Brinley is headed for trouble and I’m letting her take me there with me.

(Photo by Danielle Petkau of Soltura Photography.)
At not-quite two years old, she has a firm will and a strong pair of lungs that see to it her opinions are heard, loudly and clearly. Our life is already such a zoo that I often give in to her shrieks (“Fine, have that third lollipop! Just be quiet!”) and she knows how to work the situation to her advantage.
Spoiled? Yes. 
Admitting the problem is the first step, right?
Then there’s the other side of the coin: she’s my last baby. When she wakes up and cries in the night and I stumble down the dark hallway to pick up her warm, tired body and soothe her cries, she probably doesn’t need her bottle to be topped up. But I refill it anyways and take her to the chaise and she rests on my chest and I just breathe in the fleeting nature of it all. She can have a midnight bottle until she’s 12, is what I’m saying.
Did you find it shockingly easy to spoil your last baby? Did it come back and bite you in the rear-end later when they grew up to be selfish, entitled brats? Please say no. 
  • Tracey

    I think you just do what works for you… you have to take the bad parts that comes from indulgence, but recognising that on some level, you LOVE it… then don’t stress – just be. :)

  • Christine

    Yep. Same.
    I think Eva was spoiled even more so because she was our last baby – and only girl. Add to that her health issues…well she pretty much ran the show. We used the excuse that she was so brave she deserved ________ (fill in whatever she wanted/screamed for)
    I regret none of it.
    Even those middle of the night wake ups. I enjoyed ever single second of cuddling her in the dark, quiet night.
    Now at 5 she is a lovely, polite, funny, silly, fun, smart little firecracker. Who isn’t a spoiled brat at all.

  • Arianne

    I am in the same boat! My 3rd is a month or so younger then yours and he is loud and obnoxious – worse then the other 2 combined! He gets pretty much anything he yells for…because – well, because its just easier!
    I am hoping beyond hope that it does not come to bite me in the rear in another 10 years. If you figure a way around the yelling tantrums please let me know!

  • Trina

    My son is my last baby & just turned 1…I am the exact same way!!! He is a total mama suck as a result! Let’s hope they grow out of it…or we do! Lol

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