This is the post that no blogger ever wants to write. This is the post that no blogger thinks will ever come.

This is the goodbye post.

Her Bad Mother’s Mother’Hood is closing up shop, at least for the time being. It’s been a difficult couple of months, as many of you know, and I’ve come very close to quitting blogging entirely: too many challenges, too much heartache, too much emotional energy being drained away. Too much, it felt sometimes, to keep writing. Too, too much.

It’s hard work, being a mother. It’s the hardest work you’ll ever do. But sometimes, it’s even harder when you’re living out your motherhood on the screen, when you’re constantly analysing and recounting and reliving your challenges through the written word. It’s also wonderful to do this, of course – it provides unparalleled insight into one’s own experience – but still. Hard. All the more so for me, given the volume of writing and busybodying that I do, and the unique challenges of these past couple of months

Which is to say, something had to give, and the thing that I’m giving up is this, the Mother’Hood. Maybe temporarily, maybe a bit longer than temporarily – in any case, it’s something that I have to do, for my own wellbeing. I have to keep loving writing, I have to keep wanting to write, and to keep that love and that desire alive I have to maintain a balance. So, for now, I’m choosing to slow things down a bit, and allow myself the time and space to enjoy my home blog, and to tinker with other beloved projects, and to experiment with more creative writing.

I’ll miss you, but know that I’m still out here, I’m still touring the hood, I’m still basking in the warmth and support and love and humour that defines the Canadian momosphere. I’m just relinquishing my UrbanMom’s post as guide to that sphere. I’m still walking beside you, enjoying.

Come visit me at my home, sometime. And stay tuned for news about what exciting feature will replace the HBM Mother’Hood Tour – it’s certain to be good!


  • laura

    I’ll miss reading you here! Take care!

  • penelope

    I understand completely. Good for you for finding a way to strike a balance.

  • Haley-O

    I won’t miss you at all because I’ll see you at HBM, etc., as always! But, I will miss The Mother Hood. It was a little extra Catherine fix. But, I’m happy that you’re giving yourself what you need. :)

  • crazymumma

    See you chez herbadmother hon.


    goodbye catherine,i’m going to miss you a lot.good luck with your future prospects.and settle down and enjoy your time with wonderbaby.i’ll be looking for you on her bad mother will you still be there?and i hope you find some peace and comfort with the difficult times.are prayers thoughts voices are all with you

  • ali

    we’ll miss you :)

  • Jen

    We’ll miss you, Catherine. I’ll continue lurking at HBM.

  • mamatulip

    I understand. Big hugs…

  • sweetsalty Kate

    I’m sad to see the shop closing up, but it’s also emminently smart and sensible to focus your efforts onto the most beloved. You’ll only feel better about the time you spend writing.. it shouldn’t feel like a chore. So good luck! I hope you find your downsizing an invigorating boost. I’ve always really enjoyed your writing, and will continue to keep up on you at your other homebases.
    Smiles and cheers and hoorays,

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