If you are a parent of a high school, college or university age son or daughter, I’m sure you’re facing a whole different set of expectations and experiences going into the school year. 
But as the Green Day song goes..this is the time of our lives. Well, theirs.
Remember when we were that age? I remember feeling invincible! Independent! Powerful! Yes, even me in my petite 5 ft nothing size paled in comparison to my ability to scream at anyone who got in my way.  
Being born and raised in Toronto I grew up street smart. I was out at the clubs with my friends – hey, who remembers going to all-ages Sundays at RPM? Remember when the radio station CKNY gave us the secret password and we’d not only get in FREE but we were fed a buffet dinner too! I don’t quite know how or why that happened but it was definitely was one of the best times of my life. But getting home was always a nightmare. Boyfriends yes, would walk me home…and I worried about them getting to their homes after dropping me off. But if I was out with girlfriends it was more of a challenge.


So, while some things have changed, I’m pretty certain that the youth today are still partying it up whether at a friend’s house or at the Madison (insert relative watering hole). What has changed is that everyone seems to have an android, iPhone or Blackberry. We all know that texting is the communication of choice. Ok, and we can all roll with that. 
Now, my friends, I’d like to introduce to you a great service called TAP ‘N RIDE. It’s an APP based on-demand cab/limo service that has recently launched in Toronto. I’ve tested it out a few times and think you may be interested in how this works to give you some comfort in times when you’re son or daughter may need a ride whether it’s from a party or a late night out studying with friends.
The concept: A cashless ride either by cab or limo service that you can request on demand via mobile device by tapping the APP.
How it works: A credit card account is set up in advance. Then download the APP to your device (or to your kid’s device). Call up the vehicle of choice and a GPS will located the car with exact information of who the driver is, how long it will take to get to you (usually within minutes), and when it has arrived to pick you up. No cash transaction occurs. It’s all based on account…so you don’t have to worry about empty wallets. 


The cars: A fleet of taxis have been approved by the owners of TAP’N RIDE. Each has been trained and checked over. Each driver starts the meter as ends it as usual. The price is the same as hailing one on the street.  And the bill is sent to via email within minutes of arriving at your destination. Limo service is an option as well and slightly more $ but worth it if you’d like a clean shiny ride…maybe save that for mom or dad, or special occasions. 
Why you want this: With all the prep of back to school this is a good idea to have right from the start if your kid is attending school in the Toronto. Even high school students who tend to go out at night with friends (you know to study, on a date, or catch a movie, right?). It’s a great and safe alternative to waiting around for a bus these days and even better idea in case they run out of cash while out. 
As mentioned I’ve tested out the service and each cab has been clean and efficient. I feel very safe knowing that…
a) I can get a cab on demand 
b) I can see who the driver is by license plate/photo
c) I don’t have to worry if my kid, or I, have enough cash to cover the ride home. 
d) pricing is competitive 



TAP ‘N RIDE has offered a special $10 off offer your “FIRST RIDE” to our readers. Sign  up before September 30, 2012. Then use take the first ride before December 31, 2012. 
Use Promo Code: URBANRIDE
COOL? Now, stick that on your back to school list of things to do! 
Oh, BTW if you prefer a LIMO ride you’d be happy to know that the entire fleet of cars are courtesy of the established and professional services of  ROSEDALE LIVERY .

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