aquadr1.jpgMy parents live in the suburbs of Toronto, the same City where I was born and raised.  As a teenager, I endlessly whined and complained about the blandness and sameness of our little sheltered neighbourhood. 

Now that I am in the position of doing the raising, I find myself being lured back to the burbs. The community centres are like Disney world compared the concrete jungle of the plain jane centres in my hood. 

For example, let’s compare pools.  When Roman first got home I signed us up for a mommy and me swim class at the local City pool.  There was very little parking, no pool toys and the water was chilly. It was fine until I went to the pool in the burbs. 

The pool in the burbs is the same price for admission but the experience entirely different.  An oasis for a newby stay mom on mat. leave.  Forgot your little swimmer diapers?  No problem, they sell them. On your own and still sorting out how to change yourself out of a wet swimsuit whilst ensuring your toddler does not escape or fall?  Relax, there’s a highchair type contraption to safely plunk your toddler into while leaving you free to change.  There’s a hairdyer, private spacious changerooms including a family room if you want to bring Grandpa too.  It feels spa like and in comparison, the City pool very institutional, perhaps what they would use for inmates.

This is before you get to the actual pool or should I say pools?  There’s a big leisure pool stocked with toys, every floatation device imaginable and a series of slides.  Then a lap pool for the serious swimmers and a warming pool which is like a giant shallow hot tub. Floor to celing windows surrond the pools to let in natural light and when you are done your swim there is a cafe and library next door.

Roman and I are crashing the pool in the burbs.  My taxdollars paid for the concrete ghetto pool but I am living la vida loca in the posh one located around the corner from my parents place. 

What are your thoughts on your communities resources?  

Do you commute for quality or do you have great resources in your backyard?    

  • Meredith

    lets go swimming!

  • Sarah

    I live in the ‘burbs and I adore it. YA, it’s not great in some senses, like when I want to go out for a really nice dinner (once a year) or when I want to shop, but really, the amount of house I got for my buck, the neighbourhood I live in, and the amenities my kids have access to are amazing. So, well worth it for us…but the commute into Toronto does suck balls.

  • Heather

    The only tip I have tried that worked was bringing a friend/relative with me for help 🙂

  • Heather

    The big reveal…. The Suburb is Burlington and the pool is at Tansley Woods
    If that is too far for you, I also hear that there are similarly nice facilities in Mississauga at their YMCA’s and they are open to the public for a similar fee.
    Good luck in your search for an oasis 🙂

  • lisa

    i live in a small northern town and can only dream of such swank!!! i would appreciate any tips moms have for getting changed in the public dressing room while trying to keep your little one from crawling on the dirty floor! I’m thinking after our last trip we may not go back until he can walk!

  • amber

    where is the pool in this pic????

  • Jasmine

    What is the name of this pool you talk about, I have been looking for a good indoor pool for my daughter and I go to and haven’t found anything so this helps alot!! Thank You!!!

  • Leslie

    Well worth the trip to the burbs!!!

  • snikks

    I too like the closeness to work, but having grown up in a small town (it was 3500 people when we moved there), I miss the tight knit community feeling. As a teen/child I “hated’ it because my Dad was well known in town so I had to “behave” or he found out everything I did.
    The house we are in right now has a wonderful neighbour next door, but no one else has even tried to say hi.
    It’s a tough situation. When I need the “small town” thing, I too head to my parents in Stratford. That has to suffice for now, I guess.

  • Amreen

    omg, that is so lovely. our community “pool” is cold, dark and uninviting. i too struggle with the alluring appeal of the suburbs. everytime i visit my friend with her large home (with even larger basement full of toys!) i look at my small city home with questions. but, i love the proximity to downtown, and the city fun stuff for my kids too. pros and cons on both sides for sure!

  • Naomi

    Aryanna and I are in for sure! Let’s do a playdate soon! That pool likes gorgeous and I am sure we all would enjoy some R &R ! Our local pool is one that you describe growing up! Wish I lived on that side of the burbs full-time!!

  • Sara

    wow! that looks amazing – I want to tag along one day! I think it’s six in one – half dozen in another – I’d rather have a crappy pool and have the access to the ROM or the Zoo like we do. I’d rather only drive 15 mintues to work – know what I mean? But it’s awesome to have both with your parents living where they do! I also tag on for the swank pool – my step mom belongs to a club in the city with an amazing pool! (but if you want warmer…go to Alderwood…:)

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