregnancy differently. Even the couple who adopts…it’s all there. I think I was a combination of the characters played by Elizabeth Banks and Brooklyn Decker (or maybe I was more  Jekyll and Hyde). 
This movie is totally entertaining and I’m guessing it will be a popular outing for women who are preggars and their friends/partners. 
To finish off the night guests at this special screening were given a “goody bag”. I opened it this morning and had to tell you what was inside…
1. First Response (digital ovulation test/pregnancy test)
2. Arm & Hammer Toothpaste
3. Spinbrush Toothbrush
4. Trojan Condoms
5. Trojan VIBRATOR (or Personal Massager, if you will)
6. Nair Hair Removal Products
7. Arnica RubA535 (you know, for sore muscles the next day)
8. OxyClean
Makings of a HOT weekend right? *wink*
Ok, here are some interesting facts about the vibrator that Dr. Dave had mentioned (psst…it’s more commonly used that you think!)
~More than half (51%) of Canadian adult women have ever used a vibrator.
~Over 80% of people who have used a vibrator, have used it with their partner.
~Majority of Canadians (82%) agree that vibrators are part of a healthy sex life.
You can find the trusted Trojan Tri-Phoria Vibrator at many major drug, food and mass retail locations and online at TrojanVibrations.ca
Speaking of pregnancy…If you’re hoping to get pregnant did you know that there are only about 2 days a month when you are most likely to get pregnant? An ovulation test like First Response Digital Ovulation Test can help you pinpoint your 2 best days. For more information visit www.1stresponse.ca .
Ok…there you have it folks!
Um…is it hot in here?
So, will you be seeing this movie?
Big Thanks to Church & Dwight, a leader in OTC health care, family planning and personal care with brands including; First Response, RubA535, Arm & Hammer, Nair and Trojan, for sponsoring the fun night out! 
  • Sonya

    I’m sure you could’ve written the book and starred in it! And yah, why weren’t you there? The goodie bag was a real surprise! I was just happy for the popcorn! I was even more surprised at how many people wanted the vibrator! 😉

  • Chantel

    Well well well I DIDN’T know all that info on vibrators – lol now I do thanks! This movie looks really good and having being pregnant as many times as I have I just have one question – why wasn’t I at the special screening? lol sniff, sniff sigh I really want that goodie bag;)

  • Sonya

    wow! I should have put it on ebay! kidding! no, a friend of mine had asked for it! (and someone else wanted …you know!) 😉

  • lisa

    that sounds like a pretty cool goody bag! If you don’ want the ovulation test i’ll take – they are $50+, I’ve spent so much money on them but they are totally worth it!

  • Jen

    I was at the screening too Sonya and agree. It was good fun! And now I am going to open my goody bag…

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