We received many emails from members and visitors to the site looking for and requesting an urbanmoms.ca forum. Well, here it is!  This is a place where you can go to relax and chat with other urban moms about what’s happening on the site or in other areas of your life.  The forum would also be a great place to get information and resources from urban moms in your community.  So sit back, make yourself a cup of tea or pour yourself a glass of wine and hang out with your friends on urbanmoms.ca!

Connect with us in the forum today on – Advice on helping a younger sibling feel "big", Date Night Ideas, Jogging Strollers, and Looking for a Painter

We hope that by creating these forums we will enable urban moms to connect at any time.  We will be conducting and surveys and will also be participating in the forum to gather ideas and make sure urbanmoms.ca reflects what’s going on in your lives.



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