As moms, we’re most likely the primary (if not sole) person responsible for laundry in our homes. We want our family’s clothes to be clean and bright, but what many of us don’t know is that while our clothes may look clean, some detergents can leave behind trapped body oils and sweat deep in the fibres of our clothes- even after washing! We’re all familiar with the stubborn yellowish stains that can linger on white shirts after several wearings: stains that can prove almost impossible to remove from underarms and collars. These stains are caused by the lingering body oils and sweat trapped in the fibres of our clothes.

But the days of stubborn stains and odours are over! New Sunlight® Deep Clean™ laundry detergent contains a powerful combination of ingredients that safely penetrates the fibres of clothing and helps remove trapped body oils and sweat that other detergents can leave behind. It is scientifically proven to clean not only visible everyday dirt and dried-in stains, but also helps remove lingering body oils and sweat that you can’t see. Sunlight® Deep Clean™ delivers a deep clean and freshness like never before*. Available in Fresh Rain® and Cold Water variants and works for all machines (HE and standard). For more information visit:


    * Vs. other Sunlight® Liquid Detergents
200 members of our Go2Girlz panel recently tried new Sunlight® Deep Clean™, and put its claims to the test on their dirtiest, smelliest laundry. So what did our real-life moms think of Sunlight® Deep Clean™ laundry detergent on their real-life laundry? Well, their feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and in fact nearly every single tester said they would not only buy Sunlight® Deep Clean™ again themselves, but they would also recommend it to a friend. Our testers tried Sunlight® Deep Clean™ on dried-in stains, dirt, grime, grass, food, blood and odours, and they were nearly unanimous in their praise for this product.

Overall, the Go2Girlz loved the scent of Sunlight® Deep Clean™, with only one or two testers finding the scent slightly overpowering (these testers would prefer a scent-free product like Sunlight® Sensitive Skin™), and most of our testers said their family loved the fresh clean smell of their clothes. The Go2Girlz panel were unanimous in their feedback that Sunlight® Deep Clean™ cleaned at least as well as their regular detergent, and nearly all of the 100 testers reported that Sunlight® Deep Clean™ did a better job at removing stains (including old, dried-in stains): even without pre-treating or additional stain-removing products!

Exclusively for members from Sunlight® Deep Clean™, one lucky member will enter for a chance to win the New Maytag® Performance Series Front Load Laundry Pair and a one year’s supply of Sunlight® Deep Clean™ laundry detergent. The New Maytag® Performance Series Front Load Laundry Pair boasts the Best Cleaning in the Industry – enabled by the Power Wash cycle.   By combining higher temperatures, extra cleaning action and a deep rinse to power out tough stains, the Power Wash cycle delivers breakthrough cleaning performance. The Front Load is ENERGY STAR® Qualified and the 5000 Series high-efficiency wash system uses 75% less water and 80% less energy than an average conventional top load washer. The total prize value is $2,900.  Keep reading for details on the contest: ‘Get Brilliant and Win with SunlightTM and Maytag®!
Maytag-washer-dryer.jpgBut what did the Go2Girlz themselves have to say? Here’s a sample of their feedback:

I am a big fan of Sunlight® products and looked forward to trying out the newest version of their laundry detergent. I loved it!!! My laundry has never, ever smelled so fresh and clean! Tracy, Mom of 3

The children got spaghetti sauce on the tablecloth. I put it in the washer without any stain pretreatment and it came out beautifully! Melodie, Mom of 3

Was amazed by how fresh the clothes looked after being washed. Priscila, Mom of 1

I was impressed that this detergent was able to completely remove embarrassing feminine stains (at that time of the month they do happen!) without any pre-treating at all. I’ve never seen a laundry product do that before. Kate, Mom of 2

Playing soccer in the rain is muddy business and there have been times
where I have had to replace soccer shorts & socks before the season
was over because the mud just wouldn’t come out. After one particularly
muddy game I did not pre-treat things when we all got home. I crossed my
fingers and placed them in my HE washer and used the Sunlight® and …
IT WORKED – no more mud!! Thanks, I will be buying this. Trish, Mom of 3

The smell is sensational and the clothes feel and smell better!!  Laura, Mom of 1

My clothes came out smelling great and looking clean and bright!  Kara, Mom of 4

My 8 year old son said he liked the smell of his clothes! Naomi, Mom of 3

I washed a pretty white top of my daughter’s that had become dingy
and stained, despite repeated stain treating (even tried soaking it in a
bleach solution). The Sunlight® Deep Clean™ got it brilliantly white
and even removed a small yellow mustard stain that I thought was there
for good. Thank you for giving us back this pretty shirt, Sunlight®!
Katherine, Mom of 2

dress.gifThis fabulous ‘Get Brilliant and Win with SunlightTM and Maytag®!’ contest offers a total prize value of $2,900 and includes a New Maytag® Performance Series Front Load Laundry Pair and a one year’s supply of Sunlight® Deep Clean™ laundry detergent.  For one contest entry, simply leave a comment and share your best “stain story”.

For an extra entry, tweet the following phrase: I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa : Then come back here and let us know that you’ve tweeted it! 

The contest will run from today, August 30, 2010, until 10pm EST on Monday, September 14, 2010.
are eligible to win so don’t forget to sign-in
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  • A.Norris

    Help!!! Have used Sunlight bar laundry soap for years to pre-treat stains and grease. Am now finding 7 area stores are not carrying it. Where can I get a supply in the London, Ontario area? A.N.

  • aidn1

    I used to scrub stains with a toothbrush and dishwashing liquid. It was tedius and didn’t always remove the stain. Now I try things like shout, and it works sometimes.

  • Cheryl

    Need help with some stubborn yellowing stains…..does this also remove older stains?

  • astefane

    I used sunlight for the first time and it was fantastic at cleaning my clothes.

  • joceroy

    Sunlight has always been one of my favorite brands of laundry soap. One of my children had very sensitive skin when he was young and Sunlight was one of the few brands I could use. Love the scent and it always does a great job. 🙂

  • Hilary Ounpuu

    I’m potty-training my 3 year old. It’s not going as well as I’d like. Let’s just say that I’m so grateful to be a 21st century mama with Sunlight Detergent and in-home washer & dryer.

  • Julie

    Sunlight is great for the bottoms of dirty gym socks!

  • Jeremy

    I’ve twittered

  • Jeremy

    My better half always tells me a day without Sunlight is like a day without sunshine so that’s what we use.

  • Natalie

    I’ve posted my Twitter

  • Natalie

    My Mom introduced me to Sunlight when I still lived at home and I still use it now that I’ve got my own place. However I don’t have a washer and dryer so I would love to win this and avoid going to the laundromat.

  • super-mcmom

    It’s been tweeted on my page

  • super-mcmom

    I’ve used Sunlight dishwashing detergent and really liked it and decided to try their laundry detergent and was really pleased at how well it worked.

  • corbin21

    I don’t have laundry secrets…I throw everything in together and hope for the best and usually things turn out alright. Sunlight rocks the party!

  • Jacqui

    I tweeted

  • kitty100

    Will try on some items with grease stains that my present product doesn’t remove.

  • Melinda153

    I have used Sunlight for many years, it always gets stains out of clothes. I have tried other detergents, but I always come back to Sunlight for it’s great value and deep clean.

  • Janice
  • Janice

    I only use sunlight laundry detergent, so I will definitely be trying the Sunlight deep clean.

  • bumble

    My husband repairs restaurant kitchen appliances and comes home with so many oil stains on his clothes. I have found that the Sunlight Deep Clean does a pretty good job at removing those oil stains.

  • calicok3

    I like the Sunlight because it gets the greese, dirt, and grass stains I regularly get on my work clothes out. Many of the other detergents do not get rid of the stains entirely.

  • judygr

    My brother and I had to take a load of junk to the dump and as I stepped out of the car, I slipped and fell backwards right into the filthy smelly heap of whatever. Dirty and smelling quite un-rosy, my clothes were stained like they have never been before.

  • johnandvalr

    I used Tide for years but after getting my HE washer & dryer noticed the stains just did not come out even after using a pre-treat. having read of the new Sunlight Deep Clean I went out & bought a bottle. I was so pleased at how it removed the grease splatters from my tops & slacks. Then I used it to wash my gym workout clothes and they too came out looking new as it did remove those body oil stains. I just love the Fresh Rain scent.

  • cynthai

    I asked my husband to watch my son for 10 minutes in the backyard and to keep him clean while I got dressed to go out. When I came outside he was covered in mud! A quick bath and we were good to go. Every dirty ground in spot came out when I washed his clothes the next day and I thought I would have to throw them away. Fantastic laundry detergent!

  • judcon

    Just tried sunlight for the first time. This product does exactly what it says – Cleans out stainss and smells wonderful. So fresh and clean. It’s a winner!

  • amana

    Sunlight is my all time favourite detergent. I have dealt with numerous stains over the years, and sunlight gets them out all the time. The worst stains for me have been tea, mango, and turmeric. My husband is famous for spilling food on his shirts and we often joke that he should wear a bib!!

  • Canokie

    It never fails, every time I eat, cook or wash dishes, something slashes on me that usually will leave a permanent stain. More frustrating is it constantly happens when I’m wearing a new shirt.


    with 2 girls under 4, thank goodness for Sunlight!

  • Judina

    Every time I wear white I spill red wine on it!

  • redleaf55

    And I tweeted about the contest too!

  • redleaf55

    Best stain story? I have two distinct paw prints on the back of my wedding dress. We got married in my parents’ backyard surrounded by family and friends, and my parents’ two dogs. Never gonna wash that dress.

  • wilfred

    I was canning blueberry jam this past week and I left the spatula sitting on the edge of the counter. My elbow caught it and flipped it back on my pants. Blue stain all down the leg of my jeans. I soaked them immediately. I am a dedicated Sunlight user and it took the stain right out.

  • northcountry

    Sunlight remains my all time favourite laundry smell. It will remind me of hanging laundry with my grandmother on their farm till my dying day.

  • Trey

    Sunlight Green Clean worked great on the recent *diaper incident* my daughter had in her new white onesie! Disaster was averted and it smells better than ever 🙂

  • Trey

    I tweeted the giveaway!

  • Trey

    I had a horrible *diaper incident* that just wouldn’t come clean with a store brand detergent. I grabbed a bottle of Sunlight Green Clean and it came out in one wash even after I had washed it several times with another cleaner! LOVE IT!

  • Trey

    I tweeted the contest!

  • MadonnaB

    I find that DD7 and then put the item into the wash with good detergent really works well.

  • murphy

    I find the best way to get even the toughest stains out is to presoak over night in a bucket filled with a bit of sunlight and lots of hot water.

  • tl

    Stains are an everyday occurrence around here. I usually just use shout and our regular laundry soap. I’d love to try this new detergent…maybe I could save some time and skip the pretreating.

  • olwen29

    Sunlight is the only detergent I use! My kids stayed with my sister last fall and she used “another” brand. They both came home with unsightly rashes – looked like diaper rash on a 10 and 12 year old! Needless to say, I will never stray from Sunlight – a good clean and no “stains” on my kids!

  • sparky

    I love Sunlight and have been using it for years. My best stain-removal tip is to pour a bit of Sunlight directly on the stain, rub it under hot water and watch it disappear!

  • smagnin

    I like when I can let clothes sit for a couple of days without treating stains, and everything still comes out clean.

  • Georgie

    “Available in Fresh Rain® and Cold Water variants and works for all machines (HE and standard)”
    Does this mean that I can buy exactly the same product for HE and standard machines or I need one bottle for HE and a different bottle for standard? Neither the review nor Sunlight’s site is clear on this.

  • Evergreen

    No matter what the stains, Sunlight always removes them – have been using Sunlight for almost 40 years! Couldn’t do without it!

  • Mystee

    Gamermom007 at yahoo dot ca

  • Mystee

    I love Sunlight products and have used them for years! From grass stains to crayons to spilled wine, they are wonderful to get the stains out. With 3 teenage boys you know there is going to be stains! I reccomend Sunlight to anyone that wants wonderful smelling clothes and it gets the stains out when needed! This mom thanks you Sunlight!
    Gamermom007 at yahoo dot ca

  • Beth

    When i was growing up, my mom always used Sunlight because it worked well and was reasonably priced. Now that i have my own family I use it too!

  • maryswanson

    My husband had some moustard on his white shirt and the stain looked like a perfect palm tree. Sunlight got it out and created a clean canvas for his next masterpiece.

  • kcrmb

    I once spilled coffe on my favourite white blouse….came home from work and saked the stain in liquid Sunlinght for 2 hours gently rubbed it – put it in the washing machine – with Sunlight again – and it all came out. That made me a loyal user of Sunlight!

  • janetleigh45

    I’ve always used sunlight and for getting mud stains out of the knees of kid’s pants, nothing beats it. Def going to try sunlight deep clean. Actually kind of excited to give it a try.

  • bushcampcafe

    haven’t tried the sunlight deep clean but i am more than willing to give it a try if it will get stubborn stains out…especially the oily greasy kind that nothing seems to get them out and i seem to end up with alot of those as i love to cook and hate to wear an apron!

  • Sandra Jones

    I have used Sunlight products for years and consider them good value for my hard-earned dollar. When there are such positive consumer reviews on new products, I’m always willing to give them a try! Thanks for sponsoring such a great contest.

  • thealces


  • thealces

    I will definitely be trying Sunlight Deep Clean. These reviews are amazing!

  • rewoodley

    I have been loving sunlight detergent, it has been getting stains out of my sons clothing from the time he was born… babies look so cute in a white or light coloured sleeper… but then it happens…. a blow out … baby poop everywhere on the sleeper, on me… well surprisingly it all came out after soaking it with sunlight, now I can pass the adorable sleeper on to the next baby.

  • gwennyk

    I’ve used Sunlight HE detergent for about three years now and I love it! All those stains — you know the really difficult ones, ladies, like blood and grease — come out just like that when I pretreat my clothes with Sunlight, before tossing them in. I’ve not used any other since.

  • Suzette

    I just had another sunlight moment….my dog must have thrown up on my bathroom rug in the middle of the night and of course the rug is white and the bright yellow bile set in quite nicely. So I poured the sunlight on, a little scrub and let it soak for the morning. Just took it out of the washer and it’s gone, not even a trace of the stain. Yay! 🙂

  • sojeles

    I have a tradition where on my daughters birthday she wears the creamy white dress i got engaged in and I take pictures of her. It shows how big she’s grown through the years. She’s 6 now and this year involved lots of grass stains and mud for some reason! Used this Sunlight and it’s still looking nice and creamy white, all ready for next years photo shoot.

  • svetaru

    I have used Sunlight on many toughs stains and it works so well! Love it!!

  • Michelle

    I love using Sunlight ever since trying it out through an Urbanmoms testing opportunity. It cleans and it has kept our clothes clean and stain free. It smells great too.

  • Patty

    I’ve been using Sunlight for years. It’s a no brainer for me. My daughter got grass stains on her new white summer pants…. and everyone thought they were ruined. Nope! Got it out! Thanks Sunlight!

  • lindawwww

    I use Sunlight all the time and I never have a problem removing stains. I love the product!

  • sandi99

    After reading the reviews on UM I decided to give Sunlight another try (i haven’t used it in years!). I was impressed with the performance. It did in fact clean as well, or better than my regular brand (Tide).

  • Mandy

    I love Sunlight not only for the cleanliness, but also for the scent. My girls love their clothes bright and smelling pretty. Sunlight is also very affordable compared to the leading brands. Love it!!

  • Sara

    Laundry is my hobby (I have four children), and Sunlight is my daily companion.

  • donnas

    I’ve always loved the scent of Sunlight and it does a great job of removing stains..

  • dmhaen
  • dmhaen

    Would love to try the Sunlight Deep Clean! My son got whiteout all over his new pants but I was able to get it all out!

  • cwilman
  • cwilman

    I use the Sunlight soap bar on stains. I wet the bar, rub on the stains and toss in the washer. Wash as normal. Works great. Less chemicals too!
    I would love to win this washer & dryer set for my mom. She really needs it (& I think she deserves it!)

  • kellyburk3

    we alway use sunlight..because it works

  • kellyburk3

    Tweeted…. kellyaburk

  • Jo

    Just this evening I was sitting on my 9 year old son’s bed getting him ready to hit the sack when I looked over and noticed that his sheets looked grey! What the heck? I had just changed them. the day before Well, as it turns out, apparently our washer has broken and my husband (who is responsible for our laundy), had been turning the agitator himself during that cycle when doing our laundry. He has been doing this for weeks. Meanwhile, the dryer is making a weird high pitched noise. No clue why. So, needless to say we need a new washer and dryer. I told him about this contest and he said 1) he hopes we win the washer & dryer but 2) after all the rave reviews he is going out to buy Sunlight tomorrow morning. Our parents use it – don’t know why we never started using it. You hear that the “other guy” is great in their commercials, but to see this many Moms vouch for a product speaks volumes and has convinced us to get it.

  • smartmama

    My teenage son wears a uniform to school which includes a white shirt. Every day, when he gets home, the shirts have either food stains, pen marks, grass stains or mud marks. Thanks to Sunlight, the shirts are stain-free and he is presentable at school. Sunlight has also saved me extra trips to the uniform store and the added expense of additional shirts.

  • dancingmam

    awesome for getting the multiple food, paint, crayon and marker stains out of my kids clothes! every day is a new stain story. my fave was the day my daughter discovered the (thankfully washable) face paint crayons and decided drawing all over herself, the walls and her clothes was the ideal thing to do with them! sunlight detergent saved the day – i thought the clothes were ruined but i was wrong!

  • Newfiescreech

    My family from generation to generation . always use sunlight detergent mom told me the best detergent was sunlight you knows what happen i use it too son works at a garage .. he comes home most days like a grease monkey ..have to try and clean his work clothes ..sometimes i wonders will it come out ..sure enough sunlight nevers lets me down .. all you need to do soaked it for awhile ..sure will come out ..keep up the excellent work on sunlight detergent ..oh !! that lovely new washer and dryer would look awesome in my new laundryroom ..when hubby gets it all completed ..thanks

  • Anita

    I usually use a different brand but on a recent shopping trip the store was out. I purchased the Sunlight because I had read the comments left here. I was amazed! The white load I did came out beautifully white and bright. My daughter got out another white article of clothing from the week before and she was impressed. Considering she is 18 and not really into laundry we decided that we should switch laundry detergents. We did and have continued to be very pleased with the results.

  • Suzette

    Cooking grease splattered on the front of my husband’s dress shirt. And of course he doesn’t tell me. I see it when it comes out of the dryer. So I think that it’s in there for good because I’ve washed and dried the shirt. At this time, I didn’t know about Sunlight. I was talking to a friend and she highly recommended it (she has two boys, 8 & 11). I put some on the stains and let it soak for a couple hours and washed the shirt again and the stain was gone. Sweet!! Thanks Sunlight! 🙂

  • ChristineK1020

    Sunlight is a very familiar product to me. I grew up with my mother using it and now
    I do as well. It’s very hard to find something that can get out tough stains but I find
    that Sunlight can. Anything from grass stains to blood. I’ve had it all. Two boys in
    all kinds of sports and activities, they came home looking like they belonged in one of those commercials. Grease is one of the worst stains to get out, especially car grease. My son, who worked as a mechanic for a while, would come home with the most horrific stains you could think of on his overalls. To see them I contemplated whether I should just toss them and buy new ones. I was almost to afraid to wash them because it might ruin my machine. But Sunlight did very well, and my machine was safe.

  • Shaf

    Sunlight helped me get out ketchup stains.

  • kasya

    I am always willing to try new products and detergents. Recently I tried Sunlight Deep Clean and it has been so fabulous that I do not think I will be switching anymore.

  • Jenyasha
  • Jenyasha

    I have a 15 months old who likes to eat with his hands (pretty typical i suppose). I don’t even wanna describe what his clothes look like (i’m sure you all know!). So far, no detergent has been able to take the stains out completely. I’d like to try out this new Sunlight and see if it helps.

  • vixen1913

    Will have to give this product a try, hubby wears white socks and they never seem to get completely clean.

  • Hooterhanna

    Stains have been the route of all evils for me, I have ruined more clothes than I care to think about over the years. This would be an absolute miracle for me in more ways than one. I have always used Sunlight and have had no complaints as far as cleaniness, smells clean and nice and neat, so this stain remover would be a lot of saved time and grief. I can’t wait.

  • Kirsten

    I’m looking forward to trying this product if it means I can skip some of the pre-laundry stain treatment stages. Right now my laundry room is cluttered with various bottles and boxes and my laundry sink has items presoaking in buckets. I consider it a personal challenge to get every stain out (well, most of them :))

  • Laura

    With all these great comments I can’t wait to try this product. I have tried everything to get stains out of my kids clothes and nothing works….I’ve had to throw out some clothes because the stains just won’t come out.

  • clirl
  • clirl

    My best stain story, would have to be when we were visiting our friends and I put a pair of jeans in the dryer with gum in the pockets. It is something you don’t want to do, very messy, I had bits and pieces all over my friends new dryer and clothes, and let me tell you it takes hours to pick off all the gum stains/spots off the dryer. Not fun at all.

  • Yeslech
  • Yeslech

    I have a lot of bad stain stories, but my best stain story would have to be the tomato sauce stain on my daughter’s shirt that didn’t come out in the wash, but came out after I hung it on the clothesline because of the sun!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • jo13jo88

    I also tweeted!

  • bailey65

    have tried others -sunlight still works the best

  • jo13jo88

    Having a husband that is a mechanic, I was always loyal to Tide because is was the only one that could remove the ground in grease and grime from his work clothes. Recently a friend told me to try try Sunlight Deep Clean, but I was hesitant. However, I gave it a try and it really worked. All the ground in black stains were gone and I was truly impressed!

  • deadmail

    I was one of the lucky ones to test this new product and found it truly did give clothes a deep down clean. My husband’s oily work clothes no longer need to be washed separately–even in cold water, Sunlight Deep Clean really works well! The scent may be overpowering for scent sensitive individuals but it definitely gets the job done. I won’t hesitate to make this our new family detergent.

