It’s here! It’s here!
Spring – with its green grass and promises of sunny days and warm less cold temperatures – is finally here!
You made it through the snow, slush and biting winds of winter with your sanity (most of it) and your kids intact.  If there’s anyone who deserves a reward it’s you.
I know what you’re thinking:  March Break is behind you and summer holidays are months away.  What’s a girl – with a packed bag and desperate sense of longing – to do?
Go anyway.
Whether you’re gathering your girlfriends/ your kids/ your significant other or heading off on your own, travel deals and great destinations are calling your name. It would be rude not to answer.
Struggling with where to go?

Here are 5 places to start:

1. Paris – The shopping, the delicate pastries, the shopping, the museums, the shopping…I think you’re getting the picture here.
2. Cancun – I know it’s where you went to party in your youth, but I’m telling you Cancun has some great options now that you’re, um, more mature. My latest favourite: Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort – a 5 diamond resort with a 5 diamond French Mediterranean restaurant and a new 40,000 square foot Gem Spa where treatments last for hours.
Fiesta Americana Coral Beach
3. Istanbul, Turkey – Standing in front of the Blue Mosque while hearing the call to prayers over the loudspeakers overhead will redefine what beauty feels like. Age-old architecture, amazing cuisine and maybe, just maybe, a hand-knotted $1000 rug as a souvenir round out the reasons it’s a favourite.
4. Ottawa – Some think of Ottawa as a winter haven but for me the city comes into its best each spring. The tulips are out and this walkable city is transformed into one big, easy-access, neighbourhood. Not to be missed: high tea at the Chateau Laurier, a walk along the Rideau Canal, a meal at Murray Street Kitchen and a stop in at the National Gallery.
5. Miami – A resurgence in the popularity of the downtown core and a free people mover that makes it easy to see it from tip to tail make the city visitor friendly. Plus you’re steps from beach and sand, with plenty of night spots to get your groove on and a gourmet dining scene that will make you an instant fan. It’s the perfect precursor to summer.

Need help taking the Spring Getaway leap? Leave me a comment telling me about the Spring getaway spot you’d most like to escape to and you could win a $250 travel voucher from Transat Holidays to help make it happen. For more getaway ideas pop over and visit me at

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The contest ends on April 18th, 2010.

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  • cdnlady

    I have never seen Ottawa during the Tulip Festival. The pictures are magnificent! Nor have I had high tea at the Chateau Laurier. That would be a real treat for this single mom! πŸ˜‰

  • TheMuse

    I’d love to go to Athens.

  • cinktown

    Paris or London would be a dream!

  • ddbugs

    Lots of places to go. Guess I would pick Cuba as I have never been there.

  • Sheppy

    I would love to go to Turkey! Hopefully someday I will make it there to explore a part of the world that has always fascinated me. I think it’s so wonderful to be immersed into a culture that is unfamiliar. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, however I always find I come away knowing more about myself.

  • bushcampcafe

    i need some flowers!! let me go anywhere from canada’s west coast to the caribbean, to spring in Italy….!!

  • MadonnaB

    I love to visit St. Lucia; it is so green.

  • cindyles17

    I would use it to go to disney world,with my niece and nephew,that would be a great help.

  • Tammy

    I would love to spend a few days anywhere that was quiet and peaceful. I am not that picky to be honest.. I love to travel

  • hlarnould

    My favourite spring destination is Victoria on Vancouver Island. Sea, mountains, green grass and flowers way before most of the rest of Canada. I love it!

  • catojoni

    I would love to go to Niagara Falls, visit a few museums and enjoy a few nights by the Falls.

  • Toronto Mom

    I would totally love to go back to Paris. Never quite made it to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Or, I would love to go somewhere warm, like Cuba.

  • @grapesofkath

    Hawaii! Because it’s HOT!

  • Patty B

    I would love to go to Wales, UK to see family and the beautiful green fields.

  • crystal

    We just got back from Cozumel and it was beyond beautiful. By far exceeded all my expectations!

  • pinnymom

    I would love to get to Ottawa for the tulip festival!

  • sver

    Punta Cana or Mayan Riviera are my favourite destinations

  • summer10

    Chicago is the place for shopping, theatre and great museums
    Plus it’s cheaper than New York

  • Dharshi

    Hawaii to lie by the beach!

  • maryswanson

    I would love to go to Cuba!

  • choudou

    We’ve been dreaming of going to Istanbul for years – so much to see, learn about, drink in and taste! Don’t know about the rugs though – well not right now with young kids who’d spill anything and everything!

