The other day I was sitting in front of the computer with my kids downloading pictures of our recent Disney Cruise when my 8 year-old daughter pointed at a picture of a baby in iPhoto. “Who’s that?” she asked to my surprise. “It’s YOU!” I exclaimed. We then spent close to an hour looking through old pictures, laughing, talking, and remembering. 

This reminded me of when I was a child and some evenings, instead of a book at bedtime, I would choose to look through a photo album or two. I LOVED doing this. The memories and stories. It was like a chronicling of my life and a history lesson all rolled into one. When I chose my parents’ wedding album it was like a fairy tale and these old pictures helped me feel connected to people and places and times before I was born. It was powerful.
But now, my photos are all on my computer and we just never seem to snuggle up and look at them. I felt bad that my daughter didn’t even recognize her baby self. So, I have decided I am going to do something about it. I don’t know what yet but I would love your suggestions. I am not a crafty person but am wondering how you keep the memories alive for your kids? Please share in the comments below.
Here a few of my favourite pics from our little trip down memory lane:

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