  • travelbuds
  • ahazaras

    I have purchased a bottle, but I am afraid to use it. The last time I did my husband scratched for hours. There are alot of good reviews. Maybe I will try it again.

  • travelbuds

    With all these great comments I”ll definately have to give the new Sunlight a try. My kids are always spilling on their clothes.

  • Katie79
  • Katie79

    After seeing all these great reviews, I need to give this product a try! I have a 3 year old and a 3 month old, and I never could have imagined the amount of laundry that I do weekly. I’ve been looking for a detergent to get the stains out the first time, and this sounds like it might be the one! My washer and dryer are also on their last legs, so a new set would be a dream come true!

  • Hayley925

    I have 4 kids ages 9 – 14 and believe it or not my worst stain offender is my 14 year old daughter! She seems to think grass stains, mud stains and now make-up stains add character to her clothes. The only problem is she only likes that “character” on the day it was put there. The expectation is the next time she wears those jeans or that t-shirt, it needs to be a clean slate for the next day full of character! If it wasn’t for the fact that I work hard to remove these stains she would need new clothes every day or run the risk of being mortified in front of some cute boy. Being the good mom that I am, I can’t let that happen so I am looking forward to trying the new Sunlight Deep Clean. I am very happy that this new product is from Sunlight as my youngest daughter and I have very sensitive skin and Sunlight is the only laundry detergent we use in our house.

  • Rebecca

    Hi, I am a mom of four children. My daughter is in college and always brings her laundry home for mom “to get it clean and smelling good” my son plays baseball and the red dirt/mud always stains his uniforms terribly bad. I have tried everything. My two step daughters are 9 and 12 and even though they are little girls you wouldn’t believe the messes they get into. Paint, chalk, makeup and markers are tough stains. My youngest step-daughter found some stain remover roll on gel and asked what it did, her dad explained that if you get a stain like a marker or pen on your clothes you use it to get it out if you are out somewhere and can’t put it in the washer. She said okay and then we found a brand new shirt with a permanent marker laying beside it. She had written her name, hearts and peace signs all over her shirt. We asked her why she did it and she said matter of factly “well your stain remover (Tide) roller thing doesn’t work, so you might want to not buy that any more”. I would love to try Sunlight and see if it could get out all those tough stains and it would be nice to have fresh smelling clothes without having to use so much fabric softner and dryer sheets. My laundry is never done and while most women dream of diamonds and rubies, I dream of these beautiful washing machines that could make my life easier. It would be a dream come true to have these washers and I am gonna buy some Sunlight today, I go through 96 load washing liquid in less than a week usually so today’s the day to try something new.

  • erusmus

    i love sunlight becoz of its sweet fragrance and cleaning power.

  • LaurieMom

    You would think that kids would make the worst stains, but my husband is just as bad. The ink and dirt stains on his work uniforms are always hard to get out, but it sounds like this product would do the job.

  • Melissa W.

    Mmmmmm sunlight … a scent from my childhood. Couldn’t wait tog ive this a try. My son wears a white shirt as part ofhis school uniform and they come home EVERY day covered in food and paint and dirt. After so many washings they begin to look grey and often the stins won’t come out. Sunlight did the trick! YEAH sunlight you have saved the uniform and mommy for dishing our more cash for new shirts. Now if I could just win the energy efficient washer and dryer I’d be all set! Fingers crossed. 🙂

  • s_yue

    With a 8 month old on solids and a 3 year old loving dirt and grass I need all the help I can get. I haven’t tried this yet but from all the positive reviews will definitely give it a go.

  • julesmack

    With 3 kids and all in daycare the types of stains that showed up, I needed something that would really clean their clothes. When I used Sunlight, you would never know that any stains every existed.

  • Sarah

    My “stain” story is more of an every day occurrence than a one time thing. I have two small children and they LOVE blueberries. They also love raspberries, blackberries, watermelon, grapes, strawberries, and tons of other foods. I’m a strong believer in allowing your children to feed themselves as soon as they show an interest in learning how to, so needless to say they both tend to get food on their clothes. They also love to dig in our organic garden and pick the vegetables that are growing there. They get very, very dirty, and at the end of the day I find that I am trustingly reaching for my Sunlight, because I know that it gets out all of the stains in the clothes my children wear!

  • svang

    The story of my life, I’m sure others can relate. We just went to a nice clothing store and bought my 8 year old son some new sweatpants. This year I picked up the “thicker” ones hoping they would last longer. Well, he came home the other day and guess what – huge grass stains. No holes this time but the biggest grass stain I have ever seen. “You see Ma, we were playing football and I had to jump real high for the ball – I caught it!” Needless to say the sweats did not make it through this.
    I received my Urban moms newsletter and saw the add for Sunlight. Even though I am a loyal Tide user I thougt I would give it a try. To make a long story short, he wore his sweats to school today as the stain was GONE! Oh Yeah.

  • mfinn

    It is the best for getting your clothes as bright and clean as possible

  • Mary Ann
  • Mary Ann

    I’ve tried every product out there for stain removal…with 3 kids you can imagine the amount of laundry I do…it’s a never ending pile…the new sunlight deepclean is awesome for getting out the stains the first time…before i would have to wash things twice maybe even three times before the stains come out…

  • rebekah7925

    So, yeah i’m a stay at home mother of two, I do however run a home based center daycare, but I love it, truly it’s a blessing to be able to be home with my children and be very involved with their growth, this is wonderful to me!!!!!! WOW stains, lets just say, everyday on a regular for, my daughter is 5 1/2 and she loves mommy’s lipstick or gloss, and well of course she uses the entire gloss or lipstick for a one time application, and it has to be applied as eye shadow and blush as, needless to say oil stains, i has thrown how countless amount of clothing because of this, well NOT ANYMORE, thanks to Sunlight Deepclean, and what a great long lasting smell for the day!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!! Money your staying in my pocket this time……until we meet again.

  • amyt0915
  • mamaJ

    Cannot believe how well this product worked on my hubby’s motocross gear!! I used to use Gain mixed with Tide to get rid of the smell of sweat, the stains and the part of the track he always brought home!!! Now without Sunlight DeepClean I only need ONE product!!! Talk about money saver!!!
    Would be even better with a new washing system, mine’s 18 years old….how much cleaner would the clothes be in a new washer and dryer!!! Like having a new wardrobe every time I do laundry!!! They’d look brand new!!! LOVE THAT IDEA 🙂

  • amyt0915

    I did try this detergent, and was surprised that it took grass stains out of my daughters pants with no pre-treating at all! I thought those pants were ruined!

  • safarmerswife

    Living on a farm I think my hubby comes home with more stains than the kids! When a detergent can get out the black oil and grease stains and leave the clothes smelling fresh, I am happy!

  • andreacraig

    All I can say is “thank goodness for Sunlight!” My husband is a steamfitter, which means he comes home smelling like factory mixed with sweat (delightful). Between him and my messy two-year-old and with a bambino on the way, I don’t have time to pretreat every little stain. And with Sunlight, I don’t have to!

  • trueAMenitY

    Tweeted @amysprague !

  • shar108

    I like to pretreat the stain with the liquid detergent and leave while another load goes through, then wash with the next load.

  • trueAMenitY

    With money being tight, clothes shopping for yourself can often take backseat. A few months ago I decided since I had worked a little harder that week, and made a little extra money, that I could go out and buy something just for me. I bought a bright yellow, summery blouse that I just loved – I couldn’t wait to wear it! The next day I put it on, excited to finally wear something new to work. I’m a Massage Therapist and while treating my first client of the day I got oil on the front of my new shirt! I thought “Of course!”. I had a spare (old) shirt at work so I changed and threw the blouse into the front load washer at work, completely expecting it to be ruined forever. Lo and behold, the oil stain was completely gone! My one new, treasured possession was saved!

  • verna58

    I have tried Sunlight Deepclean and yes, it is that good. I love the smell and my clothes look just as good as the day that I bought them.

  • msrita

    I tweeted! Hope to win…

  • aggie

    Wow, you guys convinced me! I’m going to go out and buy my first bottle of Sunlight Deepclean. I’m always on a mission to find a good laundry detergent that can remove stains. Thanks for the advice.

  • tasosgirl

    I recently learned that you can use Sunlight to give your dog a bath. Tried it and it worked great on his muddy paws and he smelled great and it was ok on his skin too.

  • NeeNee

    I don’t have a front load washer, so I haven’t tried this product yet, but would absolutely give it a try were I to win! My family can be quite messy, especially my active 5 yr old boy, who has challenged me to everything from grass to strawberry to blood stains.

  • Litesandsirens911

    I have 4 kids, one is a 10 year old boy..he plays rugby once a week, and gets REALLY dirty…Sunlight HE to the rescue! I USED to use Tide, but now I have become a tried and true Sunlight fan..nothing gets grass and dirt stains out like Sunlight does, and as a bonus, it works wonders on my husband’s greasy coveralls!!

  • dianap

    I had never tried Sunlight but after reading the great comments and results, I had to try it. My kids are very active teenagers, soccer, lacrosse, hockey(ice,field and floor)flag football and they do get very messy on top of that my oldest just got a job at McDonald’s and his work uniform just reeks of grease. So I used the Sunlight and the grass stains and smells came out. All the kids say that they love the smell and even my sons Co Workers noticed his freshness. We all like it very much, thank you.

  • HeatherD

    Spaghetti sauce is my greatest challenge! Not only does my son get it on the front of his shirt he uses the inside of his shirt as a napkin. Sunlight does the trick every time. His shirts are always clean and ready for the next time we eat spaghetti 🙂

  • Nadeesha

    I got to try the Sunlight Deep Clean and I have to say that I loved it! Absolutely no surprise there because I love their products. Great quality products that actually removes even the most toughest stains! Thank you for giving me this opportunity, I will continue to use this product.

  • dudley

    I play cricket and rugby and my cloths do get very dirty but sunlight cleans all the dirt and leaves the cloths with a frangrance that lasts ,I have tried so many brands but nothing beats the sunlight

  • mariposa

    I confess to being the sloppy one in the family. I like to wear white short sleeve tops in the summer time. Unfortunately I also like to eat and invariably no matter how hard I try, a dribble sneaks down my front, not all the time, but often enough. It seems by the time the tops get washed the stains have set in and I never really get them out without having a big bleach wash.
    On all your recommendations I will use this Sunlight Deep Clean. I also need a new washer dryer pair, I keep ignoring a clunk in my washer, and a less than great dryer times. Maybe if I get lucky I can use the Sunlight Deep Clean in my new laundry pair.

  • Kichae
  • Kichae

    I have rabbits. Two adorable little fluffy furballs who like to hop around my apartment. Rabbits, it turns out, are social and territorial little creatures, and sure enough, they mark their territory just as most of our four legged friends. Unfortunately, I seem to have a tendency to get into turf wars with my boys, and that results to some unfortunate piddle problems on my pillows.
    So, in light of that, having a powerful laundry detergent is important to me. Based on the comments here, I’ll definitely give Sunlight Deep Clean a chance.

  • mmarriott

    With 5 kids in a variety of sports, anything that can deep clean their jerseys, socks, etc. is worth a try. I’ll give the new Sunlight a go!

  • bumlingerkid

    It sounds like they’ve put the power of Sunlight bar soap into their regular detergent and about time. We love sunlight in our home.

  • Laczy

    I already posted this, but it seems to have disappeared. I hope I don’t end up double posting…
    I’m a florist and an avid gardener, and I’m constantly getting dirt, grass, and pollen stains in my clothes. I’ll give this stuff a try when my current bottle of detergent runs out.

  • Laczy

    I’m a florist and an avid gardener, so I always have dirt or grass or pollen stains in my clothes. I’ll give Sunlight Deep Clean a try and see if it works any better than what I usually use.

  • melmomof3

    I loved this detergent!! Smelled great and worked great too!! I can’t wait until my current laundry detergent is gone so I can replace it with this!

  • remarker

    I was visiting Greece and on the way over a tube of lipstick must have opened and stained my favorite pants. It was hand wash only where I was staying and I scrubbed and scrubbed with no luck at all.
    An elderly woman offered to try for me and I couldn’t politely refuse so gave them to her. 15 minutes later she came out of the washroom with pants looking like new! She never showed me how 🙂

  • osmiley_72

    I love Sunlight, My son gets nose bleeds often and ruins most of his shirts. If we throw it in the wash with Sunlight we can save the shirt. Before I started using sunlight we were spending money all the time buying a few new shirts a month. Now we can use our money to have fun!!! 🙂

  • catojoni

    I also tweeted:
    skigirl22 I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa :

  • catojoni

    I have tried no-name washing products, and believe me, Sunlight is the best for great results. Our family has noticed the changes. I appreciate the no-scent products since I’m allergic to perfumes.

  • Lisa

    Well the worst of stains came out for me…getting my son ready to head back to university and I was cooking up a storm so that he had a freezer full of food. You guessed it…no apron and spaghetti sauce all over my yellow shirt. Quickly I rubbed the stain with sunlight and laundered as usual…now my favorite yellow T is back to normal…Thanks sunlight.

  • Terry257

    We’ve used it for the messiest of laundry… Potty training accidents! The new sunlight works like a dream, no presoaking, or pre-spraying, just threw it all in and it came out clean! We were amazed as any other detergent requires extensive work to get the undies clean. Now if I could win this my laundry life would be that much easier 🙂

  • lyzabeth

    With a 5 year old, a 19 year old in the air force, and a husband that works major construction, stains are the name of the game in this house. As is an overworked wearing out washing machine that doesn’t seem to rinse the water out of the clothes too well anymore. I haven’t tried this product but maybe I should…regardless..great giveaway contest.

  • nuclear_rikku

    Thanks for a great contest. . .stains are part of the design of our clothes now. Perhaps a new washer and dryer can help!

  • NFawcett

    Thank you Sunlight!!!! I’d love to say I need this wonderful stain remover/ washer,dryer for my kids…but the truth is it’s usually me that ends up staining their…I’m not sure if I own a shirt without something dribbled down the front…

  • Tania

    I was fortunate enough to be able to test out this new Sunlight. I always wash in cold water and as you well know, some clothes just don’t come clean. Not anymore, thanks to this new Sunlight! I was a little skeptical (yes, I will admit it!) but it really works! I tried the ultimate – hubby’s work clothes … blech! I don’t even like touching them! The paint stains I can do nothing about – nothing will take those out but I am talking about the sweaty smell, the ground-dirt (I have no idea how that happens!), and just the general dull and dingy colour of his clothes. As I pulled the clothing out of the washer, I was quietly surprised. The odours were gone … they looked cleaner and brighter. After they came out of the dryer, I was amazed! The clothes looked like they had new life. I really knew Sunlight worked when my hubby complained that now he looked too clean for work, LOL!!! By the way, it does wonders on my 4yr old son’s clothes too and he is almost as bad as his daddy when it comes to getting dirty! Thank you Sunlight and thank you to UrbanMoms for my clean and fresh smelling laundry!!!

  • martin4722

    I tried the sunlight product as part the summer promotion.
    I worked great in my washing machine.
    I also have perfumed scents allergies, so the no-scent was a welcome reward.

  • elkhornchris

    I tweeted ‘ I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa :

  • elkhornchris

    Just tried the product as I was curious after so many great reviews. What I found was that it cleaned great & really does get stains out without pretreating them- even old stains that remained after washing & drying in my previous detergent. I suffer from perfume allergies however & found the product overwhelmingly scented. Because of that I won’t be buying the product again any time soon as I would rather have a stain than a migraine.

  • lilolme105

    I am a firm believer now. I’ve always just bought what’s on sale. and i tried this brand for the first time, it definitely did the job and so much more.

  • MelissaD
  • MelissaD

    My worst stain was red dye from birthday cake. Grr, nothing could get it out. I will have to try this for sure!! Thanks for the great contest!

  • Charlene Vidal
  • Charlene Vidal

    Never fails when I wear a white shirt to work and go out for lunch. I always seem to drop something on the front of my shirt. Another stain. Well the Sunlight Deep Clean was able to get it out for me. Thank goodness.

  • stopsign9

    I’m pretty impressed with this product. Just finished too many loads to count since we just came back from vacation and everything is clean for back to school!

  • ggsherman

    Got the stain out of my favorite shirt no problem!

  • hlarnould

    If you have a rust stain on any white material, sprinkle it with lemon juice and sit it in direct sunlight. It disappears like magic!

  • avacado333

    I absolutely loved it!! The scent was so nice and my clothes felt so clean!!

  • Jennifer

    What I can’t figure out is does the detergent contain optical brighteners? I’m always up for a good detergent as I have a little guy who sees a rainy day and shouts “There’s going to be mud!!!!”.

  • janice

    I tweeted I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa :

  • janice

    I have three crazzykids. That all love to play in the dirt, water and climbing trees. Sunlight helps me to keep their clothes safe from stains and doesn’t promote wear and tear. i love this, and recommends it to all my friends.

  • JJ

    My problem is that I am not very good at getting stains out. I tend to go through my t shirts every 6 months or so and simply throw out the ones that are too badly stained to wear. I do need help in the stain removing department.

  • JoAnne

    ** TWEETED **

  • JoAnne

    We live out on a acreage, and use water from our dugoout. My whites and unmentionables have become a dingey grey colour, and look ugly and old. I will definitely try out this new product to see if it will help make our clothes look like new again!! 🙂

  • MrDisco
  • MrDisco

    I had a big date in the evening with this girl I liked. I only had one good set of clothes that was ‘date material’ and being in the nervous state that I was Murphy’s Law kicked in. I spilled coffee all over my shirt a few hours before meeting her. In a panic I threw it in the washer with Sunlight and thankfully the stain was gone (and it smelled better than before). Crisis averted.

  • vnjcas

    With raising four children, I think I’ve seen and dealt with every stain possible.

  • kelly

    I bought some inexpensive towels at the grocery store on clearance ($1.49) but soon discovered that the bright colors in them continue to bleed even after they had been washed many times. Made the mistake of dropping a wet white towel on top of them in the laundry basked and had to bleach the bleeds out several times. Moral of this story, some deals are just too good to be true.

  • NatesMom
  • NatesMom

    I was lucky enough to test the Sunlight product and my big challenge was seeing if it was gentle enough for my toddlers clothes AND strong enough for my husbands work clothes. My sons clothes were soft and smelled great. My husbands work clothes came clean (even old stains come out) and looked new again. Was VERY impressed with this product!

  • pinnymom

    I have a little stain secret…if you get oil on your clothes-soak some sunlight on it overnight and then wash as you normally would…it WILL come out! This works on every colour! Awesome eh?

  • mrsklunky

    My little guy hasnt had the greatset time learning how to potty train. He is really quite good at number 1 in the potty or toilet, but number 2 is a whole other story. Thank goodness we have been using Sunlight to keep his mini tightie-whities white!

  • Kelly

    My daughters favourite blankie just happens to white so thankfully I use Sunlight to keep it looking white.

  • Scoobydo

    Can’t wait to try Sunlight Deep Clean on my husband’s clothes. After he comes back from his workshop there are always oil or grease-type stains that are difficult to get out.

  • mlb275

    I spilled red wine all over my white shirt – whoops!

  • Gayle I tweeted the phrase but can’t figure out how to paste my status link on here but i am also a Urban Mom follower so you can see it! 🙂

  • Gayle

    haha the best stain story….well it’s pretty tough to think of one but i know a few phestering in my laundry basket right now that really need to be tackled and i hope (or should I say I know) that sunlight can conquer the job….my daughter had the pukes yesterday and i had enough of a mess to clean up i just threw her covered clothes in a ball in the laundry basket – hmmm not too excited to be doing laundry right now!
    And with this sudden burst of cooler weather also not happy about my dryer being broken:(

  • debbie7875
  • debbie7875

    Sunlight always gets the stains out of my clothes…it works!!!! and Sunlight is the detergent of choice for me…

  • Gloria

    It doesn’t matter if you have children or not, there is always stains to clean. I’m looking forward to trying the Sunlight Deep Clean.

  • MJG

    I’ve been using Sunlight for over 2 Decades, and it just keeps getting Better. I love it.

  • Paula C.
  • Paula C.

    I don’t really have a stain story – they are always stains on my preschooler’s clothes, one thing I do is never put anything in the dryer when I know there was a stain on it!

  • mistycarole
  • mistycarole

    I have use Sunlight detergent for years. Not only does it get your clothes clean but it’s also cheaper than most other brand. I have not try the deep clean yet but I will try it in the near future.

  • nikkied

    I work with children and one day I had made the mistake of wearing white and the children were eating chocolate pudding and got it all over my shirt. I was worried that my shirt would be ruined but I used Sunlight and my shirt looked like new!! I would recommend to anyone 🙂

  • mistygirl

    I recently spilled spaghetti on my new white shirt. Sunlight got the entire stain out! Thanks so much.

  • Lori Little

    I just tried a sample of New Sunlight® Deep Clean™ and liked it. It got out a tomato sauce splatter from the toddler’s noodles.

  • drjess

    I bought a gorgeous new dress and the first time I wore it, I got a grease stain on it. I treated it immediately. I am learning! I was so relieved that after a couple treatments of detergent and water, the stain cam out. The secret is not to let the stain set overnight.

  • irenewpg

    I don’t know that I have any One story to tell. I have a 4-year-old granddaughter and she like to help cook and bake and play in the sand and in the playground, etc. She also falls down a lot so her clothes have many challenges. For the most part I do not have to do anything special to get her clothes clean. Wonderful product – works great!!

  • Beg42

    While going out to a restaurant i spilled some tomato sauce on my clothes. I was worried that the stain would not come out, but using sunlight deep clean i was able to get my clothes looking good as new.

  • tinad

    Recently my kids both had soccer going on, one had a game, the other had a practice on the same day, and the muddy mess these two kids were was incredible! I thought for sure they were going to be ruined, but the stains actually came out!