  • avaughans

    Would love to head to Ottawa for a spring break. It is such a lovely city, and would provide just enough for a short refreshing getaway. Lot’s to see and do.

  • Diane52

    “Standing in front of the Blue Mosque while hearing the call to prayers” brought back great memories. I am honored to have experienced that. But, some time in Cancun at a beautiful resort sound wonderful too.

  • Jennifer M.

    I would love to visit London in the spring! I have friends there who have been begging me to visit, and so far I haven’t been able to. This could be the incentive that helps me kick my plans into gear!

  • scraps

    well $250 won’t take one very far..BUT hey..I would love an adult vacation with some fun, spectacular night shows, relaxing by the pool and taking a walk in the hot it’s LAS VEGAS for my getaway! πŸ˜‰

  • Jane

    A getaway doesn’t have to involve expensive travelling; thanks for the reminder, Heather, that my city (Ottawa) is an awesome place to spend time!


    I would love to go to Hawaii and enjoy the sites.

  • MarionG

    I’d most like to go to Mexico. All my family and friends have been there and have had so many wonderful things to say I’m quite envious. It really wouldn’t matter where in Mexico since I’ve never been but I definitely would love a place near the water since I love being either near the pool, ocean or beach. I’d love my family to join me and then we could make a real party of it. The more the merrier.

  • Bobbi Walker

    I would love to go to Israel! That is and has been my dream for the last few (many) years.

  • deloresc

    Toronto is where I would go with my family to visit my brother and his wife. It is warmer than where we live, lots of fun things for our daughter (and us) to do and lots of restaurants to try out.

  • Mar_tie

    I must admit – you’ve mentioned my current dream getaway – Cancun! Sounds and seems like Pardise!

  • FitzL

    I want to explore more of our beautiful country. One of the coasts would be awesome in spring I bet.

  • MPReed

    Somewhere hot would be great. Somewhere with a kiddie club, or better yet, leave the kids with Grandma!

  • LaurenF

    I’d love to get away to France! Paris sounds nice, but I’m thinking the countryside; wine, cheese, sleeping…

  • Lily’s Mom

    A spring break anywhere would be welcomed! I’d love to visit a part of Canada I’ve not been to before or somewhere hot!

  • jen4777

    I’d love to go to Toronto. Never been and really want to.

  • linspin

    Hi Heather,
    My spring getaway would be somewhere kid friendly. I’m thinking Orlando, Florida. Lots for kids to do there!

  • corkrose

    My Spring getaway would be to visit lovely White Rock BC to visit a dear b/f who is grieving after the death of her spouse.

  • jcm

    The Spring getaway spot I’d most like to escape to is Portugal. The country is filled with History, and its wonderful culture is inviting…the wine & food isn’t bad either!

  • Scoobydo

    Would love to go to Paris one day


    I have not traveled outside of my state very often. I would like to see more of the United States. There are so many places I have not seen-New York, The Grand Canyon, etc.

  • smartmama

    My son and I would like to go to the Mayan Riviera this spring. We love it there! Right now, too, we need a break from the stress of my husband’s death.

  • baker7

    Paris would be my #1 pick but is finances are tight Vancouver is a close second

  • Shelley

    My ideal trip would be down south to take my little girl to disney world or I would love to take her out west to see my bestfriend and her little girl and baby boy.

  • witchymomma

    I think we’d choose Jamaica – it is my husbands fav. place to go and said since our honeymoon that we’d take our kids their. We have not had the money to travel with our children much, ages 4 and 8 now and would love the family fun time together. I am getting busier now with home childcare comsuming over 50 hours a week, and now being a Labor and Birth Doula and being on call and recently got a volunteer position in the L&D ward of a local hospital. My family would love to have 100% of me even for a short vacation.

  • Elizabeth123

    I would like to go to Florida the land of Disney and fantastic fun

  • EenieD

    I have been so fortunate to have grown up on beautiful Vancouver Island. I would love to take my husband and kids there for the first time…have never done it as life always seems to get in the way. So much of who I am I can attribute to the place I grew up. It would be so nice to share that!

  • Jade

    I would love to go scuba diving in Greece…and eat lots and lots of Greek food!

  • kris31

    It has to be Istanbul. It has been a dream of mine to visit Turkey – it is so exotic.

  • joybellswj

    Seems simple but I would go to Vancouver Island with my family so my kids can spend some time with their Grandparents.

