I rarely have writers block.  To me blogging is like talking, to which my friends and family will attest, I have absolutely no problem with.  But, I started this post yesterday, and rewrote it three times.  Again – SO not like me.  Everyone says, how do you have time to blog?  Most posts take me five to ten minutes, verbal diahreah (how the eff do you spell that word?)  is easy.

So – what is the post about?  Girlfriends.  How this weekend, I intend to make some new ones at our UrbanMoms Blog Fest.  How I’ve made some news ones through my mom’s group.  How thankful I am to Will for both of these opportunities.. even though I had no interest in making new friends!  The best things are surprises I guess.

But then, I was also going to blog about my awesome long-term, ongoing friendships. 

One of these groups and I have a monthly dinner – which happened on Monday night.  We laugh.  And we talk.  Over each other and loud.  The other night we actually made an AGENDA to try and curb our segues.  Numbers 1 & 2 referred to MILs.  When my friends husband got home and saw that, we convinced him it meant mill work for renovations…gullible.  Then he got all into the agenda and started trying to add stuff – until we wrote his name on it and scratched it out – meaning – we’re done with you dude.  Off you go.


June 2008 - HHI-Lucy-Sara 129.jpg
June 2008 - HHI-Lucy-Sara 130.jpg

Here are the chicks at my baby shower.  April no doubt pointing at me saying ‘she has no idea what’s coming..hahahah’



The one segue we got into the other night was this…and right away we were split – 3-2 down the middle.  Everyone was yelling ‘blog about it – I know I’m right’…. so let me pose this to you guys..this is sort of embarassing now that I don’t have 3 glasses of wine in me.

Being hot, as in temperature wise…well to quote Austin Powers…does it make you horny, baby??  Don’t even ask how we got on this but we did and two of us were in total agreement that lying on a beach, blazing sun, slathered in suntan lotion, drinking a beer….well it sets the stage for action STAT.  The other three were horrified..lame arguments about feeling gross and tired in the heat.  Bah.

So tell me – agree or disagree?

Yeah this blog was off the rails from the get-go.  Oh and the title – that was another one of our segues.  **stayed tuned for the tales when two weeks from now, the 5 of us go away for the weekend with our 7 kids under the age of 8…gulp.** 


  • Lynn

    lying on a beach, in the hot sun, with a drink, listening to the water, brain half asleep and the other half fantasizing….uh yeah, that’s one sure recipe for horny! Beaches do it for me every time.

  • Christine

    1. Diarrhea
    2. Can’t wait to meet you IRL! #UrbanBlogFest (…sorry it’s habit now..)
    3. Nope.
    Disagree. Hot temperatures do not make me want to have another sweaty body all over me.

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