  • dian

    I tweeted at disaanders

  • dian

    I just tried a sample of New Sunlight® Deep Clean™ I liked it

  • mrs. shopper

    I had just bought a cute brown Weekender top and worn it once or twice. As usual I threw this shirt in the wash and hung it out to dry. When I brought it in to fold my laundry, I noticed a bright pink stain. Oh no! Do not ask me how this happened but I was really disappointed! My favourite shirt was ruined…. So now I use a vest to cover the stain that exists on the back of the Weekender.

  • Rae

    Stain story: Markers all over my favorite duvet. Almost cried, but it actually came out to my surprise. How great was that for me!

  • Justrose

    I also have always loved Sunlight products, use it for my dishes too! If I have a stain on my clothes I rub a little Sunlight detergent on the stain, let it set for a few minutes then wash in the washing machine, using of course more Sunlight detergent. Works for me!

  • Tom
  • karmic

    Great product! Smells like spring and summer and actually works on stains. What a relief!

  • Tom

    Stain Story: BBQ sauce on a yellow shirt. Wish I had this Sunlight for it then.

  • tigertown shopper

    I am really impressed by this product. Our clothes not only looked really clean, they actually felt cleaner. My husband is very sensitive to smells and this new Sunlight did not leave any scent that bothered him. I think its great.

  • hoob

    The worse stains are olive oil splotches on clothing that then goes through a HOT cycle in the dryer. Does Sunlight get that out?

  • ninabergeron

    Sounds like a detergent I need to use. With my two boys their clothes get full of stains!

  • reese210

    Sunlight helped me get a food stain out of some of my clothing.
    Tweeted: @reese210

  • THEmuse

    I love extra butter on my popcorn and I ALWAYS get a large bag of popcorn when I go to the movies. I hold it and we all share.
    Unfortunately, one time, the bag leaked all over my jeans. HUGE grease stain. And it sat for awhile before washing. Not good … normally.
    But with Sunlight, the stain disappeared. No one believed they were the same pair of jeans. Got to love Sunlight.

  • maggie40

    I find red wine the most difficult to remove so next spill, I will try the Sunlight.

  • Bidchka

    Tweeted the message.

  • Bidchka

    My wife says I’m kinda clutzy. I slipped the other day on the lawn and got the biggest grass stain on my shorts. We used Sunlight and it removed the stain.

  • dixbay

    Haven’t had the chance to try the new sunlight. Have a huge bottle of another brand purchased at Costco. Once this is finished Sunlight will be my next detergent buy. I do use sunlight bar soap to treat stains, blood and other stubborn laundry problems and it is the best product on the market hands down. At least in my humble opinion. Would love to have the Maytag washer and dryer, think my set are on its last legs!

  • tamara

    I just had the opportunity to try sunlight. Usually we just buy whatever is on sale with mixed results. My husband sleeps in t shirts and man does he sweat. He gets the trademark yellow armpits stains. I’ve tried sunning, bleaching, stain removal with little results. I tried sunlight and was presently surprised! Gone, we the yellow tale tell signs on night sweats!
    I love to win the new washer and dryer set as my washer is on its last spin cycle and leaves a puddle on the floor.
    Thank you and happy washing! HAHA

  • jennifer_rusk

    tweeted for the contest as well @jennifer_rusk

  • jennifer_rusk

    I’ve been using sunlight for quite a while now, and they never cease to amaze me! it gets my clothing nice and clean, whites should be white and colours bright! It would be great to win a new washer and dryer though, with winter coming, I’m not going to be able to hang all our clothes outside to dry (as I currently do). Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  • janetm

    I love to go to second hand stores and found an absolutely gorgeous skirt there once. Unfortunately, I didn’t look closely and there was a stain on the front. I mixed paste of detergent and water and pretreated the stain about ten times but nothing would take it out. Perhaps if I had the new Sunlight Deep Clean it would have taken the stain out.

  • natoma
  • natoma

    My ‘stain story’ may be a little unique 😉 I have a Newfy dog, if you’ve ever seen one you know that they are extremely furry, and mine loves to roll in the dirt. He gets incredibly dirty. I have tried several fancy dog shampoo’s, none of which seem to get him clean! Newfoundlands are also water rescue dogs so develop a water resistant coat with natural oils. The reason he didnt get clean was because the fancy shampoo’s didn’t cut through those oils, guess what did?! Sunlight! I couldn’t believe the difference once he was bathed using sunlight, it cut right through and my dog was white again(He’s a landseer)!

  • ddbugs

    Well I haven’t tried so I don’t have a story to tell. Probably try it on my next detergent purchase.

  • Debbie

    Red wine is sometimes spilled on a favorite outfit , sunlight comes through to do a great clean-up job !

  • bartley

    The worst stain has to be tea and it is very difficult to remove. I love tea and have spilled some on my clothes a few times.

  • henglish
  • Diane52
  • Diane52

    I am so thankful to find something that will remove the dreaded tomato sauce stains and brighten the rest of my laundry.

  • Jennifer

    I am fairly new to Sunlight deep clean laundry detergent but so far my favorite part of doing laundry is the scent of Sunlight deep clean laundry detergent and knowing that it is the best on stains doesn’t hurt any either. When folding my towels I like to rest my face on them while taking in a deep breath. Clothing that I have absolutely given up on were completely revived which makes me a happy mommy!

  • Ruby

    I don’t know where they come from, but I’m always finding little grease spots on my tops. And they don’t wash out without spraying on stain remover!

  • mymonkeys

    Worked great. I had some stains on a few shirts that I did not realize were there that had already been set by the dryer. With a spray of stain remover (which in the past would need two or more washes) and the deep clean the stains were gone.

  • kellikens

    I’m eager to try this – I spend way too much time trying to get stains out of our clothes!

  • twodragons

    Haven’t tried this new Sunlight but if it works on my stains, it might be worth trying

  • nascar_girl_24
    I tweeted…but don’t see my comment…or I never hit submit. :S

  • nascar_girl_24

    Apparently I needed this product in June after taking a dive during the student/teacher baseball game at school. While running to first my knee decided to give out and somehow I ended up rolling onto my back and getting one giant grass stain on a brand new t-shirt! Needless to say I was not a very happy camper and it took me 3 washes with my regular detergent and it’s more or less out.

  • nascar_girl_24
  • Dawn

    I have 3 very young daughters and are always messy. I can’t imagine it getting any worse as they get older, but I know it will. The detergent works wonderfully. Smells good too. The washer & dryer will probably do even a better job along with the detergent.

  • erin2470
  • erin2470

    Wow this always seems to be a house with stains, and its so nice to have a product out there that takes it seriously, so use Sunlight its great, its taken out many s sauce stain and more for us.

  • debfong

    I only buy sunlight. It is proven to work on deep stains. I always wait for the sale and stock up.

  • Alisha

    I have SO many stains! Also, I think my dyer adds stains to my clothes that were never there before! I need stain help!

  • Rita

    Sunlight cleaning products have been in my laundry room for years. The Sunlight Deep Clean does not disappoint. It did a great job of removing stains from tea towels and aprons after making a batch of preserves from this summer’s peaches and tomatoes.

  • Sherriemae
  • Sherriemae

    Katie came home the first day of school, with her favorite Gymboree dress on, a little boy decided it would be funny to draw on the back of her dress..with a Sharpie, nice. I used everything I could think of clean the stain out, but nothing worked. I ended up buying an the same dress and telling her I got the Sharpie out..Bad Mommy!

  • sampsons60

    Sunlight Deep Clean for COLD WATER Rocks!! I am cold water person, save money were I can, and this product is a dream! I can get any grease stain off the belly of every shirt! Its absolutely perfect for my families messy clothes!

  • binabug
  • kmaki2001

    I have tweeted I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa :

  • sr

    I tested this product. It certainly works well on stains. I did not have to pre-treat with another product. Love the scent. Leaves clothes smelling fresh. I was a loyal tide user until now….

  • cposen

    my husband is a butcher so i am constantly battling with bloody shirts!

  • wjm-tv

    kept my sons diapers white back when I was using cloth.

  • Jackie Steeves

    I love to try new products and when I product really truly lives up to is claims I let everyone know. I’d love to try both the washer and dryer and the detergent. Bring it on!
    I also tweeted this contest.

  • daystar

    didnt get the opportunity to test this product. but the reviews are arm twisting and compelling. With a 18mts old learning to eat and drink on her own – it is a handful and sometime double washes to get rid of the stain. Also with a 3 year old who cannot keep her hands off anything sticky and messy – this detergent will be awesome. Only hope that my 8 year old doesnt start getting messy.

  • inigo

    It sounds like a product to try.

  • hulaballoo

    I’m constantly finding stains on all our clothes. A two year old and a six month old make for lots of dirty laundry. I was surprised to learn that putting a stain in the sunlight can help fade it out. Real actual light from the sun, not the detergent itself.

  • touellette
  • LianaDM

    tweeted …I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa : T

  • kacee

    I can only use fragrance free products, but Sunlight does have one and I have had good success with it.

  • mchristenson

    I would love to try this new Sunlight Deep Clean as I have two small children and they are into everything and it seems I do laundry on a daily basis. Unfortunately my best stain story is that I can’t ever seem to truly get the tough stains out. It seems I am always looking for new products and I have a cupboard full of half empty bottles. I love the smell of Sunlight as my mom used it while I was growing up and it takes me right back to my childhood. I would love a new washer and dryer as I moved recently into a home that has 2 old machines and I’m going to have to replace them soon. I also love the fact that they are energy efficient.

  • yjhorvath

    I am SO looking forward to trying out this new Sunlight!
    I grew up with my Mom using Sunlight, and was loyal to it when I moved out on my own, but now with an active little one, who for a girl, gets really get dirty, I have acquired an enormous collection of stain removal products,as detergent alone wasn’t getting the job done.
    This new Sunlight sounds like it will! Looking forward to getting rid of some of these other products, and going back to one, single, reliable detergent.

  • Sweets33

    I have a VERY active 4 year old boy, so his pants, shirts, socks are ALWAYS filthy and grass stained. I have never been able to TOTALLY get the stains out, but after reading everyone’s comments about Sunlight Deep Clean, I will definitely be trying it!! I love the smell of Sunlight, so that’ll be a bonus to go back to! And my washer and dryer? Let’s just say… they’re ready for the recycle!! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win some new machinery!!!!

  • coldzigy

    I so need this!

  • miakate

    My stain stories seem to always involve white soccer clothes and the look and smell of them before and after a big game ! Pre game perfect and amazingly they look good after washing them with Sunlight too! No one knows stains like grass meets dirt meets sweat YUcK!

  • Tammy9

    Growing up my mom always used sunlight. I can remember the big yellow box sitting beside the washing machine and the smell of fresh laundry when I came home from school. Seeing the new product made me remember those days and I decided to give it a try. Wow! Am I ever glad that I did. I have to admit that I’m quite a careless eater, quite often ending up with “left overs for later” on my shirt. I have tried many different products and thrown many clothes away because they never worked. Now I won’t have to. I just had to find an actual laundry soap that did exactly what it pomised. Thanks Sunlight.

  • Tammy9

    Growing up my mom always used sunlight. I can remember the big yellow box sitting beside the washing machine and the smell of fresh laundry when I came home from school. Seeing the new product made me remember those days and I decided to give it a try. Wow! Am I ever glad that I did. I have to admit that I’m quite a careless eater, quite often ending up with “left overs for later” on my shirt. I have tried many different products and thrown many clothes away because they never worked. Now I won’t have to. I just had to find an actual laundry soap that did exactly what it pomised. Thanks Sunlight.

  • andy

    On my wedding day my maid of honor spilled coffee on her dress. It WAS a washable dress (thank goodness). We had a few hours so we quickly threw it into the washer with Sunlight Deep Clean. The KEY words are DEEP CLEAN. It came out PERFECT and all our panicy moments were for nothing. It looked like we had it dry-cleaned. Thank goodness such wonderful products are now on the market. Far superior to the older days where there wasn’t so much technology.

  • kleung176

    I am going to go and try sunlight out..

  • brazak

    I oiled my childs bike chain and when he was biking he got on the back of his coat from the tire – I guess some dripped on the tire – now I can’t find anything that will get it out.

  • Dave Blizzard

    I’ve used Sunlight before but have not tried the Deep Clean.

  • sculpty

    I tweeted for the first time every and it was to win the washer and dryer wooohooo.

  • Brenda

    I actually just purchased this detergent today! I have always been a Tide gal, but my husband pointed this one out to me today and I decided to try it on a whim. I started washing my children’s old clothes to donate to charity, and decided to throw in the clothes that I thought were not salvageable (vomit stains, poop stains, grass stains, etc). Every stain came out! I couldn’t believe it! I have since started digging out some of my favorite clothes that I thought were ruined due to stains.

  • Brenda
  • sapsolo

    Our new baby boy = stains everywhere. But, if I catch them in time, I soak them in soapy (usually Sunlight actually) water and then give the stain a little scrub with a medium-bristled brush. Then I wash the item in our (crappy) washing machine – but it seems to do the trick the majority of the time. In short, the faster the stain is taken care of the better the outcome!

  • unicorns43

    sorry that was another contest I just tweeted for this one.

  • unicorns43

    I can’t name just one book, i am reading the Dark Tower series by Stephen King and read the Left Behind books by Jerry Lahaye and another guy and they were very compelling.
    I also tweeted the message on twitter.

  • Silvana

    I was not too eager to try Sunlight but my girlfriends raved about how clean their laundry was, saving money on detergent and clean smelling. Me being a true blue Tide user for years, my Mom used Tide so then I used Tide. Well I am converted after trying Sunlight for 1 month now I have seen the light

  • Shelley

    When my regular laundry detergent was unable to get a mystery stain out of my favourite shirt I gave Sunlight a try. I’ll never know what that stain was from, but I do know that I’ll never go back to my old detergent ever again.

  • lucia

    love it, love it. i have 3 young sons & a messy husband. sunlight makes all our clothes look so clean & smelly wonderful. thanks for sample

  • mfinn

    I have always preferred Sunlight to other detergents such as Tide or Gain. It is the best at keeping my families clothes looking bright and clean.

  • Al

    After a day of golf i had a lot of grass stains on my pants and I used sunlight to get rid of them.

  • Rosbud

    A jerry can of gas was left in the trunk of a friends car. The gas had spilled onto a suitcase of my teenager. I had to put the clothes into the laundry twice with Sunlight and then had to hang them on the clothes line to get the smell out. They are all now back to smelling great. My teenager was very happy as a lot of the clothes were favorites.

  • ghisl

    I love the smell of Sunlight

  • pizzirusso

    I spilled a non-alcoholic banana daiquiri drink on my top and put it to laundry. The stain did not come out, but I still hung it outside on the clothes line to dry. When I took it down, the sun had bleach out the stain.

  • Bee L

    When my daughter was in kindergarten, we got her this beautiful, graceful gown, and maybe you know where this story is going. She wore it for the first time for the school photo shoot, which turned out great.
    What didn’t turn out so great was that afterwards, the teacher had her take part in a painting lesson! When she came home, there were blotches of paint all over the gown! Try as I might, I couldn’t get them off — I even tried bleach and it made it worse. Finally, I just had to throw away the elegant and expensive gown away after just a few hours of use. If only I had Sunlight and Maytag back then, maybe this story would’ve turned out differently.

  • kimici

    My budding artists seem to always forget to put on their smocks – perhaps it hampers the creativity….I have a few tops that could use the extra boost to extract the “washable” paint right out. Even oxi clean and a good night soaking it hot water has helped. Pick me and let me showcase your product. :-)))))

  • hipmom

    I’ll never forget the first time my husband came home after removing a customer’s oil tank and furnace. His clothes stunk up the whole house! I thought they were garbage, but decided to try Sunlight first. I actually put my face right in the shirt after it was washed and dried and sniffed deeply! To my amazement I could not smell anything but freshness!

  • vegtablesoup

    I have tried many products that promise to clean clothes, most make them smell nice temperarly, but when the hard work starts the odors come back, not with sunlight,got the odors out the first time

  • marwar

    Any product that gets rid of neck and underarm stains out is my kind of product.

  • frankie

    Best I have ever used.

  • jovsjovs

    This was the 1st time ever using any Sunlight product and WOW!!! My husbands hockey equipment has never smelled this good!!! Thank you Sunlight I can breath again. I have converted some of the other wives too!!

  • shelsbels

    I have used sunlight bar soap for years to get stains out of just about anything even my sons brand new white t-shirt that he ate a hot dog in (you know what that means) and it has always done a great job!

  • linscratch

    I use the Sunlight for my newborns clothes. White is impossible with babies, but this sunlight works well on my son’s clothes. perfect!
    *Also tweeted as linscratch

  • katy11

    I love the smell of sunlight. So clean and fresh

  • helen41

    deep clean does the trick for me. I’ve been known to accuse my DH of being related to Pigpen (behind his back, of course)

  • LadyTrucker

    I have to say that between my husband and myself, we have the most stains ever! My husband is a long haul truck driver who works on his own truck to save money….but the grease and oil and every other liquid in the semi ends up on his clothes! I am also famous for spilling coffee…especially if I am wearing white of course! I would love to win this to see if people will wonder what my husband does for a living instead of knowing by looking at him!

  • soho

    I had three children in four years so, I am amazed at how the sunlight gets out all my family’s tough stains. I pretreat the tough ones and don’t worry that I’ll be proud of the final look. Stains are one less thing I have to worry about.

  • Mad Moose Mama

    There are 6 people in this house and four of them are children…laundry never ever ends…EVER…LOL Sunlight is one of the few products we can all use that doesn’t activate any allergies…and front loading washer is a dream of mine…OH SIGH~!!

  • Ruthy

    I’ve always had problems with grass stains on my son’s baseball uniform but Sunlight Deep Clean worked wonders!

  • mom3mom

    As a mom of 3 little ones I have lots and lots and lots of laundry to do. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in dirty laundry. My mom used sunlight when I was a kid and I use it now. I cloth diaper and Sunlight Deep Clean seems to be the only detergent that will get, well, you know, the poop stains out of the diapers. Thank you Sunlight!

  • schmoopie

    I tweeted the phrase above also.

  • schmoopie

    Sunlight always get my white towels brilliantly white and it smells amazing. I look forward to trying the new formula. No matter what stains get on clothes, Sunlight gets them clean and fresh.

  • Linda

    Will definitely be trying this product out. Hopefully with a new washing machine.

  • Andra

    Sunlight never lets me down. I have a fav pair of shorts that are 10 yrs old and I have spilled everything from chocolate milk to red wine on them and they still look great . Thank you Sunlight!

  • Ken Wolfe

    Great contest for great products!

  • missy20004

    I look forward to giving it a try after reading all the positive reviews!

  • kona

    Fav stain story is getting a sauce stain out of a dress shirt that was borrowed and promised to be returned in mint condition

  • stephanie leal

    I have skin irratations due to most laundry soaps, and yet with sunlight it doesnt bother my skin nor do I break out. Not to mention the great smell and how it works on stains. I am the cooker in the house and I am always getting something on my clothes and never have to worry about the stain not coming out since I use sunlight! LOVE IT!

  • karen ham

    it looks good

  • chantal

    I will definitely have to try this product. My girls love to be on the floor or the ground when they play and I end up giving up on getting out some of the stains on their clothes. If there is hope…I’m up for it.

  • sweetjen_7

    Sunlight has worked miracles in my life

  • momof2

    My wedding dress got covered in “pancake” face makeup when an over zealour bridesmaid was giving a little too much love. Thankfully a quick thinking mother in law got out the stain and saved the day!

  • barbara livingstone

    Good Morning, would love to win the pair of washer/dryer. I have 3 older children, and have always used Sunlight Soap bar to remove the stains from their clothes and works everytime

  • Mel De Carvalho

    I was a new mom on maternity leave with my son James. For fun, we went to a matinee geared to moms and babies on a Monday afternoon. Half way through the movie I smelt something foul from my then 4-month old. I immediately excused myself and headed to the washroom where I faced the mother of all diaper explosions. I did what I could in the little sink, bagged the clothes, changed him and returned to my seat only to catch the last few minutes of the movie before the credits rolled. Nearly a week had passed and I had just remembered the bag of soiled clothes. What I do remember was that it was a Mission Impossible movie I saw that day and nearly an impossible situation I was in. Normally I use a gentle baby detergent for my son’s clothes, but there was nothing gentle with what was left in the bag this long. I reached for the Sunlight that I use on my own clothes and was pleased with the results: no stain and no foul smell. Thank you Sunlight. Mission Possible.

  • http://motherof2boys Jennifer S.

    I have two little boys. One is a very active 4 year old who spills at least one glass of juice a day. My yongest is 10.5 months old and has started table food which is always messy. Even with a bib the food still seems to get all over his clothes. I bought Sunlight Deep Clean on sale and thought I would give it a try. I have used multiple different detergents and haven’t been particularily loyal to any one. Sunlight Deep Clean really does get the stains out, I was so surprised because usually I have to wash and pretreat things multiple times. The detergent worked so well that I thought i would try rewashing some of my baby clothes that had poo stains on them that I couldn’t get out. These stains happened when my 10.5 month old was a newborn and a little baby, so 10.5 to 6 month old stains. I was lending some of my baby clothes to a friend and had kept these clothes out of the pile because I didn’t want to lend her clothes that had poo stains on them. Sunlight Deep Clean got the stains out! I was shocked because I had pretreated the clothes and washed them multiple times and the stains wouldn’t come out. So I was able to lend my friend all of my baby clothes and she won’t have to buy anything. I went back to the store and bought a couple more jugs because it they were on a really good sale!! I also used one of the jugs in a wedding gift where I filled a laundry basket with all the laundry and cleaning supplies that the couple will need for awhile. So I am very plesed with the detergent, it really works!! I think that i have finally found “my detergent”!!

  • Effie

    Sunlight has been saving our clothes for many years. I won’t change to another brand.