  • Anneliesa

    Hey Heather,
    We just got back from our spring escape. Jamaica is a great spring getaway. The holiday inn sunspree (Montego Bay) is a great resort & has good value! Check it out they always have deals. Plus Jamaica has wonderful attractions if you are looking some action.

  • jazzyj

    ottawa would be the spring getaway spot for me. walks along the Rideau and admiring the tulips.

  • keb118

    Cancun – HOT HOT HOT

  • missycat

    It would have to be Mexico as I have never been there and I have been wanting to go for so long.

  • Tracey

    I would love to go to a Beaches resort. Anywhere hot!

  • onlybellgirl

    Bahamas, Paradise Island would be my dream spring getaway

  • amberleah

    The spring getaway spot for me would be the East Coast or Quebec!

  • Justrose

    mmm a Spring Vacation if I could would be Miami. I can see myself walking along the beaches, siteseeing, a little shopping and having a glass of red wine at one of the outside cafes. A perfect getaway for a few days.

  • kathyshahwaladi

    Hello Heather. I am a citizen of the Netherlands (Holland). My dream spring get away is to go to my only love who lives in Toronto. We have found each other after 15 years that we were seperated in a very crul way. thanks to facebook we found each other. You know when we are together no matter where we are it’s always spring. no matter if it is the rainy Amsterdam or the cold canada. At this moment we can’t live together because i need a permission first to be there and that takes a long time. so we can only see each other once in 2 months πŸ™ it costs sooooooo much money to travel all the time.
    If i win it helps a little. Sometimes i am really jellous of people who can be with the ones they love whenever they want. So helping me to be with him is the best gift that anybody can ever give me. Thanks for listening πŸ™‚

  • kathyshahwaladi

    Hello Heather. I am a citizen of the Netherlands (Holland). My dream spring get away is to go to my only love who lives in Toronto. We have found each other after 15 years that we were seperated in a very crul way. thanks to facebook we found each other. You know when we are together no matter where we are it’s always spring. no matter if it is the rainy Amsterdam or the cold canada. At this moment we can’t live together because i need a permission first to be there and that takes a long time. so we can only see each other once in 2 months πŸ™ it costs sooooooo much money to travel all the time.
    If i win it helps a little. Sometimes i am really jellous of people who can be with the ones they love whenever they want. So helping me to be with him is the best gift that anybody can ever give me. Thanks for listening πŸ™‚

  • SnowCake

    You can’t go too far with $250, and I just don’t have the dough to pay the difference so I can go somewhere so I will go to Ontario to see my sister, her husband and my niece and nephew. πŸ™‚

  • duteau1

    My daughter is teaching English in Macau and I would use my gift certificate to purchase my trip to visit her and see her schoolkids.

  • vrabec

    I’d love to go to India.

  • amy

    Miami would be a great spring getaway

  • lpappas

    I know the kids would enjoy going to Ottawa (they’ve never been there before either) to check out all that this lovely city has to offer.

  • bluejay

    I’d love a trip to Peru

  • dplavins

    I like to go south to Dominican Republic in the fall and winter, but especially the spring. The flowers are all in bloom and it makes for an incredible display. When my brother got married in Punta Cana my daughters and I picked hundreds of fresh blooms for them to sprinkle as my sister in law walked into the gazebo. It was beautiful.

  • tobyhir

    Anywhere Eastern Canada…whether it be PEI, New Brunswick, or Nova Scotia…I wanna eat lobster until I never want to see it again!! LOL

  • babylove818

    I would love to go to ATL, Atlanta. It is absolutely beautiful there. My other one on my hit list is New Orleans. I love culture and I find it very rich there.

  • kellyburk3

    Anywhere south…Fl would be great

  • mother_goose2

    Cancun – would be top on my list – with sun and sand and lots of adult fun. To be able to get some quality time with my sweetest and focus just on each other. Nirvana.

  • J

    I’d love to either go to Vegas or Disneyland. Vegas offers me Paris, Italy, and a fun, fantasy, exotic getaway while Disneyland offers me the fun of being in a happyland with the kids.

  • hmrcarlson

    I would love to take a trip to Cancun or Miami for some sun, sand and relaxation but with two sets of twins under 5 years old, even a quick trip closer to home to Ottawa sounds great!

  • jacdav

    I actually would like to go to Ottawa in the springtime.

  • yellowbrickroad

    I’ve been to Paris on several occasions and still cannot get enough of it! The pastries are to die for; and if you find clothes shopping too expensive, just hit a ‘Market’ and you will walk away with some gems (clothing and jewlery)! Would I go again to Paris — Oui, oui, oui !

