Katya and I have been charting (and re-charting) our schedules of screenings and events as the invites keep rolling in. The city continues buzzing with all the celebrities sightings everywhere.
Speaking of celebrities, there are numerous Gifting Lounges (aka SWAG) set up around the city to pamper the celebrities, industry heavy hitters, and influencers. Judging from last year, we know you’re curious! So, here’s another peek inside!
The ESSENTIALS LOUNGE by EGPR was tucked discreetly in several suites at the beautiful Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square. This gifting lounge caught our attention with their TIFF SURVIVAL & RECOVERY KITS that focused on the media themselves who work on overdrive for a few weeks. 
“Every partner in our lounge is focused on being an essential to a busy lifestyle especially during TIFF, ” says Esther Garrick, President and Founder of EGPR. “We know how crazy it is for the media themselves who have the pressures to report from day to night…and moms too! Moms are super busy!” Yep! AGREED!
If you follow any of us around you know that we have the oddest diet of coffee, cocktails and canapes throughout the festival. We get invites at the last minute to cover an event or party that leaves us racing out the door on top of making sure our families are settled in nicely at school and evenings before heading out. 
Essentials Lounge partners can relate. 
Benefit Cosmetics: Beauty expert Maddox, gave us quick and easy beauty solutions that are great for people that have the time or even the expertise on applying makeup. With their ready to go kits created for specific skin shades it takes the thinking out for me. Benefit is known for their hydrating, smoothing and brightening products. Maddox had me done up in mere minutes! They also have the perfect purse sized kits that are perfect for daily touch ups! Available according to your skin colour and makes great holiday gifts if you’re thinking that far ahead! www.benefitcosmetics.com and available through Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart. 


Calvin Klein Underwear: On the press release they had mentioned that there are many foreign journalists, *cough*…HOT, in town now and well, you don’t want to caught with unattractive underthings. Of course I’m happily married so that is NOT going to happen but I did get turn a slight shade of pink in the face as I recalled the journalist from Mexico City last year who was interested in coffee after a screening! Not to worry, his latino accent was sexy but I politely declined…I’ve got my hottie at home. Hey, it’s just nice to know that you still got it, right? *winks*
ANYHOO…Calvin Klein has also just launched the new PUSH POSITIVE bra that gives you just enough vavavavooom! without spilling over. With a plexi comfort wire in place it won’t jab into your ribs, if you know what I mean! They’ve also mentioned that a new APP has launched called SEE YOUR PUSH where you can um…see what different boob sizes would look like on you. Heh Heh. I gotta still check it out. Apparently I’m the average size for a North American woman – but for an Asian? I’m probably above average. Thank you Fairy Boob Mother! The new PUSH POSITIVE is available at The Bay. Visit www.cku.com
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care: Can’t get to that that multi-hundreds-of-dollars collagen facial (or time) at the 


spa? Now in the comfort of your own home you can apply your own face, neck or eye pads without stepping out the door! And for less the price! And trust me, my puffy eyes from this week’s events are in much need of these! Elizabeth Grant products are popular and currently available online only. www.elizabethgrant.com


Gourmet B1tches: Bianka and Shontelle are two friends (and very cool moms) who have started up this very popular food truck business. They are on the streets and at events throughout the city dishing out delicious gluten-free food. They are hilarious and will be featured on a near future episode of Eat St. Visit www.gourmetb1tches.com for their upcoming events and how to get them out to your next party!


Raw Juice Guru: My food & drink intake is less than stellar these days. I had popcorn and coffee for breakfast yesterday. So, meeting the Raw Juice Guru was perfect. Once TIFF is over I’m going on a three day juice detox cleanse. Founder Eliane Seyfaie customizes your plan according to your needs. To help that belly bulge? That party dress is fitting just a tad bit too snug? Skin feeling a little dry and looking overworked? She’s on it. The FRESH juice is freshly squeezed and delivered right to your home or office. They use only organic produce and they guide you. Perfect! www.rawjuiceguru.com
There were many great partners at the lounge including Winks Eyelash Boutique (yep, I desperately needed some), Tan on the Run, my go-to daily drink glaceau vitaminwater and glaceau smartwater, John Frieda Hair Care, MisFit Studios, Tealish, TUMS (fresh breathe AND settles my upset tummy? these have come in very handy already!), Vitamints, 
SnazzyNapper (I laughed at first but now it’s keeping me cozy as it’s getting cooler out..and it’s going to be perfect on the plane when I travel – did you notice they don’t give out blankets much anymore?), and Joy-a-Toes  are like yoga stretches for your toes! These will be super stocking stuffers for the holidays too! My tender tootsies are thanking you now EGPR!)
Thank you EGPR and partners for giving us a peek inside your lounge! The items are fab for any busy lifestyle!!! 
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    Sonya, I love your glamorous life style….how do you do it?????

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