  • grammie53

    I have always been Loyal to Sunlight; tried Tide but found it was harsh on my skin; love the cold water sunlight for HE great stuff have not used hot water in my machine for over 6 months guess these new front loaders have an internal element sure would like to try this product and when are u going to make something to prolong our dark colors?

  • Marcia

    I’m going to try the Sunlight deep clean on my son’s white (preferred colour) t-shirts that get filthy black from playing basketball out on the street.

  • Heather Yaworski

    My husband recently had an accident at work. He is a city bus driver and on a wet morning he was going to step off the bus to clean his mirrors, however the step was wet and he slipped, landed on his head on the cement, cut his eye open and broke his glasses. No kleenix around to stop the bleeding so he grabbed his new towel that we had bought the previous weekend and held it to the bleeding. After picking him up at the Emergency Department I cleaned out his bag and found the towel – full of blood. I thought I will never get this clean and will have to throw the towel out. However I thought I would try to wash it first. I used Sunlight Deep clean in the washer and low and behold the towel came out looking brand new! I was shocked. I will continue to use Sunlight for washing all my dirty clothes for the future. I just wish I had a better washer and dryer to do the clothes. Perhaps this contest will be my chance at winning a great contest. Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story.

  • cc

    I was one of the testers and I found this detergent did an incredible job of getting those tough stains out of my kids clothes. I loved it!

  • gizfarris

    I followed you on twitter and tweeted.

  • gizfarris

    Sunlight deep clean sounds like I could get rid of my Javex bleach for my whites. Must try it next time I need detergent.

  • henglish

    Sunlight sounds great, will have to try it next time. My stain story is my teenage son likes to work in the garage and drive his 4wheeler in the mug. His clothes are filthy and a lot of times he gets so dirty I cannot get his clothes clean looking again.

  • Harperette

    I am very intrigued to try Sunlight Deep Clean. With an almost 4 year old that loves dirt, mud and anything that she can get messy in, and a one year old that makes meal times everything dirty and fun, I will be telling my husband to add this to our next shopping list priority!! I too love the new sleek Maytag washer and dryer combo that no doubt will make laundry a whole new experience! 🙂

  • Darci

    I have three boys…can you say grass, blood, dirt and ink stains, yeah…tried it all, sunlight is a fantastic product.

  • Gardengirl

    I haven’t tried this new sunlight yet . But probably will
    when it goes on sale .

  • Theo

    My best stain story, is of 5 white dress shirts that my husband could no longer wear, as the were stained from years of wear under the arms and around the neck. I soaked them in Sunlight for a few hours with some bleach, and thank goodness they are all fresh clean & wearable again!

  • Princess Ella
  • Princess Ella

    Well let me just say that I am the queen of stains and I don’t mean getting rid of them I mean creating them! So I’ve definitely tried my share of different stain removers and some work better then other for different things it’s crazy anyways the best story that I have would be this one time I had just purchased this nice crisp white blouse I went out for dinner and the girl who was with us on a double date with my husbands friend poured me a glass of red wine and boom splashed all over my white blouse I was SO mad!! However that night I of course totally forgot to spot treat the blouse I remembered two days later when I was doing a white wash and I was like oh no what do I do!? So I went to the store and purchased spray and wash completed the treatment on my blouse and TA DA! It was perfect you would have never know that there was wine spilled on it and it sat for two days!! I would love to win this!!

  • trina98

    I have used sunlight laundry soap for many years now, I used the powder for years and now I am using the liquid HE product and I love it. I presoak with it, I use it directly on the stain and ruff it up with an old tooth brush and it takes it right out. I can’t say enough about it! Try it you’ll love it.


    i LOVE IT!

  • Doris C

    Well i am pretty loyal to tide but hearing all thes good things i am going to try some Sunlight on my next purchase. My washer is now on it’s last legs so i could use a new one. Thanks for the oppurtunity to win!

  • Paula

    Recently enjoyed a lovely spaghetti dinner, but of course I was wearing a white shirt and forgot the bib … used my Sunlight Deep Clean and it effectively removed the sauce stains. I was quite impressed!

  • Miranda

    As soon as I notice a stain or something on my clothing that might stain, I instantly do the best I can to clean it with laundry detergant straight away. I like to use cold water whenever I do this both manually or through the washer and dryer for stains it works better! I used to wash the clothing over once more after targeting the stain but with the new sunlight deepclean coldwater I only have to wash the clothing once! And sunlight deepclean cold water works stunningly best of all the products or techniques there is out there for stains and* regular laundry, I dont have to go out of my way or spend more on stain removal products Sunlight deepclean cold water is a simple yet powerful as well as gentle laundry detergent , economic, saves time and energy and is really affordable. I am so happy, however, I would be even happier with a brand new washer and dryer 😉

  • Karen

    got some dirt out of clothes. i love sunlight!

  • Carolien Burke

    My husband used sunlight powder on the roof to combat Moss, its eco friendly and does a great job on the laundry 🙂

  • Daniela

    having a new born demands a lot of laundry per day, and having to remove a lot of milk stains, if not using a good product it is hard to remove

  • Karen

    got some dirt stains out

  • tennille

    No specific story but an observation-why do stains always land on the boob?

  • http://CANADIANlIVING Karen56

    hope i can win

  • jean

    i am going to try sunlight and see if it works on my kids clothes.she loves ketchup and i find it never comes out completely. it would be even better if i could win the washer and dryer to use when i do laundry in the future as my set is pretty old.

  • Breanne

    After hearing all the comments about Sunlight Deep Clean I am going to have to try it on my daughter’s best stain… Chocolate ice cream all down her white Marineland shirt. I have yet to get all of it out… Hopefully it works. (:

  • marina

    tweeted for entry

  • maggiejor

    I loved this product! I got to try it also and can’t believe how much I liked it. It made my clothes brighter.

  • FosterMomOfMany


  • dreamer

    My best stain story doesn’t have a happy ending. Yes it’s true, I have those yellow canary stains on my white pressed shirts. I also have other shameful stains & look forward to trying Sunlight Deep Clean laundry detergent after reading all these posts.
    Maybe with some luck on my side, I’ll even be able to use it in a Maytag Performance Series front load laundry pair as my laundry system has a hard time accepting large loads.
    I tweeted for an extra entry (SoulSeeker0)
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Laureena

    I’m going out to buy some sunlight tomorrow. I have some pretty soiled cloths from camping and if sunlight can clean them, I’ll choose it forever.
    Great Giveaway!!! Thanks so much 🙂

  • Sibomom


  • Sibomom

    This product is great! There are always mystery stains on our clothes, and no one knows or cares to remember what got spilled, dripped, or brushed on them. I try to guess what the stain is and pretreat but with Sunlight there is no more guessing. It just goes in the machine and the clothes come out clean and the stains, well its a mystery as to where they go.

  • Rachel Bauman

    Sunlight is a tried and true laundry detergent. All you have to do is say the name Sunlight and the stains scatter! lol

  • babii_kawaii

    I absolutely LOVE sunlight! My daughter was learning how to feed herself (the i-can-do-it-myself age) and is always spilling food all over her clothes! She once got spaghetti sauce on her white dress at a party so I soaked it in warm water for 30 minutes then threw it in the washer! It came out looking BRAND SPANKING NEW! I would totally recommend the sunlight green clean

  • lori stokell

    My family has been using Sunlight for years and years.

  • shirley schoyen

    sunlight has been around for years and I just love it

  • john stokell

    You can’t beat this product for value

  • Jen S

    I used Sunlight on some grass stains on my pants and it worked wonderfully!

  • nancy stokell

    I love the smell and it works great

  • Lola

    I have to admit I was a Tide girl and never thought anything would outclean Tide, but….I sent my husband to the grocery store, and instead of Tide he brought home Sunlight( it was cheaper). My two sons play football, and if anyone has seen what theyre jerseys look like after a game, you would know why I was concerned to use Sunlight instead of my regular detergent. That sunday night I threw in there jerseys with the sunlight and I was very happy with the outcome! I dare say Sunlight cleaned better than Tide, and it is much less expensive as well! It is now my favorite detergent ! Love Sunlight!

  • Mel

    when my kids were alot younger I used to be called the “stain free mom” I have 4 daughters…..
    When ever they used to get dirty from playing or eating I’d immediately have them take off the clothes and use either stain remover or w/e I had handy at the time.. I always have loved using Sunlight,it was affordable and worked really well, Still to this day I used it….Did not seem to matter where we were….lol
    I’d Always have extra clothes with me no matter what,as sometimes girls are messier than boys…
    I would mostly dress my kids in darker colours due to the fact it was tough keeping up with 4 young girls(had 4 kids under 5,back then) Yikes….lol… to this day I am still dubbed “stained free mom” Nothng wrong with wanting to keep your kids looking good and keeping clothes for the next ones that will wear them….
    Cheers!! 🙂

  • laurel jones


  • Sue

    After reading all the comments about how well the detergent works I will definitely be buying some. I work in a restaurant kitchen and my whites are almost impossible to keep white.

  • Danella

    I use Sunlight and it works great!!!

  • Janet Crossman

    I love this product, it is so great for taking out stains, with no extra work and the smell is wonderful.

  • Sherry


  • Sherry

    I haven’t got a good story but after reading all of these, I have to try Sunlight.

  • Debora

    I use Sunlight HE exclusively for all my washing. It works well in both warm and cold water. I certainly will try the Sunlight® Deep Clean™. It sounds too good to be true.

  • ConnieC

    My dear husband is notorious for dripping coffee on just about every shirt he owns! Most of the time he forgets and does not pre-treat but Sunlight comes through and gets them clean 🙂

  • Aliya D.

    I was watching my young cousins two weeks ago… There is at least a 20 year age difference between myself and these little mischief makers and being so young and adventurous, they decided to use a flattened cardboard box as an adapted crazy carpet – on a very green, very grassy, very steep hill! They must have piled on and plowed down that hill at break-neck speed multiple times before I came outside and saw the rascals… flying down the hill, grass shredding under them as they yelled in pure joy. But they were covered in grass bits (their clothes, their hair, even spitting it out of their mouths), and their clothes were brown and green all over from the dirt and grass stains. I just let them play until they tired out, since the damage was done, but once they had discarded their clothes for bedtime, I scooped them up and threw them into the washing machine with a healthy portion of Sunlight Deep Clean. Not expecting a full, fresh clean, I was very pleasantly surprised when I pulled the clothes out… no stains, no dirt and the smell was fresh!

  • shanaz

    I was really impressed with how this new Sunlight product THOROUGHLY cleaned my laundry. I will be purchasing this product on an ongoing basis!!

  • Trina

    Well all I can say is chocolate cheese cake, ice cream, no forks and 3 year old twins!!!
    Do I really need to elaborate on that one!!!
    Things came out of the wash clean, some spot cleaning obviously necessary but good as new out of the washer!!

  • msrita

    I was picking blackberries, they were so ripe and juicy they fell off the canes and stained my t-shirt. Do you think this Sunlight will get the stains out?

  • sue

    Sunlight is perfect for messy babies!! What more can i say 🙂

  • Susan Patricia Holmes

    My daughter left a blue ball point pen in her pocket, and for some reason I didn’t find it. When the clothes went in the dryer, so did the pen. Disaster! But wait, Sunlight to the rescue. I took Sunlight Extra and a little water, and made a paste. I rubbed this paste into the blue ink stains, put them back through the wash cycle, and voila! ink stains gone. And as an added bonus, everything smelled so fresh and clean. Thanks Sunlight!!

  • deb
  • deb

    I have a tendency to spill part of my meals on my shirts and Sunlight will always remove what I have deposited on my shirts. I just love the smell of it.

  • http://s_yue Sandra

    I have yet to use this product but have been desperately searching for something that removes tough stain especially now that my toddler has become a boy who likes to play in dirt and grass! I will look forward to trying out a bottle and keep my fingers crossed.

  • joycep61

    tweeted @sweetpeajmp

  • joycep61

    My daughter washes her mascara off with our face cloths. The only thing that I have found powerful enough to remove mascara stains is Sunlight® Deep Clean™. I love the way my clothes come out super clean and stain free with a fresh scent.
    I also am the caregiver to my terminally ill 87 year old mom. Everything comes out stain free.

  • celt

    Once I got photocopier ink on my new dress. I poured club soda on it while I was at work and that took some of it out and when I got home I washed it with Sunlight which removed the rest.

  • westwood05

    I soaked my daughter’s poop-stained baby clothes in Sunlight Deep Clean overnight and they came out looking like new! Awesome stuff!!

  • Jessica

    Just 3 words….twin boys + mud!!!

  • Margaret

    I’ve always used Sunlight, nothing else makes your laundry smell and feel fresh!

  • Colin Walther

    Haven’t tried Sunlight Deep Clean but have been very happy with regular Sunlight laundry detergent – good price and excellent results!

  • Myra

    I am about to load in my washer work clothes of my husband who has been mudding a dry-wall project. This white stain and hard stuff is all over his clothes. If this Sunlight Deep Clean product does the cleaning job I will be sold!

  • wcse

    I once left a marker in a pocket …. that didn’t come out.

  • linda29ddm

    I have not tried Sunlight. For years I have used Tide, but am not satisified with Tide. Grass stains, dirt and stains remain after washing. After reading the comments I am going to buy Sunlight Deep Clean and try it.

  • alice26

    tweeted your contest link

  • alice26

    I had a spaghetti stain on my favourite white blouse that I thought would never come out. I tried scrubbing & soaking the stain but nothing worked. When someone at work recommended the Sunlight Deep Clean product. I was a little skeptical at first, but it really did get out the stain and I still wear the blouse to this day.


    My Sears Top loading washing machine does a fair to middling jog on clothes when you do not use the pre-wash or soak cycles. Front loading machines in laundromats do produce cleaner laundry. Would be enjoy trying this pair of front loading machines at home.

  • jehardy

    Just tweeted….

  • jehardy

    I have used Sunlight a few times, when I see it on sale. It has cleaned quite well. When my 3 boys were younger, they had every stain possible on their clothes. Now that they are older, they do their own laundry and like the clean smell of Sunlight. The 12 year old still stains his clothes, but having tried Sunlight, it has helped to clean the clothes nicely.

  • doria

    wowowowowow! it zapped stains without any extra product. Thanks for making my life easier!

  • kmoroziuk

    Sunlight Deep Clean is great. Also I want to mention that when my kids were babies the best way to keep their onesies white was to hang them out to dry on a foggy Nova Scotia early morning, and by the afternoon when there was bright sunlight they were as white as ever.

  • Julie

    I like to use sunlight on my whites.

  • CC

    I can’t believe it but I got out a barbecue sauce stain on my husband’s white golf shirt. I was getting ready to use it as a gardening shirt. Thanks Sunlight Deep Clean! (I also love the scent)

  • Amari

    I have used Sunlight detergent for a number of years with good results. I was very impressed with the results from Sunlight Deep Clean.

  • gloria_konelsky

    I have always used Sunlight Bar Soap to remove stains and when we began with Sunlight Detergents, we knew if a stain did not come out-it was Not a stain but part of the pattern!!

  • mommakoala
  • mommakoala

    My darling daughter left a lip balm in her pocket, and of course it went right through to the dryer cycle. When I took the laundry out of the dryer, I had greasy stains all over the entire load.
    I washed them again in Sunlight deep clean in the cold cycle, and I got all the stains out.
    Thank goodness.

  • ek03yr

    I used it and it was great! Got out a huge dirt stain on pants!

  • Judy C. Craig

    The reviews sound so good, I can hardly wait to get my hands on this product. It wouldn’t hurt having a new washer and dryer besides.

  • lyndam42

    I have been a Tide person for many years, but like some products that you used, it just does not work the same after a period of time. So one day I saw the Sunlight deep clean was on sale for
    a very good price and with a $2 off coupon I decide to give it a try! I am glad I did, as I used it on some of my whites and noticed that the sunlight did brighten my whites as I hung them up to my other whites..Well you probably did the same as me and took my other whites and washed them in Sunlight Deep Clean.

  • seaelle

    My husband is notorious for not checking pockets before doing the laundry. I left a lip balm in a pocket of my pants and well after the wash and full cycle of drying, I had greasy stains on most of my clothes. I never thought that the stains would come out, but they did with sunlight (sensitive).

  • bluelincat

    I am a loyal Sunlight user but this product is even better. Great smell; great functionality. You can use it directly on a stain, like a stain remover, and it is also good on delicates. When I stained the front of one of my favorite tops with grease, I first put just a dab directly on the stain and then washed it normally with my other delicates. Came out perfect!!

  • Audrey Lawrence

    Oh, the Maytag duo just makes me want to drool, they look so lovely! Wish I had them when my son was young as he could make a dirt distaster story out of every laundry load. My favourite stain story was when as a baby, he managed to get his diaper off in his crib and then had his not-so- sweet poop over everything! Crib sheets, Raggedy Ann and Andy cloth dolls and you know the rest!
    Bottom line (excuse the pun), I just picked everything up, held my nose and tossed in the washing machine with some Sunlight!
    Sparkly clean and not a stain on anything! I was totally amazed!

  • JJScrapping
  • JJScrapping

    Awesome Contest ….. tweeted

  • JanLaw

    iIt used to be I couldn’t have Sunlight powder in the house, it made me sneeze and get a headache. The liquid is OK for me to use. Tried it at my sisters expecting the same problem but it was fine.

  • heidi

    I am glad that I changed to Sunlight

  • AK

    I have twittered also, i left an earlier message thanks so much
    This is what i tweeted
    I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa :

  • iManduh

    OMG best stain story??? Well….. mine isn’t very “family friendly”!!! I’ll just say “NO COMMENT” HAHA
    I tweeted> and facebooked too 😀

  • celine

    My son went to art camp, and of course got paint on his white t-shirt. Tide did not get it out, but I bet Sunlight would!

  • Julie Farmer

    Sunlight is the only laundry detergent I use, when my girls were little they suffered skin allergies to most detergents apart from Sunlight. I have no reason to change brands now that they are older as Sunlight does an amazing job, every now and again I soak my whites overnight and they come out sparkling clean!

  • Shirley

    I buy Sunlight detergent all of the time! LOL…well, actually, I haven’t bought it for a few months…because I ran across a fantastic sale at the SuperStore and bought 2 dozen bottles. I guess I have enough for at least a year. That is how much I like the cleaning power of Sunlight. It cleans my son’s smelly sleeping bag and got rid of the campfire smokey smells too. Sunlight left all his camping gear fresh and clean.

  • Valerie Gibson

    I’d love to win these front-loading machines and the detergent.

  • jennybenny77

    What isn’t a stain emergency with a nine month old?!?!? From poop, to spit up, and food stains….I can’t wait to try Sunlight and see if what everyone is saying is true.

  • Amberleah

    After all these great reviews I will definitely try Sunlight Deep Clean.

  • Amberleah

    After all these great reviews I will definitely try Sunlight Deep Clean.

  • michellejadaa

    I dont have stain stores i have weekly sagas lol.Hubby never fails to get stuff on his shirts,he calls it christening them lol.

  • Blueberry101
  • dnl

    I got Gorrilla glue on my shorts and nothing would take it out

  • jeanten

    I’m looking forward to trying this new Sun Light. I’m hoping that all of the reviews are true and that this will work on stains.

  • Blueberry101

    I like to pre-soak my clothes with sunlight for half hour before washing to remove tough stains.

  • mary walsh

    The kids were determined to swim so they thought they could build a pool themselves. These are 8 year olds that we are talking about. They proceded to dig a very big hole in the backyard garden and edge it in wood scraps. Then came the garden hose and the “SWIM”. Needless to say they were very dirty. It took several washings with regular Sunlight to get the clothes clean. I bet it would have taken one time with the new Sunlight Deep Clean!! We won’t talk about who cleaned up the “pool”.

  • Donna R.

    I love SUNLIGHT products. With the new Simple Green, it’s even better for the environment. My Mom used to use the yellow SUNLIGHT bars on everything and it made the hardest stains come out. Thanks for the great contest. I’d love to win as my laundry pair are sadly outdated.

  • marlyn

    Being very scent sensitive, it is great to be able to choose a product “Sunlight Sensitive Skin” without apending half an hour reading labels on the numerous products available. Thanks for thinking of us in the minority.

  • Marlene Haxton

    Simple Green works wonders on stains

  • cole5234

    I have been using Sunlight for almost thirty years and one of my fondest memories of how great a soap it is happened over twenty five years ago. I had just returned from visiting a neigbour about two miles down the road and when I arrived home I took my one year old out of the carriage. I went to check on the garden for a second and when I cam back low and behold he was sitting in a puddle splashing and having a great time. Sunlight took all those dirt stains out of his clothes.

  • Judy MacDonald

    I am well know for spilling stuff on my shirt while eating, no matter where or what I am eating (I get told it’s my trademark). Therefore I do a lot of wash and this set would make it much easier.

  • Sylvia Mann

    Clothes come out nice and clean and smell real nice

  • jen4777
  • jen4777

    I really like the new Sunlight product. It works great and I like the smell it leaves on clothes after washing.

  • WestCoastMom

    Sunlight seems to be coming out with some great products. I’ve already been converted to Sunlight Green. The deep clean feature of this new one has me curious and if I can find the sensitive one (as I’m not a big fan of strong smells) I think I’ll give it a try.
    As for stains – I don’t think I have any memorable ones, only memories of many stains….grass, pee, blood, puke, dirt, sand, pee, markers, pastels….oh and did I mention pee?!? Wait a second, those aren’t memories, I’m still living it every day!!! HA HA!!

  • country_luvin24

    I have never tried this product but I think i will after reading the reviews. I need something to help get stains out of clothes and get an overall better clean. Next time Im at the store i will make a point to buy this.

  • Amanda Cullen

    I have three little girls that are a cross between a hockey star and a girly girl so I cant just tell you one stain story ! I have numerous ones a day I love my front load washer but it leaks and they wont or cant seem to fix it right. but sure makes my clothes white

  • Mommyof2boys

    To be honest, Sunlight is the only detergent I use in our household. I find that no other detergents can compare to Sunlight. Sunlight leaves our clothes smelling fresh, they are noticeably brighter after each wash and Sunlight also gets all the stains out! I’ve heard that Sunlight Deep Clean is the only detergent that gets out body sweat and oils so from now on, Sunlight Deep Clean only for our family!