  • bingop1

    My family would love a chance to visit Orlando and go to DisneyWorld. We’ve been promising the kids and Springtime would have less scorching temperatures than Summer.

  • ginger

    I would love to go to Athens….history and so much culture,not to mention warm breezes….a dream of mine!

  • mike

    I’d like to go to Maui!

  • nikkialeta

    paris for sure – the most romantic place on earth!

  • Janers

    My “go to” place at Spring Break is Palm Desert, California…less than 3 hours to fly there, great weather and such a beautiful place for r & r….

  • johnandvalr

    Well I have neer been to Paris but sounds very romantic and as the song goes I live Paris in the springtime. Also Spring would be less crowded to see the museums and sights. I also think the weather would be more to my liking as find it hard to tour when hot.

  • Terrymac

    I’ve always dreamed of going to Paris, but your quick review of Cancun for the ‘mature’ has me! Now that I am a little older, although I still adore the shopping, art, etc that Paris offers, the heat of Cancun beckons stronger!

  • jessie

    I would love to getaway to Punta Cana!!! MY husband and I have not had a vacation since our kids, and we would love to get away to where we got married and spark some romance!!

  • winning_mommy

    I would go somewhere in the USA. Because this way my best friend would be able to meet up with me. I haven’t seen her in a year. She has a 1 year old daughter that I’ve seen once. She hasn’t met my daughter yet and my baby is 7 months old. I’d love to spend time with her. I miss her very much.

  • tfeser

    Rome– the history, the food!

  • supertje

    I would love to go to Costa Rica. I was there a few years ago and really liked it.

  • Tonya

    Back East – I’ve never been past Quebec!

  • lindawwww

    I’ve always wanted to go to visit Charlottetown, PEI

  • winnermb

    I would love to get to Ireland to see the spring season bloom

  • Lyndalme

    I would love to go to Asia for Spring Break. Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia would top my list.

  • joannew

    I would like to take my family to the Caribbean for a much-deserved break. Our kids had their “March” break in February because the Canadian Winter Games was held in our city then. Unfortunately, neither their father or I had any vacation time to take them anywhere and we owe them!

  • Elaine Miller

    I would love to go to CANCUN!!

  • sherocks2004

    I would LOVE to go to Cuba for some R&R!

  • skriksic


  • wilda miller

    I would love to take my family to Disney World in Florida.We have been to Disney land and they had a lot of fun,so I’m sure they would totally love Disney World.Life is just to short to not enjoy the Disney experience.

  • ek03yr

    Disney World. It’s magical at all times of the year!

  • Sibomom

    Cancun Mexico, but a little further south into the Riviera Mayan Corridor. An all-inclusive, adults only resort with a spa, so that hubby and I can have some alone me time to unwind!

  • Marg48

    Paris or Nice. Would love to go back.

  • leahblaha


  • Carrie

    Anywhere with sun would be good for me! I was just saying I wanted to go back to Las Vegas though πŸ™‚

  • Mommy4Times

    My ideal spring getaway would be to take the kiddies on a Disney Cruise. I’ve seen and heard so many amazing things about them and the kids clubs they offer so mom and dad can spend some alone time together make it even better!!


    I would love to go to Disneyland or Disneyworld.

  • slp

    My spot would be Venice, Italy. The beauty of the people and architecture would wow me and leave a lasting impression. Cap off the day with a meal near the water and a bottle of vino

  • Nancy T

    I have 2 places I would more than gladly go about now….after the week at home with 2 girls with the chicken pox and a gastro virus for the youngest I could use a break!
    So it would have to be Walt Disney World – the plan is to go next year when our youngest is almost 3 but I’d take now – OR – Tamarijn Aruba Resort – we went on our 1st vacation there, cruised out of Aruba (got engaged on the cruise), and went back to the Tamarijn Aruba for our honeymoon. We would love to take the girls there!

  • Michelle

    I would love to visit Mexico .. there are so many places there I’ve yet to see. They have great weather and food.. and I’d enjoy going there again.

  • summer10

    Ireland is where I will be headed. With great people and historical places to visit. Would love to take my Mom

  • pooaneeor

    I would most love a getaway to the Bahamas, especially while the weather isn’t too hot. But seriously, I would jump at the opportunity to go just about anywhere!

  • Sarah

    I would love to be able to escape to Turkey or Spain, they are both great places from what I have heard.

  • alexlv05

    I’d love to go somewhere warm to celebrate my upcoming 40th birthday!

  • Jennifer

    I would absolutely love to see Paris! I teach French in school but I’ve never had the opportunity to go to France. How wonderful would that be?!

