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The UrbanMoms Network is a powerful blogger network that builds community and provides established bloggers with an opportunity to participate in and get compensated for content-based marketing initiatives.

We know there are many other bloggers with tons of influence in their own communities and we want to get connected! We are creating a group of influential, successful bloggers who are great networkers, have an established audience, and are excited to have their voices heard.

How it Works for Brands and Agencies:

By joining the UrbanMoms Network as a brand or agency, you will reach the vast UrbanMoms audience while extending your brand message through some of Canada’s top female and parenting blogs. The power and impact of your message will expand and grow by connecting with a secondary loyal and established national audience.
If you are a brand or an agency and would like to learn more about opportunities within The UrbanMoms Network, please contact Jen Maier at

How it Works for Bloggers:

By joining the UrbanMoms Network as a blogger, you would have access to a huge range of opportunities. UrbanMoms works with some of Canada’s top brands and we would be able to offer you exclusive sponsored opportunities on your blog. The opportunities would vary and would be available on an opt-in basis. You would only participate when it worked for you.
If you are a blogger and are interested in being a part of The UrbanMoms Network or in receiving more information, please contact Ali Martell at

There is value for everyone involved and we are very excited about working with and supporting some of Canada’s top bloggers and brands!

See which bloggers have already joined The UrbanMoms Network:


Bored Mommy Coffee With Julie Coffee
With Julie
Crumbs in the Minivan Crumbs in the Minivan DasBecca
Dutch Blitz Dutch Blitz Gliding Through Motherhood Gliding Through Motherhood
Hearts Into Home Hearts
Into Home
Jen B Shaw KickyBoots
Life Candy Life Candy Listen To
Little Missus Sunshine Little Missus Sunshine Loulou’s Views
Mommy Moments MonkeeMama
motherbumper motherbumper Rayment's Readings, Rants and Ramblings Rayment’s Readings, Rants and Ramblings
Temporaily Me Temporaily Me

Where there’s a Willer

and more coming soon…

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