  • Sandra Tuplin

    Sunlight Deep Clean is a wonderful product. We live on a farm and my husband could have just about anything on his clothing. Whether it’s oil or something from one of the animals, it all seems to come out easily.

  • Kelly

    My daughter likes to spread any kind of cream all over her legs and this also gets on her clothes (vasaline, Zincofax, Desitin). Sometimes it comes out sometimes not, I will have to try this Sunlight on it. (No we do not leave them out for her on purpose, she has a radar for when we forget ;))

  • tempest1952
  • Kim

    Best stain story is breastmilk on a white blouse… I used the “old” sunlight as a stain remover and after a couple of applications and rubbing the stain came out before it was washed in the washer…

  • tempest1952

    I have used Sunlight products for years, but have not tried this new Sunlight Deep Clean as yet. The concept is great…so I’m looking forward to see what effect it will have on my clothes.

  • TASH

    I’ve used Sunlight for years. Great product and very affordable.

  • Tiaras & Tantrums
  • Tiaras & Tantrums

    baby poop explosion on my dress – new dress – bright white and pink dress – baby poop exploded down my front! Super Gross!! But I soaked it for days and sprayed it for days – finally go the stain out!!!

  • sweetheart

    I just finished a bottle fo Sunlight and I’ll definitely be buying more. It was a great product and really got the stains out!

  • Kimberley

    I have already tried the new Sunlight and it is amazing. It absolutely gets rid of stains and makes the clothes smell so fresh and clean. Just before my family went to my sisters wedding my 12 year old son got mustard and ketchup on his dress shirt, so I used the new Sunlight and the stain came out with no problem. We made it to the wedding and my son’s shirt looked brand new again. I have always trusted Sunlight as my mother did and I also use Sunlight dishsoap which also does an amazing job at cleaning the most dirtiest of dishes. I reccomend the new Sunlight Laundry Soap as well as all the rest of their products. Thank-you, Kimberley(Toronto Canada).

  • Sarah

    Oh, the stains we get are crazy! My son came home covered in butter the other day and nothing is getting that out – maybe I should give this a shot! He ate a bowl of pasta that was drenched in butter, and looks like he took a bath in it. 🙂

  • Shirley Plavins

    Have you ever had peach juice down your front – well its one of the worst stains to get out but sunlight does it. Rub a little in neat before adding the item to your wash

  • karenalex55


  • Lesley Slan

    I had a brand new white blouse and went out for a nice dinner with my husband. I ordered a cup of coffee and the waiter spilled it all over me. I was not happy to say the least!

  • tperrin

    My son went to paintball camp this year and they had game after game of paintball for 5 days straight. The combination of sweat, dirt and paintball gunk was daunting to say the least. I never thought any of the clothes would come clean. Suprise! Sunlight not only got everything clean it also had things smelling wonderful. I’d love the new washer and dryer – it would only make like that much better.

  • Lori

    With both my husband and I in the emergency services field, two active kids, horses, a 120 pound dog and a “greater than thou” attitude cat, our lives revolve around the laundry room or as I like to affectionately refer to it, the “Holy Grail” of life. Not only would a new laundry pair make all our lives easier but this new Sunlight Deep Clean Detergent makes our clothes look and smell much better than ever and believe me, with a house full of different animal stinks, human and otherwise, we are forever grateful!! Thanks Sunlight.

  • lisgarmary

    getting a set in stain is hard

  • Heather

    I have a 2 month old, so pretty much every one of my ‘stain stories’ involves the lovely yellow mustard explosions that she produces! I think the worst was when my boss was holding her….in a white sundress….need I say more?

  • alison malfara

    I have always loved sunlight and am now looking forward to trying this product. I am a sloppy cook and am always ruining my clothes..

  • Bob

    tweeted @pimpbob

  • Bob

    Best Stain Story? I spilled Clamato all over a brand new white dress shirt once. It didn’t wash out

  • Sparkle

    I am my own little stain maker! I don’t need help from the rest of the family. I can’t seem to eat without spilling something down my chest. Almost every top I wear has to be pre-soaked or sprayed with something. Maybe Sunlight would save me this step. Could also use a new washer and dryer, my Maytags are over 30 years old!

  • Rose

    I really like Sunlight Detergent but have not tried Sunlight Deep Clean. I will definitely pick this up next time I’m in the grocery store!

  • turbosir

    It sounds great I guess we will have to try it out for ourselves. Winning this pair of washer and drying will make the chore of wahsing and drying much more enjoyable.

  • Laureta

    I’m married to a maintenance man and his clothes not only get very dirty and stained, they often reek of things that I don’t want to know where the smells came from or where my hubby was working. Sunlight Deep Clean is the answer to the dirt, stains and smells. And, as I am now in need of a new washer and dryer — my washer is close to packing it in and my dryer recently just quit — permanently! What better contest could I enter? Thank you!

  • daysgoby

    We have this in our house right now! It’s been FABULOUS at getting out stains – everything from grass stains (my eight year old) to markers and paint (my five year old) to deep ground in dirt, oil, and perspiration on my husband’s shirts. (And can anyone tell me how the ADULT can get dirtier than the KIDS?)
    Stain story? We have a much-beloved senior kitty that likes to sleep on top of the box of blankets in the closet. The blankets in there only get taken out during the winter, and when we got them out last week (I needed to move them) we found she had…um…left a few presents while she was there.
    Sunlight got it all out and they smell great now!
    (Kitty sleeps elsewhere now as well!)

  • Colleen

    Having dinner my 14 son asked what detergent we wash the cloths with, seems like a funny questions for a kid to ask, I said “Sunlight” why? He said his friends has commented on how nice his cloths smell…. I will take that as a compliment, wouldn’t you? Love Sunlight in our house. Now a new washer and dryer would be great since my washer is leaking water on the floor ..need help her.

  • Andrea

    Sounds like a great product. Having a three year old toddler makes me want to find a better way to clean her clothes! I look forward to trying it.

  • lydia kyskira

    Anything that can get my kids’ spaghetti stains out is a winner and Sunlight can. Thank you for creating a great product!!!

  • Lynn L

    I find that Sunlight really get the oily, greasy mess that my hubby’s clothes have on them – really out for good – Keeps them fresh smelling and truly clean -love the stuff!!!

  • Dianne

    I must say I have not tried Sunlight lately my mom used to use it when I was a kid though. I have been a Tide user for years but just recently have been thinking of trying something else. The stains haven’t been coming out as I would like and the clothes just don’t always smell fresh. After reading all of the comments here I am going to rush right out and try this product. I hope it works as well as everyone here says . I am kinda excited to give it a test.

  • Janet

    I haven’t used Sunlight products yet, but would love to try. I have had great success in removing stains by soaking clothes overnight and then washing in the morning.

  • amandapopko

    i think the worst stains are the ones you find on babys bibs!! stuff that is soo hard to get out like pasta sauce
    also kitty puke is very hard to get out haha dont ask
    i tweeted you im jungleprincess on twitter 🙂
    this stuff looks great for my busy house

  • Guppy

    I regularly use the Sunlight Green liquid but would love to try this deep clean product on my husbands work clothes – bet it works great!

  • mom2twobeauties

    I was really impressed with how Sunlight Deep Clean cleaned my kids laundry. My son loves to get dirty and I am always having to struggle with grass, dirt and food stains. Sunlight Deep Clean does a fantastic job in leaving our laundry clean and smelling fresh.

  • newcybersol

    I like the idea of deep clean, but I really want fragrance & phosphate free. Does it have that?

  • pj

    I haven’t tried the liquid sunlight yet, but I do use the Sunlight bar whenever I have a stain that NOTHING will take out! I just rub it on the stain and vavoom – it’s perfect as soon as it’s washed. It even works on stains that have gone through the whole wash and dry cycles. I just rub it on and leave for a day or so, then wash – Perfect!

  • Vanessa

    I actually have always used tide and have never strayed. However after reading all these comments I think I will give Sunlight a try. I have a really busy little girl, who has a father that never puts on a bib. I come home to shirts full of food stains. To be honest Tide is not helping in removing them so lets all hope that a little sunlight will put some light on my stained clothes!

  • Luet02
  • lorendastefan

    With 4 children and a dog, I have “loads” of laundry every week. I need an effective laundry detergent like Sunlight Deep Clean to help me keep my family looking and smelling clean. No more dingy, hairy (our dog sheds alot), smelly (pre-adolescent boys) clothes!

  • sver

    It’s interesting to read the stain stories and the magic of Sunlight detergent. I’ll definitely try it.

  • shirley

    I actually have allergies to scented laundry products and so that is why I love Sunlight unscented and for sensitive skin, it is a great product. Thank you Sunlight for making a unscented detergent.

  • Carol

    Sunlight is the best to get rid of stains and clothes look and smell fresh.

  • Liz

    Hello, I love Sunlight detergent – it smells great, and all the stains are gone – no other brands for me. It is also very gentle on hands – I sometimes have to wash my fancy blouses by hand, and I often get a rash from other detergents, but not Sunlight. The dirtiest stain that I have ever gotten rid of – an old butter popcorn stain from my daughter’s white pants – what a relief!

  • jwillman62

    Being a mom to two boys, I’ve had my fair share of stains and dirty laundry and Sunlight has been the “go to” for all my laundry needs. Whether pre-treating a dirty t-shirt that was left under the bed for days or just the “usual” laundry needs, Sunlight has met each and every one of my expectations and has never disappointed! Thank you Sunlight!

  • mama146

    My husband just got a new 4-wheeler and couldn’t wait to zoom around the neighbouring farmer’s fields to try it out. Zoom-zoom…right into a huge pile of mushy, rotten soybeans. The smell was indescribable!
    I gave a little extra shot of Sunlight laundry detergent and crossed my fingers. My husband’s jacket and pants came out beautifully and smelling Sunlight fresh!

  • spun

    My son is a goalie in soccer one day I told him that it ok to dive after the ball to save it. Now after every soccer game he has grass stains all over his uniform.

  • batye123

    My bird create a hell of the mess towells need to be washed everyday
    I twitted under I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa : – batye1

  • philana_p

    my stain story has 2 little boys, a dinner party and NOT a happy ending. I bet things would’ve been better with this laundry team!!! It would be great to win!

  • Michelle

    The worst stains are my husband’s shirt collars…I have tried everthing. But now I’ll stick with SUnlight deep clean…it works!

  • Louise Hicks

    I love Sunlight soap. It smells so good and fresh. Cleans beautifully. What else could you ask for? Louise Hicks

  • Luet02

    My husband wears his dress shirts a few times and then “hides” them in his closet for me to find. Recently we moved and I discovered a couple of these hidden gems. They both had very deep collar and wrist stains, and I was afraid that I was going to have to throw these shirts out. But to my surprise with a little elbow grease and gel stain remover, I was able to get these stains out! They now look as good as new!

  • 444angels

    I have used Sunlight soap for years and it is the only I use. I am amazed at the great job that it does with all my laundry and hand washing . They keep improving it and it jworks well in he machines I have no smells using it with my older machine..

  • Pat

    If its anything like the sunlight dish washing liquid I have to try this..

  • Iris

    I tweeted this contest (Muckymoo)

  • 3Lilacs
  • 3Lilacs

    I work in a very busy Laboratory and there are times when l splash blood or other fluids on my uniform. Sunlight has always been able to remove these stains.

  • Susanna

    Sunlight is the BEST detergent. With a baby that was spitting up after every bottle and a 2 1/2 year old going through potty training the last few months have been challenging, especially with the amount of laundry that had to be done and the stains. With all the spit up, other detergents could not clean my baby’s clothes completely, leaving a growing dark stain around the collars. With Sunlight, it all went away. Thanks for making such a terrific product!

  • Danielle Shoniker

    My husband is a heavy duty truck mechanic so you can imagine what goes into the wash at times. He wore a yellow shirt and it came home with heavy grease on the back of the shirt. I thought it was destined for the rag bag but not so! I used my tried and true Sunlight Deep Clean and wonders upon wonders it came out just like new!!!

  • Natalia

    Have 2 kids and cant get the stains out!! I need to win !!! lol

  • ladydoor

    Grass stains with my boys got so bad that we would eventually give up, and cut off the pant legs to make shorts.

  • lrcig

    Just tweeted I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa :

  • Iris

    I used Sunlight on a favorite shirt with spaghetti sauce stains and…voila the stains were gone! You can’t beat the fresh clean scent too.

  • lrcig

    Well, I am faced with a stain emergency TODAY and wish I had this new washer and Sunlight at hand right now. My teenager got her hair henna’d last night and, despite draping her pillow with two old towels, some of the henna stained BOTH layers of towels AND her pillowslip AND the pillow protector (for those who are reading breathlessly, the staining stopped short there – the pillow is fine!).
    So I’ll be tackling this tonight with my old machine and old detergent, but I like the sound of Sunlight Deep Clean.

  • ozy955

    used to be a tide-user exclusively. Tried sunlight and was impressed. will be switching to this!


    usually use Tide but after these comments Sunlight deserves it’s chance!

  • trioworks

    My husband is a camper and comes home with some nasty stuff. I need a good stain cleaner.

  • trioworks

    Tweeted on Twitter

  • Lynfan

    my kids are constantly playing in the mud and this wiped out the dirt and grime really easily in one wash!

  • Kim
  • Pat B
  • Cindy

    I have tried Sunlight Deep Clean – my daughter got strawberrry stains all over a white tank top and I used Sunlight and it dissappeared. I am definitely a fan and will become even more of a fan if I win this Maytag combo -My current ones are both ancient.

  • Kim

    My husband’s a roofer and there’s nothing worse than having smelly clothes from oils and sweat .. that other detergents don’t get out! Sunlight Deep Clean works wonders!!

  • Katrina

    I have not tried this product yet but am eager to see just how well it works. Over the years, I have had many clothes ruined because of stains. My husband is the worse culprit of all. Somehow he manages to stain about a third of everything he wears. Now some stuff comes off fairly easily but ink is the worse. I bought him a new and very expensive shirt for a holiday we went on in May. It made it home safe but about 2 weeks later a pen exploded in his pocket. Shirt ruined! I have yet to toss it into the rag bag and will try the sunlight on it. Fingers crossed

  • Pat B

    Sunlight is a product that keeps evolving. I remember my mother using it, and it is what a friend recently recommended for killing the moss on my roof. While I haven’t tried the new Sunlight, I have found their other detergents have been very effective at getting stains out. I have a habit of going out in the garden to just do a little bit, and end up spending hours with the inevitable stains from dirt and plants on clothing that was never intended to be worn in the garden. Sunlight has so far been effective at removing those stains…….I just put the washer on pre-soak, and it seems to help with the stain removal process.

  • pieperanita

    My friend dripped butter all over her tshirt and pants. It all came out! Fab!

  • faith

    I use sunlight quite often. It’s a great detergent and really works! I would love that washer and dryer. They look fanastic. And seeing as how my washer broke a few weeks ago, they would be a life saver!!

  • donkeykong

    I like to use cold water to do my laundry. And now, with small children and sophisticated sunlight detergent, I could still enjoy using cold water even sometimes kids have tough stain.

  • scorkum

    reading the reviews, I’d love to try this on all the smelly sports gear we have around the house!

  • Mynym
  • Mynym

    Almost can’t wait to try this on BBQ stains on a pair of khaki shorts.

  • mike

    I tweeted the contest

  • mike

    I was at my friends house and spilled red wine all over my shirt. They suggested I wash it in their sunlight detergent and presto – the stains were out! Thanks sunlight!

  • gordregehr

    Sunlight is one of my “go to” detergents – I love the scents and it really gets clothes clean and it gets smells out like campfire smoke which can linger with other brands.
    I am hoping to find the new product on the shelves soon! I have 3 kids all involved in outdoor activities (scouting) – need I say more?

  • ang

    tweeted the link/contest

  • ang

    We were eating turkey dinner and my son somehow smeared cranberry sauce inside his shirt. I didnt notice until later that night and luckily the sunlight got the stains out!

  • Marlene V.

    My daughter had this cute white and black striped top — she got a food stain that I had trouble getting out. After several washes and trying out different products I finally got it out. However, it faded the entire top — the black lines became more like a brown and no longer matched the pants that went with the top. So I used a black permanent marker and went over the stripes so that they were black again. It’s not much of a solution though .. because every time I wash it, I have to redo the lines. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Pam75

    I have 3 kids, a 5 yr old girl and 2 yr old twin boys. Where to start with the amount of stains that happen at our house? Add to the fact that we are about to embark on toilet training the 2 yr old boys and we sure could use the laundry detergent and new washer/dryer. I am definitely going to try the new Sunlight.

  • binabug I tend to stock up on laundry detergent when its on sale ,so I have not seen the new Sunlight on the shelves quite yet
    I prefer Sunlight for all my whites

  • Kay

    Love the smell & the cleaning of stains from my son, my nephew & my hubby’s physical labour clothing!

  • J. King

    Sunlight is a great product been using it for years. It is great to get the grass of my husbands pants after he mows the lawn. Tweeted 😉

  • Cheryl Laking

    Over the years, I have tried probably every detergent out there, with two children to raise. As my mom was loyal to Tide, I did use only Tide for quite a while, but finally my girlfriend got me to try Sunlight about 20 years ago, and I couldn’t believe the difference. For quite a bit less financially, I was able to keep my families’ clothes clean and in good condition! Thank you Sunlight.

  • Chantelle

    I like using Sunlight as I have 2 toddlers and a hubby that does physical labor so his clothes are very dirty. It always gets out the milk stains and anything else my toddlers can get on themselves and gets the dirt, etc out of my hubby’s clothes and everything smells so clean.

  • PDLadybug

    My husband somehow always manages to get food stains on his shirt front. I guess he’s somewhat of a messy eater, but soaking the stains with Sunlight liquid detergent had always helped to removing the stains away.

  • Dianna D

    I am mom to 3 year old twins who I cloth diapered–my whole life is one big stain fighting chore!
    Right now my stain fighter of choice is Sunlight dish soap–it is the best for getting out greasy hand stains left all over their clothes or my clothes or whatever.
    I desperately need a new washer and dryer as we just moved and I had to leave my lovely new ones in my old home and got a very old set in their place 🙁

  • Imran

    I have 3 kids and I was very eager to see what this new Sunlight product would do for my kids’ clothes. I have used other products before with pleasure, however Sunlight is the best.

  • caryn

    I think the worst stains that my 3 year ever caused was probably when he got into what was supposed to be washable finger paint. I tried everything under the sun to get the stains out of his clothes and my light coloured carpet. To this day there is a hint of blue on my rug and well his clothes have never been the same. Who knows it would probably have been a totally different situation had i used the sunlight back then.

  • MommyToGirls

    I’ve been a loyal Sunlight user ever since my step-mom taught me how to do laundry, she uses Sunlight too! I love using Sunlight on my white loads in hot water, it gets the stains out so nicely. Same with the dirty gym socks, they stay nice and white, I’m proud to have super white whites and laundry that smells so good! Would be nice to win the new washer and dryer and do the whites in super hot water! Red is my favourite colour too!!!

  • foxxter

    We were at a BBQ and I forgot a bib! My little one ate and of course stained her pretty top. Later at home I poured laundry detergent on the stain let it sit….and then washed. The stain came out! the top saved!

  • AgnesM

    My husband got red wine on his polo shirt and I thought that was the end of it but a soak in Sunlight and then a regular wash got the stain out beautifully and saved his favourite shirt. I’ve always been a fan of Sunlight soap and detergent not only for its cleaning power but also for its smell!

  • Diana Plavins

    No matter what I do, it seems like the very first time my kids wear ANYTHING they come home with a stain on it. I spend half my life trying to get stains out

  • ejmama2

    I think I will give it a try, especially after some of the comments I’ve read here. My daughters can’t seem to get through a clothes-wearing without adding another stain to their collections. Plus, I’ve got the washer and dryer that came with this house – old old old…

  • Maggie

    I have never seen any detergent get the grime out of children’s socks. So next time I need to buy detergent I am willing to try the new Sunlight.

  • Cheryal

    Sunlight laundry detergent is a staple in my home! I am in my late 50s and I have been using Sunlight products since I had my first home. Always loved the fresh smell. But now… it’s way better!! Love the stain and odor removing power it has. Still a Sunllight Groupie!

  • cindylee

    I so need a new washer and dryer, and have always used Sunlight, it is my all time favorite laundry product….
    I tweeted on twitter and shared on facebook

  • http://eulalie19 Debbie Marchand

    Great as cleaning and whitening agent on our laundry

  • Heather

    My husband is a commercial fisherman ,who as you can imagine after a 2 or 3 week trip comes home with a big garbage bag full of disgusting smelling clothes (and I do mean disgusting )so when Sunlight gets them clean and smelling good…. I’m sold!!

  • kkroln623

    I twitted #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa : and I love Sunlight to brighten and clean my clothes!

  • Deidra Hooper

    I love that it’s for cold water. It saves me money and it is better for the environment.

  • flossy4j

    Hmmm…I have not tried sunlight laundry soap since it has changed from a powder to a liquid. I know using it as a powder was hard on our pump-up chamber and we had to clean the pump out many times. I must get out and purchase a bottle or 2 and give it a try. Living in the country we try very hard to keep things out of our septic system that really harm the enviorment. Javex of course is one of them…we use it very very sparingly. The product sounds like it would be friendly enough for country living…will try it. Thanks for the info.

  • Diesel69

    the new sunlight is awesome.. took out grease stains from shirts that were worn years ago when i worked in restaurants..