  • kellikens

    Anywhere but here? Seriously, Greece is my dream!

  • linda13

    I have been to Mexico twice, both times with Transat! (they are awesome) I would love to go back again- this time with my kids!

  • billiondollarprincesss

    I would love to go to LA for some shopping!

  • chalbe

    Paris in spring is perfect, do a little shopping and check out a few restaurants. After a few days I would hop a train to Switzerland and visit some friends and family.

  • ourweejeannie

    Barcelona is where i would most like to go right now. My son went there last year and it just doesn’t seem fair that he’s been there and I haven’t. It will be hot there but if I get there before the full summer heat, I am sure I can tolerate it!

  • kparker

    I would love to go to the Bahamas or St. Lucia, really anywhere warm I haven’t been before!

  • christine25

    i would love to go to miami!

  • dri

    I would love to go to Jamaica. I got married there 4 years ago and haven’t been on a vacation since and it would be so nice for my husband and I.

  • woodwhisperer

    I have grandchildren in the Ottawa area I have never seen and as a grandfather who has been fighting cancer for five years, I would totally love to have the opportunity to travel there. If I could take a daughter or two with me, it would be that much more exciting.

  • pumachick100

    My dream destination is Italy! It would be wonderful to getaway to enjoy the sights, beauty, and food of course!

  • Jennifer

    All great ideas, but my ideal spring vacation this year would be to go to the east coast! Visit with my Acadian friends I have out there and relax by the ocean! That would be perfectly wonderful!

  • iqtelnet

    We just celebrated 29 years of marriage and it that time we have not had a Honeymoon so if you would not mind Belize Please……

  • gjoa21

    My baby has been staring at a large photograph of the Eiffel tower for months now, so I have promised her that I will take her to Paris one day. That would be a great spring getaway to escape to!

  • RWestin

    I need to go some place really warm right now! Florida sounds good!

  • lilolme105

    I’d love to go to disney land in florida

  • jmeme

    Mexico is warm all year round. Or Hawaii sounds nice too. I would love to get away right now!!

  • heathermike

    Ahhhhh Cancun would be so nice right now out of this undecided weather in BC!!
    I need a vacation from my everyday …… really anywhere would work:))

  • mecca102

    Hmmmm…from the list given, I would love to go to Istanbul, Turkey…my daughter (she’s 13) would love the exotic smells and sounds. I promised my daughter that we would go to Paris when she turns 16, but I would be more then willing to travel to Turkey via England (family is there), Paris, France (joie de vivre) and then the Netherlands, Germany, Itlay….
    You get the point! πŸ™‚

  • Christine

    oh la la la.
    Of the choices listed, I would say Paris. I would love to take our daughter (14) there to experience all that Paris has to offer. It would be a wonderful opportunity for her to practice some language skills and sample the culture. Then, it is a hop over to visit a cousin in England, who corresponded with my father. She would then, like to visit Wales as her name is Welsh.

  • erin2470

    Its Paris for my all the way…truly a trip to a different type of world.

  • spun

    I would love to go to the dominican or hawaii. For some reason have always wanted to go there

  • misseh

    OH wow, paris would be so amazing, or even quebec city. I have so much family in ottawa in quebec it would be nice to be able to visit with some loved ones, and then go to one of the most beutiful places I have ever been. I havent been to quebec city in over 10 years, I would love to go back, its breath taking.

  • debm

    Bora Bora is said to be the most romantic island in the world. I would love to see for myself if thats true!!

  • Silvana

    Vancouver, BC is a really great getaway too! Now you’ve got great weather, lots to do and places to eat. Yeh Canada!

  • scamp

    Muskoka!! Long walks by the lake, seeing the birds and smelling the fresh air!! As soon as I hear the sound of water I start ti relax and unwind!
    Thanks for the great opportunity!


    Would love to check out Cancun, who doesn’t need spa treatments that last for hours? Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  • Carla

    Hawaii!! I need some warmth and beach and humidity and greenery and….

  • LG


  • dainalou

    Love the fast pace and crazy people watching of las vegas but my next getaway will be spas and golf and shopping in palm springs!

  • andy

    Hawaii will ALWAYS have my heart! It was my honeymoon destination and 30 years later I’m even MORE in LOVE with that wonderful, laid-back island of the Pacific!!!!

  • loribaz

    I have been to the Playa Del Carmen area many times but have yet to stay inthe Cancun area. After reading your blog it would be Cancun all the way for me…Margarita’s are awaiting!!!!

