I was at BlogHer in San Diego this week (and totally pimped UrbanMoms to everyone I met) and came home with a duffel bag stuffed with swag. The expo hall had countless vendors, all vying for the attention of greedy mommybloggers who might fall in love with their product and start raving about it online, so we just walked through the room collecting bags upon bags of stuff. Some was good, some was useful, some was weird, but as I unearthed all the treasures from my suitcase I came across a DVD created by the Mother Company called The Feelings Show and I cannot say enough good about it.

Here is a trailer for the program:
I spoke for a while with the reps at the Mother Company booth and they have a mission I really identified with: they want to show their kids the tools and skills they need to grow up to be decent human beings. They noticed that a lot of children’s TV programs are just dull entertainment and don’t really teach kids about emotional development and how to deal with their social needs. So they designed a program that features a character named Ruby who has a studio where kids come to play and learn. There are puppet shows, animated segments and interaction with the kids on the show. My girls have been asking to watch it again and again, and I kind of wish that Ruby could come and live at our house and help guide us all through the waters of parenting young children. 
Of course they’re not expecting a magical DVD to teach your kids important life lessons that they need to see modeled by their parents, but it’s such a good start and after my kids watched the Feelings Show, we had lots of great discussion about it and I think we all got something out of it.
The Mother Company is a really vibrant site with great design, and a really approachable, “we’re in this together” vibe that I love. I really encourage you to check out their site and the Feelings Show.
We have two copies of the Feelings Show to giveaway to our readers! Just leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win!
(I was in no way compensated for this post, just so you know. I honestly think it’s a great company and it’s just starting to spread its wings so I want to show them my support.)

The contest ends of Aug 29th. 

Click here for Contest Rules and Regulations.

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  • tennille

    Looks like a great prize! Thanks for introducing me to this.

  • Michelle

    Would love to win a copy of this show. I agree we need this kind of programming. Their website has lots of good advice too.

  • babylove818

    I totally Agree, I need to get away from the Sponge Bob fascination as I dont’ think it is healthy for out kids.

  • Chantel

    This video sounds as though it would be great for my 6 year old boy with Aspergers as well as my crazy and rowdy 5 year old! Thanks for a great contest!

  • eabeier

    I am so glad that we have web sites such as Urban Moms. Great topics and prizes too!

  • elkhornchris

    This dvd sounds totally awesome!!

  • wilda miller

    I think this would be a fantastic D.V.D. not only for my foster children to watch,but for my older children and grandchildren as well,would really love to win this.

  • JeannetteNL

    This is such an important topic regarding children. Many people even adults are not comfortable having discussions about feelings. I have 2 grown children 28 and 25, but still have my 10 year old at home and he is the most sensitive child I have ever met and frankly I worry about him. He needs to be able to grow a thicker skin for some of the cruelty out there but I also want him to be able to express his feeling too. I would love the opportunity to win and watch it with him. Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

  • Anu

    I would love to have this for my two young boys.

  • TRW

    It’s always great to here about high quality entertainment for kids. Sometimes you just need to keep them busy for half an hour so you can make a decent dinner! I would love to try this out.

  • katylava

    What a cool-sounding company! I’d love to check this out! πŸ™‚

  • babylove818

    My Son is 6 years old and 2 weeks ago he said to me,
    Quinnton:”Momma, do you want to be rich?
    Me: Why?
    Quinnton: Because you don’t need to have money to be rich. You just need lots of love and lots of friends.
    I think that says it all.

  • erin2470

    This would be great to win and watch with the little girl in my life.

  • KoOtEnAy MaMa

    Help me! Anything to help me with my daughter!! I hope I win!

  • linsleyd

    Oh, I would love this for my two year old!

  • lisaski

    Yah – sounds like an awesome NEW DVD. Our kids are getting really bored with the same thing. We need some new freshness in our household. Thanks for the information!!!

  • Dana

    Sounds intriguing! I love educational shows, but very few focus on emotions, so this sounds great! Consider me entered!

  • Sarah

    My daughter his hooked after the trailer. Thank you for sharing this find!

  • TLR

    Thank you for turning me onto this. My little ones definitely need this right now.

  • Marla

    This would be sweet! Great find πŸ™‚

  • Eileen

    Sounds like something that may work for us.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Amy

    This sounds wonderful! Thanks so much for letting us know about this video, what a fantastic giveaway.

  • Kath

    I love how she lands just like Mary Poppins, except she’s holding on to a bundle of balloons instead of an umbrella. Looks really good!

  • Carla

    Sounds awesome!

  • Tianna

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • shelley

    pick me! I checked out their webpage after your last post and totally want the dvd.

  • theresa

    enter me! sounds good.

  • http://www.ourfamilystone.org Ashley

    I would totally love to win! The girls watched the trailer with me and were all “What is that?!!!” We struggle with Bethany showing her emotions with anything other than fountains of tears so any added help we can get on teaching her to express them correctly is golden! Thanks for sharing

  • Ashley

    Sounds excellent! All 5 of my kids could benefit!

  • http://www.sonyatoews.blogspot.com Sonya

    That’s super cute. πŸ™‚

  • Alexis

    I’d love this!

  • Steph H.

    Super cute! Yes, we have had lots of sibling rivalry around here lately, talking about our feelings might help. Thanks for the entry.

  • April Galbraith

    I want to win!!!

  • Tamara

    This isn’t an entry because we already have it, but just wanted to chime in and say that my kids love it, too. Camille actually made her own feelings wheel after watching it, which was super cute. πŸ™‚ They sent a little hand-written note with ours because ours was their first copy sent to Canada.

  • http://stephanieparnell.wordpress.com stephanie parnell

    This sounds like something I would love to own, free copy or not! But free is always preferrable πŸ™‚

  • Kathryn

    I’d love to win – I have a 4 year old boy who could really use this – maybe a different perspective would help the discussions we’re currently having sink in.

  • Jen

    I’ll enter. We could use some “useful” entertainment around here too. πŸ™‚

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