I cleaned my van, you guys. To reward myself I ate a coconut creme tart the size of my face and now I feel bloated. But I am bloated with accomplishment

It was my eldest daughter’s last day of Kindergarten today. Let the summer holidays commence! I will be working all summer, which will be new for our family, but I am hoping to squeeze in plenty of afternoons at the beach in between selling lakefront mansions (ha!). 
Yesterday the two younger girls got the most adorable bob haircuts. I am dying from the cuteness. Nothing like short hair on sweet little girls for the summer!
I have been totally uninspired in the kitchen since work has been so busy. I don’t have the time I used to to devote to recipe-scouring, meal planning and cooking so that means we eat a lot of omelettes and a lot of…random stuff from the pantry. Beans? With toast? Sure! Tuna? With toast? Yeah! Let’s order pizza? SIGN ME UP! I still have so much to master when it comes to the work-life-home-family-marriage-friends balance and I feel like I am perpetually falling short. 
I started making homemade ice cream and it is the best thing ever. It takes a bit of pre-planning but is worth it. (I bought the Kitchen Aid ice cream maker attachment since I already had the mixer.)
I am going to go strawberry picking this weekend and harvest 135 pounds of ruby deliciousness. I can still summon the memory of the flavour of the ones I picked last year. Nothing like fresh, in-season, local fruit. Boom!
Happy Summer to you all!
  • Alice

    I love bobs on little girls, too – I chopped Girl 8’s hair last fall, but she hated it, and insists on it long and tangled and bunched into unkempt pigtails. Alrightythen.
    Around here, we’ve got one of those instant popsicle makers and are LOVING it. Yogurt pops are the biggest hit so far. Delicious.

  • Tracey

    Indeed, we need PROFF of the haircut cuteness, lady!!
    And as for the “work-life-home-family-marriage-friends balance” I think no one has it down – at least, not all of those things at the same time. It’s a trick we all try to master… if everyone is in bed, still in one piece, kinda fed, and maybe kinda clean? It was a successful day, I say. Enjoy yourselves.
    Happy summer to you, darling Amanda!!

  • http://www.ourfamilystone.org Ashley S

    We LOVE homemade ice cream, it’s the only way I get to have any. And also it’s unacceptable to talk about cute haircuts and not show photo proof.

  • Julie

    my youngest got a bob last week and i want to eat her, she’s so cute! now i just have to work on a style for my eldest’s mop….
    as for the kitchen, i can tell you how to flatten a chicken in 5 minutes or less and have it ready for dinner in an hour…delish!

  • Nancy

    Love cute haircuts on the littles- pixie cut s my fave but bob is a close second! we are going to need a photo! happy summer Amanda

  • mrswilson

    I need to clean my van. SO BADLY. And Liliana needs a haircut. And Kaylie. I should really get on that.
    You’ll get the hang of the work-mom-house-allthatjazz. Or not. Or kind of. I always sucked at it. The important thing is, do you love what you’re doing? Awesome! Dishes can wait. 🙂

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