478875_535141816501903_1993436120_o.jpgIt’s getting cooler out. No denying it. But you still need to get from point A to point B.

While there are no shortages of taxi and black car services now in Toronto, hailing one is a bitch sometimes in this crazy city that seems to be running all the time. HAILO is the newest entry into the highly competitive industry of APP based services that are eager to get you where you want to be. 
After taking London and Dublin by storm, HAILO has crossed the pond and has brought the world’s largest app-based taxi service to North America. 
HAILO was founded in 2011 in London, England by three taxi drivers and three internet entrepreneurs who set out to bring a centuries-old industry into the 21st century.
“We wanted to make the taxi experience better and easier for both passengers and drivers,” says Justin Raymond, President of HAILO Canada. 
How it works:
Hail a taxi from your home, office or restaurant with two taps on your iPhone and watch it arrive in real time.
No more wandering the streets looking for a taxi. HAILO uses only licensed Toronto taxi drivers and provides every customer with the driver’s photo, first name and rating before he or she arrives to pick you up. 
HAILO’s integrated smartphone payment system means customers simply hop out of a cab at the end of a ride without having to hand over a credit card. An electronic receipt is sent immediately. 
So, how is HAILO different from the rest?
HAILO is the only app-based taxi brokerage licensed by the City of Toronto. We ensure that ONLY a licensed taxi driver will be picking you up – you can rest assured that driver and vehicle will meet all city licensing requirements INCLUDING insurance in the event of an accident.  Downloaded over 400,000 times with more than 2,000 five star reviews on iTunes App Store, HAILO is also the largest app-based taxi booking service in the world.
Why Toronto?
Toronto was chosen as the first north American stop because it is a world-class city and similar to London with such a diverse and technologically sophisticated population. The city also boasts a large number of taxi drivers which will help launch HAILO in a big way. 
Toronto is a cornerstone of HAILO’s North American launch and we could not be more excited to be starting here.

Will HAILO be expanding to other Canadian Cities?
Toronto is only the first stop in Canada. HAILO is looking at revolutionizing the taxi industry in cities all across the country. They will be making some announcements regarding expansion to other Canadian cities in the near future. 


If you’re interested in taking HAILO make sure you download the APP and 
use the special promo code: TORONTO to save $5 off your first ride! 
Thank goodness! Another great way to move around this city!
  • Sara

    I’m SO jumping on this train…or Hailo…

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