  • binabug

    someplace hot like Aruba
    still trying to get to Puerto Rico, hope to make it a reality soon

  • Stacey

    I went to Greece when I did the post-university backpacking thing and absolutely loved it. I didn’t have any money then so I think I would enjoy it even more now and would love for my husband to see it with me.

  • kmoroziuk

    I would love to go to Cuba right now. I need a week of relaxation.

  • tiny_md

    Any trip sounds nice just about now! LOL All these places sounds so nice but I think I would go back to Miami any day! What is there not to like about Miami!?

  • pboychuk

    I would LOVE to go to PARIS! That has been my DREAM since I was a kid!!!

  • ehelfand

    I would like to go to Portugal.

  • Sieko

    My ideal getaway is to Negril, Jamaica. There is no other place like it.


    Thanks for the great post! Another great spot is the Mayan RIvieria (just south of Cancun). The Occidental Hotel is attached the the eco-park Xcaret – an amazing experience for all the family members. (swimming with dolphins, snorkelling through caves, a river cruise, so many wild animals you can’t name them all, and a fantastic aquarium.
    From Cancun, this excursion is a all day adventure (8am -10:30pm). Not sure about you, but my little kiddies wouldn’t last.
    At the Occidental, you can come and go to and from the resort to the park (you still need to buy a day pass!) We snorkelled, came back to the resort for lunch, went back and checked out all the exhibits, went back for dinner, went to the 2 hour grand finale show (which included watching a game played with a flying ball on fire!). No way my kids would have wanted to miss out on anything, but being able to go back to the resort and relax – priceless!

  • baker7

    Myrtle Beach South Carolina would be my pick

  • JJ

    Hawaii would be incredible!!

  • colleenh

    I have been down south with Air Transit and loved it and if my husband had to choose where we were going it would definitely be in the Caribbean. But I would love to go across the ocean to explore Europe or head to Greece.

  • lhennigar

    California to visit my sister – she is having a baby!

  • superdee9

    Ooh la la ~ I would love to go to Paris!

  • ksceviour

    Seriously,ANY place with warm or hot weather would be great right now! But after reading this post,I wanna go to Cancun!!

  • Judy

    I would love to go Vancouver Island

  • funkymom

    I would love to take my kids to Disney in Florida….they would have a blast!

  • icycalm

    My husband and I had a great 25th anniversary trip planned to a resort in Cuba but unfortunately I took ill and the trip had to be shelved. With that in mind a trip to any great resort place like Cuba, Cancun or Mexico would be perfect!!

  • freddybob

    My ultimate dream trip would be to go to Hawaii but sadly I can not afford it.

  • Catsas

    The photo of Cancun melted my icy winter shell – so I choose Cancun, of course! I just recently met what may very well be my soul mate – he is an absolutely wonderful man and we have so much in common – yet, our work schedules are not compatible at all We seem to always be chasing the clock to be able to spend any quality time together these days. A vacation away together would be the perfect opportunity for us to be together – far away from my 12 hour work days and his hectic, demanding schedule. I can visualize us together laying side by side on the lounge chairs in that Cancun picture…take me there, UrbanMoms!!! Let our romance blossom!!

  • lostjuan

    We will always have paris, baby. For a quick flight I would chose San Francisco. I do not enjoy flight over 3 hours.

  • Annexai

    I’m all for Morocco! πŸ™‚

  • MightyMinx

    Spring time in Paris (actually, anytime in Paris) would be a lovely treat! It holds such a special place in my heart, as we went on honeymoon there and then years later also went on our “babymoon” there before we had our baby boy. What a great getaway it would be to go to Paris!

  • Meike

    Costa Rica! The country of my dreams.

  • Julia

    Morocco! Souks, Bazaars, mint tea, winding alley ways, Berber people, palm trees, history, couscous, Djeeema el Fna, and so much more!

  • Dawn W

    i would love to go to Ukraine to visit some old friends

  • eabeier

    My husbnad offered me Spain, but for some reason I am now hooked on Morocco. I want to ride a camel in the desert, see an oasis, sleep in a tent, and attend the daily markets for fresh foods. Maybe I’ll look for a harem outfit too.

  • alicesp

    A trip to Paris would be fabulous!!

  • Schmidtpro

    Cancun is always the place to be

  • CC

    My getaway spots are London, Paris and Amsterdam and this year I made it happen. Hooray! It was fantastic.

  • PegH

    I’d like to go anywhere!!

