Well, I’m just settling into Summer and already there are sales at the stores on Summer clothing and accessories. Strange as it seems, this is actually good timing. You see, it takes me a while to settle into the looks of the season, but now I know what’s out there and what does and doesn’t work from my exisiting summer warbrobe, I’m ready to go shopping.  Now is a great time to replace those tired looking T’s and tops, and sort out swimwear that’s no longer offering the appropriate support.

Here are a few pieces I’ve spotted in the shops and online.  But, do share what you’re going for in the Summer sales and your Summer style tips.

Getting swimwear in sync – Don’t know about you, but I like to have two pieces of swimwear that I can rely on.  One of mine is due for retirement pretty soon, so I’ve been on the look out for practical but stylish suits.  I’m liking this line from The Gap.


The Empire strikes back – I haven’t been a huge fan of the Empire waist, but have discovered that a scaled back version of this season’s undeniably cool and comfortable look suits me.  As so many stores have sales on these tops right now, I don’t mind spending a little on one or two to add variety to my jeans and Bermuda’s in the hotter days ahead. Seeing as I’m not sure this look will last, it’s another reason for not breaking the bank. This version is from American Eagle.


Fabulous Flip Flops – I totally rely on these in Summer.  It’s amazing what I can do in them – climb rocks, take care of the yard, race my boys down the street.  I bought a variety in the sales last year in a range of colours and styles and I’m loving them, so I think I’ll do the same again this Summer. I love this  look from Aldo.


Funky momma – I’m going gaga over graphic patterns and having purchased one top in a bold print, I might just splurge on another.  They’re great with blue and white jeans and are a little dressier if you happen to have an evening event and hide a multtude of spills.

Check out these on sale at The Shoe Company.


It’s in the bag – Well, the handles finally gave way on my trusty old beach basket.  The timing isn’t bad seeing as there are so many desirable totes around town.  I like this American Eagle version because white and tan will coordinate with just about everything.


The white stuff – I love white and have been craving a white Summer dress since I first saw them in the stores in the Spring.  Now might just be the time to justify purchasing one (and a large carton of laundry powder.) Here’s a T-shirt version from The Gap


Sale Smarts – As fun and as tempting as the sales can be, don’t purchase anything just becasue it’s on sale.  Make sure it suits your style and coordinates with other pieces in your closet.  Basically, if it’s not somehting you would normally purchase or a new style on which you don’t want to splurge (like my Empire top), save your dollars.

Have fun "saling" into your Summer style.  Until next time, bon voyage…

  • Katie

    Hello – Hope the following answers the comments/questions below. First, empire waists – yes, you have to be careful if you have a large bust that you don’t look pregnant, so it’s best to try on a few versions of this style to find the most flattering fit for your figure type. The very flouncy/gathered ones will not suit those who are large up top. I think the other point is that after years of very fitted tops, we are not quite used to the new silhouette of this design and will all feel more comfortable in it as the season moves along.
    Second, regarding prices – I don’t tend to give these because prices change so often – especially in sales season, but rest assured, the focus of the urbanmoms style file is on clothing for real budgets – everything I feature is from brand name stores found at the malls across Canada with reasonable prices and good return policies. Hope that helps.

  • Neeve

    love your advice. Would it be possible to have the prices published of the items you mention?

  • http://www.urbanmoms.ca Kath

    Okay, I hear you about the empire waist…I’ve shied away out of fears of looking pregnant! I felt nervous about baby-doll tops for the same reason. They look so cute, but I was hesitant because:
    1. Didn’t want to look preggo
    2. Is it too young of a look for a pushing-40 mom?
    In the end, I did buy a cute chocolate brown cotton baby-doll top from the Gap which I love. I find it flattering, feminine (has lovely details) and loose where it benefits me most (belly, anyone?)
    What are your thoughts on these ubiquitous baby-dolls?

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