I am actively hoarding cardboard boxes at present. And piles and piles of the little tissue wrappers from mandarin oranges.


Well, it’s time to start getting the holiday care packages together, bien sûr. I have VOWED that this year I will be making and sending packages to the far-flung members of my family (London: yes, London England; Florida, and various points in Northern & Southern Ontario).

Also, because of my recently-acquired disgust for mass-produced toys and toy retailers, I am going to try my hand at making some of the Christmas gifts I’ll be giving this year.

Crazy, no?

But I’m nothing if not crazy, and anyway, I got a head start on the making-of-things-by-hand this weekend when I made 32 handmade Christmas cards. So, if you’re related to me by blood, marriage or common-law relationship you will be getting one of these lovelies in your holiday care package:

Christmas_card_4 Christmas_card1Christmas_card3

Christmas_card2   Christmas_card5

Other projects I’m considering making:


Little snugs (as seen on Kathryn Ivy’s knitting blog). My kids would love these, and I have a niece and nephew who live in a hardwood-floored home and I can just picture them skidding around playing indoor hockey with a pair of these, too (obviously not necessarily in pink, though).

Wee_wonderfuls_cats Wee_wonderfuls_twin_bears

Wee wonderfuls kittens (Buttercup & Sunshine) and twin bears – I am so inspired to make hand-made plush toys. Obviously mine won’t be these exact ones (need to get patterns) but my kids love nothing more than plush toys, and nothing more than having their mom make things for them.

Wish me luck! Or better yet, wish me 6 more hours into each day!

Then today I decided to try my hand at some holiday baking (to freeze and then send off to no-longer-unsuspecting family members). I made Baileys Bread, seeing as I just received three bottles of my fave (Baileys, of course) on Thursday. I had to try one of the loaves, and it was good! You can download the recipe right here. And don’t miss Rebecca’s newest on Kitchen Party – she made Baileys cheesecake and Baileys Mint-night Madness!

I just have one question, though, was it wrong of me to enjoy it with a glass of Baileys Mint Chocolate before lunchtime?


Kath is a regular urbanmoms.ca blogger over at Losing It, and also has a blog of her very own at This Is Kat.

  • http://www.blurty.com/users/clinton6mcdowel Garrett Mcglothlin

    Why is Creating a Mosque at Ground Zero in fact encouraged to occur? I’ve never heard a single thing so obviously ludicrous in all of my entire life. If this possibly goes to reality, It will likely to be the worst thing possible. vanessa

  • http://www.notthemoty.blogspot.com LoriD

    Those boots are so cute! The lunch doesn’t look bad either!

  • Ernesta Rossi

    You’ve inspired me to encourage my young daughter to make some Christmas gifts for our far flung relatives – simple crafts that will show how much she cares for her little cousins!

  • http://urbanmoms.typepad.com/moms_the_word/ Jen

    YUMMMY!!!!!!!!!!! And before lunch time is cocktail hour in other parts of the country 😉

  • http://gotmykidsmississauga.blogspot.com Anne

    LOL nothing wrong with that lunch unless you are on the South Beach Diet!
    I’m printing out the recipe right now!
    Carb Fest soo to follow!

  • http://gotmykidsmississauga.blogspot.com Anne

    LOL nothing wrong with that lunch unless you are on the South Beach Diet!
    I’m printing out the recipe right now!
    Carb Fest soo to follow!

  • http://frogandtoadarestillfriends.blogspot.com Beck

    I LOVE those little knitted boots! And wee wonderfuls always has the most magical toy plans!
    That bread – oh, yummmmmy.

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