  • paray

    I would go to Switzerland, visit everything there is to see and taste the best chocolate πŸ™‚

  • Nate3333

    I would go to Paris

  • manuelvizcaya


  • Tina

    I would go to Rome

  • Mee

    I would love to go to Las Vegas

  • spynaert
  • melahlberg

    I’d love to go to Myrtle Beach with my family!

  • ceilidhgirl

    Paris!!!!!! Any day! Any time of year. I LOVE Paris!

  • supervee

    I would go to San Francisco! πŸ˜€

  • baker7

    My dream has always been to go to Paris

  • DaDomesticDiva

    We so would love a family escape to Orlando to visit the granparents that we have not seen in years and so my son can see tham and meet his cousins, plus He would be so excited to get to go to Disney for the first time and i can only imagine how his eyes would light up to see his favorite charecters Buzz light year and woody. And Mickey and goofy. It would be priceless just to see his happiness. It has been hard to try and get a vacation in but this would be the ultimate anything and everything for our Lil guy. That would so be the perfect trip with Air Transat. : )

  • bcgirll

    I have been on an amazing Air Transat vacation to Madrid, but didn’t get to Barcelona……….that would be my pick for my next trip with Air Transat. I so want to see Gaudi’s architectural wonders!

  • NSWDWMom

    We like to escape to Walt Disney World in the Spring. It’s the ideal time to enjoy warm Florida sunshine, before the humid summer weather hits. The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival is in full bloom. Where else can you find topiaries of Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella, Buzz, Woody, Winnie the Pooh or Tinkerbell (just to name a few)? Flower Power concerts on the weekends feature some favourite bands from the 60s and 70s. There are gardening experts offering sessions throughout the week that will help everyone turn their thumbs green! I dream of grabbing a Grey Goose slushie in France and strolling around the world (World Showcase)!

  • Julia

    Off to see the beaches of Thailand

  • struthers

    I would love a spring getaway to Palm Springs soaking up some much needed sunshine with my daughters.

  • kacee

    I would like to check out Turkey!

  • chrysta

    I would love to take my boys to Disneyland. They have been working so hard saving every last penny!

  • PDLadybug

    I would love to visit Ottawa in the Spring for the Tulip Festival.

  • erkrueger

    I would love to take my kid’s skiing in Banff, AB for spring break.

  • tinad

    Anyplace would be nice! But I would really love to go to the Algarve in Portugal. It looks beautiful, and I know the food would be great!

  • Jacki

    My spring getaway would be to Italy. The weather is perfect in the spring and so history. What an amazing holiday that would be.

  • kalypso18

    I would love to visit Turkes and Caicos.

  • jiidii

    i would love to go to Cancun, our spring on the westcoast has been very wet and very cold compared to other years, lying on a beach, swimming in the ocean and enjoying delicious mexican food would just hit the spot right now

  • Nicole Bonito

    Mexico. Would love to be lounging on a beach right now!

  • tobbymunroe

    I would love to go to Europe, Barcelona Spain. I would love to tour and dine there, sounds so beautiful.

  • lauriemacneil

    I would love to see the tulips in Ottawa, too!

  • evelyna

    Love to go to LAs Vegas

  • dmhaen

    Paris sounds good to me at this time of year!

  • Shirley E

    Would love to take the kids to St. Kitts, W.I. to meet some of their relatives. After this past winter, I think ANYWHERE would be terrific!

  • PoignantTuna

    I would love to go to Paris

  • pynaplgrl

    I have travelled many times abroad but have never had the chance to see more of my own country. I would love to go anywhere in the Maritimes for spring. That would be a dream come true.

  • elkhornchris

    Have never been to Ottawa when the tulips are out. That would be awesome.

  • lisaski

    I would love to go to Figi some day. I hope one day this dream will really come true!!!

  • moviefreak

    I would love to go back to Istanbul. It is beautiful.

  • dluce

    Orlando all the way…my husband and I were lucky enough to take our children last December (after 3 years of saving)…unfortunately we brought the Canadian winter with us and spent the entire week in long johns and parkas..we would love to experience a sweaty Orlando!!!!

  • barbfersht

    Paris! Paris has to be the most romantic spot for a couple to renew their commitment and their love. Beautiful city to walk around, wonderful places to eat and super sightseeing. Rather expensive tho. Perhaps we better drive to a beach!

  • KD

    I love the south since it’s warm and affordable. But if I had the choice I’d return to the city of lights over any other place in the world. I rung in new years 2007 with my now wife and Paris holds special memories for us both.

  • catamorgan

    I am heading to New Orleans this Spring. Always fun times!!