  • Kimm B

    I had to remove a stain on a hand made tablecloth from Portugal that my grandfather had brought back for me. The stain was such that I had not clue what it was as it was discovered after all the plates had been removed……someone hid the spill. The deep clean Sunlight used in a hand wash worked like a charm! I feared that the tablecloth may have be ruined and with my grandfather gone 10 months ago I was very upset! The new Sunlight saved the day! or at least the tablecloth!!

  • jwalker8

    I will always remember staining my mom’s white shirt when we were at the mall. She brought a tray of slushies to the table and I grabbed my blue one, leaving the red ones to tip over into her chest. She yanked us from the food court so she could go buy herself a sweater from the closest women’s store. It must have made her so cold. It was summertime…

  • Arica Saltzman

    I don’t have a particular stain story but with 3 kids basically every day is a stain story. My daughter spills EVERY DAY. The kids is a mess and my washer is constantly in use.

  • greymouse

    Love the smell of sunlight. I live on a farm with all guys .soo lets say I have realy dirty cloths. buy the cheap stuff so that why we all look a little dingy.

  • sara

    I love Sunlight, I spilled some wine on my top and was able to get it out, thanks!!

  • Jennifer

    Don’t let stains set. Handle them right away.

  • Kathleen

    I LOVE the sunlight deep clean laundry soap! I so enjoyed how fresh my clothes smelled and how clean they got. I have 4 children and they are normal kids… they get dirty! Using the sunlight deep clean really really worked on their clothes.

  • kellib

    My son spilled watermelon on his favorite Thomas the Train shirt. He was so sad so we washed it right away with the new Sunlight!!! When it came out of the dryer he looked at me and said Mommy is sure smeel good 🙂

  • Pam

    I have 3 kids, 5 yr old girl and 2 yr old twin boys. Where to even begin on the stains we get around here? Add the fact that we are about to embark on potty training 2 yr old boys and I NEED to win this! I have never used Sunlight but the reviews sound like it’s a wonderful product – maybe I will switch.

  • suzanne

    I like the scent of Sunlight and it really gets out the dirt and grease from my husbands work clothes.

  • Sherri

    I sure could have used this stuff the day my son sat in grease! We went to the school park to go on the swings and to our dismay someone had put grease all over the swing seat and it couldn’t be seen, so when he sat down that was it! all over the tail of his sirt & his shorts … not a fun time in the laundry room after that!

  • shawna nelson

    Recently purchased sunlight, great smelling scent, and cleans really good totally satisfied!!!!

  • Andalene Brennan

    On our 6th anniversary my husband and I went to the most expensive restaurant around and splurged on a bottle of red wine with our food. When the waitress came she poured two glasses (while they were still on the tray) and then accidently dropped the bottle of wine, hit the two glasses and all of them, bottle included, spilled into my lap – I was wearing WHITE pants. The waitress was new and we didn’t make a fuss. We simply finished out our meal, not to get the waitress in trouble, she was almost in tears. When we returned home, my husband went straight to work on my pants, as I thought they were garbage now. He somehow got them white as snow and still to this day we call him the Laundry King. He does it the best. I’ve never seen anything like it. He never told me how.

  • Dren Kelly

    Sunlight has been in my life ever since I can remember. My Mum used it! I remember she tried to switch to Tide once and turned out my Dad and I were allergic to that!! So she went back to her trusted detergent. When I moved out I continued to use it, now many years later, through powder, liquid, ultra liquid, he liquid and now green, with a 3 yr old and a 4 month old, still do! I have used it on my babies clothing right from the beginning. The best thing I love about it with baby and children clothes it that it gets them CLEAN, baby formula can be terrible for getting out, but this detergent does it without needing stain removers and I was able to save so many beautiful pieces of clothing from my first daughter to use with my second! Not only does it get out stains but it keeps the clothes bright and smelling great. Love love love it, would never use anything else.

  • mmbrown

    After being a long loyal user of Tide, I recently used Sunlight and love it. I woun’t use anything else.

  • Kare

    The new sunlight is awesome. It removes embedded smell and stains from our clothes. With a significant other who works construction and in the heat all day, you can only imagine how his clothes smell. In the past I would add a bit of pinesol to the wash with his clothes to remove the grime and smell, but that did not always work. Plus with two girls who seem to get some sort of dirt or product on their clothes that leaves a stain, this soap has been a god send.

  • smartie4

    I recently tried the new Sunlight when we were away with our Lacrosse team, the hotel we stayed in had laundry service. I went down to check out the laundry and they were using the new Sunlight. Here I am washing the whole teams uniforms in this new detergent that I have never tried. The Men’s uniforms came out smelling wonderful and the whites were not dull anymore…
    Can’t wait until I am finished with my current laundry soap to buy Sunlight

  • KarenB

    In our family it’s almost a given that someone is going to spill something on themselves during a meal, even when we’re out at a restaurant. So a really special meal is one that’s spill or stain free.

  • hpgirl1

    I haven’t used Sunlight in a long time, but it sounds like I’m going to have to try this new product! I have a white shirt that got stained by dye from a sweater, and I’m really hoping it’ll work.

  • karinasunshine

    I’ve tried the new sunlight and I love it! It gets my clothes so clean and smell so good!!

  • ksabo

    I haven’t tried the new Sunlight, but I really like the Sunlight Green! It has a nice fresh smell and works really well.

  • Anu

    I have used Sunlight in the past and like it alot …. I would love to try this new Sunlight detergent. I remember my son getting chocolate stains on his pants and after washing in Sunlight and leaving to dry outside, it was good as new.

  • Sandra Sellar

    Sunlight Laundry – I have always been a loyal user but I couldn’t believe how white my whites were, and how it took out all the stains (some quite old) from my laundry. Way to Go Sunlight! I would reccommend this product to any one who asked!

  • Bluntbabe

    I have not tried the new Sunlight, but I am using Sunlight Green Clean. I bought my daughter new white tights and after an hour in a ball pit they were more like grey. I soaked them in Sunlight Green Clean and a little Tide stain release and they came out white as new! I now do this with all the hubbys work socks too.
    Oh, and I Tweeted too!

  • tnmom68

    Got to review this product…it is great….does what it says…..cleans and makes your clothes smell amazing!! Even sweaty teenage boy clothes!!


    My daughters 1st birthday involved camping for three days and then chocolate cake for the first time. The pictures – priceless. The clothing – garbage!

  • Lisa

    I was a lucky tester and loved the fresh clean smell. I tested it on a beautiful day and was able to hang my clothes on the line to boot, nothing better then fresh clean line dried clothes and sheets!

  • skriksic

    i put sunlight directly on stains and then wash in sunlight for very clean clothes and the stains are gone the first wash

  • Nancy

    THis stuff is awesome!!! No more dingy clothes – I love you Sunlight!!!

  • vassi

    My husband is an auto mechanic.I always use Sunlight for his work clothes and it makes the difference compare to other products.

  • ldilts

    Imagine my surprise – with my Mom and I using Sunlight soap for over 5 decades that we would imagine the detergent product would be anything less. Of course it is already living up to its predecessor and I imagine I will have another “friend” for a very long time!

  • Michelle Tamburro

    I have been a loyal Sunlight user and love this product! Our family is always on the go and our 2 and 5 year old are always getting grimey. They are also arts and crafts lovers so their clothes demand an awesome product like Sunlight to keep their clothes in tact. My favourite stain story: My two year old son got into my daughter’s paint jars and proceeded to paint his clothes when he had no room left on the paper! Of course I had only left him in the room alone for 5 minutes and he was a complete mess! Thankfully it all washed off and his white golf shirt stayed white.

  • calmas

    I have tweeted about the contest as well.

  • NenaS

    P.S. I tweeted this as well :-}

  • kelephant

    Sunlight Deep Clean took blueberry pie stains out of my cream coloured tablecloth !
    I also love the clean fresh scent.
    Great product !!

  • calmas

    I really like using Sunlight. I have sensitive skin and use that particular one. I would like to see how the Sunlight Deep Clean works and hope they have one for sensitive skin.

  • NenaS

    Sunlight Deep Clean is truly a wonderful product! It gets our clothes so clean and fresh and has even removed old stains! I definitely recommend this product to anyone with active kids! It makes life much easier!

  • hcablue

    I have twittered this contest (hcablue)
    Our granddaughter was to be the flower girl in her uncle’s wedding & had the most beautiful white satin dress on when she leaned up against an old car and got a big rust stain on the backside. I took it off her, sprayed it with lemon juice, laid it over a towel on the picnic table, and let the sun do it’s miracles. Amazing how quickly it was sparkling white again! The wedding and her part in it went off without a hitch!

  • Kat D

    I’ll have to try it. My husband is a metal worker and his clothes are stained with grease/oil, you name it! Nothing has worked but I am going to give this new Sunlight a try!

  • maryd

    I work in a food manufacturing plant, we use all sorts of color ingredients, although we wear uniforms my t’s that i wear under the uniform are stained badly with red/brown/yellow/orange. I have tried different detergents, bleach, sprays, nothing works, i have basically given up they are only work shirts after all, but it would be interesting to see if the sunlight deepclean can get the job done. Now if I only had a new washer and dryer to start my experimenting…………;)

  • Miranda

    I picked up my 10 month old baby without knowing he had pooed. When I looked at my favourite white tank I was wearing I saw an orangey-yellow stain. I soaked it right away in the bathroom sink and then washed it. When I took it out of the wash the poo stains were gone! But the chain from the sink plug had left a rust stain on it! So I poured on some lemon juice and table salt and left it in the sun to dry. Voila! No more stains!

  • nadia fernandes

    When my son was first born I was shocked with the amount of laundry he produced with such a tiny littly body. Now I realize that as he grows so does the amount of dirty laundry. Thanks goodness for laundry machines and super detergents.

  • sweetmnm

    I have always been a bit skeptical of wavering from aything my mom used, and she was the a user of the “red bottle” anyway it wasn’t working for tought stains. So one day while gettng a massage we were chatting and she raved about sunlight, and also said “you just have to try sunlight amaze stain remover”. I stopped on the way home, picked it up and I have to say I haven’t listened to my mother since!
    Thanks sunlight you make laundry fun!!

  • lisa

    Favorite stain story- our 7 year old loves mustard, recently he shook the mustard bottle, not realizing the top was loose. Mustard sprayed all over his shirt. I use Sunlight senstive skin and it was able to remove the mustard stains. Thanks

  • mwatt

    I love Sunlight. I have four kids and everyday I am fighting stains. Clothes are just too expensive and I need them to last.

  • thisisnadine

    Anything that gets out stains on my daughter’s shirt is a winner with me! Nadine, Mom of 1

  • Grace

    Found a bunch of retro tshirts that I wanted to be able to wear again. One had a horrible oil stain on it. Luckily some butter helped but I bet sunlight would have looked and smelled a lot better. Sure hope I win.

  • Tammy Davies

    Coffee on my carpet…I had brand new carpet installed and had just sat down with my coffee, when my dog decided it was a good time to chase the cat over top of my lap. My coffee went flying and I jumped up, grabbed a dry towel and started blotting. Unfortunately these were not stain treated carpets, so I called my Mom and she said try using some Sunlight. To my shock it actually worked…I just dabbed a little bit on the stain, worked it in a circular motion, used water to rinse and blotted dry. Coffee stain done…dog spent some time in jail!

  • Tania Bugnet
  • Naomi

    Sunlight has always been a part of our home – both laundry and dishes. We buy it because it AWLAYS does the job of getting our clothes perfectly clean!

  • Tania Bugnet

    I have yet to try this detergent but I look forward to trying it on a RED WINE stain that I managed to get on my favorite white blouse *sob*.

  • katylava

    I had a great new white shirt that had some blush wine stains on it. (Clumsy me…) I scrubbed and scrubbed to no avail, and finally poured bleach over the stains to remove the red tinge. When it came out of the wash, the wine stains were gone, but all of the places I had poured the bleach were yellow! After I scrubbed the yellow stains with laundry soap, the shirt was wearably clean, but it never had the same brilliant white color again…:(

  • leodav33

    Sounds like a detergent I have to try!

  • Elizabeth

    I think Sunlight Deep Clean does a brilliant job of cleaning clothes. I think people used to use soap and that was all, now theyare putting extra cleaners in with their soap. Sunlight Deep Clean does the job all by itself.

  • Casswoman

    Love the smell of Sunlight! I’m also very impressed with its stain-fighting ability. Whenever my husband mows the grass and does yard work he always has grass stains on his socks and Sunlight leaves them bright and white again.

  • Mel D

    Compared to my regular detergent, I was pleasantly surprised how effective Sunlight Deep Clean works in treating all stains. I’ve made the switch.

  • pashi

    i love the smell and my kids love the clean clothes. thanks

  • mfinn

    I have always preferred sunlight to tide…I can’t wait to try this new Deep clean Sunlight!

  • thomas rusinak


  • koolade

    tar…yes, TAR! got it on the butt of my off while pants when i (not very smartly) sat on an old railway car at an outdoor museum. after scratching and scrubbing at the stain for days, i finally threw it in with some concentrated Sunlight on the stain, and like magic it’s disappeared. now, the same pants, have an obnoxious blueberry yogurt stain on them, and i’m about to try the same thing again. if only i had this deep clean sunlight!

  • cushmanc1

    Great product!! Only improved a good product!!

  • erin knighton

    I got strawberry on a white shirt I was wearing and this product got it out the first time.

  • Kitty

    I use Sunlight for all my laundry,but when using it to wash dishcloths and towels it is the perfect salution to remove the toughest of stains.

  • Anthony

    As we all know cats love to shed…..alot sometimes….and they shed a big ol mess of fur and that stained right into the nice white blanket we had. We threw it in the wash with some sunlight and voila! No more cat hair or cat stain! Thanks

  • Michelle Finn

    I have always preferred sunlight to tide…I can’t wait to try this new deep clean sunlight.

  • Melodie

    I was lucky enough to get to review this product…loved the scent and was pleasantly surprised by its strength. It was able to take out stains on the cold water setting without any stain pre-treater. LOVE this product and will definitely recommend it to friends!!!


    As the mother of 7 boys I can attest to the fact that this works.

  • Carol B

    I love that it got my children’s dingy white soaks white again, it’s like magic in a yellow bottle. Who needs bleach when Sunlight does the job for you.

  • Emily

    I have been wanting a new washer and dryer for so long. My husband refuses to buy one. If I don’t win a washer and dryer I won’t get them.

  • spamgirl
  • Kerri Rochon

    I can’t wait to try Sunlight Deep Clean. I have a one and a half year old and a three year old so stains are very popular in my home. I have tried a lot of stain fighters and none of them have really gotten the stains completely out. I will picking up a bottle of Sunlight Deep Clean the next time I am at the grocery store.

  • spamgirl

    Blood on the couch! I ran a daycare and a little boy came one day with a scratch on his face. During the day he had been behaving a little manically, so I had him lay on the couch to “cool down”. Well, the scratch must have been itchy, and while I was tending to another child he scratched it back open! He bled ALL over my couch… it was crazy, but nothing a little Sunlight couldn’t fix 🙂 I immediately rubbed it on all the stains and then used my Little Green Machine to suck it all back out. Miraculous! All gone. He’s grown up now but my couch is still lovely 🙂

  • Sarahviz

    I tweeted about this contest!

  • Sarahviz

    My 6yr old gets chronic nosebleeds – blood stains are my archnemesis!!!

  • ivaleshae

    My son suffers from eczema and Sunlight unscented is the only wash detergent we can use. Thanks Sunlight

  • nora dolan

    I’m a stain magnet; you always know exactly what I’ve been eating! Over the years, I’ve found Sunlight to efficient and reliable, and it smells great, too. Grease, chocolate and tomato sauce are my cheif villains; my son and husband are also laundry-challenged, so I need a product that works each and every time. Sunlight fits the bill! The Maytag set is a thing of beauty and would improve my laundry room a great deal.

  • RealtorMom

    I too am anxious to try Sunlight Deep Clean. My only concern is the scent (my son and hubby are sensitive to scented products). I will definitely be giving this product an honest effort because anything that may possibly help me to get everyone’s clothes clean and fesh (the first time!) is a winner in my book!

  • nicole cleaver

    I have not yey tried this product but woul love to as I have a 5 month old who is fond of poop explosions and a 4 1/2 year old who loves to play in the dirt.

  • AK

    I have always used Sunlight. From the time my five children were small, and before that. Sunlight was my choice of laundry soap that i used. Although i tried others i would always come back to Sunlight detergent. I went through five kids using cloth diapers and Sunlight was the best for cleaning, smell and sentativitly to babies skin. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

  • bluejellybean

    Blackberry picking this summer and I had berry stains all over my hands, tshirt and white socks! Sure would have been nice to come home to a new washer for that!

  • karen

    I have been using Sunlight for about 2 months now, and I LOVE IT!!! I grew up on Tide, and have only ever used Tide. I picked up Sunlight because it is so much cheaper than Tide, and i only had a few bucks and no laundry detergent at home. We all know that the laundry fairy doesn’t come when you have no soap. So i started to tackle the heap of clothes, and OH MY GOODNESS!!! The smell that lures you in! mmm. And its not just the smell. The clothes come out clean as well.!!! It is just fantastic!!! I recommend this to everyone. And we also sensitive skin, and it works just fine for us!!! Try it! You will love it! We do!!!

  • Sarah

    I always go for the bargin brand. But I recently tried Sunlight and now I won’t go back.

  • Lori Ann Baine

    I have a kid who works in a restaurant- grease is constantly my enemy. Maybe this can make the difference- I will be getting it for all the laundry and plan on having a better laundry experience!!!

  • Wendy Vollans

    Have used Sunlight Detergent for as long as I can remember…..but haven’t yet tried the “Deep Clean” brand…..will be sure to pick up a bottle next time I’m out. With an 18-month-old daughter, stains on clothing are the norm….can’t wait to try it out……

  • chalbe

    After reading these comments I will switch to Sunlight once again, I did purchase another brand last time and all the stains were left in the clothes. I hate it when I get ready to go out and quickly want to iron a top only to find there’s a stain up front. Sunlight it is from now on.

  • micbrasz

    I’m an expert on stains. My twins are now 4, but when they were first learning about foods we had a ton of messes while they tried to figure it out. Imagine 10mth olds exploring with chocolate pudding, pasta sauce, blueberries, icecream. You name it, if it was messy, I had to get the stains out LOL.

  • tAMMY

    It really does work great. I have a 15 months old, who always has some form of food on her after eating, and this just washes it away. I also love that it works well with cold water. Saving energy and me $$!

  • Susan Krahn

    My husband seems to attract grease & oil. Sunlight worked great cleaning his clothes.

  • Maureen

    I would love to try this new product. My husband is always getting oil stains on his shirts and with having 2 young kids I have tons of laundry to do.

  • TheWitFactory

    Pit stains in my husband’s white shirts are the absolute worst! I’ve tried Shout, bleach and an assortment of spot removers to no avail. I just can’t stand it!

  • laurel

    I love Sunlight, I love the smell the way it cleans the packaging arrangement, I have five kids and used cloth diapers and that is all i used. When some of the other detergents were hard on my children’s skin, it was Sunlight that I would always come back to , that was over 20 years ago, and I still rely on Sunlight for all my washing and cleaning needs

  • Fran

    Sunlight took out hair dye that had dripped onto my bra.

  • jemsmama

    After reading all these reviews for Sunlight Deep Clean, I can’t wait to try it. My 8 year old son is forever coming home from school with everything from grass stains on his knees to juice box stains on his shirt. This summer both kids have taken to face painting each other to entertain themselves. Needless to say, their faces aren’t the only thing that has paint on it! I will definitely be buying Sunlight Deep Clean on my next grocery shopping trip.

  • Pamela

    I am a lucky lady in that my husband takes care of all the laundry. I recently noticed a couple of my shirts that I really love seemed brighter and fresher than ever….when I commented on it to my husband, he told me he was trying out the Sunlight Deep Clean,
    We were both impressed!! Hubby likes products that do exactly what they say they will do, and I’m the lucky recipient of two “new” shirts.
    Thanks Sunlight!

  • Kyla

    Just want to let you know that I tweeted I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa :

  • kaydee

    I dropped a party dip on my top and thought the stain would never gome out. Sunlight worked like a charm.

  • Sherry K

    My husband wears white socks to work in the summer – construction- and by this time of year, I am ready to throw them all out. I just can’t get them clean, but this new Sunlight certainly sounds like it would work.

  • laurie

    My 18month old was in his playpen and we were bbqing out camping and gave him the bbq to sauce bottle to play with not thinkign he would open it. Well he did not only did he get it all over his playpen and himself but a favorite quilt my grand mother made. we were so worried it would not come out, threw it in the wash with sunlight and hung it on the line, low and behold evry single stain came out even though it had sat for 3 days before we got home to wash it.

  • nanrace

    I have 2 sons and they usually have grass stains on their clothes especially at the knees, Sunlight works very well to get them out. My son is working at a fudge shop and comes home with black marks on his white uniform and sunlight gets it out without presoaking.
    Great product, please enter me in the washer and dryer giveaway, my washer is leaking and my dryer is getting loud..
    thank you

  • MamiG

    after reading this review I’m going to run out and try it! I’ve been a die-hard Purex fan because I always wash in Cold Water but lately have been finding that my daughter’s grass stains from this summer are getting harder and harder to remove. And why is it that it’s always on white pants/shorts I’ll never know 🙂


    I have not used Sunlight in years but I am looking forward to trying it again. My two boys have grown now, but, I have a very messy husband (grease and grime) who presents me with many laundry challanges. I am sure Sunlight is up for the test and my old Maytag washer will soon bid us farewell!

  • Seow Hong Ng

    I made a yummy dish of curry chicken for a potluck get-together the other day. I put on my brand new pretty dress and carried the dish proudly to the car. Eek! I lost my footing and spilled the curry on my dress. Oh no…. I was so bummed! No way the curry will come off the dress. I tried the new Sunlight that I just bought. HA! The stain was gone! THANK YOUuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

  • mygirls

    WOW, this is great advertising for Sunlight. It makes me want to go back and try it and see how improved it is now from years ago. Every mother is looking for a great stain remover and perfectly cleaned clothing. I have to give this a try!

