Well, it’s here again folks, my favourite time of TV.

Yes, that’s right: the show that will make you feel like you can actually dance (and, not incidentally fills adult classes at dance studios across North America) is back. Season Five of So You Think You Can Dance has begun (yay!) and although I have the PVR set to capture the entire season in glorious HD, there is still something magical about watching it in real broadcast, commercials and all. For that reason, I rushed like mad last night to get my gals to bed in time to join Cat, Nigel, Mary, Tabitha & Napoleon and Sonya as they sat in judgement while some very-, somewhat- and completely un-talented dancers auditioned for their ticket to Vegas in the first big step in this most fabulous of reality shows.

Now, normally I blog about SYTYCD on my personal blog, this is kat, and I’ll continue to do so, because the TV and entertainment beats on urbanmoms.ca are already very well covered. And frankly, what else would I have to blog about on this is kat? (Okay, not counting Canada’s Next Top Model, which starts up on CTV next Tuesday!) So for today I’m covering SYTYCD here, but don’t forget to check in to this is kat from now on for your weekly SYTYCD dish.

So: the first round of auditions are over, and who do I think you should keep an eye on in Season Five of SYTYCD?

From Day One New York, for sure keep your eye on Tokyo native Nobuya Nagahama, who is waaaay too cute!

In Denver, day one started off with a bang, as the first dancer, 18-year old Kayla, earned the first ticket to Vegas. In the clip below, she’s the first dancer. Now, Kayla was the first female dancer to wow Sonya, but not the last. If
you continue watching the clip above, you’ll see a montage of some of
the best female dance talent Denver has to offer. At the 5:00 mark,
you’ll meet the hilarious duo Misha and Mitch; same-sex ballroom
dancers. And no, you’re not the only one to think you’re watching a
repeat of Blades of Glory – Nigel makes the same crack himself. They suffered a catastrophic tumble midway, but made it through to choreography anyway. Unfortunately they didn’t have what it took to get through to Vegas, though.

Day two Denver did not start as well as day one. And just as the judges were starting to become discouraged (Nigel ranted a bit about the “stupidity” of the auditions), we were treated to two amazing, thrilling comeback stories. Check it out:

Remember Katie’s (of Season 4 Katie & Joshua fame) pal Natalie? Natalie made it all the way through the Season 4 Auditions in Vegas and in the end it was between her and Katie…remember? Nigel asked “Whoever doesn’t make it through now, will you come back next year?” And Katie said, “no”? And Natalie stood up for her, saying, “…she says that now, but she doesn’t really mean it…” And then the judges re-voted? In the end, Katie made it through, but this year it’s Natalie’s turn. Here’s her audition in Denver:

And in more almost-made-it-through-last-season action, Brandon Bryant, who lost out to Gev in the final, final pick for top 20 guys in Vegas…Brandon brought Mary (yes screaming Mary) to tears. You must watch this audition. Scroll ahead to 6:47, though, because Natalie’s audition is first on this clip. Or you can watch it again (I did):

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