  • misslisag

    I would love to go to Italy in the spring. Even though eating all that delicious food before having to wear a bathing suit may be dangerous.

  • bon

    Las Vegas…I would love warmer weather and a trip with Transat…in other words
    I would like to PLAY..see shows, sights and the casinos…PS and take in the buffets

  • Truly Medium

    Paris. Better yet if you can move me there it would save me trying to travel.

  • Maria G.

    Definitely Miami in the spring….never been to Florida.

  • Judy M

    Paris in the springtime!!!! TERRIFFIC

  • Heather

    You are making ME want to get away somewhere! Great picks! Good luck to all.

  • Lin

    I would love to getaway to the island of St.Lucia.

  • Jodir

    Great post Heather! I love reading your stuff! You had me at cancun…I’d love to head back and just reeeeelax πŸ™‚ keep well!

  • jen s.

    it would be vegas – so carefree and fun – can’t go wrong with that!

  • Theo

    I would love a trip to wonderful Barcelona this Spring. There is just so much to do & see there

  • Michelle

    Vegas Baby!

  • jonnieh

    I would love to escape to Italy for spring break. The food alone is enough to make it my first choice!

  • josiefiorda

    I would really love to go to St Lucia

  • amana

    I would love a getaway to a resort in Cancun. The tropics sound wonderful after a long winter!


    Bermuda or Jamaica are tops on my list

  • torooo


  • dian

    I would love to go to Ottawa to see the tulips.

  • Silvana

    I very much want to go to South Africa and be on safari. The call of the wild with the animals have the run of the place!

  • craig2211

    Victoria C is a great spring getaway spot especially once the flowers bloom… say in February!

  • gibberish

    I would love to go to Ireland in the spring. I think it would be so green & lush looking and after this seemingly endless winter, it would be a supreme treat!

  • Folkes

    Now that winter’s done. I’d love to re-visit Paris. More than the Eiffel Tower….shopping on Champs Elysees or Primtempts. Spending the day at Versailles or a full day excursion on the castles of the Loire valley.

  • DVCMom

    I’d love to head off to Southern California for the weekend! Disneyland baby πŸ™‚

  • viv123

    I love Aruba!

  • ConnieD

    Oh yeah……. Mexico would be the place for me! Heat, sand and ocean……. OlΓ©

  • Shan

    Bahamas would be awesome… but at this point anywhere warm and sunny works for me!

  • Anne Budgell

    Mexico…white sandy beaches! I am sick of the white stuff we have had our share of hear in Ontario this year!

  • emma

    bahamas, it’s only a short flight and it’s hot!

  • LMC1971

    I would say Orlando, Florida because I would love to take my almost 3 year old toddler to Disney World! Thanks and pleasant night, Lisa

  • margaret44

    I would love to go to Ottawa, the tulips are beautiful.

  • Katrina

    I would love to escape to Cancun. Could use a little sunshine and a spa treatment or two!

  • wilfred

    Hmmm…the Savanah Georgia or Raleigh North Carolina….soak up some of the spring time southern charm during great weather:)

  • Kiki

    I would love to see Central Park in the Spring! I can only imagine that NYC would be amazing this time of year!

  • ghisl

    I’ve been to all of those places and the one place I would love to return to is Istanbul. It is a fascinating place!

  • Julie

    anywhere in laundry-free/don’t have to do dishes land would be great!

  • Sherriemae

    I would love a Spring Vacation in Florida, not too hot not too cold…just perfect for the kids & I to play with Mickey Mouse πŸ™‚

  • flower

    I’ve always wanted to go to Bermuda!

  • Heather

    You are way better than I am if you’re only looking for “a little warmer.” πŸ™‚ After this winter I’m good with Scorching for a few weeks.

  • Heather

    Fan of Orlando too…and Miami. Good luck!

  • Heather

    Me too. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the place and the people.

  • Heather

    oh! so not fair Tracey. Well, I hope you do get a chance to visit the Cancun resort. That spa blew my mind!

  • cposen

    i’d love to go to israel

  • trioworks

    My spring getaway would be Orlando, FL before it gets too hot.

  • themom

    Any place a little warmer with lots of spring blooms would be great.

  • momof2

    The spring getaway spot for me would be out west. Soak in some hotsprings, scale mountain and reconnect with family! Sounds like a dream!

  • Tracey

    Great post, Heather! Cancun looks ideal for pampering and general loafing-around… but then, I would love to go ANYWHERE. And why or why are Quebec-residents never eligible for Canadian contests? *shakes angry first at sky* Poo.

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