With each child, Halloween has become more and more of a nightmare. One would think it would become easier because there would be so many costumes to pass down. No way! Every year they seem to want newer, bigger and better costumes or they want me to sew them something “special.” Why? Because, I am the Martha Stewart of my neighbourhood. ( yeah well, in my dreams I am!).

Last Halloween was particularly crazy when two days before Halloween Arielle came to me and begged me to make her a Princess costume.

“Why?” I asked “when we have so many great costumes in the playroom that you could wear.”

“None of those fit me anymore.” She whined.

She had a good point, over the past few months she had grown.

“Well I don’t know if I have enough time…”

“Oh please, mommy please! Miranda’s mom made her one!”

Well of course Miranda’s mom made her one! Why wouldn’t she? Miranda’s mother was what I call “MILTS” otherwise known as Mothers I’d Love To Slap.

“I can’t make any promises but I will try.” I said knowing I had already been sucked in to the depths of sewing hell.

So for the next twenty four hours I attempted to sew, sweated, swore, threw things, and swore some more. Finally it was done! I called Arielle down to see what I had created.
She looked at me cautiously and asked what it was.

“What do you mean what is it?” I snapped. “It’s your princess costume!”

Arielle bit her lip as she attempted to not to cry. “But, it, looks like a paper bag!” she shouted.

I couldn’t believe how ungrateful she was being after all my hard work!

I looked at her disbelief “Arielle, have you never heard of the paper bag Princess?”

Geez, I can’t wait to see what pleasures this Halloween brings.

Have you ever been sucked into sewing hell? Let me know.

Until next time,
Chantel momof8crazymonkeys

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  • Chantel

    I love it! I wish I could have seen you! This store sounds awesome. It is so true the kiddies are always dressing up it’s like it’s Halloween every day:)

  • Racheal

    Um…I went as the Paperbag Princess to a Halloween party this year.
    I don’t sew, but we do have an amazing children’s costume shop down the block. They have both pre-fab and their own custom made ones. I have no touble plunking my looneys down to get our costumes there. Our kids dress up all year anyway, and these really stand the test. Plus it’s all local!

  • Nicole

    OH! Chantel do not bow down to me, I take on more than I can chew a lot of the times. But, I will keep you posted on the pillow cases. I am determined to have them done in November. Although, November is moving too fast for my liking….lol! And….honestly, I don’t know where I find the time either.

  • Chantel

    Cons isn’t amazing how as parents we never sleep? We always make sure that we do what needs to be done and then we sleep – maybe! Your pirate costume sounds amazing! You are a talented woman and your children are so lucky to have you!:)

  • Chantel

    Oh Nicole I have no idea where you find the time to sew all those pillow cases! I bow to you – you are the sewing Queen:) I know exactly what you mean though about hating to disappoint – I am the same way and it always gets me into more than I can handle! Sigh. Keep me updated on those pillow cases.

  • Chantel

    Cheryl you are way to organized:) I’m coming over for a sewing party!

  • Chantel

    Therese I just wanted to make sure you were able to climb out of the depths of sewing hell! How did it go? I hope your 14 yr old appreciated it:)

  • Chantel

    Well Tracey this is why I am the crazy one and you are the sane one lol adding bits and pieces is the smart thing to do:)

  • Cons

    I always try to make the halloween costumes. This year my older one, Lakshmi, was a pirate. Used a peasant top (silk, embroidery, long sleeves) she had, a tule skirt, leggins, tall boots and a bandana. She bought a short sword and also a pirate hat, just for the fun of it. I only had to make her a vest. It took me a lot of time, to adjust it on her neautiful young teenage body but I did it! Finished it Sunday at midnight. I would do many things to make my family happy, of course I have limits, but sleeping early is not one of my priorities. After that I baked muffins, cleaned some veggies for next day snacks, went to sleep at 2:30 am. Next day? Fresh as a rose, I even went trick-or-treating with my little daughter Preeti and her best friend while the older one was going with her own friend, or just chillin’ in her room. All good!
    I love sewing and I don’t consider it a chore. It just takes me a lot of time deciding to start it, but after that I’m ok. I also like to finish in the same day, so I stay late at night to do it.

  • Nicole Alves

    I do sew, but not for Halloween. Actually, I did make a costume last year for my oldest ( a no sew) and it cost me more to make it than to buy it. My sewing hell is of my own doing and it is Christmas time. I started this little tradition quite a few years ago where I make the kids in the family (there are now 11 under the age of 12 and add a few close friends kids = about 17) a pillow case and I put their presents inside it. Great idea until the family started growing. One year I wasn’t able to get them all done in time, so instead of some getting and others not, they went without.Actually, I wasn’t even sure if they liked getting them….well, I was wrong, they were asking where there pillow cases were? Boy, did I feel guilty that year. Needless, to say, I haven’t missed a year since that year because I hate to disappoint, especially at Christmas. So, every year, I say I am going to start early and every year, I am down to the wire. I am determined this year to be done by December…..;). A pillow case is not that difficult to sew, it is finding the time……and that is my little sewing hell :).
    I love the paper bag princess idea and thought that was really creative.

  • Cheryl McClennan

    I’ve made all of my kids costumes from day one. I however, instilled in my children the need to decide what they wanted to be for Halloween by July 1st thus giving me the entire summer to create. I also sew for Christmas – usually pjs but quite often party dresses or other stuff. It’s not easy when your child picks a costume that you have only a picture of – one year the youngest wanted to be Rainbow Brite – sometimes you have to stand back and think outside the box. Love the Paper Bag Princess idea though – can I get a bag in my size – never mind I’ll make it.

  • Therese

    I’m laughing because I am reading this in between sewing the straps on the straight jacket and the elastic on the mask that will be my 14 year old’s costume. Yes, I have been sucked into sewing hell and am still there!

  • Tracey

    I don’t know from the sewing, much. So, no. So far, I’ve bought whole costumes, or I’ve bought small bits, and been able to “fashion” costumes out of clothing we already own and makeup.
    Eight kids. Eight costumes each year. Holy crap, Chantel. Again, I bow to you, woman!!

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