A few years into this mom gig I took a look at my shoe collection and noticed that it had been reduced to a pile of sensible flats and homely flip-flops. So, I bought these:
A tad ridiculous, perhaps, but they gave me the “I’m a WOMAN!” boost I needed and I walked a little taller in them (and not just because of the four-inch platform).

Do you still wear saucy shoes even though you’re a mom, or have you resorted to orthopedic footwear as a fashion staple?
  • Cayla

    As a self-confessed shoe addict, I often forego comfort for style, even as an active mom. However, as a teacher, there was definately more of a challenge finding a happy medium between the two. One day, I made the mistake of wearing crocs to school. My best friend took me aside and said, “just because they are in magazines doesn’t mean you should wear them.” I never made that mistake again. I now stick to one of about a million pairs of boots in the winter and ballet flats in the summer. And, of course, the offical semi-cool mom shoe of the Toronto summer, the silver birkenstock.
    One other time, I wore these really comfortable and ergonomically correct walking shoes to my chiropractor, thinking he would be impressed. The only comment I got was that he was flattered that I felt comfortable enough around him to wear my grandmas shoes. SO embarrasing!
    But when I’m not being a mom or teacher or working out? Its heels all the way, baby.

  • Lissa Lee

    I was just thinking I need an espadrille/cork wedge for summer! I own a furniture store so I need to be dressed up most of the time. I can now run with a 38 lb 3 yr old on one hip and a 36 lb 2 yr old on the other hip, up the 18 stairs to gymnastics wearing 3 inch stilettos. I love being a Mom but I prefer to feel like a Yummy Mommy! The second I wear ugly shoes I stop doing my hair and miss my workout! Totally psychological from my youth that I can’t let go of.
    don’t get me wrong, I own briks for the park but even those are patent leather! LOL

  • Tracey

    those shoes are not ridiculous at all, lady! They’re cute – I hope you wear them well!!
    I’ve never resorted to mom shoes, mom jeans, mom underwear… I’m still totally a woman – the mom part is secondary. I do love me some pretty shoes… *swoons*

  • Alice

    I’m big on cute shoes. I figure you can wear pretty basic clothing if you throw on some fun accessories to add the extra. i do own a nice handful of cute flats, but also a range of heels, including adorable turquoise wedge sandals that I just bought because sandals are hard, and they are comfy and cute at once – score! They also break out of the mold of my shoe collection, which tends to be all either black, silver, or red, so that’s good.
    Good on you for getting something more fun for yourself!

  • Nancy

    I refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes and refuse to wear ugly shoes. I love rockport shoes and born shoes for that reason!I may have to send you a picture of my orange shoes…..

  • Christine

    I too have some really lovely ballet flats and a whole pile of $4 Joe Fresh flip flops.
    I do have 2 (at most) pairs of nice dressy shoes that will do for a summer wedding or fancy night out…
    Maybe time for a shoe shop!

  • Jen

    I own a wide selection of ballet flats and that is it. But i’ve never really worn heels so I don’t think that will change.
    Glad you got a little pick me up!. :)

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