I love my husband.
He is a good man and an amazing father and if I had to do it all over again I’d choose him in an instant. One of the things I love most? Traveling with him fits me like a glove.
We’ve been together for over 20 years and over that time we’ve found a rhythm that works well for us on the road.

For example: Years of travel – including our most recent one away – have taught us that when it comes to road trips, our marriage is best suited when we have a driver and a navigator. 
And so while I love to drive and the power and control it brings, there is no debate that I am by far the better navigator and so road trips with Ish mean I rarely get a turn behind the wheel.
The only problem with being relegated to passenger is that it can be boring. Seriously.  Once you’ve given the directions what are you supposed to do? Sleeping is forbidden in the front seat (not fair to the driver who has to stay up) and PDA usage is frowned upon (“anti-social”).  And while I’m all for conversation, the longer the trip the more likely someone is going to be looking for the radio dial.
On our most recent family outing in the Dodge Caravan I realized that being a passenger in this van also has some good points.

My favourite finds:
1. Equal opportunity heat control: He’s hot, I’m cold, no problem. We’ve got separate systems and our own controls and the kids do too!
2. Equal opportunity power control: My seats adjust with just as much flex, gusto and lumbar support as his.
3. The luxury of time: I finally had time to set things up properly. I could preset my favourite stations on the Satellite radio, connect my phone via bluetooth to the dash and get a better feel for exactly how comfortable the kids were in the back rows with their extra storage space and “we-are-so-comfortable-we-could-be-in-the-family-room” feel.

I could tell Ish was comfortable too.
How could he not be with  his heated steering wheel, approaching car indicator lights in the side mirror,  reverse park assist camera, auto windshield washers …talking GPS Navigation system….
Wait a minute. Navigation System?!?
Pull over buddy. The rules have changed.

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This post was sponsored by Dodge Grand Caravan. All experiences and opinions are my own.

  • Nikki

    I would love to pick up all my girlfriends for movie & meal night so we can chat all the way home !!!

  • Nottamum

    I would use it to pick up home Reno stuff doors dry wall and trim!

  • heatherty

    Sigh…who COULDN’T use more storage? This vehicle sounds amazing. Just for our every day needs: movies, drinks, wipes container, receipts, parking passes, shopping bags and the just-in-case-my-youngest-throws-up-as-she-tends-to-do-for-no-good-reason towels. Don’t even get me started on the mountains of stuff that tend to fill up the vehicle when travelling! The Dodge Grand Caravan sounds pretty amazing.

  • seruss

    Kids with carseats and all their additional baggage especially when travelling long distances – strollers, pack n play, clothes, toys .. maybe the kitchen sink???

  • sojeles

    I’d be buying more on our road trip to Florida and filling that Dodge Caravan right up. More room for luggage and snacks and shopping trips.

  • mistycarole

    I would use it for hockey equipment during hockey seasons. Would be nice for summer time camping.

  • CC

    I’d definitely use the storage for a “snack” station as well as a hideaway for hidden surprises to help fill the time. Last time we went on a trip I stashed a “jeopardy game CD” that took us 3 hours to play and we all had a great time.

  • RobinFarr

    I would use it for weekend getaways this winter while I’m on mat leave. Would be so fun to be able to chuck a bunch of stuff in there and take off.

  • lisaski

    I would use the extra room to carpool my daughter and her friends to their many sporting events. We could fit many more teammates and their equipment on a trip. This means less cars on the road and more time for us parents to all take our turns carting our little superstars around.

  • lovelylindy

    I would use it for road trips. Lots of room for everyone and the cargo.

  • Jade

    I live in the country and need to haul all of my recycling and Salvation Army donations into town…along with our four daughters! The space would definitely come in handy for us!!!

  • janetm

    I would use the storage for all the myriad things one has to transport with a family. The seating would keep everyone apart and perhaps keep down the inevitable squabbles during the short or long trips.

  • sparky

    It would be perfect for a weekend trip to the cottage with 2 kids, 2 adults, 4 bags of luggage, a cooler, air mattresses, duvets, the cat and the cat litter.

  • Leslie

    I would use it for a road trip with my girlfriends

  • lau33

    Road trip with friends to the lake

  • lin55

    I would use it for shopping trips.

  • Iris

    I would use the extra space for camping trips. There would be enough room for all the extras that make tent camping comfy like air mattresses, a large cooler for food, pillows and camp chairs. The abundance of space would be great for taking the kids and their friends on snowboarding trips in winter to our local mountain. Fun, fun, fun!

  • lucky

    I’d use the extra space for trips to the big box stores!

  • Anu

    Any trips we take – even to go shopping – we pack lots of snacks and DVD’s to keep the little ones entertained! This is a great vehicle – we just bought it this summer and love it!

  • snickerzmom

    Trips to the trailer on weekends during the summer – we end up with so much stuff! Shucking it up and down the 400. It’s crazy!

  • DAD

    Road trip! 🙂

  • margaret44

    I love the space and comfort. I can fit everything for the fishing and camping trips.

  • nikkialeta

    i’d love to be able to keep my double stroller in the trunk AND go grocery shopping with two kids! what a luxury:)

  • spamgirl

    I’d use it to get groceries home – we shop at bulk stores!

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