  • Patricia Johnson

    This one of my Favorite stain removers.

  • kristenmclellan

    two stinky little boys 2 & 4 and a hot dry summer….need I say any more!

  • AnnJ

    Sounds fab, with young kids the stains and spills are endless, the amount of laundry overwhelming, so what a fab giveaway. Would love to win and review.

  • Kyla

    My mom always used Sunlight. I don’t know when I sort of got away from it but after reading all the great reviews, I’ll have to get back to it I think. 🙂

  • Mama_B

    I’m impressed that this product does what it says. I have some shirts that I absolutely could not get the smell of sweat out of. Until I used this product. It finally got them clean.
    As for a tough stain, I’ve always found breastmilk to be a difficult one to get out. If it dries, it usually needs to be soaked.
    Tweeted –

  • Susanza

    I tweeted:I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa :
    And I am glad that my husband who is a welder’s clothes don’t smell like steel anymore. I love this product.

  • caroline81ca

    We also have a iron problem with our well. Most whites get very dull fast and the iron in the water leaves rust in our washing machine. The rust gets on the whites and I can never get those stains out. I will try the sunlight deep clean on these stains and hopefully it will work!

  • jzmome

    I LOVE that it got our dingy white tshirts White again. It even got out those pesky sweat stains.

  • rene

    @UrbanMomsCa – @rjstephenson tweeted just for you!
    With four kids under the age of six (a few years ago), any stain was a bad stain. The younger kids wore hand-me-downs so we wanted to keep them as clean and stain-free as possible. Sunlight was the only detergent we used in our house! It was amazing at getting out the stains … so much so that I was even able to pass down some of my babies’ clothes to my siblings’ kids!

  • Kate

    Have to say, I love the smell of the Sunlight product, both going into the washer and how the fresh, clean clothes smell after. Being the mother of a very active 2 year old, I go through a lot of toddler clothes with big stains and Sunlight really does work!

  • pam.moerbeek

    Back in the 80’s Sunlight was our brand of choice but of course powder only.
    Now that we have the choice of liquid it makes for an easier time of doing laundry for all. A little dap will do for the pre-treat of stains. The stains get no easier from
    my sons days to the grandsons. But now I don’t have to scrub my hands raw to remove some part of the stain. It’s a brand that knows what I need and will keep up with the times.

  • snickerzmom
  • jenesparza

    my worst stain story actually happened today!!! Made some gatorade….red and put in on the counter. my pitcher actually has a pump instead of a spout. Don’t know what went wrong but as soon as i put it on the counter it started spraying out the pump. All that red stuff all over me and the floor…a sticky mess!! stained my closes….which i ended up wearing a white shirt that day…how convenient!. Luckily since it just happened I was it up without staining…. hopefully my clothes will be as kind.

  • Susanza

    I tweeted: I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa :

  • Julia

    My husband brings more dirt into my laundry than the rest of the family combined. After reading these reviews I can’t wait to try this product. Any to get his clothes clean.

  • Reanne

    I have a 2 year old daughter who can’t seem to stay clean for 10 minutes … I am willing to try anything that might get red icing out of a pretty white dress 🙂

  • Nancy

    I tried the new Sunlight product on the contents of two large dirty, wet and stinky camp trunks that my teenage daughters brought home. It had rained a lot so many damp things were thrown in and it was truly foul. There was even a bit of mildew. All the things came out clean and fresh smelling -honestly the birds were singing.
    The washer dryer combo is a thing of beauty and as I have “antiques” in that area right now- I would love them. My present washer tries to crab walk across the room when it is on.

  • colder88

    I’ve just tweeted ! :o)

  • JoJo

    I have to say that I have been a Tide loyalist, but after reading the comments from the Go2Girlz testers, I am certainly going to try Sunlight the next time I purchase laundry detergent. The proof of the mustard stain coming out of the little girl’s pretty shirt has convinced me.

  • Susanza

    I absolutely love this product. My issue is with stains but mostly bad smells. I guess ever since I had my last child my senses are more strong. But when ever I would was my husbands clothes (that smelled like steel as he is a welder) they would come out still smelling like steel so I tried many different brands and when I tried Sunlight Deep Clean it came out smelling great.

  • colder88

    Stains gone on my shirt ! It worked perfectly but the scent is again too strong….

  • Michelle

    My son just returned from a canoe in Algonquin Park – little did I know he decided to trip in his white shorts! I did not think they couls possibly come clean again – Sunlight did the trick!

  • Shonna
  • Becca

    Going out to buy laundry products today– definitely anxious to pick this up!

  • shonna

    I wish I had a good stain story but all I can think of are bad stain stories. I have never tried Sunlight. This chain has prompted me that maybe I should give it a try. With 2 messy boys in the house I need good stain removal. But what I need most is a new washing machine. My current one has seen better days.

  • anissatrenholm

    Absolutely looking forward to trying this product. A household of 3 boys; there’s always lots of stains to treat. No pre-treat would be a bonus.

  • Jacki

    I’ve used Sunlight for the past 23 years. My daughter has very sensitive skin and it’s the only detergent that doesn’t bother her. It has never disappointed me, always gets the stains out and leaves clothes looking like new. I will definitely try this new product!!

  • annie

    I think I will have to give this a try after reading all the postive comments.

  • jenneral

    I have used Sunlight for many years. It has always worked great on stains for me and my kids. I tend to be a messy eater and it always gets my shirts clean.

  • dionisia

    I love the fresh sunshine scent & it gets chocolate stains out!

  • PG

    I could be swayed to try this new product, although I am a BIG fan of the Sunlight Green Clean line… less packaging and cold water works for me and the environment! Not the answer one is necessarily looking for when introducing a new product, I’m sure 😉 As for my stain story… its more like a smell story… my husband is a biologist who works in the field, under the sun, for 6 months of the year and comes home happy but smelly. Sunlight does the job!

  • Deanna Carney

    I’ve had the opportunity to try Sunlight Deep Clean. I’m very pleased with the results! It cleans fantastic in cold water and smells fantastic. Keep up the great work Sunlight.

  • akskathy

    Sadly I cannot blame stains on my child. I am the spiller, stain causer in our home. I also play tennis and my sweat stains are horrible. I have shirts which I love but have considered tossing because the odor will not come out. I will try this product next time I buy detergent and see what happens.

  • Evelyn Allarie

    Love the Sunlight products, used for years, works great, I could use a new washer and dryer mind is very old

  • lauriemacneil

    We live in the country and have a well that has a very high iron content, and our filter system lets some through sometimes. This is always bad news for my laundry…orange stains. However, I find that if I scrub Sunlight into the stains for a few minutes, the stains will come out in the next wash.

  • arrowheadmac

    I’m very happy with Sunlight Deep Clean and so is my famly.

  • Shantell

    I love the smell of the new Sunlight detergent. Washing in cold water is wonderful and saves me money.

  • guihua
  • guihua

    Have used it ever since and though I tried other products I always go back to Sunlight.

  • nancee

    I had not used Sunlight until I purchased my Maytag washer and dryer in 2005, and Sunlight HE was recommended. Have used it ever since and though I tried other products I always go back to Sunlight

  • Ladybug

    I was really hesitant about even trying the product as I have a daughter who reacts with most detergents I have tried other than Tide free, but now after reading mrahc2000 I am looking forward to giving it a shot! I’m really glad to hear it worked for them as I love the reviews you are all giving it and the opportunity to win the gorgeous washer and dryer!

  • Tanya Campbell
  • Tanya Campbell

    I have always been a Tide user but my bf came home with Sunlight recently. I do a lot of pet laundry as I have my chinchillas using fleece liners. I am now going to stick with Sunlight! Never has my critter laundry come out smelling so great! Love it!!!

  • Marcy MacKay

    I really loved the smell of this one and love that it works so well in cold water.

  • Rose

    Favourite stain story! What a laugh… well there was the time when I spilled red wine over myself and my mother in law…..
    But I have one from yesterday. My 12 yr. old daughter was riding her bike with flip flops on! She got caught in the chain and ripped part of her toenail off. Boy did it bleed! Thank goodness for cell phones! By the time I got there, there was blood all over her beige capris and her friends shorts. I have washed her pants but I am going to have to use something more powerful because it is still stained…

  • serenity38

    my mom used sunlight detergent, dish soap, and bar soap since i was old enough to see..i use it because i love it ,and it reminds me of my mom and seeing the familiar yellow bottle on the counter top..reminds me of my childhood.

  • dorl

    Any human blood stains are a pain to get clean old or new stains. Love any easy way to get rid of the stains. Always on the lookout to find out how to get rid of stains from cloth material .

  • viv123

    I have not yet tried this product, but it seems like it really works. I can’t wait to try it!

  • Eileen

    With two young’ns and two pups, laundry stains are the norm in this household. The poop stains are the worst, grass and blood a close second and third! I use a natural enzyme cleaner to get most of it out, but would love to find something that is more economical to use. With these reviews, I think I’ll give sunlight a try ( and a brand new washer and dryer to replace ours that are on their last legs would be very nice!)
    thanks for a great contest!

  • catamorgan

    Crayon markers are my nightmare!. I have found success with pre-treating.

  • leanned

    I tweeted! Momma2mm

  • leanned

    hmmm how to choose just one! I have a 4 year old and 2 year old so stains are a part of my daily life. But the worst stains are always infant poop ones! I kept a bucket of water and soap at the top of the basement stairs and threw baby clothes in there to pre-treat before washing. Then you just dump the whole thing right into the washer


    My partner and I are both struggling artists at home and have realized that nearly all our clothing has at least one paint stain on! Our old top loading washer and dryer just doesn’t do the job. Since using Sunlight Deep Clean we have certainly noticed brighter and sweeter smelling clothes, and hard to remove stains just disappear!

  • Nancy Fontaine

    My son has worked as a chef for the last 12 yrs and now works as a laborour for aq nationhal railroad.
    His clothes/uniform are never clean no matter how many times I pretreat and wash.
    I look forward to seeing a clean apron on him.

  • Folkes

    Don’t let the stain sit. Tackle it right away and you drastically increase your chances of it coming out.

  • Trish

    I tried the new Sunliught Deep Clean and it is definately a keeper! It smells great and leaves your clothes feeling soft. If you have not tried this product you are totally missing out!

  • Kiki

    I also tweeted, ” I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa :

  • Kiki

    Long-time user of Sunlight, but have yet to try the new formula. I find it really good for those stubborn newborn stains (spit-ups, blow-out poops, etc)

  • Talex

    Teralex4 Tweeted: I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa :

  • Talex

    Growing up in a large family, and being a mom to three of my own, I know the value of hand-me-downs. My mother used Sunlight (detergent and bar soap) on laundry day and I continue to use Sunlight for bright clean results every time.

  • Talex

    Teralex4 tweeted: “I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa :

  • marni_cook

    I was thrilled to try the new Sunlight Deep Clean. It whisks away even the toughest ground-in stains my boys produce on a daily basis! No need for a pre-treater or extra stain removers here. I am sold and off to buy another bottle!

  • Laura

    I got to test this product and I loved it as well, I found that it got out stains that were already set in and ones that I never thought would come out! I also love the fresh scent it makes you feel like your clothes are clean (unlike the no scent detergents). I would defenetly buy this product and recomend it to friends!

  • Rebecca

    I was also able to test out this detergent
    with a one year old and a hubby who works with dirt all day and me as a nurse I LOVE LOVE LOVE this detergent. It cleans of old dried up food stains from my daughters clothes!
    It makes my whole laundry room + house smell sooooo clean.
    will defintely keep buying this item 🙂

  • Heidi

    This had a fantastic smell and worked wonderfully to get out old stains, which is fabulous for the kids and hubby’s clothes. It is a new favourite in our household.

  • Cyndi

    I can always count on Sunlight to clean our family’s stains! We’re a 2 kid family and I often buy Sunlight 2 bottles at a time! The scent is fab and I can be sure it works the first time, everytime! Thanks Sunlight, you’ve brightened my day!

  • Missy

    I need this so badly, my washer is on the fritz and I have two little girls. Sunlight Laundry is the only detergent that cleans and brightens our clothes. Top marks for all the Sunlight products.

  • karen

    This is my first time getting a new product by mail and i think it was awesome. Thing i loved the most is the smell it smells great and it was gone very fast because everyone in my house (5 people) choosed to use this brand over others.. even my sons girlfriend brought over some laundry to do for him. awesome product!

  • Heather79

    My husband actually commented on how good his clothing smelled; and asked what I had done differently. Fortunately, this product testing came just in time – my toddler just began soccer lessons. He is less interested in scoring a goal, more interested in playing in the mud on the field. Uniform washed out wonderfully.

  • Fatima

    I tweeted under famce123

  • Anthony B.

    I hate stains and I am never able to get rid of them. I always end up throwing the clothes away and having to buy new ones. This can get very expensive. Maybe it is the equipment i use to clean my clothes and just need new stuff.
    please pick me!

  • Fatima

    My boyfriend is very clumsy. He spills food on his clothes all the time. He stained his favourite shirt and was sad. Luckily Sunlight Deep Clean was able to get the stain out no problem. Love it

  • sobe

    I have always trusted the Sunlight brand and this new product is on my ‘have to purchase’ list.
    We are do it yourselvers and always attracting stains of all different types, none are easy to get out stains.
    It’ll be nice to say “Bring on the stains, I’m not afraid of them” as we now have the weapon to get them out!
    Thanks Sunlight! You brightened my day!

  • freeshopper

    When you have a stain, put sunlight liquid detergent right on the stain and let soak in for a little while. Then do your laundry and voila, the stain is gone! I love Sunlight!

  • Lisa B
  • Lisa B

    I love using sunlight, it is great to pre-treat stains with. It always works…. which makes me happy. That washer/dryer is the one that I always wish for. It would be a dream come true to win them since I probably could never afford to buy them.

  • David

    I tried sunlight and it got all the stains out of my work clothes.

  • Kristen

    I really enjoyed the sunlight, the scent was light, would like a selection of scents to choose from, on this variety. Seemed to really clean well in cold water, gave colors a little extra brightness.

  • Nate3333

    I tweeted about the contest too

  • Luis

    I’ve tried other brands for my laundry but they don’t compare to Sunlight. I love the fresh scent of Sunlight, which last longer than the other brands, and not to mention that it cleans all my clothes better.
    Especially my gym clothes!

  • moviefreak

    I wasn’t very happy when my little nephew stained my new shirt with his greasy hands 🙂
    I use the cold water version and Love It! Good for my wallet, good for the environment

  • Nate3333

    I tried sunlight and it got all the stains and dirt out from my baseball uniform.

  • mpmanna

    I tweeted the message message.

  • mpmanna

    I take care of a sick parent and I have found that the fresh scent and cleaning power is a godsend in keeping my parent feeling upbeat as they recover. They really like the scent and how their clothes look.

  • PorkChop

    this might get all the stains from the clothes the slip and slide I bought this summer cause….grass stains omg. Even me and Dad tried it, and ya we realized we are way too old for that, but it was fun.

  • @RonNasty64

    We’ve been using Tide cold water, but we’ll try Sunlight next time.

  • @RonNasty64

    I tweeted on the tweetbox @RonNasty64.

  • Barbara Martin

    Fantastic detergent! Finally, a soap that cleans like Tide used to years ago.
    Will definitely buy again…have already told my friends to try it.

  • Mel

    It removes stains easily and I often do not have to pretreat our clothes when I use Sunlight Laundry Detergent.

  • billiondollarprincesss

    I have tweeted the link on my twitter @mariab76

  • billiondollarprincesss

    I love wearing white tshirts and long sleeved white shirts for layering. Nothing looks better than fresh white. The big problem is when they are not worn they start to yellow a bit and esp from all the deoderants they get yellow under the pits. I have had to throw quite a few shirts away. I am hoping with some sunlight and hopefully i win these washers that i can have fresh white shirts all the time and won’t have to throw any out!!

  • roxxyroller

    I just tweeted this awesome contest as well!!

  • roxxyroller

    Great scent and great Stain-fighter (works great on blood stains and even wine stains!!!) Sunlight works better than tide in my honest opinion, and Sunlight is even less expensive! One has to have rocks in their head if they purchase anything other than Sunlight!

  • Truly Medium

    I’m about to be a first time mom. I’m going to use thin face cloths instead of wipes and cloth diapers to be sensitive to the environment. My biggest worry is if our smaller sized washer and dryer will be able to handle the pounding of all the washing that’s about to happen. Ideally this is the type of laundry machines we need.

  • Cezzy

    Hello, I ‘ve TWEETED : ) (under name SassyChickaRina)

  • chachacha

    My son is starting high school this year and I’d love to try a new product that might keep his white uniform shirts clean.

  • Heather Swanson

    I have used this product great for pet stains !

  • dphumphrey

    I have a son who plays triple A ball. His uniform pants are white with green stripes. Sunlight always gets out all the sliding mud and grass stains. He may not always win the game but he looks great!

  • nikkialeta

    with a newbor, every so often you come upon a ‘leaked diaper’, so i’ve become an excellent stain remover! wash immediatly with cold water and just regular hand soap, then treat with an on sale stain remover – works every time!

  • Carrie Rozee

    Thank you so very much for allowing me to test this new product. I have to be upfront and say that I am very concerned about the environment. I reduce, reuse, recycle, I never buy bottled water but instead tote a refillable water bottle everywhere I go, I even save my coffee cleaner vinegar and use it to declog my drains but when it comes to my laundry I am a hot water fanatic. Except for my dark clothes I wash everything in either warm or hot water. The reason is simple, I’ve never found a cold water laundry detergent that suds up in cold like it does in hot water. Well I am now a cold water convert!!!!!! Sunlight® Deep Clean suds up in cold water like any other detergent does in hot water. Is it effective? Well my husband bikes to work (26 kilom) and he sweats a lot, a whole lot. His sweat is extremely strong (if left on clothes the sweat eventually will make holes in the material–I am not exaggerating I have pictures to prove it). To offset this his biking clothes always get washed separately in very hot water with double detergent. Well I decided to put Sunlight to the ultimate (at least in my home) test. I put his clothes in a regular load and washed the whole lot in COLD water. To my shock and surprise they came clean. Really, really clean. The sweat marks were gone and everything smelled very very fresh. Well folks, you’ve got a convert. You’ve certainly taught this old dog new tricks.

  • ConnieD

    Loved being able to try the new Sunlight laundry liquid. It really got the my son’s grubby clothes clean and they came out smelling awesome. Thanks for another great product!

  • marshadiane

    Sunlight removed the mustard stain off my expensive white shirt. It saved me money from going to the dry cleaners.

  • Robina

    I also had a chance to review this detergent.
    Our family loved the scent and also the fact
    that it can be used on all machine types.
    As a busy mom of three boys, Sunlight
    managed to make our stained clothes come
    out bright as can be!

  • KD

    There’s nothing like having winter salt stains on the back of your dress pants from getting out of the car and heading to a big meeting. Of course no one has the heart to tell when you are up there in front of everyone, but you notice later on and simply can’t get out of your head what everyone was focused on.

  • Paula Bonacci

    I grew up in family with five kids, my mo always had a load of laundry to do. She would always hang the clothes on the line outside and believed that the morning dew made the sheets a little more crisp and cleaner. Perhaps she was just saying this and was too tired at the end of the day to take them in…who knows.

  • lloydmb

    As a full time ER nurse, you can only imagine the stains and odours a 12 hour shift leaves on my uniforms! The Sunlight Deep Clean left them fresh smelling and took out all the stains, even if I used the cold setting. Very impressed.

  • comet

    i tweeted under name lovewinning 😉

  • comet

    I have used various laundry products but the one I keep coming back to is the one my mother’s been using for years…good, reliable Sunlight. However, I haven’t tried Sunlight Deep Clean yet but you know it will be a top priority on my next shopping trip. Having a 22 month old and an 11 year old, I sometimes wonder who makes the worst stains on their clothes. With other products, I’ve washed and rewashed many times to remove nasty ground in stains so I’m looking forward to trying Sunlight Deep Clean

  • Casey Miller

    I love it because it will even get red hair dye out of shirts!! Awesome 🙂

  • KittyPride

    I had ink on a striped blouse, most of the ink was on the white stripe so I used a bit of watered down bleach on a cotton swab to lighten and remove the worst of it. I love the smell of Sunlight ☼

  • Kim
  • Kim

    I own a welding shop and I wash all of the guys coveralls at work, some of them can be really smelly and really dirty. I tried a lot of different laundry detergents trying to get them clean and smelling better and have always come back to Sunlight products. I had an opportunity to use this product and was amazed at how well it worked on these dirty grimy work clothes. It even took out a lot of the old stains

  • Carmen
  • zorange

    I havent tried this new sunlight but I have always used the Sunlight bar soap for stains. And it always works. it doesnt seem to matter the stain. wet the surface, rub the bar on it, then use a soft nail brush. Then drop in the wash. the stains always come out.

  • Carmen

    I have the most problem with oily stains. The stain remover I use is great for protein-based stains (baby spit-up, poop explosions, etc) but doesn’t work so great on other types. Perhaps I should give Sunlight a try. I’ll add to my next grocery list – this is convenient timing as I’m almost out of detergent.

  • christine conway

    My son is 24. He still has his comforter from when he was around 6. It has been mended a gadzillion times. It stinks so bad that I can smell it from his apartment door. I’ve threatened gasoline and a lighter but he won’t give it up. And he won’t let me in now just in case.
    I am going to leave some Sunlight for him and trust it works. Because I really would like to have grandchildren one day.

  • jen s.

    my boyfriend got tomato sauce splashed all over his light coloured shirt and was about to toss it out – but a few dabs and working through the stains got them all out. Saved an expensive shirt and got a big smile too 🙂

  • Pauline Milner

    My Wedding Day. I had planned every second of the day and it was going to be perfect. I had spent a year organizing so my day would be as stress free as possible. After all, this was the most exciting day of my life. I was marrying the man of my dreams with all of my family and friends in attendance and a whole new family would become part of my own family that day.
    I had gotten into my dress about 3 hours before the ceremony. We wanted to do as many pictures as possible before the ceremony so we would not keep our guests waiting before the reception could start.
    I was walking into the kitchen as my Matron of Honour, Patty, was going to help me get something to eat. I could not have my tummy rumbling at the ceremony!
    As I reached for a plate, my sister in law (my brother’s wife and one of my bridesmaids) turned around and did not know I was there. She had a bottle of soy sauce in her hand and when she turned it fell and sprinkled all over the front of my white dress. And, there was a big stain on the bottom of my dress.
    I was mortified and everyone sprung into action calming me down and telling me not to worry.
    My Mum did not have any stain remover and I had to leave in 25 minutes. I lived out of town so there was no time to run to the store and get something.
    My Mum does, thankfully, use Sunlight detergent. Three people each put some Sunlight directly on a wet facecloth and put one hand under the dress where the stain was and started scrubbing the stains.
    Amazingly, they all came out using direct Sunlight on them. It took some scrubbing, but all the stains ended up being gone. I was so happy, I cried.
    Afterwards, they insisted I take the time to have a bite to eat and I was fashionably about 8 minutes late for the church.
    My sister in law, Tina, still mentions it at times, but, as I have assured her many many times, all has been forgotten. There was no harm done because Sunlight Detergent was available.
    I was so happy that Mum used Sunlight and I am now a faithful user as Sunlight saved a very important day for me. Thanks Sunlight!

  • Zvi Vaxman

    tweeted as well
    #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa :

  • Zvi Vaxman

    Sunlight rules… my 3 year old boy managed to go outside and get all his clothes covered with kids driveway paint….. I put his clothes in the washer with sunlight and bam!!!! They came out all clean and looking like new!

  • mrahc2000

    I tested the product and I was extremely surprised as I have only used Tide. I was apprehensive as my family is sensitive to laundry soap. Sunlight detergent is an excellent alternative if your family is allergic to various soaps. The scent is great and the clean is deep.

  • luckybev

    Grass stains! Ugh – they were never coming out … until I tried Sunlight. yaya!

  • Tammy

    I have not tried sunlight deep clean, but with all those rave reviews I will be purchasing it on my next visit to the grocery store, I always seem to be ruining my shirts and the rest of the family shirts with stains from fabric softner, I have tried stopped using fabric softner and it seems I am always stuck with these stains on the front of our shirts looks terrible.

  • Cagla

    This product is absolutely amazing. I was one of the people that got to test out the product and oh my, the detergent is so tough on stains but so soft at the same time. This product is one to keep and keep on using cause it’s just the best. I love white and it takes the dirt right off the white clothes. LOVE IT

  • mja

    As a product tester of this product, I can attest that I found it to be terrific! I took down all of the sheers throughout the house and they came out cleaner than clean, made the house smell terrific and look beautiful!

  • Julie

    if it can get my stuff as clean as you guys say, i’m in! i don’t know who’s worse, the kids or the hubby! love the washer set 🙂

  • Tracey

    Great detergent – removed a ketchup stain I thought were never come out.

  • ampedersen

    I didn’t find out until after my daughter confessed that she had borrowed my blouse, got ketchup on the sleeve, pre-treated the stain and washed it back to perfection. I just happened to be using Sunlight so between my daughter’s prayers and Sunlight, a crisis was averted.

  • Naomi

    After we came back from our cottage I was doing laundry with this product for 2 full days!! It DID cleaned good and smell good, too!

  • LG

    My common stain story includes spaghetti sauce and my white shirts. Enough said.

  • Tanis

    My worst stain story was when my husband took me out for our 5th anniversary and we went to a fancy restaurant and indulged in some seafood dinner. Unfortunately for me, I was wearing white and unlike me normally, of course some of the dinner splashed onto my white shirt.
    It didn’t come out right away, but thankfully I tried some Sunlight on recommendation of a friend (I won’t lie, it wasn’t my usual brand) but the stain came out right away in the first wash!

  • caileykyle

    I like Lauras story about getting her daughters white shirt back from the land of dingy whites. I’ll definitely be trying it on some of my kids whites that aren’t so white.

  • Trish

    Tweeted @ceilidhontherun ! 🙂

  • Trish

    Cloth diapers, breastfed baby. ‘Nuff said. 😉
    I loved washing them in the winter and hanging them to dry at night so they’d get hit by the morning frost. Nothing ever bleached them whiter!

  • Bonnie

    That is great that it removes old stains. Ineed new machines as ours smell like smoke, from the other owners. For an extra entry Get brilliant with sunlight and maytag and win a new washer and dryer from urban moms.

  • Laura

    I always use Sunlight laundry soap. I use the lavender scent for the sheets and I’m convinced it’s why my girls sleep so well at night. As for stain removing, I would love to try the new Deep Clean to see if it can save my favourite green cardigan that went through the wash with red lipstick…

  • Alicia


  • JackiYo

    First of all, please, please, please let this be me!!
    My best stain story happened recently. I was in San Francisco, indulging in a Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream cone (mmmmmmmm) and ONE drip from the cone hit my jacket, my scarf, my tank top AND my shirt! FOUR pieces of clothing in ONE hit. And, of course, that was at the beginning of the evening… Had to keep readjusting my scarf to cover the stain…
    Of course, I have other stain stories involving children and various things that ooze and shoot from their bodies, but let’s leave it at the Ben & Jerry’s, shall we?

  • Alicia

    I always love discovering (new to me) products that actually work. Getting rid of spots when I cannot even remember where or when they had originated from is definitely a great thing in my estimation!

  • mctsavvy

    I’ve used Sunlight for years for several reasons, one being it a reasonable price. Have to try this new version

  • Violet

    Based on the reviews of the Urban Moms, I purchased a bottle of the Sunlight Deep Clean and was also pleasantly surprised that it did infact do what it said it was going to. I have a hubby in construction and two teenage girls who have overactive sweat glands, I myself am also a heavy sweater and was pleased that it did infact remove the stains almost 99% of the time. I am going to rewash a couple of items to see if they will come out. I am definately going to purchase this again and will also be recommending it to all my friends.

  • joyce s.

    My best stains were my son’s white socks. Let me just say, when he came home from sleep away camp they were dirty and dirtier. White was no longer an option.

  • marie

    I love this detergent! As a mom of a curious, independent 3yr old, 5mth old baby who spits up as much as he eats & a baseball loving husband this is the 1st detergent I have used that worked for everyone in the home. The clothes came out clean and smelled great but not a strong perfume smell. I would buy this again in the future.

  • audrey

    Gotta try this after all the great reviews. Hubby’s workclothes need the help not to mention my gardening clothes. A new washer and dryer would also be great.

  • winnermb

    Picnic stains – ketchup and mustard from yummy hot dogs – be gone!! And they were with this product!

  • Lei

    Sunlight is the best smelling detergent around. And… it removed baby ‘poop’ stains like nobody’s business! Whew!

  • Louise

    My clothes smell fabulous!! Sunlight works so well that I had a ink stain on my new blouse. I rubbed some detergent directly on the spot and put it in the wash. I was please to see it came out:)

  • Lee Anderson

    I’m a plumber and after a day of work my pants are covered with stains, but I’ve found that the Sunlight will get out pretty much anything I can throw at it, which is pretty impressive!

  • avdeane


  • avdeane

    I have used Sunlight on many toughs stains and it works so well! The worst was a blood stain and after rubbing some detergent directly on the spot before putting it in the wash, I was pleasantly surprised to see it came right out!

  • thurston

    I have used Sunlight soap for many years and it is the only I use. I am always amazed at the great job that it does with all my laundry. They keep improving it and it just keeps getting better and better.

  • http://Shana Shana

    I tweeted! 🙂

  • http://Shana Shana Langley

    My little girl had corn on the cob at the fair ,and spilled butter down the front of her shirt. I couldn’t believe that the grease stains all came out!

  • Nottamum
  • Nottamum

    I was eating at pizza hut one night with my boy friend. We ordered stuffed crust pizza I took a bite and oil squired out of the pizza and onto my new jeans! I washed my jeans with another detergent but the oil stain wouldn’t budge I wonder if Sunlight could help remove it!?

  • stacey dempsey
  • stacey dempsey

    i have always used sunlight as my kids have senstive skin and allergies and sunlight is the one brand that doesent bother them, the most recent stain story ( i have lots with 3 kids) but my daughters favorite pair of white canvas sneakers came home from an outing covered in mud and who knows what, i ran them through the wash with sunlight and they look brand new, better than before the outing !!

  • Valerie Yantha

    I love, love, love Sunlight Deep Clean!!
    We live on a farm, so you can imagine how dirty and smelly our clothes get when we are out with the cows, not to mention how greasy they are when we have to fix broken down equipment! Sunlight Deep Clean gets our clothes not only clean but they smell nice too!

  • p23ag

    Well the reviews sound grreat and I’m wondering how it works on wine. I had spilled red wine on a rather expensive blue cotton and satin top and remember racing through stores looking for Dawn dish detergent and peroxide because I was told that was the only way to get it out without damaging the color. It did work but I’ve always wondfered if it was all necessary.

  • Debra B

    I bought an older chenille bedspread at a yard sale this past weekend. It was from a smokers home, it was horribly stained and kind of sticky from nicotine. I soaked it in vinegar and borax then washed it in Sunlight Deep Clean and it is clean, with no stains!

  • merley

    Looking forward to trying this product.

  • margaret44

    I will definitely try Sunlight Deep Clean, all the reviews are great so I have nothing to lose. A good washer and dryer would make a long time dream come true. 🙂

  • plataw

    I really like Sunlight

  • Maria

    After reading these reviews I will definitely buy this product! Hopefully once I try it I will have a good stain story because anything I use right now, including bleach, will not get my sons’ socks clean!

  • margaret44
  • cheryl

    My best stain story would be my husband getting blueberry juice stains on his t-shirt while eating wild blueberries. Now that is a hard stain to get out.

  • margaret44

    After all these great reviews I will definitely try Sunlight Deep Clean.
    These reviews should be advertized in stores, would be a great success for Sunlight Deep Clean. 🙂

  • David
  • David

    Squirted ketchup all over my pants. Looked rather funny.

  • ksceviour
  • ksceviour

    This detergent truely is awesome! It gets those nasty dirty socks white as they can get,and the clothes smell fabulous!! It also gets rid of nasty stains!

  • Kathleen

    3x Great – smelled great, clothes looked great, great value.

  • bmfangel

    moose hunting, what can i say once a year i become a moose widow and am reunited with my husband with bloody bush stained clothes, god love him!!! sunlight has saved me on many occasions and saved me from having to buy more “bush clothes”!! 🙂 thanks again sunlight

  • Dannette

    Just wanted t let you know that i tweeted I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa : too. twitter name @rld0724

  • Dannette

    I tried this product and I have to say that I loved it!!! With two little girls who love to get into anything and everything, Sunlight Deep Clean was a life saver!! Recommend for everyone!!!
    P.S. Did I forget to mention that the smell was the best ever!!!

  • Sean Pynaert

    Well we had a great opportunity to use the sunlight deep clean cold water. my son got hit in the nose with a soccer ball, and started to bleed all over his white travel soccer jersey. Luckily, I just got the sunlight sample. I washed it in cold water, and sure enough, the stain totally came out! My son’s nose is better, too!

  • J. Taillefer

    Love it !!! Great Product !!! Thanks – Merci !!!

  • Giggles

    First time I ever used Sunlight and I am very impressed. It is now my favorite laundry soap

  • crystal

    Sunlight Deep Clean was like a miracle worker! I used it on set-in stains and poof they were gone. I love it, but my daughter was a bit disappointed when she found out that her grass-stained pants were good to go again. I think she must have had her heart set on a shopping trip!

  • Melissa

    I have a full house, two little boys, two large dogs and a hubby, and someone always has a stain on a shirt or a pair of pants. Seriously could use this stuff to make a dent in my laundry mound.

  • Laura

    as a mom of three and a childcare provider, there is no lack of laundry in this house! we deal with various stains, but mostly grass/dirt and food stains. i have found that i don’t need those ‘stain fighter’ products, i just use regular liquid detergent to pre-treat the stain. i sure would love these new machines, as my old top loader is going a good job, but not a great job.

  • Melissa

    MelKramerBarnes I want to #GetBrilliantWithSunlightandMaytag and #Win a washer & dryer at @UrbanMomsCa :

  • Jess

    I ALWAYS seem to write more on my clothes than on paper! When I get home from work, it is always a good time trying to hunt each mark down. I love that these machines are earth friendly too!

  • tobyhir

    I don’t know who causes me more grief when doing laundry, my husband or kids…LOL It’s a miracle if my husband gets through a meal without dripping something on his shirt. I wonder sometimes if he does it just to get to me, but when I think of it, it’s nah, he’s just clumsy lol…he also is constantly washing his car so I’ve got stained towels all the time, summer, winter, you name it, and I must say Sunlight Deep Clean came to the rescue. You can just tell when pouring that there’s just something to the texture of this liquid. The smell is refreshing and the results are fabulous, and so happy it’s HE (high efficiency). I’ve been a Sunlight user up until now, but will definitely be purchasing this specific one. 😀

  • tracedm

    I loved this product! I got to try it also and can’t believe how much I liked it. It made my clothes brighter. We alos switched to using this brand. Thanks again!

  • sonyakaplan

    Tweeted too!

  • russcat

    TWEETED! 🙂

  • russcat

    I really loved the way Sunlight Deep Clean tackled deep stains and brightened the look of our clothes. I have four (pretty messy…3 boys!) kids who think mud fights are great fun. As we live on a farm, and our well water has some iron in it, I’m not able to use hot water with our laundry as it causes rusty stains. I was amazed at what a great job Sunlight Deep Clean did on our clothes ( even filthy, stinky baseball equipment and uniforms!) using cold water. Before, I would heat bottled water on the stove to scrub our dirtiest clothes (pioneer style!), but now I can just reach for the Sunlight Deep Clean. Thank you!

  • Francesca

    I used it on my husband’s work uniforms and I did not have to pre-treat it with “Shout” or ‘Oxy Clean”. The pen marks and collar stains came out with no hassel. I love the fresh scent and the size of the bottle that it comes it. Not to heavy to carry to the laundry room that is in the basement of our building. Thanks!

  • russcat

    TWEETED! 🙂

  • russcat

    I LOVED this detergent! I have four kids, which means mounds of smelly sports equipment. Sunlight Deep Clean really did eliminate the ground-in stains and the sweaty odours which often ooze out of my boys’ sports bags! We live in the country and use well water which has some iron in it. I am unable to use hot water with our laundry as it causes the iron to stain our clothes. Sunlight Deep Clean is able to tackle stains even in cold water. This is a wonderful product, and I will definitely purchase it again!

  • steven

    it’s a good product,this has the best smell and definitely deep clean all clothes.

  • pmck

    It’s a good product…I found the scent a tad overpowering, but I’m one of the testers who prefers more natural smells.

  • Mom2Twins

    This has the BEST smell and definitely delivers. Having 1.5 yr old twins, makes laundry day everyday and I never have to worry about ruined clothes with Sunlight. The best was pasta sauce stain. It came out and the shirt still looks good!!

  • Lori

    I tweeted!

  • Lori

    I will definitely be trying Sunlight Deep Clean. My kids can’t eat without spilling or walk without falling/sliding/rolling. I’d love to try it in a new washer and dryer 😉

  • LO

    Absolutely loved this product. Everything just looked and smelled so much cleaner. Glad I had a chance to try this product – it’s my new go-to detergent.

  • trish_rodrigues

    Hey it’s me again – the Trish with the soccer kids – as I stated I have bought it and am using it on all the jock gear in the house….hockey, basketball, soccer and volleyball gear have lost their sweat stains and smell great.

  • wendy_hayes68

    I was really impressed with how this laundry detergent worked during the trial. It really got stains out well and it didn’t irriate my son’s sensitive skin. I have been a loyal use of Tide Free up until this point and I didn’t expect this product to change my mind but it did.

  • Heather Swanson

    I have tried this product recently great for pet stains !

  • kristine

    I absolutely loved this product.It certainly delivered on what it was supposed to do,I had a really tough stain I wanted to get out of my brand new shirt and when I used this product…..magic! it disappeared! would highly recommend this one!smells wonderful too!

  • Heather

    I have a basket full of stains that could use some of this stuff. Looking forward to trying it out based on these great reviews! Thanks all.

  • Liz W
  • Liz W

    I as well got to test this product recently. And ‘lucky’ enough for me I had the perfect stain test for it.. .. ..
    My sister came over with my nephew [5 years old] and niece [3] in tow. The we acting ‘up’ [hyper and such] made a few messes, spilling paint and grape juice on the ‘white’ tablecloth that was my granny’s[it used to be white but turned yellow/white/tannish colour over the years; family heirloom and all]. My sister got angry at them, I sighed and went off to clean it up. After it was done washing and drying. I pulled it out of the dryer and was SHOCKED.. The tablecloth was yellow no more. It was white as snow and smelt fabulous.
    After that my niece and nephew got big hugs for helping me accidentally discover my ‘new’ family tablecloth!

  • caroline

    We didn’t like this product sorry. Scent have to much power and dint clean well.
    I will not purchase that product.

  • babylove818

    I tweeted: GetBrilliantWithSunlight&Maytag and #Win a washer & dryer:

  • babylove818

    I was quite excited to test my first product and it was great. My clothes came out bright and the fragrance was awesome. I am still using it. A lot of products say they do certain things but Sunlight Deep Clean really stood by their word.

  • Michelle K

    I loved the way it got all my husbands smelly work clothes nice and clean. An everybody in our house liked the smell of the new Sunlight.

  • Chrystal

    I reviewed this product and was happy with the results. My youngest child has accidents daily and I usually need to wash her clothes with some baking soda. Not with the Sunlight. No odour was left in her clothes after washing them.

  • mountie9

    I will have to get some of this. My youngest is quite the messy eater (not too mention a big drooler) and all of his clothes are getting stained. I have tried a couple of products but haven’t had any luck yet. Hopefully this will work
    I tweeted about the contest too

  • jlou

    Works great! ………… Hopefully it is economically priced too!

  • Shannon

    I loved the fact that I could let clothes sit for a couple of days without treating stains, and everything still came out really clean.

  • touellette

    I totally loved this new Sunlight!! My husband’s smelly work clothes came out so clean and smelled so fantastic!! My kids clothes came out equally as clean. With three messy boys, this is the ideal laundry necessity!!!

  • Jennifer Reynard

    It works great! It cleaned my muddy 4 year old clothes perfectly and left our’s smelling great!

  • lucyd

    I also had the chance to review this product. It is a great product. I love it! It did a great job on the clothes. The scent is wonderful. I have bought two bottles already. Believe it or not, I can’t wait to do the laundry

  • Jennifer L.

    I just finished off the bottle I received to test the product and I’ll definitely be buying more. It was a great product!

  • Jennifer

    Having 3 kids I was very eager to see what this new Sunlight product would do for my childrens clothes. I have used other sunlight products before with pleasure, however Sunlight is not my households primary laundry detergent.
    Upon receiving the sample I opened the bottle to smell the product. At first smell I was completely turned off. It has a very strong fragrant smell. My family is very smell sensitive as I tend to get headaches from strong smells so as a rule we tend to lean towards light smelling products.
    To be honest, I didn’t notice anything exceptional about the way this new Sunlight product cleaned our laundry. Perhaps if I had an ultraviolet ray like in the commercial I may have seen a difference! LOL! I also noticed that our clothes carried the very strong smell of the detergent, which for my family is unpleasent. Overall, I was not a big fan of this new product.

  • michelle

    I LOVED Sunlight deep clean! All of our clothes and towels came out so soft, clean and smelling GREAT! I often have trouble with stinky kitchen cloths… smelling terrible even after being cleaned… but NOT WITH Sunlight Deep Clean!! They all came out soft and clean and smelling sweet! I also think it is wonderful that all of the laundry came out with this high quality clean EVEN when washed in cold water!!! I am very excited about this product!

  • angela-marriott
  • angela-marriott

    i also got to review this product and i loved the husband just recently greased the doors in our vehicle and of course my daughter got it on her clothes, but fortunetly sunlight did a great job taking it out..

  • Jen

    I loved the smell of this product! My white towels were very bright white and smelled amazing.

  • oddduck

    I tweet’d about this contest as well.

  • cc

    I was really impressed with how this new Sunlight product really cleaned my laundry. I am almost finished with my tester bottle and will be purchasing some more.

  • Mare

    After trying the Sunlight Deep Clean as part of the study, I’ve continued to purchase the product as it removes stains quite efficiently. My daughter who was 2yrs old last year, decided she was a big girl and didn’t need a big anymore. We were eating a full italian meal with lots of tomato sauce. Her black and white strip maxi dress was ruin (so I thought!!). I soaked her dress in a bucket for a few days and after I washed it, voila, it came out and the dress (my favourite on her!!!) was saved!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oddduck

    I also was fortunate enough to review this product too. I also have a before and after picture of white shorts vs my 3 year old.
    It really does a nice job on things like bedsheets and towels, they come out smelling so fresh it’s amazing.

  • Elaine Miller

    I can tell you for sure it does what it says. My husband works in the oilfield and my o my his clothes are awful. There was a noticeable difference in the ceaning aspect and a brightness to all his clothes in general…I would recommend this to everyone!

  • viki

    I tryed the sunlight an it was fantastic in smell an in cleaning the clothes. My daughter is quite active an gets really messy so i was happy that her school pants came as clean as they did thanks so much

  • Jo

    I have to say that I just recently tried Sunlight the last time I bought detergent (I used to be pretty loyal to Tide) , and I loved it…great scent, and it got my 2 busy, messy, young boys clothes clean (even after hours in the playground, park, and backyard). By the way, the washer and dryer look FANTASTIC (looks like it might actually make me enjoy doing laundry).

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